Best Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

Best Eye Exercises to Improve Vision and Its Overall Health

An eye is one of the most important organs of our body which enables us to see and feel the beauty of our surroundings. Without it, life is simply dark hell which no one would wish or imagine living. So to give care and support to this valuable part of your body you must consider including some effective eye exercises to improve vision.

Yes, it is true that with regular eye exercising you can improve your vision and protect it from developing chronic eye health concerns such as Glaucoma etc. Just like your other body parts eyes too are consists of muscles which can cause soreness if you keep them working constantly without giving necessary rest or relaxation.

Even your eye muscles too need break in order to restart again with much more re-energized and refreshing manner. The good news is that you won’t have to take off from your work or other responsibilities for doing such exercises.

Just sitting on your office chair or while reading the newspaper in the morning at any point in time of the day, irrespective of places you can do it.

This will not only soothes and relaxes your eye muscles for great vision but will also improve your productivity for the day, reduces the chances of error which is very common with fatigue issues and will prevent the chances of headache which is very common in people who used to work constantly in a single position.

People who constantly work on a computer screen or indulges in watching TV and mobile phones indirectly harming their eye’s overall health. This will not only affect your eye vision but cause other eye related problems like dry eyes, straining, and even some chronic mental health issues such as anxiety, and depression.

Though you cannot get rid of your livelihood source and common entertainment gadgets which is also equally valuable for your mind refreshment but taking out just 10 minutes out of your daily busy schedule for eye exercising is all enough to do its job.

So to make your path easier below we have enlisted some best effective eye exercises which are one stop solution for all your eye-related problems, not only the existing one but for the future eye issues too which are quite likely to occur in the lack of good care of your most valuable gadget of body i.e. eye.

13 Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

eye exercises to improve vision


Eye blinking is a natural function of our eyes which benefits it many ways. When you blink your eyes your tears spread to a wide surface which works as a natural moistening component which removes eye’s dryness and releases irritants.

On average, every person’s eyelids blink in an interval of 3 to 4 seconds which counts as 18 to 20 times in one minute. However, the issue is that while working on a computer on a serious note or while using any LED gadget we blink very less than the average time due to our constant focus. This, as a result, interrupts with our eye health.

So as a healthy habit include blinking as a part of your daily eye exercise routine and in the midst of your serious work, don’t forget to blink your eyes. This eye exercising will not let your eyes fatigued earlier neither it will let it dry which is the root cause of future’s eye related troubles.


Rolling is another best effective exercise for the eye’s health. It helps to strengthen your eye muscles and most importantly it can enhance the shape of your eyes which is really a cool benefit with it.

It is very easy to practice and you can do it anywhere as per your suitability. For doing this exercise practice you require to sit or stand straight by keeping your neck erect, and shoulder in a relaxed mode.

Now start eye-rolling from the right corner of your eyes. To do this first look at your right side and then roll your eyeballs upwards towards the ceiling in slow motion. Then roll your eyes down towards your left and slowly look at the floor or down below.

Repeat this exercise in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction at least for two minutes in a day. Daily practice of rolling eye exercise can improve your eye vision.


For toning your muscles you must try the shifting exercise. In this particular eye exercise, you need to move your eyeballs from one direction to another. This helps to pump up the blood flow throughout your eyes area to keep it moist and strengthen.

For doing this you need to, move your eyeball in the left direction and then shift it to your right direction repeat this process at least for 1to 2 minutes every day to keep your eyes healthy and strengthen.


As the name suggests in zooming eye exercise you need to zoom a particular object to shift the focus or concentration of your eye vision. You can practice this exercise by sitting and relaxing on your office chair or at any place whenever you get time in a day.

Just sit in a relaxed mode and take one object for accomplishing this exercise, for example, one pen. Now keep this pen in your hand straightly and then slowly brings it closer to your eyes to zoom out the pen in your eye focus.

Repeat this activity two to three times in 2 sets every day for increasing your eye vision in a very effective way. From children to older adults, this eye exercise is beneficial for everyone.


For soothing and relaxing your eyes, palming is one of the best suitable eye exercises for the respective purpose. It is very easy to do and will take hardly 2 to 3 minutes time.

For doing palming eye exercise at first you need to rub both of your hands vigorously until your palms get heated or warmth naturally.

Once it gets warm then gently put them over your eyelids. Keep it in the same condition until the whole heat content of your hands passes on to your eye muscles completely.

This process will give relaxation to your eye muscles under the darkness and warmness of your hands. It will not let your eyes get fatigued even in the constant work pressure environment and enable you to give your best possible productivity. For best result repeat this palming excise 2 to 3 times in a day.

