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How to Predict Ovulation Date With the Help of Basil Thermometer

The Basal Body Thermometer or BBT is a thermometer to calculate your body’s ovulation time. The BBT is the lowest temperature of the body within 24 hours a day. As ovulation is considered as the best time of fertility so predict your ovulation time with Basal Thermometer if you are very much willing to conceive.

Every woman dreams to have her own baby but not everyone is blessed by this gift naturally. Some woman has to suffer a lot in order to conceive because of their health concerns which are not getting favorable for conceiving normally. Thank God, the BBT is invented which can detect your temperature and make your way precise and easy by letting you know that when to have sex in a day or date to get pregnant.

You can prepare a chart of your body’s basal temperature as well as cervical mucus discharge. Both of them are the important thing for the ladies who are enthusiastic to get pregnant but getting a problem in conceiving. As each woman is different from the other one so this chart will not be same for every woman also the chart will vary by month to month cycle wise.

Ways to Predict Ovulation By the Help of Basal Thermometer

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What is Basal Body Temperature?

The basal body temperature is the lowest temperature of your body which needs to be calculated in the morning time just you wake up and before doing any other activity of the day. That means you cannot make a rush to go bathroom or brushing etc. For an accurate temperature calculation, you have to take your temperature test in bed only the moment you wake up.

Only one-day testing is not enough for calculating the accurate rate of your BBT. You need to be consistent irrespective of timing for next few months. After few months on the basis of your BBT chart, you will get to know accurately about your ovulation date which helps you to identify your ideal date of conceiving.

What is Basal Thermometer?

The Basal thermometer is a large scale thermometer which is quite easy to read and handle. This special thermometer helps in detecting the exact date of ovulation. It only registers 96 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Most commonly women register 96 to 98 degree F before ovulation and after the completion of ovulation temperature increases by .5 to 1 % and then temperature stands to the 97 to 98 degree.

How to Take Basal Body Temperature?

The Basal body temperature taking process is very easy, just you need to maintain the timing in order to have consistency and accuracy of data so that you can prepare an accurate chart of your ovulation date and timing.
The early morning time is suggested for taking the temperature by the Basal thermometer.

You can also put an alarm so that you can make consistency in your waking time. Don’t think to go out of your bed for doing your daily chaos as it can cause changes in your body temperature. By sitting in bed only insert the basal thermometer in your mouth for five minutes, make sure the reading is recorded in between on a tenth of the degree.

How to Prepare Basal Body Temperature Chart?

Basal Body Temperature ChartYou can prepare your ovulation chart by collecting a basal body temperature chart from the doctor with whom you are consulting regarding your pregnancy problem. This chart will open a simple way to calculate and enter the record of your daily body temperature.

Keep this chart and pen along with you beside your bed so that even for a single minute you won’t make a delay after waking in the morning for taking your body temperature by BBT. You require to record or mark your body temperature within one-tenth of the degree every day.

As the chart evolves a pattern will create automatically showing your everyday changes in body temperature. This pattern varies from person to person. Some women’s chart pattern shows an increasing pattern within few days whereas for some woman this pattern shows a slow and gradual increasing pattern. This pattern also varies irrespective of the different period cycle.

Before the ovulation date, the body temperature lies between 97.2 to 97.7 degree Fahrenheit. After the ending of ovulation date, the temperature should increase by .5 to 1 degree Fahrenheit. This chart preparation process you need to maintain for next few months then only you will be able to know your accurate date of ovulation and on the basis if that you can plan your pregnancy.

Apart from collecting this sample chart from your regular doctor, you can also make a download of this kind of chart from the net. This is known as online fertility calendar. Download this fertility calendar and make your chart by own. This way without any help from a specialist doctor, you yourself will be able to know when you are ovulating actually.

This type of fertility chart can also be prepared at home. You need to put the temperature figures between a one-tenth degree in the vertical line under the square and horizontal line will show the days irrespective of the different cycle. Now you can mark the degree of your temperature on the vertical line and after few months you can easily make a pattern out of this chart showing your ovulation timing and date.

Downloaded chart or online BBT chart has an extra advantage of data accuracy also it will automatically show you the date of ovulation on the basis of your entered data. This kind of accuracy cannot be expected in the manual charts as a manual error is quite possible to occur.

How to Calculate BBT?

Once you arranged for the BBT chart the next thing that you requires is Body Basil thermometer for taking your daily temperature record. The thermometer which produces a 1/10th degree in Fahrenheit is good for this purpose or else if you are taking the temperature in Celsius then 1/100th i.e. 37.00 degrees is good for preparing the BBT chart.

