Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

Benefits of Plyometric Exercises – Top Plyometric Exercises

If you want to give a new dimension to your regular exercise practice then polymeric training is the right way to achieve your goal. Polymeric is also known as plyos that aim to strengthen and boost your muscle’s responsive and ability approx. ten times faster than your normal rhythm. The benefits of plyometric exercises are enormous that compels every fitness conscious person to get its training.

The plyometric triaging will train your mind and muscles to perform instant, fast, high and more explosives workouts that is not at all possible with a normal workout practice. This is the reason plyometrics are primarily for athletes and field performers who do extraordinary stunts and movement within a fraction of minute without much effort.

Just like any other exercise practice, in order to be master in plyometrics, you don’t have to attend and practice its sessions every day. Only two days practice in a week with 3 to 5 reps. are enough to train your muscles for extraordinary and flawless exercise movements.

It grabs your highest capacity of the muscles to produce the best possible performance whether it is high jump, squat, running, weight lifting or any other special work out. The plyometric training is not for the people who are willing to burn their calories as it focuses around boosting your muscle stretching and performance on its highest range.

Top 7 Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

benefits of plyometric exercises

Increases Muscular Power

When you want to get a drastic change in your physical performance during sports, workouts or any other area then you have to focus around to boost your muscle power not the muscle strength.

This work can be easily done by proper plyometric training that increases your muscles power by reducing the time of muscle contraction. Means faster the rate of muscle contraction greater the speed and your ability during sports or any athletic performance.

plyometric exercise boosts your arms and legs muscle power and makes it more elastic, faster and capable that it can exhibit even a harder and most difficult activity without putting much effort with a good amount of practice.

This is the reason we often see the great bodybuilders cannot put or lift a heavy-weight that a simple kickboxer can lift very easily. It happens because the body builder’s training focuses on lifting their strength whereas kickboxers focus around to increase the muscle power that makes them more efficient and extraordinary, performer.

Boosts the Tendons Strength

For increasing the power and productivity of your muscle fiber it is important to boost and strengthen your tendons which is again possible by plyometric training. A strong tendon gives full support to your muscles and even though you perform an intense form of workout there will be no tension of tendon injury.

The plyometric exercises will strengthen your tendons by making them more elastic so that even with fast and multiple twists it won’t get fracture or injury.

Reduces the Injury Risk

Athletes and other professional performers need to exhibit quick and smooth muscle response in order to perform their special physical appearance in front of numerous audiences at a time. This initiates the needs of faster muscle contraction which cannot be achieved through normal exercise practice and daily stretching activities.

For this extra need of faster muscle fiber contraction, all athletes take the help of plyometric exercises that train the muscle fiber contraction in an efficient way so that their body can operate and react even the hardest performance within few seconds.

The aims of polymeric exercise are to boost fast twitch muscle fibers so that the muscle fibers can execute quick and faster movements without getting injured. As both tendons and muscles are made so flexible through plyometrics training that prevents the chances of injury even with the high-end athletic performance.

Enhances Endurance

Plyometric exercise uses your energy level in the correct way by enhancing your muscle power endurance. Athletic performances that need high-end power and stability to stick with the performance smoothly, cannot be possible if necessary stamina and endurance are not there.

By boosting the muscle endurance and power of athletes plyometrics workouts enable the athletes to give their best possible performance with less effort and endurance. It saves the energy level that helps them to be stable for a longer duration without spending much power and energy of their muscles.

People who are planning for any competition can give their best performance if along with their regular exercise and practice include plyometrics exercises too in their practice routine. Plyometric exercises will enable you to utilize your energy level in a slow process and saves it further for endurance.

Prevents the Necessity of Exercise Equipment

The best part of plyometric muscle power training exercises is that it doesn’t require any equipment in order to perform it. This is the best feature of this exercise that differentiates it from other forms of exercise that need you to either invest in expensive equipment or to join a gym for performing those physical activities.

As for doing plyometric exercises, you don’t require any special equipment so you can practice it anywhere and anytime as per your suitability and keep your sports and other exercise performance level as it is with the help of especial muscle power and endurance training of plyometrics.

Helps in Burning Calories

Though plyometric exercise is directly not related to calorie burning still indirectly it affects a lot to your body’s calorie and reduces its quantity without any extra effort. When your muscles get trained with extra power and endurance it becomes much stronger, bigger a capable than before which require extra energy to maintain its health. This necessity increases your flexibility and metabolism rate.

Higher the metabolism rate greater the calorie burning efficiency of the body that means you start getting lean muscle by reducing the existing fat in the body. The best part of the plyometric exercise is that it will make your body as efficient that it can burn calories even in your rest time.

Enhances Your Performance in Other Sports and Exercises

plyometric exercises not only boost and enhance the athletic performances but it is equally beneficial in lifting up your performance, power and endurance in other types of sports and exercises too.

