Abort Unplanned Pregnancy

How to Abort Unplanned Pregnancy : Effective Remedies for Abortion

Pregnancy is beautiful when it is planned however in many cases it is seen that couples are still not prepared to welcome a new member due to several reasons. Under that situation, they start hunting for the ways to discard their unwanted pregnancy. The good news is that there are many effective home remedies for abortion which can easily terminate the pregnancy in a safe way.

There are many medical procedures and medications which can terminate an unwanted pregnancy but these medications are rich with some harmful chemicals also which leaves several health-related problems behind them, even though they made a successful pregnancy termination. Also, these procedures are painful and sometimes they raise some problem for the lifelong like back pain, weakness, normal delivery problem, the issue in conceiving further etc.

So the best way to get rid of an unplanned pregnancy is the usage of home prepared remedies. These are natural ways and as natural products are used while trying for abortion so these are quite safe and also brings a successful result without any major side effects etc.

Top 8 Home Remedies for Abortion

Are you searching for homemade procedures ore treatments to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Here we have enlisted some best and effective ways or remedies which will help in the abortion naturally without hampering your health.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice

You will be surprised to know that the pineapple fruit juice is an effective remedy to discard unplanned pregnancy naturally. You can directly consume the pineapple or can also prepare its juice while trying for discarding the pregnancy naturally.

Pineapple is rich with many essential elements which are good for our health but a raw form of pineapple is not good for us especially when someone is pregnant. So if the reverse is the case means you are not happy with the pregnancy and wants to terminate it then start eating lots of green pineapples until you get succeeded in your endeavor.

One pineapple consumption is not enough if you want an immediate result. So eat at least two to three raw or half raw pineapples every day or for change you can prepare a pineapple juice and can drink one glass of pineapple every day.

Pineapple is rich with a proteolytic enzyme which is known as Bromelain. This enzyme counteracts against the body protein level which is necessary for the growth of the new baby. The green pineapples are more enriched with this enzyme so it will bring the result immediately with its regular consumption. It will soften the cervix area which causes you to bleed and hence miscarriage happens.

Also, the pineapples are rich in vitamin C which is not favorable for the growth of a new baby. When you start consuming lots of green pineapples every day it raises the level of vitamin C and Bromelain which slowly works on the destruction of newly arising baby in your womb.

Papaya Fruit

Papaya Fruit

Papaya is healthy fruit and it is also a superfood which is easily available anywhere. Both raw, as well as ripe papaya, is suggested by the doctors to consume for avoiding many severe diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, low BP, cancer etc. As this fruit is good in taste so you can easily consume it for availing its medicinal benefits.

Raw papaya remains enriched with Papain which is an enzyme. This enzyme is not good for the health of the newly developing baby. When you start consuming lots of raw papayas the level of Papain increases in your body. Apart from that, it is also rich in Vitamin C which is not good for the development of the new baby.

The papain element of the raw papaya increases the level of estrogen hormone and side by side reduces the level of progesterone hormone which diminishes the growth of pregnancy causing miscarriage in a natural way.

The raw papaya is enriched with milky extract which remains full of latex. The latex enhances the flow of oxytocin and prostaglandins in the body which creates a contraction in the uterus wall. The regular contraction in the uterine wall causes to miscarriage naturally.

Vitamin C

vitamin C supplements
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Vitamin C is good for us in a limited quantity but its enhanced rate of consumption is not at all good for us especially when someone is pregnant. If you are in the very initial phase of your pregnancy and unwilling to give birth to the baby right now then starts consuming enough amount of vitamin C enriched foods or you can also consume vitamin C supplements.

While consuming the vitamin C rich foods make sure that it won’t get overdosage otherwise it can affect you badly. Especially if you are kidney patient, or have a kidney stone or any other kidney related issue then never think to consume vitamin C enriched foods as it can affect kidney badly.

Though Vitamin C is available in many fruits then also it is suggested to consume vitamin C supplements as it is good for you. Also, you need to ensure while buying any vitamin C supplement that it is rich in Ascorbic Acid which encourages the miscarriage. Always avoid those supplements which are rich with rose hips or bioflavonoids otherwise it can encourage the growth of the new baby.

10 to 12 grams vitamin C consumption every day is enough to counteract the growth of the newly developing baby. At first, you need to start its consumption by 500mg and then slowly and gradually increase its quantity of consumption. Make sure you are consuming an even quantity of the vitamin C at a fixed interval of time which is spread through 24 hours.

Within few days of the consumption of Vitamin C intake will work effectively in destroying the growth of uterine mucus causing contraction on cervix wall. The increased amount of vitamin C in the body increases the level of estrogen and reduces the quantity of progesterone which helps in natural abortion within few days.

Goji Berry

gogi berry

Gogi berry is a renowned Chinese fruit which is most famous as dry fruits and is easily available in any supermarket. This fruit is rich in many healthy nutrients which are good for health but as it is enriched with a very high level of Vitamin C intact so very harmful to women’s who are pregnant. That means if you want an opposite result like want to discard your pregnancy then consume it as much as you can.

