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How to get Fabulous Feet ?

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: How To Get Fabulous Feet

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In an average human lifetime, we walk 112,630 km. That’s 4 times around the earth. So, looking after your feet is important. Happy feet make for the complete beauty regimen and guard against foot problems. With every step that you take, double your weight is borne by your feet so foot problems are fairly common.

People also tend to neglect feet because they are the last thing any fashion or beauty site talks about. But having pretty feet and absence of problems like bunions can make for an easier life and more self-esteem. Don’t underestimate the importance of your feet. Except for the summers, most people forget about their feet. Visiting a foot doctor or a regular pedicure can protect your feet apart from increasing its appeal. Read on to know what makes for fabulous feet.

Steps To Fabulous Feet

Cutting Nails Straight

It is important to cut the nails straight. Remember that shaping the nails can result in ingrown toenails and this can be painful. It may even have to be operated upon. Cuticles also protect the nail bed so cut them carefully.

Apply Oil

Another important way to ensure that feet remain in the best of health is to apply oil. Massage your feet with any mild oil such as olive, almond or coconut and watch the texture become smooth and even. While cutting nails, apply cuticle oil or lotion to soften these. Manicure and pedicure products work well on feet.

Soak Your Feet

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In a small tub of water, which is lukewarm, add a few drops of chamomile, lavender, and peppermint essential oils and soak your feet in it. While peppermint acts as an astringent and calling agent, chamomile is anti-inflammatory and healing. Lavender adds a wonderful scent and ensures feet remain soft.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Remove dead skin with a pumice stone or a foot exfoliating agent. This can prevent feet from accumulating dead cells and looking dark and mottled in places.

Apply Cream

Using relaxed and gentle massaging movements, apply a rich cream to stimulate and relax the feet and ensure flexibility. Kneading and rubbing relieve aches and helps to relax the body and the muscles of the feet.

Always Apply Varnish

Toenail polish is a pretty addition to your feet. But do you know how to varnish correctly? First, you need to apply the base coat, then you need to varnish. Apply the top coat after this. Move from the smallest toe to the biggest one to prevent judging and varnish from the bottom of the nails to the tops. Brush on the colour and wait for it to solidify. You can add jojoba oil to the varnish to make it dry quickly.

Always Go In Fo a Pedicure

Steps To Fabulous Feet
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A pedicure is wonderful to ensure that your feet remain in good health. A pedicure is carried out by trained therapists and includes the following:

Massaging your feet with a moisturiser leaves it well hydrated and ensures skin dryness does not result.

Choose Correct Shoes

Shoes mould the structure of your feet. shifting your bones and changing shape. High heeled shoes or tight ones can really create a problem. Less restrictive shoes which force the narrowing of your toes also cause a host of problems like:

  • Bunions
  • Fused Joints
  • Hammer Toes
  • Fallen Arches

Opt for shoes which accommodate the toe and have zero heels or drops.

Walk Barefoot

Healthy individuals can also have balance problems on account of over- supportive shoes. Going barefoot can solve this problem. Constantly adjusting to change is possible when you are without shoes as footwear interferes with balance and reduces stimulation to the feet.

Walk on Different Surfaces

Walk on carpets, hardwood floors, grass, pebbles,sand and just about any type of surface you can think of. The variation is good for your balance and your feet.

Stand Straight

Watching how you stand can also prevent foot problems at a later stage. Distribute the weight from the ball of the foot towards the heel’s centre. Prevent extension of the knees beyond the right limit.

Feet That Floor People: Advice From Trend Setters

Coco Chanel would always wear toenail polish because she felt feet needed to look pretty. Explorers like Monica Kristensen went a step further. Kristensen massaged her own and her sled dog’s feet to prevent cracking! A good pedicure can prevent a lot of problems, all said and done.

Foot doctors can guide you through a host of problems like bunions, plantar fasciitis, and heel problems. But soaking in an antiseptic football can also remove calluses or thickened skin on the pressure point of feet. Lower leg message and varnish plus foot massage can also make a world of a difference.

Avoid high heels. Not only do they cause back trouble, they also lead to bunion and ankle problems. Buying shoes several sizes small can also make a bad situation worse. To avoid this, experts recommend that shoe shopping should be done in the afternoon when your feet are swollen. Vary the heel height of the shoes you wear and change your shoes every day. Ensure that your feet are well moisturised and clipped neatly to avoid problems. Always clean your feet using toner and cleansers meant to exfoliate and remove the dead cells.


Looking for fabulous feet
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Beauty bibles aside, the fashion mantra for feet need to be simple yet systematic. Visiting a foot doctor regularly for a checkup in case you have a health condition is also necessary. Cosmetic and other treatments can make a world of difference to your feet.

So, if you want to be standing at the top of the world, use these cool tips to ensure your feet remain pretty and perfect. The end result will leave you more than satisfied. Don’t neglect your feet, or you wouldn’t have much to stand on. Regular exercise, good personal cleanliness, and regular exfoliation can be the perfect treat to keep your feet flexible, supple and attractive to look at.

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