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    Hymen – Definition, Location, Pictures, Repair Broken Hymen, Surgery Hymen

    by Shan

    The hymen is a piece of skin covering the vaginal opening in females. In about the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy, the hymen in female fetuses begins to form. It remains intact until it is broken by most often sexual intercourse. It can also be broken by activity or the insertion of something into the vaginal canal.

    The hymen may stretch on its own or even rupture, during growth and development and be non-existent once a female reaches full-maturity. For this reason, it is almost impossible to use this to see if a female is a virgin or not. Girls who actively play sports or use tampons may not have a hymen anymore.

    When the hymen ruptures, there may be bleeding and pain. If the rupture was not due to first time sexual intercourse, a small rupture may heal back to its normal state. The hymen tends to be thinner in children and thickens at the onset of puberty due to hormonal changes.

    There are many different things to learn about the hymen and it is very significant in some cultures. Many spiritual and traditional practices look at it as a source of mystery about women. There are also practices that can be looked upon as harsh. For a woman to give her husband her virginity on their wedding night is a very honorable thing in almost every culture. In previous history, medical examinations were used prior to marriage to “prove” virginity. This is no longer practiced, as there are so many factors that could render the hymen absent or it may never have existed at all in a female from birth.

    In recent times, there has been an increased in hymen repair surgeries. Since there is a trend in pre-marital sex in recent times, many women have chosen to have it repaired prior to marriage. This may be of personal choice or a moral concern. It depends heavily on personal, spiritual and cultural beliefs whether this surgery should be done or not.

    Hymen Picture:-


    Image Source:- howshealth.com

    The Female Hymen

    female hymen location

    Image Source:- daviddarling.info

    Different types of hymen

    Different types Of hymen

    Image Source:- daviddarling.info


    The hymen is located in between the two-folds of the vulva. It does not actually “cover” the opening of the vagina, but creates folds that cause the opening to be very small. As a female grows, the folds of tissue open up, stretch and may even tear during activity. Some girls may notice blood spots in their underwear from this happening.

    hymen picture diagram

    Image Source:- howshealth.com

    Female Hymen Location

    Types of Hymen

    The hymen comes in many different shapes and sizes. The different types include:

    • Imperforate Hymen – This is the situation where the hymen does completely cover the opening to the vagina. This condition usually goes undiagnosed until a girl enters puberty and her first period and the blood cannot flow out.

    Imperforate Hymen


    Image source:-netterimages.com

    • Microperforate Hymen – When this happens, the hymen almost completely closes off the vaginal opening. Menstrual blood is able to flow out, but a virginal female may not be able to use tampons.

    Microperforate Hymen


    Image source: yumstories.com

    • Septate Hymen – This is when one hymen is split into two openings over the vagina. This condition also does not stop menstrual blood flow, but can block the use of tampons in virginal females.

    Septate Hymen


    Image source: yumstories.com

    If a female does not choose to use tampons then these conditions usually do not cause issue prior to losing her virginity, but can cause issues during the first sexual intercourse. They are easily remedied with minor surgery.

    Surgical Repair of the Hymen

    Hymen surgery can be done for a few reasons, either to repair a broken hymen or removing extra hymen tissue that blocks the vaginal opening. Here are the different types of  surgery:

    1)      Hymenoplasty – This is essentially a cosmetic surgery performed to repair a broken hymen for personal reasons. The hymen is surgically reclosed to cause bleeding upon sexual intercourse. Some people may choose to do this for personal reasons or out of necessity due to spiritual beliefs. It can also be performed after cases of rape.

    2)      Hymenectomy – This is the surgical procedure used to open a hymen that is imperforate, Microperforate or Septate. Usually an anatomically correct hymen can be stretched and broken during first intercourse or tampon use without too much trauma. The concern is that there is an artery that runs along the side of the hymen and can cause major bleeding. Having a Hymenectomy can decrease the risk of bleeding and allow fluids to leave the vagina easier.

    Tips on Stretching the Hymen Naturally

    Keep in mind that the hymen can only be completely ruptured by sexual intercourse or use of tampons. Some women may choose to attempt stretching it to make first intercourse more pleasurable. Here are a few tips to help stretch the hymen:

    • Place one lubricated fingers against the hymen gently. Work on trying to get at least the pinky finger inside. You can attempt to work up to two fingers, but remember to be gentle.
    • Vigorous exercise can help to stretch or even pre-break the hymen. Sports like Horseback riding, motorcycle riding and dancing are infamous for rupturing the hymen. If your partner suspects you are not a virgin, explain these facts to them.
    • Tampon use can help to stretch or break the hymen. Start using the smallest type and work up to the larger sizes. A small amount of sterile lubricant can ease the tampon into place. Never force a tampon into the vagina.
    • The first time you have intercourse, make sure your partner moistens their finger with lubricant and gently manipulates the hymen first.
    • A small amount of blood is normal and not a cause for concern. If there is profuse bleeding, place pressure and if it does not stop, seek emergency care.
    • Understand that heavy petting (getting the penis too near the vaginal opening) without intercourse can cause pregnancy. Pregnancy can occur even if the hymen is not ruptured, semen can still travel up the vagina.


