11 Good Diet Principles For Loosing Weight

Eating right is not about following a prescribed diet or ‘diet plan’. Dieting isn’t going to work for you, mostly because it doesn’t work for anyone. Dieting is a multi billion dollar industry and they have managed to brainwash a lot of people into thinking that diets work. They don’t. Full stop. Eating right is about slowly evolving your diet towards healthier choices.

Following some good diet principles and SLOWLY making changes to your routine is the best thing. Permanent healthy weight loss is always about being patient. It took you years to get out of shape so why not spend some time doing it right and making it last? Here are some tips:

Tips 1:

Eating more small meals is better than three large ones (even if it all adds up to the same amount of food, your body will use it more efficiently and store less as fat)

Tips 2:

Eat only when you are hungry and not when the clock says that it is time to eat. (Learn to listen to your body instead of your habits. Don’t starve yourself eat as much as you need to but make healthy choices)

Tips 3:

Eat whole grains instead of processes white grains (i.e. whole wheat bread instead of white or brown rice instead of white)

Tips 4:

Eat more fruits and vegetables (btw – celery is a good choice and while peanut butter is reasonably healthy, if you get enough protein from other sources lose the peanut butter, it is very high in calories and while peanut fat is not all that bad for you, you don’t need it. Again the key to change is slow evolution, just eat less and less of the peanut butter and more and more of the celery until it is all celery and other vegetables)

Tips 5:

Avoid saturated fats (your body needs some fat but not all fat is equally healthy – olive oil is better than butter, animal fats are saturated fats and should be avoided. Avoid anything deep fried. Again you don’t have to change instantly do it gradually)

Tips 6:

Eat less meat (many people eat way too much meat and while the body needs protein, most people get too much protein and with it a lot of saturated fat. You can get protein from many other sources. You don’t have to eliminate all fat but reducing meat is often a good thing)

Tips 7:

Avoid restaurant foods and processed foods (once in a while as a treat is OK but businesses don’t really care about your health and most restaurants serve very unhealthy food. Most canned or ready to eat foods are high in salt, sugar and fat and that is very unhealthy combination)

Tips 8:

Avoid highly sugared drinks like sodas or most commercial beverages (this is a surprisingly large source of unwanted extra calories and provides no nutrition whatsoever – make your own green tea or homemade ginger ale instead – use honey instead of white sugar wherever possible – again it’s not about all or none and make the shift gradually – I make a big pot of green tea and keep it in the fridge and it makes a nice cold beverage as well as a hot one)

Tips 9:

Eat unprocessesed whole foods or prepare your food yourself (losing weight is a lifestyle change not just something you do for a while – get interested in food and cooking – you may surprise yourself how enjoyable healthy cooking and healthy eating is)

Tips 10:

Healthy eating starts with healthy shopping (take control of your diet by doing your own food shopping – don’t let others make your food choices for you)

Tips 11:

Treat yourself occasionally but make healthy eating a habit (it’s not what you do occasionally that matters – it matters what you do day in and day out)

Ok I’ve said enough but really if you do those things as well as keep on doing your hour of exercise a day you will inevitably lose weight – and keep it off. And not only that you will get a great many other health benefits as well.


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