Figure of Eight

In this particular eye exercise, you need to make a sign of eight in the air with the help f your thumb. To do this you need to sit erect by keeping your both legs in the front of your body and have to keep your elbow straight, head still and the eye will focus on your thumb.

Make a figure of 8 through your thumb first in clockwise and then anticlockwise direction. Repeat this process by both of your hands one by one to train you’re both the eyes. This help to tone your eye muscles and for improving your eye vision.

For the best result practice figure of eight eye exercise around four sets of five reps.

Eye Pressing

The eye pressing exercise form will give instant relaxation to your tired and burning eyes by soothing it. It will release your eye’s stress and make it feel refreshed and rejuvenated for improving your productivity.

For doing eye press exercise you need to sit in a relaxing mode. Now close your eyes, relax your mind by taking a deep breath. After closing your eyes place one of the fingers on your every eyelid. Keep it pressed for 10 seconds.

Release the pressure for two seconds and then press your eyelids again for 10 seconds. For the best effective result do one set of 10 reps of eye pressing exercise. This will hardly take one minute time in a day which you can easily afford out of your daily busy schedule without any pain.


The flexing eye exercise will strengthen the tiny muscles of your eyes just like flexing physical body exercises that help to strengthen your biceps. For doing this particular eye exercise you need to sit straightly on a chair, look ahead straightly by keeping neck still.

Look up and hold for few seconds, look down and hold for few seconds and then look at your extreme left and the extreme right. Repeat this process 10 times at one sitting.

Practice this eye exercise at least for 3 minutes in a day for keeping your eye vision in good condition and for preventing the risk of eye-related diseases.

Eye Bounce

Another eye relaxing and muscle toning exercise for eyes is eye bounce exercise. The best part of this exercise is that you can practice it even lying on your bed or sitting on your couch or while standing in a bus queue.

For doing this exercise you need to look straight ahead while sitting or lying on the bed. Now move your eyes up and then down in as fast possible speed as you can do.

Repeat this up and down eye moving steps at fast pace speed for 10 times. Then take a break of five seconds and repeat the same action until two sets of ten reps are completed. It will take one minute time to train and tone your eyes in a day.


Eye massaging exercise will release your eye’s stress and remove eye strains and dryness to keep your vision totally clear and strong enough. For doing this you require to sit straight with relaxed shoulders. Keep your head tilt back and keep your eyes closed.

Now massage your both eyelids with index and middle fingers in gentle and circular motion. Massage your eyelids in a clockwise direction for 10 times in a circular motion.

Repeat the same pattern in anticlockwise motion for 10 times. Do this eye exercise at least for 2 minutes every day for getting its total benefit for your eyes health.

Eyelids Exercise

The eyelids exercise is based on yoga poses so its effectiveness is much greater than other eye exercises. This works amazingly for relieving eye stress due to constant work pressure. Moreover, it prevents the issue of headache which is quite likely to occur under the environment of constant eye pressure.

For doing eyelid exercise you need to sit comfortably and then massage your lower eyelid very gentle by the ring finger. Do this from the lower eyelid’s inner edge and gently move to outwards.

Continuing this massaging you can extend your finger up to eyebrows to give it massage in similar form after giving full massage to lower lid. For ensuring its best possible benefit practice it every day of 5 sets of 10 reps for at least 5 minutes.

If you are really concerned about your eyes health and want to enhance your vision then this is the must doable exercise for you. It will remove all stains from your eyes and ensure clear vision.

Sidelong Glance

Sidelong glance exercise helps to strengthen eye muscles which are very important for good eyes health. The best part of this eye exercise is that you can do it by sitting, lying or by standing in a comfortable mode, whichever position is suitable for you.

Once you are set in your position, take deep breaths to relax your mind and body. Keep your head in still position and look at your left side just through your eyes, don’t move your head.

As much left you can look with your eyes see and hold this position for 4 seconds. Now again bring your eyes in the center and then look at your highest right corner as much possible for your eyes to see and hold the same for 4 seconds.

Repeat the same action from both the sides for ten times of total three sets. It will hardly take two minutes time of your day. So must include it as the important daily part of your regular life and ensure long lasting healthy eye vision.

Take a Break

Constant or excessive work pressure often led people to sit on their computer screen for several hours constantly. Mind it this kind of work will not increase your productivity. Moreover, you can start losing your interest in work if you have to work like this.

So make sure that at every hour interval you take at least 5 minutes break for your eyes relaxation. You can walk around your floor or make a call or can talk with your colleague sitting next to you.

This light break will help to release your eye’s stress and will boost your productive skill.

All the eye exercises to improve vision mentioned above are real-time experienced base and very safe as well. So there is no single reason to say no for including them as a part of your daily busy life. Take care of your eyes with these healthy practices which are absolutely free of cost.

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