Top 5 Most Ignored Health Problems

There are certain aspects of your health that are easy to ignore.  Whether you purposely ignore a certain ailment or not, health issues can go on for years without seeming to get worse.  This article will cover the top 5 most ignored health problems and what should be done about them before they cause more serious health issues.

 1.  Foot problems.   Often, people will put off having a doctor look into their foot pain because they feel that their feet are supposed to hurt.  Also, when someone with foot pain sees all of the various products for foot pain relief at the drug store it can be a little overwhelming, and they often leave empty handed.  But foot pain can cause other health problems, making you walk different, which puts more strain on your back and joints.  In fact, many back problems are due to an improper stance because of foot problems.
2.Headaches.  Not only are headaches often over looked, they are also often misdiagnosed.  We all think that headaches are common so we don’t think much of it when we get one except to be annoyed by it and take a pain killer.  But your headaches might have a deeper cause that needs to be treated.   Your headaches cause might be because of TMJ or even medication you are taking.  Always ask your doctor about your condition if you have regular headaches.
3.Teeth grinding.  More than 10% of people will suffer with Bruxism or teeth grinding at some point in their lives.  The condition usually occurs at night and the patient will often wake up with a sore jaw or cracked and broken teeth.  Over time this constant grinding will wear down the teeth and cause extra sensitivity to hot and cold liquids as well.  One of the quickest ways to treat bruxism is with a teeth grinding mouth guard that you can get custom made online.
4.Insomnia.  Chronic insomnia is seen in people all over the world and the trend continues to rise every year.  It is a health condition that is all too often ignored as well because people like to come up with excuses for it.  But your lack of ability to sleep may have a medical reason and may not be just because you are stressed out.   Whether it is a mental or physical reason for your insomnia you should consult with your doctor to find the best treatment solution for you.
5.Carpal Tunnel.   This condition can be caused by trauma or repetitive and static positioning of the hands and forearm.   Carpal tunnel can be very painful, but it is also very preventable.  You should never get stuck in the same position at your computer or when driving your car.  Try to exercise all of your muscles once in a while and switch positions.  If you already have carpal tunnel you can wear a special glove your wrist wrap to help, but always consult with your doctor for best medical advice.

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