Infected Hair Follicle – Causes, Symptoms, Pictures & Treatment

Do you sometimes have that feeling of annoying pain from somewhere in your skin with a swollen bump? Please check it out first because maybe that is an infected hair follicle. Its general term is called Folliculitis and there are different types of causes and its cure depends on how it was caused. Here, we shall discover how it is caused, the growing symptoms it gives out and the treatments to prevent and cure infected hair follicles.

There are also severe cases of folliculitis and it causes hair loss and scarring which are scary. In that situation, you should really have a proper treatment for those to avoid such scary and ugly results.

In a nutshell, your hair follicles regulate and read your body temperature and it manages your skin lubrication. If it is damaged in any way, viruses, bacteria and fungi would invade like crazy in your body. If successful, a small, white pimple appears in that area. The most annoying part of this ordeal is it is both itchy and painful.

There are a lot of causes for this mind you but let’s funnel this to the most common causes of this infection. These include:

  • When you shave and your shaver is dirty or you didn’t do your shaving properly, it causes this sometimes
  • If you had skin injuries lately, sometimes one of those would get infected and this one appears along with it.
  • If you wear almost every day tight clothing.
  • The disease called dermatitis and acne also causes this
  • If you always have too much perspiration
  • If you were exposed to coal tar, pitch, creosote and other liquids that damage the skin
  • Also if you wear a material that is non – breathable or no air can pass through

If you have done or you’re going to do those above the paragraph, please lessen or if even possible stay away from those if you value your skin health.

Well, most of those infections are easily cleared within a few days but there are special cases that the infection is deep or always reappearing. That is the time that you will need and more specific medical treatment. To know the signs, here are the symptoms:

  • Very itchy. It’s almost you want to scratch it out your skin.
  • It’s surrounded by small red bumps
  • There are blisters that is filled with white or yellow pus and if broken, it crusts over.

Beware to not do anything more carelessly to that part of your skin. Doing more might the infection more complicated than what it is. If it really itches all over, here are some anti itch remedies which might help:

  • Try rubbing lemon with the itchy part.
  • Cover the part which is itchy with aloe vera
  • Neem tree oil seems to work too
  • Bath it with a baking soda or oatmeal bath. Note only bath the part which it itches not your whole body.

And lastly, some simple and easy preventive measures that you can do every day.

  • Your hot tubs must always be clean and have chlorine measures done
  • Don’t use non – breathable materials of clothing
  • Tight jeans are not advisable to be worn every day. Once in a while though, just not every day.
  • If you shave, please shave with care. Use creams if possible.
  • Don’t share your shaves and other hair removal items.

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