    Article by Shan

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    avatar rachna

    How can break hymen repair in female body ?? And how can I check that my hymen is safe or not???


    avatar kabak

    I thank you very much. This was what I was looking for. Almost every illustration I looked so far was like a riddle. A good source for newly married couples.


    avatar Bee

    The hymen isn’t your virginity. It doesn’t matter if it’s there or not. Being a virgin means you have not had sexual intercourse via intercourse with a penis. You can’t lose your virginty to your finger or any other object. It’s more likely for your hymen to stretch than break. The hymen has

    nothing to do with your virginity. That’s stupid. Some women aren’t born with hymens. The
    hymens only use is to protect your vagina in
    infancy. And that’s basically saying a newborn
    baby isn’t a virgin. It doesn’t make sense. A guy
    or anyone isn’t going to give a crap about a piece

    of skin that’s ruptured or stretched within
    seconds of a penis entering the vagina. They are
    going to care more about the actual feeling of
    doing it with you. Why would a religion or guy want to make sure that you have a piece of skin just so that they can insure that you will be in
    pain/bleed. They pain is because the hymen is stretching or breaking. And also the muscles
    stretching. Sex will be more comfortable and
    enjoyable for you the first time if you didn’t have
    one. Guys should believe that you are a virgin…whether you have a piece of skin or not. Hymen or no hymen you are a virgin until a man inserts his penis into you.


    avatar majimal

    How to check whether hymen is there or broken…?


    avatar sherry

    I entered something in my vagina.have i lost it?


    avatar jef

    Yes, it is gone forever


    avatar farl lake

    can the girl close her hymen without doctor or surgery when she want to make a lie for her man thank u


    avatar farl lake

    can the girl close her hymen without doctor


    avatar sarath

    yes put some dermpbond


    avatar Queen Micheal

    Pls,my hymen was broken with bleeding during foreplay,but there was no penetration, could I still be intact,virgin?


    avatar Piya

    No , if u do foreplay ,u stil virgin.. Bcz u didnt intimate with any guy


    avatar Noor

    I did masturbation from the clitoris and urethra opening

    but when I checked my hymen I saw whait thin membrance like line
    Is this hymen?
    Is the masturbation affected the intactness of hymen?


    avatar Only

    Hi,I would like to know that.if a man puts his penis in your Vigana and tries pushing it but you jump of.when you check the is no blood stains or not even painfull,Are you still a virgin?


    avatar hiphe

    My bf fingered me nd I av toilet disease sumtyms ago which cause scratching of d private part bt av neva sex with anybody’ am I still a virgin


    avatar priye

    Please I want to know if am still a virgin. He rubbed my vagina with his Penis hardly but he didn’t enter inside me, before then he fingered me but with only one finger and this has happened like three times. I didn’t bleed. But after that time I could inset my finger without obstruction unlike before which I used to have a little obstruction, am I still a virgin? Or is it that the muscles were stretched?. Please I need an urgent answer.


    avatar sarath



    avatar harrysandhu

    No…its still intact, rubbing on clitoris or around doesn’t effect hymen, enjoy


    avatar sara

    O,dear noor i think you should leave the masturbation because I think that is not true way ,in all relliegous that is became limited.because the God Almighty is know every thing about us.he want good for us.that way effect negative in your healthy .I as your poor sister recommend to you my dear :marriage is the best way”.


    avatar shahrzad

    I am proud of me.because I do not lost my virgin still.I do not allow to any guy touch me easily.I wanna get to marriage with the real man,the boy of the sun ,the rest of of late generation,oh my friends do you believe me? l am 27 Years old but I am still virgin,I did not go to the guilty way as a masturbation or so on.I want to gift my hymen to my eternal man ,the my children’s father.I want enjoy with my sweet husband.that man I will like him forever…oh my friends do you believe me?…


    avatar Faaiq

    Shahrzad have to look for you.thank Allah who has and is protecting you from all kind of evils.glad to hear from you.thanks


    avatar Faaiq

    I do believe you.you’re such a religious lady@shahrzad


    avatar Memo

    I went horse riding before and there was drops of blood , i think i broke my hymen…i never had sex or inserted something inside. Does this mean that if i had sex blood wont come out? Guys plse help im so scared


    avatar isaac

    shahrzad is my dream girl. i am Medical Student and i am a Jew. however we are coming from same ancestor Abraham. i believe you and i am so proud about you my sister.. isaac.uoc@gmail.com


    avatar maya

    i had sex with my husband. he had push his panis many time bt the virgin didn’t break.why?


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