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8 Ways to Have a Miscarriage Naturally At Home : DIY Miscarriage

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and cherished phases of a woman’s life, however, because of some physical, financial and personal issues some woman don’t want to give birth to a baby for sometimes.  As because they think that this is not the correct time to take a responsibility for a newborn baby and starts searching for natural miscarriage procedures.

Natural or home miscarriage ways are always better and preferable to the women. You get rid of an unwanted baby birth with some natural and homemade remedies which will no way affect your internal health and also saves you from the complex as well as painful medical procedures of miscarriage.

Miscarriage is never been considered as a healthy practice as it can damage to your overall health for sometimes and if not handled with proper care then its effects last for the lifetime in the form of lower back pain, weakness in the abdomen, infections causing major issues etc. and is illegal in many countries.

Though miscarriage is no way good for overall health then also under certain circumstances it is not been possible for a woman to give birth or welcome to a new member. Here they look for some best and result oriented ways to do miscarriage with a safe homemade procedure.

Dilation or curettage is the medical procedure of proceeding miscarriage, under which an instrument called curette, is used to forcefully dilate the cervix for clearing out the uterus. Though it clears out the ovary tissues (flesh in initial time) but it’s very painful and this is the reason most of the women don’t prefer the medical procedure of miscarriage.

There are many natural and herbal items which remain available within our home boundary only and we stay unaware of its benefits and also regarding how can be they help us. So don’t be stressed if you want to do miscarriage naturally. Read this article till the end to get best natural miscarriage solution at home.

8 Ways to Have a Miscarriage Naturally : DIY Miscarriage

Natural or homemade remedies tends to reduce the supply of needed nutrients which hinders or disturbs to the production of hormones which is necessary for the growth of the fetus and this way you miscarriage naturally without any damage or pain internally. If you are also worried about your unwanted pregnancy then apply our below mentioned natural ways to terminate your pregnancy safely.

Cinnamon Process:

Cinnamon Process

Cinnamon is a delicious spice that enhances the taste of any food. Along with pleasing to your taste buds, this spice is rich with some natural medicinal features also. If you want to get rid of your pregnancy and you are in the initial stage (maximum 12 weeks) then cinnamon can help you greatly. You have a very safe miscarriage by its help.

This spice is considered as uterus’s natural stimulant. Its stimulation effectiveness cannot be observed if it is consumed in a lower or moderate quantity. It will show its effect under the situation it is ingested in very high doses.

You need to consume cinnamon on daily basis in order to stimulate miscarriage. Remember don’t cook it before consuming it as it will harness its natural ingredient by cooking. Its raw form intake is good for speeding the process of pregnancy termination.

If you don’t like the taste of direct cinnamon then try to use its supplements as they are less strong by taste with a comparison to the raw form of it and rich with a very good amount of cinnamon elements. Consume it on the daily basis until you get successful to do natural miscarriage.

Never consume either cinnamon or its supplements in a very high quantity as it can cause some kind of side effects along with stimulating the natural miscarriage. So be on the safer side and go through the very slow process to ensure risk-free natural miscarriage at home.

Vitamin C Process:

vitamin C supplements
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Vitamin C process is very well known among women as this is a natural and easy home based remedy of stimulation or pursuing miscarriage. Miscarriage is no way a healthy process but under some circumstances, it’s really become difficult for the pregnant woman to carry a new baby like if a woman is weak by health, already a mother of little kid, suffering from some measure diseases, mentally not prepared.

Under all these opposite circumstances it is no way possible to welcome a new member with an open heart and this is quite a prudent decision as if a woman gives birth to a baby half-heartedly then it causes further complications in life.

With vitamin C supplements intake, you can easily induce the miscarriage as this helps in improving the production of estrogen hormone which is responsible for menstruation or period occurrence. As the volume of estrogen hormone increases in your body, it will forcefully induce the menstruation which clears out the fetus in between the flow in this period.