Gogi berry contains a very high level of Zeaxanthin, Proteins, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, Vitamin A, B1, B6, C, E, Omega3, Omega6, etc. This healthy fruit is utilized as medication for treating many health-related issues because of its many beneficial qualities.

Doctors recommend consuming this fruit in a limited quantity as crossing that limit can throw harmful effects on health. As per the specialists, 10-gram consumption per day of goji berry is enough for good health. So if you want to generate its negative effect like you are willing to abort your pregnancy then consume it more than 10 gram every day

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea
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Chamomile tea is a healthy liquid rich with many medicinal benefits that’s why it is recommended by the doctors under many health problems to consume it. Especially for the patients with depression, it works like a natural healer which helps the patient to boost their mental health.

It keeps you energized and healthy throughout the day when you start your day by drinking this healthy hot drink. Apart from treating depression problem it also works effectively for treating insomnia and spasms. This tea is enriched with oxytocin which stimulates the thyroxine hormone which is necessary for enhancing the health of your skin and hairs. For constipation patient also it works as a natural medicine to get rid of the constipation problem.

Though it is beneficial for health in many ways, pregnant women are suggested to intake a very light amount of this tea as an excessive amount of the consumption of chamomile tea induced a compound naming Thujone which causes frequent contraction of uterine wall hence causes miscarriage. So if you are looking for a home remedy for aborting then consume a very high quantity of this tea which will help you in discarding pregnancy naturally.

Mugwort Leaf

Mugwort LeafMugwort leaves are another natural herb that works effectively in terminating an initial stage of pregnancy. This natural shrub plant leaves are rich with many effective benefits for health so it is consumed for treating many health-related problems. The leaves of this shrub plant are rich with medicinal benefits so it is been utilizing since centuries for streamlining the reproductive system, bronchitis, epilepsy, digestive issues, muscle stiffness, parasites such as threadworms, ringworms, tapeworms, and sciatica.

Its calming and sedative effect has provided it more recognition and so it is well known as dream herb. This is also famous as an abortifacient as because it is enriched with flavonoids, tannin, volatile oil and absinthin which causes a contraction in the uterus if you starts consuming its leaf by preparing its tea.

If you are still not ready to welcome a new member in the family and got a positive pregnancy test report then don’t get panic, mugwort leaf will work as a natural abortion-inducing element. You only require preparing a tea by the leaf of this plant. If leaves are dry then grind them well and get a smooth powder and put this powder in a bowl and mix one cup of water in it. Boil it for 10 to 15 minutes and then drink it after staining.

For fast result drink two to three cups of mugwort tea every day. Repeat this for at least one week or more until you successfully abort your pregnancy.

Squaw Mint

Squaw Mint

Squaw mint is also known as pennyroyal herbs is a very beneficial herb for health but precaution should be maintained while using it as if it is not used proper way and dosage then it can even lead to death. But yes, if it is been utilized properly then works as an effective medicine.

For centuries the squaw mint is been utilized for treating pneumonia, bronchitis, respiratory problem, gas, stomach pain, sinusitis, mouth sores, gout, venomous bites, mouth sores, gallbladder problems etc.

For women who are looking for natural pregnancy terminating procedures, this mint works as an effective and faster way. It is rich in Pulegone compound which is harmful to lady’s who are pregnant with an excess dosage of this mint causes uterine contraction which stimulates bleeding.

You need to prepare the tea by this mint and consume four cups of this tea every day for five days. Don’t increase its dosage more than 4 cups in a day as it will cause more harm than benefit for your health. After five days of its regular consumption will induce a natural miscarriage. Never use essential oil of this mint inside the genital area as this is very dangerous and can even cause damage to that portion of your body.


Tansy Tansy is a famous herb which works very faster and effective way of discarding a pregnancy. It is enriched with Thujone compound which is very harmful to the growth of the newly developing baby. So if you are looking for a natural way to terminate your early pregnancy then use the leaves of tansy for preparing its tea and consume it. This herb is poisonous, so overdosage of it can even throw a very harmful or negative effect.

Take some leaves of tansy and make them dry first after that grinds them well in a mixture to get a smoother powder. Pour one tbsp. of tansy powder in one cup water and boil it for at least 5 to 10 minutes and then strain it into a cup. Sip this hot drink for 3 to 4 times in a day till next seven days not more than that. It ill increases the level of Thujone compound in your body which will cause the contraction in uterus hence bleeding occurs.

Though these ways are safe as because the ingredients which are applied are natural herb and fruits but these methods are also not free of some side effects. Like after the miscarriage you can face some temporary side effects like infrequent period, back pain, nausea etc. So make your mindset before using these effective home remedies for abortion that you might have to face it’s after effects in the form of health issues.

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