While calculating or measuring the BBT you need to maintain some basic rules in order to get accuracy in data which you are preparing to know your actual date of ovulation. This chart is also useful in the sense that your doctor will get to know by checking this chart, the reason or problem in your fertility. Maintain some basic rule mentioned below while measuring the BBT.

  • The foremost important thing which is necessary with regard to usage of body basil thermometer is your timing. You need to take this temperature record on a fixed time in the early morning. Maintain this time every day otherwise, you will not get an accurate chart. You cannot make delay or early while taking your temperature record more or less than 30 minutes.
  • Make sure as soon as you wake up you are taking the temperature test then and there only. If you keep indulging yourself in sitting, walking, bathroom habits, brushing etc. then chances of variation in body basil temperature remains huge. So the moment you wake up insert the thermometer in your mouth, for this keep the thermometer with you while sleeping in the night time.
  • For the accurate temperature data of your body, you need to have a sound and smooth sleep in the night time. Minimum four hours sleep is the must before you wake up in the morning. Women who don’t have sound sleep because of sleeping disorder or have a habit of wakening up at midnight and walking during the night time will not generate an accurate rate of temperature in morning.
  • For the uniformity and accuracy of data make sure that you are using same BB thermometer until the months the chart data is prepared. If for certain reason you had to buy a new thermometer make sure that you will use it from the very same day of your next cycle.

When to Prepare a Chart?

The very first day of period starting date is considered as the most ideal time to start taking your basal body temperature and continue this process throughout all cycle. Morning is the most accurate time when you can take your body temperature via BB thermometer.

In order to get an accurate view of your ovulation date, you need to maintain your body temperature marking time in the BB chart very strictly. Make sure you are doing this at the same time every morning as variation in timing may cause difficulty to find out the exact date and time of ovulation.

Once you will be experienced in marking or preparing the chart then even one or two day delay from the period starting date, it will not affect much of the Basal Body Chart result. The data entering process should remain to continue till you are not getting an idea regarding your exact date of ovulation or trend of ovulation throughout the cycle.

How to Identify the Ovulation?

OvulationThe body basil thermometer helps to identify the ovulation date of a woman who is preparing a daily temperature chart of her body throughout the cycle. The BB thermometer is especially helpful for the women who are finding difficulty in pregnancy. As the ovulation is the pick time for conceiving so it’s very important to know the exact date of ovulation for those who are planning for a baby.

Once you are ready with your body basil temperature chart then you can easily identify the date of your ovulation irrespective of different cycles. In general, all women’s body temperature remains in the average position before the date of ovulation and after ovulation date, the temperature tends to be high if not so much then at least more than the regular average body temperature that you used to have before ovulation.

Mark or notice the three consecutive days rise in your body temperature in the BB chart. This rising shows that the date before the rising in your body temperature was the day when you ovulated. This way you can make a plan for having sex on the ovulation date so that you can conceive successfully.

Those who notice their cervical mucus along with noticing the ovulation date then it becomes easier for them to identify the accurate date of intercourse. On the ovulation day, your vaginal discharge will be different than other days; this is another indication of your ovulation timing.

Some women notice a slight dip in body temperature on the day of ovulation then it’s good for you as it gives you a better sign of your ovulation timing. Regarding dip in body temperature on the ovulation day, you can only assure it if this kind of change in temperature is occurring in every month. On the basis of changes in only one month, you cannot reach any decision regarding the date of ovulation.

How BBT Helps to Get Pregnant?

Healthy Pregnant Body

The body basil thermometer is recommended to those couples who are finding difficulty in conceiving. For normal couples, it’s not mandatory. This thermometer points the lowest temperature of your body in 24 hours.
Ovulation is the time when the egg is secreted from women’s vagina which can easily get fertile if get merged with the sperm. So it is most appropriate date and way of getting pregnant. The BB chart trend will guide you better way regarding the date of your ovulation.

Most commonly ovulation occurs in the mid-cycle of next period and BB chart can make you aware of the exact date when you are ovulating before the next period cycle. Suppose if someone is ovulating between 10th to 15th days of a month then it can be said that this is the best timing of intercourse as if the sperm of men gets merged successfully the egg it will fertile.

It’s not that only sex during the ovulation days will work for you. Even you had sex just before a few days back to the ovulation day that will also prove effective for conceiving. The BBT chart not only clears the day of ovulation it is also helpful for your doctor to make clear the reason or hindrances in your pregnancy. On the basis of this chart, they also initiate their treatment plan so that you won’t have to wait longer for getting a positive pregnancy report.

If you are also worried and dishearted because of the negative reports of your pregnancy in spite of tough effort then predict your ovulation time with Basal Thermometer as this is an easy solution to your problem. Make clear your ovulation date by preparing the fertility chart and enhance your chances of conceiving within few months.

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