For applying vitamin C process of miscarriage you need to increase this vitamin supplements intake in your daily food routine. Try to increase its quantity in a slow way for getting success in your target. 6000 mg of vitamin C is suggested to have every day.

One important thing regarding the vitamin C intake is that it will only work or induce a miscarriage if you are within the 4 weeks of pregnancy period. If you have crossed 4 weeks then there is no surety of success by this process. This is really very difficult as within 4 weeks most of the women are themselves remain unaware regarding the pregnancy. Still, there are some cases where this process has worked even after 4 weeks.

Remember you might face some side effects by applying this process of miscarriage like bloating, weakness etc. So considering both the coinciding of this process move ahead for the miscarriage by this way.

Parsley Leaves Process:

Parsley LeavesParsley leaves process is another safe and natural way to induce menstruation naturally without any major side effects. Parsley is a natural herb which is rich with many good properties for health. So if you are looking for any safe natural and easy process of miscarriage then this is the best and suitable procedure for you.

You need to consume parsley in raw form as it will stimulate miscarriage. First, cut these natural herbs and consume it directly in the raw form. One time consumption is not enough or will not do anything. Eat it in a repetitive manner after 2 hours of interval throughout the day. This will help in contraction of your uterus which induces the menstruation process and fetus flow out in this process.

You need to eat this natural herb on an empty stomach as it will enhance its effectiveness for encouraging miscarriage. This natural process saves you from the typical painful medical process of miscarriage. Though you have a successful miscarriage by this process it is also accompanied by some side effects like skin allergy, anemia, and liver and kidney issues because of high consumption of these herbs.

Black and Red Cohosh Process:

Black and Red cohosh
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Black and Red cohosh consumption together pave an easy and safe way for the natural miscarriage. Black cohosh consumption induces the natural miscarriage whereas red cohosh helps to make this process less painful as well as safe too.

At first boil one tbsp. of black cohosh in one glass of water and then leave it to steep for the ten minutes. Once your tea is ready, strain and drinks it in your empty stomach. It works faster and speeds up the process of miscarriage if you drink it in the empty stomach.

On the very next day, you need to prepare red cohosh tea for drinking as it is the next step of this natural miscarriage process. Take one spoon of red cohosh and boil it in a glass of water. Let it steep for next ten minutes and then strain it. Your tea is ready now; drink it in your empty stomach.

The black cohosh consumption induces the spasms in your uterus and thus initiates the process of miscarriage. Red cohosh consumption on the very next day ensures the abortion process accomplished safely.

While using this natural or home remedy of abortion you should also stay aware of its probable side effects. The black cohosh consumption may cause disturbed heartbeats, abnormal vaginal discharges like thick discharge, blood clots, high bleeding etc. You need to consult with a gynecologist if you face these kinds of side effects.

Angelica Process:

Angelica herbal roots
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Angelica herbal roots are rich with many medicinal properties that’s why not only for natural miscarriage but it is recommended by doctors for curing many men’s health issues like boosting the sex drive and premature ejaculation.

For preparing the mixture of angelica you need to pour eight to ten drops of its root extracts in a warm water glass and then add one tbsp. of honey to it. Your mixture is ready now, drink it in the empty stomach. Two times drinking of angelica extract in a day for one week will stimulate the process of natural abortion.

It helps in the contract of the uterus and causing period flows which initiate the miscarriage. This is the reason it is often prescribed for inducing the menstrual in women. This is one of the safest and homemade remedies for inducing a miscarriage.

In 90% cases, this herbal mixture remains successful in inducing natural abortion but few side effects are associated with it like skin allergy, weakness etc. which disappears in the long run.

Pineapple Juice Process:

Pineapple JuicePineapple juice is not only good in taste and healthy but it is also enriched with many beneficial features for health. This soft natural drink can induce natural miscarriage procedure in a safer way. So if you are tensed about your pregnancy and want to hide this matter from everyone else then apply this pineapple juice process for proceeding miscarriage within your home place.

