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Watery Discharge: Types and Home Remedies

Watery discharge is a general incident of every woman’s life which is necessary also for keeping the vaginal health in good condition. Generally, this watery discharge is transparent and looks off-white or little bit yellowish color but if sudden changes in color and odor are noticed then it may be a matter of concern. You can get rid of unusual discharge by using home remedies to control watery discharge.

To some extent these watery discharge are must needed thing as it keeps the vagina internal area moist which helps it to get rid of fungus and infections. In the lack of these vaginal discharges, the vagina gets dry and it also causes a problem in intimacy because of the roughness of the cervix canal as normal penetration is not possible in the lack of needed moisture.

Though watery discharge is good for you but under the condition if you are observing abnormal discharge with thickness and smell then it can be an indication of some kind of infection or other internal health concerns that needed to be healed immediately otherwise it can take a very severe form.

Types of Watery Discharge

As per the color, thickness and consistency watery discharge are categorized into different types. Some of them occur due to some natural reasons and doesn’t affect to your health anyway, however, some of them occur due to some infection in the vagina or due to some serious health issue that immediately needed to be cured. Different types of watery discharge are mentioned below.

White, Yellowish and Grey Discharge

If you are noticing a white or yellowish or grey discharge accompanied by fishy odor then this is not a symptom of good health. This especially happens due to some vaginal infection and it requires immediate medical help otherwise if the range of infection gets increased then it can also affect the reproductive system. Under this type of watery discharge women also observes frequent swelling and itching.

Green or Yellow Discharge

If you are noticing a thick, smelly and chunky green or yellow vaginal discharge then it simply indicates to your bad health condition. This kind of vaginal discharge mainly occurs due to infection trichomoniasis which is transmitted through the intercourse and can be malicious if remains untreated.

Yellow Cloudy Discharge

If you are observing a yellow cloudy discharge which is accompanied by the pain in the pelvic area then it can be a symptom of gonorrhea. Early medication can relive your condition and will stop further this kind of vaginal discharge.

Brown or Reddish Brown Discharge

If you are observing brown or reddish brown or bloody discharge then it indicates to your irregular menstrual or period cycle. Irregularity in menstrual cycle can occur due to many reasons some of them are normal some of them are unusual, so depending upon the reason of your menstrual cycle misbalancing the vaginal discharge indicates whether it is normal or malicious.

Generally, bloody vaginal discharge not indicates a normal health condition and it primarily occurs due to cervical cancer, thyroid or any other severe concerns, if you are observing pelvic pain and bleeding along with this discharge. So it requires immediate medical attention as early diagnosis can heal your condition and can save from its future danger effects.

White, Cheesy and Thick Discharge

The white, cheesy and thick vaginal discharge mainly occurs due to yeast infection which is accompanied by the swelling or itching nearby the vulva area. Immediate medication can relieve your condition and will save you from further this kind of vaginal discharge.

Home Remedies for Watery Discharge

If it is cleared after diagnosis that the watery discharge that observing since months is because of some bad health condition or vaginal infection then don’t leave it as it is. It needs to be treated immediately otherwise further complications may occur. The good thing is that there are some natural home products which can help us to get rid of unusual watery discharge. Some of the best home remedies to control watery discharge are mentioned below.

Mango Paste

Mango PasteMango is not only good by taste but for our internal health also it works as a medicine. Its cooling and soothing effect works as a remedy to provide a cooling effect on the vaginal zone. If you are suffering from some vaginal related problems then this is the best home remedy for you. You can treat your vaginal problems by applying mango paste.

You need to prepare the paste of mango before using it. At first, take a ripe mango and then smash it will to get a smoother mixture. No need to add anything else to it. When the mixture is ready to apply it on the vaginal zone evenly and then leave it for getting dry after that rinse it well with fresh water.

The mango paste is one of the best home remedies for treating some vaginal issues like burning, itching etc. It will thunder the vaginal area and remove the problems of burning and itching any more. Only a few days’ application of this natural paste will give you an instant relief.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil
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Sandalwood oil is another best home remedy for treating vaginal related issues like white discharge. This natural oil is good for the skins also this essential oil protects the vaginal zone from the harmful bacterial attacks.

This is quite easy to apply. Just you need to warm 1 tablespoon of vaginal oil and when it gets lukewarm then applies it to the vaginal area. Repeat this action at least for 3 to 4 days in a week. It will obstruct the further growth of bacteria on the vagina zone and will prevent its breed in the genital area, and this way it will remove the vaginal white discharge problem.



Yogurt is rich with cooling and soothing effect and its application on the vaginal zone not only moisturizes the skin of that particular area also it removes the problem of burning sensation and itchiness. Its probiotic properties fight effectively with the vaginal infection also it diminishes the problem of white vaginal discharge.

For using the paste of yogurt on the vagina you need to have some natural yogurt which is free of flavors. Rub the vaginal external area with this natural yogurt and leave it to dry. After that rinse it well. Apply this natural remedy for 3-4 days in a week. It will really relive your condition. Also if you have a habit of yogurt eating that will also work for you.

