Tone Your Facial Muscles

How To Tone Your Facial Muscles To Perfection

Facial Muscles: Need For Toning

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There are forty-four muscles in the face.Losing strength and tone as time passes, they can only be honed through constant exercises that create sculpted jaw muscles and ensure the skin is firm and supple. Facial exercises need to be performed every day and combined with excellent health and dietary practices. Also crucial for maintaining a toned look, exercise is a must in combination with a good skincare and sun protection routine.

How to Tone Facial Muscles

Tone Your Facial Muscles Stretching the Tongue

Facial exercises enable the muscles to expand and contract. This causes the lymph to move away from areas such as jaw lines where accumulation causes sagging. This exercise is perfect for toning facial muscles because it flexes the jaw muscles. You need to sit up straight and look up at the ceiling, raising your chin, Shoulders need to be free from tension so that the neck is not strained. The next step involves stocking the tongue upwards and downwards. Try to get the tongue’s tip to reach the chin. Hold this posture for 10 seconds and then let go.

Drop the Jaw and Raise the Lips

This exercise works best on the chin and facial muscles at the front. This is good for exercising the neck which helps to provide support for the skin on the jaw. How do you do this? Raise the bottom lip so that it moves past the upper lip. This ensures that your chin becomes tight and puckering it is easier. Hold on to this position for some seconds and then drop the lower jaw. The face and the rest of the head should remain stationary. This will lead to the contraction of the neck muscles. Hold this pose for some seconds, relaxing and aiming for 10 repetitions in 2 sets.

Stretching the Jaw

Strengthening jaw muscles is easier if you are regularly stretching them. This releases tension and promotes excellent circulation of blood. A good option for stretching the jaw muscles is to be straight with lips closed and free from strain. The head should be gently tilted bank so the ceiling is within your line of vision. Holding this pose, form an O with your lips. This will push and tighten the skin over the jaw bone. You need to hold this position for some 30 seconds and then release yourself to the original position. The exercise should be repeated once or twice each day for best results.

Exercising the jaw can be a wonderful way out if you crave a chiseled jawline.

Smile More

Smile More
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Smiling has many benefits, such as toning up facial muscles. Smiling is a wonderful exercise and is not as strenuous as others. It is also perfect for enhancing the mood. Positive effects of the smile extend beyond uplifting emotions; they also promote a chiseled look.

Chew Gum

Another way to exercise the muscles of the face is to chew gum. This involves moving the jaw and sharpening the area. It does not require any additional effort and also strengthens the muscles of the jaw.

Chin Lifts

These are a set of exercises which can make a dramatic difference to your facial muscles and help your face to lose fat. Stare up at the ceiling, while straining your lips forward. Stay in this position for 15 seconds and repeat 10 times in a day for toning up the jaw and strengthening the chin muscles.

Try the Fish Face

Try the Fish Face
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Making a sucked in face like a fish can also work your jaw muscles and ensure that chiseled and toned look. Suck in your cheeks from within and try to pucker the lips. This will enable you to tone your muscles. This pose can be held for 5 seconds and repeated for some time for good results.

Facial Massage

Massaging the face is an effective way to increase blood circulation so few minutes should be taken to run the fingers through the face using circular motions. The chin, jaw, temples and cheeks need to be rubbed to feel the flow of blood and improve circulation in the area. Massaging your face with ice cubes can also get you the desired result.

Clench The Jaw

For getting the best jawline, try clenching the jaw and closing it for 10 seconds. Following the release, there is discomfort and a bit of stinging, but doing this exercise for 12 to 15 times in a day can tone up your facial muscles and make your jawline look superbly chiseled.

Consume Less Salt

Salt can affect the skin and bloat the face, so it should be avoided. Don’t opt for salty food or junk or fried foods as this can also make a vast difference to the way your facial muscles appear.

Get Good Sleep

If you want a healthy looking face and a toned one at that, make sure you get close to 8 hours of sleep in the night. Getting a good night’s rest can make a vast difference to the way your face looks.

Try Cosmetics

Bronzers and highlighters are a wonderful way to define your jawline and improve your appearance. Apply the makeup so that it enhances the natural contours of your facial muscles and jaw.

Exercise Your Cheeks

Blow air after closing and pressing the lips together and holding the position for around ten seconds. Puff out your left cheek and hold this for 10 seconds and then try the same movement and procedure with the other cheek. Repeat this exercise in about 12-15 cycles for best results.

Make a Lion Face

Inhaling through the nose, tighten the fists and put pressure on the facial muscles. Breath out through the mouth and stick your tongue out. Do this to the maximum point you can. Your eyes should be wide open and the hands should also release. This position can be held for a few seconds every day for repeated benefits.

Pulling the Lips

Hold your head in the normal posture and lift the lower part of the lip. Bring out the lower part of your jaws. The chin muscles and jawline will feel a strong stretch, and you can repeat this many times to look years younger and get the firm look you always wanted.

Another way to perform the lip pull is to move the upper lip over the lower one. Squeeze the upper portion of the lip as close as possible to the nose. Hold this for 10 -15 second period and then relax. You will feel a stretch in the chin and jaw muscles.

Surprised Look Can Work Too

Open the eyes wide and ensure that the eyebrows are not wrinkled. Stay and focus on a point ahead for about a few seconds and then let go. Repeat this as many times as you can to stretch and exercise your jaw muscles.

Release the Jaws

Start moving your jaw while making chewing motions. The lips should be closed as this exercise is performed. Inhale deep within and hum as exhalation is done. Once the mouth is then opened wide, the tongue should be pressed against the lower teeth. This should be repeated for close to 5 seconds. Relax after this. Repeat this exercise at least 10-12 times.

Blowing Air

Hold your spine straight and tilt the head towards the back. Check if the eyes are focused on the ceiling and focus on it. Blow air after pulling your lips out and hold this position for close to 10 seconds, and it needs to be repeated around 8-10 times for quick results.

Puppet Face

Puppet Face
Photo By: Rhona-Mae Arca/ CC BY

See the line between the nose and the lips. Good! Now lift the line as you smile. Press the cheekbones and the line between the nose and the lips. Work against a resistance of the fingers, lifting the muscles 20-30 times for good results.


Check the final end result of your hard work in the mirror. You will have higher cheekbones, a more attractive, well-defined jawline and the look you always wanted. Just try these exercises on a regular basis and you will end up looking fit and toned in next to no time at all.

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