For preparing the juice of pineapple you need to take a ripe pineapple. Wash it and then peel it nicely, after that cut the peeled pieces of pineapple and prepare the juice in a juicer. Drink this juice in your empty stomach and two times in a day. Repeat this process for one week. This process will definitely work on you.

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and other essential chemicals which helps the uterus to contract and this stimulates the abortion process. Other factors that induce the miscarriage are its malic and citric acid contents which forcibly induce the period flow causing the miscarriage when you consume this juice in enough quantity on regular basis.

The best part of this natural miscarriage process is that it is not accompanied by any major side effects. Only under the condition you consume raw or half ripe pineapple, it can cause some trifling issues like vomiting, nausea etc. which is quite negligible.

Goji Berry Process:

Goji Berry

Goji berry is another safe and natural way of miscarriage within your home place. You need to drink its juice in order to induce a natural miscarriage. Wash the goji berry properly and prepare juice out of it in a juicer. Drink a half glass of this juice at a time and another half glass at any other time of same day. Repeat this action two times at least for one week.

It is rich with many medicinal features and that is why it is utilized for curing many health issues. It is rich in anti-aging and antioxidant properties which diminishes to premature aging effects. The best part of following this natural way of miscarriage that it is not associated with any kind of side effects that means it is completely safe. Vitamin C extract of this berry mainly forces the abortion process.

Intense Exercise Process:

squat Intense Exercise

Intense or vigorous exercise process can solve your issue of the natural miscarriage. It will lead aborting your pregnancy safely and without any major side effects. You must have heard that during pregnancy weight-lifting and even long step or fast walking is completely prohibited by the doctors as these are primary reasons for miscarriage.

So if you by wish want to abort then do all these reverse or unfavorable activities which will induce the miscarriage. Do two times intense workout on daily basis, within few days you can experience a natural miscarriage.

The complication that Might Happen after Miscarriage

Miscarriage is no way good for us neither for the internal health nor for our external health. No matter the miscarriage is done by your own interest or it has done by accident, it will leave some complications related to the health behind it. Here we have enlisted some general complications that might happen after the miscarriage.

Incomplete Miscarriage

Sometimes it happens that the miscarriage procedure remains incomplete at the first time means the tissues which were developing inside the ovary doesn’t wash out completely and some particles remain even after the miscarriage. This needs to be washed off later on by the DC medical process to avoid further complications associated with it like severe cramp etc.

Septic Miscarriage

Septic miscarriage is a severe health condition and needs immediate medical help otherwise it can be deadly too. Under this kind of miscarriage, the blood pressure level reduces to an extreme level accompanied by intense pain and bleeding as well. This happens to the woman with weaker immunity power. Immediate hospitalization is required to save oneself from danger.


The incident of miscarriage can lead a woman to the condition of anxiety disorder. She lost her sense temporarily and this especially affects social anxiety, communal anxiety etc. The affected woman needs proper support from friends and family to get rid out of her condition or even if the situation is severe it needs counseling.


Miscarriage often leads to the victim women in the situation of depression. As the matter of pregnancy or childbirth is one of the waited and desirable moment of women’s life which is broken by the miscarriage accident. So chances remain very high that the woman can go into depression until she gives a successful birth next time.

Period Disorder

Period disorder or untimely period is the most likely complication which is observed mostly after the miscarriage. After the miscarriage, some women get period before time or sometimes twice in a month accompanied by high level of blood flow. So it requires consulting with the gynecologist to get rid of it completely.

Though natural miscarriage procedures save you from intense painful medical abortion treatment still there is no hundred percent guarantee of its success. Also, you need to check up yourself after completion of two weeks of the miscarriage in order to confirm that any fetus tissue is not left inside the ovary as it can causes severe health issue if not completely cleared by the dilation technique later on. Considering these entire plus and minus points of these natural ways of miscarriage take your decision.

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