Inspiring Weight Loss Stories Straight from Tinseltown

Everything is possible in Hollywood. This is the one place on Earth where dreams and fantasies do come true: hookers find their one true love, aliens find a home, and mentally challenged individuals get to become the benchmark for humanity.  Truly, Hollywood is the mecca for the realization of all imaginable things. But beyond film allusions, there are stories straight from the glitzy corners of tinseltown which are equally inspiring, and fall outside the bounds of fiction. Take for instance, the many celebrity weight loss stories that further attest to Hollywood’s capacity to make ALL things possible.

If you have been battling with excess fat and aim to finally level up your game in terms of shedding off that unnecessary weight, here is a list of noteworthy celebs from which you can derive hope and motivation.

Jennifer Hudson

From her humble beginnings as a reality show contestant (American Idol), who was once unabashedly bashed by the notorious Simon Cowell, Jennifer Hudson eventually cemented her superstardom after bagging an Oscar statue for her acting stint in the Dreamgirls. But her transition from a singing underdog to an Academy winner isn’t the only notable life journey of this diva; in fact, the course of her weight loss is just as remarkable. From a size 16 to a size 6, 29 year old Hudson didn’t sing her way to the petite section of the ladies’ garments area. It was actually a daunting process which started after she had given birth to her first child back in 2009. She enlisted in the Weight Watchers program, and with the help of her weight coach Harley Pasternak, and an iPhone weight tracking application, she was able to successfully pull off one of Hollywood’s most successful weight loss stories. According to Hudson, cutting back on excess calories was the major ingredient to the whole affair.

Al Sharpton

This celebrity priest is quite famous for his wisdom-laden sermons, as well as for his girth. But during the past decade, he was able to slowly but surely shake off the latter reputation through a strict health regimen. Al Sharpton managed to scrape off 85 pounds from what used to be a 300 pound physique. This feat was accomplished by working out an hour a day, seven days a week. That’s what you call discipline and determination. Maybe even our friend Lindsay Lohan, who doesn’t really need weight loss and, most likely, doesn’t go to church, can learn a thing or two from our reverend buddy.

Christian Bale

Although the circumstances involved in this actor’s weight loss story weren’t entirely health-driven, his achievement still served as good testament that it can be done. From his normal 185 pound weight, he slimmed down twice to aptly play emaciated characters in the movies The Machinist and The Fighter. The academy award winning actor went on a strict diet and exercise program in order to pull the stunt, while taking necessary multivitamins to make sure that he still got his body’s required nutrients. At least for his Batman role, he had the chance to do the opposite—bulk up.

Peter Jackson

With his reliable fitness arsenal comprised of yogurt, soup, muesli, and a home fitness gym just a short walk away from his bedroom, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson was able to shed off at least 70 pounds between 2004 and 2005. With the upcoming release of the film The Hobbit, he is again set to burn more fats due to the amount of stress and pressure assigned upon him, yet again, by film critics and Tolkien fanatics alike.

Jonah Hill

Although he didn’t get as lucky as the three above-mentioned celebrities namely Hudson, Bale, and Jackson, in terms of his first bid for an Oscar statue during last year’s ceremony at the Kodak theater, Jonah Hill had been equally successful in terms of losing those unwanted pounds. With the aid of his ardent trainer and nutritionist, the young actor was able to lose a maximum of 40 pounds back in 2011.

Oprah Winfrey

Once upon a time, one of Oprah Winfrey’s least favorite things is the fat in her body. Her all time high, in terms of weight management, happened back in the year 2000 when she dropped to a mere 160 pounds due to intensive diet and exercise. Unfortunately, with a thyroid condition that prompts a consistent fluctuation in her metabolism, Oprah simply can’t keep her weight numbers, much like her net account, modest.

Kirstie Alley

One of her most notable distinctions is her yo-yo physique. She swings between fat and thin like a pendulum that can’t decide just which side is better. Just recently, with her inclusion in the line-up of the hit reality show Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie Alley again managed to wow viewers with her newly chiseled body that had shed off at least a 100 pounds. The show’s extensive dancing routines as well as a strict diet program helped Kirstie to pull it off.

Drew Carey

The best part of Drew Carey’s weight loss of 80 pounds is that not only did it serve him well aesthetically at 52, but more importantly, his new physique allowed him to finally be set free from type 2 diabetes medications. He was able to achieve this through a high protein and fiber diet, alongside six-days-a-week 45 minute cardio regimen. Indeed when it comes to health issues, the Price is Always Right.

Kelly Preston

Having lost around 40 pounds at the dawn of her golden age has made Kelly even more active and energetic. She owes this weight loss success to Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liason diet strategy which the latter conjured a few years back.


Some people say that tinseltown is nothing more than smokes and mirrors; that everything about it is artificial and ephemeral. But the other side of the coin speaks of a different story. It is a place inhabited by individuals who go through basic human concerns- as basic as shedding extra pounds- and it can offer inspiring stories far and beyond the bounds of its many fictional creations. The aforementioned successful weight loss stories are a fitting testament to this side of Hollywood.

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