Baking Soda


Baking Soda
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Baking soda is a natural home based remedy for treating vaginal related problems like white discharge. It helps in balancing the pH level of your body which is essential otherwise in the lack of that white vaginal discharge occurs unusually.

The baking soda is a good organic compound which will remove the problem of white discharge by maintaining the pH level in balance. Drink one glass of water by mixing the baking soda in it on every morning. This healthy habit will enhance your vaginal health. Also, you can mix the baking soda in your bathtub and wash the vaginal area. The regular bath with baking soda mixed water will remove other vaginal related issues also.



garlic pasteGarlic is rich with the antibacterial properties which can fight with harmful fungus and bacteria. The white vaginal discharge occurs due to the infected bacteria and fungus which diminishes the health of vagina. This is an easy home based natural remedy to remove white discharge problem.

For preparing the garlic paste at first cut the garlic in some pieces and leaves it in water of a bowl. Now boil this garlic containing water for the fifteen minutes. Leave the water for sometimes until it gets cooled. Now stain the garlic and wash your vagina with the stained water. Repeat this action on every night. The garlic rich water might cause little bit inflammation which you can deal with by using a cooling and soothing cream.

Calendula Flower

Calendula flower

Calendula flower is good for the vaginal health as it can remove the problem of white discharge which is caused by the bacterial infections. This natural ingredient when mixed with water it creates a healthy liquid which can be applied to cleaning vagina.

Take some calendula flower and leave it in a bowl of water and boil it. Once it is fully boiled stain the calendula flowers from water and clean the vaginal area with this water. The regular wash with this calendula rich boiled water will remove the problem of white discharge within sometimes. The best part of the usage of this flower that it won’t cause any inflammation or any kind of irritation. So anyone can use it.


alum powder paste
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Alum is one of most beneficial natural home remedy which helps in removing genital issues like white discharge removal, removes harmful bacteria and fungus which can cause infection in the vaginal area. Alum powder, when mixed with water, makes a fine paste which can be easily applied to the external area of the vagina.

If you are suffering from the white discharge problem then try alum powder paste it will provide you an immediate relief from your problem. Take some amount of alum powder and pour it into small bowl water. When it gets properly mixed then apply it to the vaginal area. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it well. Try this natural home remedy for 3 to 4 days in a week. Your excess white vaginal discharge will vanish completely.

You can also try alum piece for rubbing the genital area while taking bath as it will protect you against bacterial infection by keeping away all harmful bacteria and fungus.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds
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Cumin seeds paste is another best way of treating white vaginal discharge. Take few cumin seeds and grind them well for getting a smoother mixture. Add this with honey and mix it well to prepare a paste and then apply this paste on the vaginal area evenly. Leave it for 10 minutes to get it dry and then rinse it well. Apply this effective home remedy for 3 to 4 days in a week for getting relief from white discharge.


 Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries
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Cranberry fruit not only adds to your taste bud but also it is good for your vaginal health too. Its antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties keep all the harmful germs away from the vaginal canal and keep it healthy.

Women who are suffering from the white vaginal discharge will find it an easy way to get rid of this problem as because cranberries are very good in taste so anyone can feel good to consume it. Also, you can drink cranberry fruit juice which works faster than the cranberry fruit consumption.



Turmeric Root Powder
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Turmeric powder is the best natural antibacterial home remedy which is medically approved. The turmeric is rich in antioxidant properties. It can easily fight with harmful bacteria and fungus. Its property gets enhanced when it is mixed with the garlic cloves.

If you are suffering from the problem of burning and itching issue on vagina then consume turmeric by mixing it with the garlic on daily basis. Soon you get relief from all genital issues. Also, it is good for removing unusual white discharge problem.

Betel Nuts

betel nuts

Betel nuts are another easy and effective way to fight with vaginal problems like white discharge. This is quite easy to use as you can consume directly to the betel nuts which will soon bring the reduction in abnormal vaginal discharge.

You can also prepare the paste of betel nuts by adding it with the crushed rose petal and the sugar mixture. Apply this paste to the external area of the vagina. Leave it for 10 minutes to get dry. Once it is completely dry rinse it well. This is the easiest way to reducing unusual vaginal discharge.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry or amla is good for our overall health and it works faster in treating the white vaginal discharge. You need to prepare the paste of amla in order to apply it on the vaginal area. At first, take some amlas and cut all of them into pieces. Let it them dry under sunlight for few days. Once it is completely dry then grinds them well in a mixer to get a smoother powder.

You can consume directly the powder of amla. Take two tablespoons of amla and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and consume this mixture every day two times. This will work effectively in treating your white vaginal discharge.

The home remedies which are mentioned in this article are quite easy to use and are effective also in treating vaginal related problems. We hope our readers will find these home remedies to control watery discharge as beneficial for them.

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