When your muscle contraction level increases your muscles automatically get more flexible and powerful and it reflects its best output whenever you play any other sports like Olympic weightlifting, volleyball, basketball, football, rugby, golf, sprinting, cricket, soccer, high jump, marathon and other types of exercises too like weight lifting, vertical jumps, depth jumps and other strength training etc.

There are sports and some exercises where you have to give your best output at the shortest possible time in order to prove yourself best among other competitors. Here you need to perform explosive movements that need instant muscle contraction which is only possible when you have already trained your muscle fibers and tendons by plyometric exercises, otherwise, you can easily be a victim of fracture on bone damaging.

The above-mentioned benefits of plyometric workouts for both athletes, normal sports person and bodybuilders are quite enough to give them a reason to include this versatile and immersive effective muscle and power training exercise in their regular performance boosting plan.

Plyo is not only beneficial for the sports-related performance but it is equally beneficial in boosting your physical and mental health by making your health and mind much more healthy and sharper than before.

Top Plyometric Exercises

Sumo Squat Jump

Sumo squat jump comes in variation form which is also known as plié squat. Its primary focus areas are inner thighs, outer thighs, abs, and glutes. Apart from these body muscles, it strengthens your adductors, quads, calves, glutes, core, quads and hip flexors.

For doing the sumo squat jump you need to stand on your wider placed feet, keep shoulders width apart, core engaged, toes pointing out and rolling shoulders back. Now flex the knees and lower your torso. Move as slow as you can feel a full stretch on thighs.

Now push yourself back in jumping position and straighten your legs. Get back to your sumo squat position softly. Repeat this action 10 to 12 times for the best result.

Lunge Jump

Lunge jump is the modified version of lunge exercise where you need to jump along with lunge exercise. The muscles which get straighten in this form of exercise includes glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings.

For doing lunge jump you are supposed to stand straight with core engaged and shoulders rolled back. Now keep your left leg forward, flex your knees, and lower the torso for creating a lunging pose.

Now jump high with the intention to put right leg forward and lunging down. When you get back to your position flex your knees softly, lower the torso and lunge down. Jump up again and bring left leg forward. Two sets of 10 reps are enough to tone all the target muscles of this exercise.

Squat Jump

Squat jump is also known as plyo squat which aims to train your glutes, hamstrings, core, and quads. 10 reps of squat jump at an interval of two to three days are enough to strengthen your upper and lower body parts.

For doing this plyo exercise first stand straight with shoulder width apart. Rolled your shoulders back, belly should be sucked inside and keep your abs tight. Now bend your knees and make a position of squat until your thighs get parallel to the ground. It’s time to jump high with a straighten body and putting full force on legs. Get back to your squat position softly.

Box Jump

Box jump is very much similar to the squat jump or it can be said that it is the modified version of the squat jump. It aims to strengthen various muscles of your body at a time. You require jumping on a box and landing back in the squat position.

For performing box jump exercise you need to stand in front of a box, with straight shoulders, tight abs and back straight. Now jump and land back softly on the box in a squat position. After this stand-up and jump back on the floor. This plyo exercise will strengthen your glutes, calves, core, quads, obliques, shoulders and abductors.

Tuck Jump

Tuck jump exercise is primarily focused around burning your calorie through its moves. It tones your belly fat and strengthens the muscle of glutes, calves, abs, shoulders, hamstrings, and quads.

For doing tuck jump exercise you need to stand straight, keeping your shoulders and legs width apart. Now take the ready position by flexing your knees slightly and lowering the torso. It’s time to jump high, make sure your knees are close to your chest and drop your hands down to pull your body upward.

Now land back slowly. In this exercise form, you need to exhale while jumping and inhale while you land back. Its 2 sets of 10 reps are enough to strengthen the most vital muscles of your body.

Power Skipping

Power skipping plyometric exercise can be performed with or without the help of a skipping rope. It aims to strengthen your shoulders, wrist extensors, wrist flexors, quads, lower abs, glutes, and hamstrings.

When you are using a skipping rope then you need to jump faster and high than your usual speed for 20 to 30 seconds. When you are doing power skipping without any skipping rope then you have to jump high and faster along with moving your hands as you do while using a rope.

As power skipping plyo exercise comes in variation without the help of a skipping rope so you can try its other cross leg variation too. In the cross skipping your need to jump with your cross feet along with moving your both hands to pretend that you are holding a rope. It will help to boost your metabolism rate and tone your muscles from all over the body.

All the plyometric exercises are effective on its own ways and each one of them focuses around to increase your muscular power and explosiveness through its specially designed stretch shortening cycle or SSC. So to avail the amazing benefits of polymeric exercises include them as an essential part of your fitness routine.

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