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Best Balance Boards – Top 5 Balance Trainer Boards Review

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Staying in excellent physical form and working on your core strengths is easy, with balance boards to attain many fitness goals. Balance trainers are multifaceted equipment that can be perfect for working on not only your core strength but also balance and agility. So many choices are there for the fitness enthusiast. Therefore, this review seeks to identify the best balance boards for differing needs and as per various budgets.

Best Balance Boards



Weight Restriction


Indo Board Balance Board e1495684189288

Indo Board Balance Board

275 lbs

30 x 18 x 3 inches

Simply Fit Board e1495684445467

Simply Fit Board

400 lbs

26 x 11 x 3/4 inches

Bosu Balance Trainer e1495684943887

Bosu Balance Trainer

300 lbs

26 inches

Fitterfirst Professional Balance Board e1495685314166

Fitterfirst Balance Board

400 lbs

16 inches

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board e1495685565129

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

300 lbs

15.75 inches

What is the Balance Trainer?

The balance board or trainer is an intersected yoga ball divided into two halves and offers innovation when it comes to fitness equipment for high-intensity cardio workouts, strength training and is engineered to provide you with plenty of poise and balance. The rubber dome is incorporated into the circular platform so that the balance trainer can be used bidirectionally. Providing dynamic and unstable exercise surfaces gives a challenging workout for numerous applications. Based on enhancing core strength, fitness, and balance, this fitness equipment will leave you healthy and sure-footed. Specific balance trainers are built for pros like snowboarders and skaters to develop their skills while they are in training or during the off-season.

Whether you can become as skillful as skiers, skaters and surfers are based on the time you spent training on the balance board. Balance training involves the use of a home gym or a professional one, where the simple balance trainer yields result in a short period.

Balance training is all-round and exercises every muscle in your body. Awesome balance is possible with the balance board, as a great pair of abs, or six-packs, better reflexes and more powerful cores result. The entire neuromuscular system is easy to use. Consider factors like age, skill level, and weight before purchasing a balance board. Some of the different balance trainers include BOSU or both sides utilized balls, wobble boards, rocker boards, and roller boards. Balance boards are a subset of balance trainers too. Unlike electronic balance trainers, these balance boards reviewed here require no power. But how do you purchase the perfect pair of balance trainers? Here are the factors that come into play.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Balance Trainer


Price and Affordability Factor

Different kinds of balance trainers exist for differing expertise and age groups. These trainers depend on usage. Some balance trainers may be solely for teens, while others are for expert pros. A balance trainer can cost anywhere between USD 25 to Trainers can be selected for beginners or advanced users depending on the need. The balance trainer should ultimately provide good value for money.


Another factor to consider is the features which influence the function and design of the balance trainer. The factors you need to take into account are the age of the user, the weight capacity of the trainer, the level of skill of the user, design, and material of the balance trainer and other factors. Let us dissect each of these, one by one.


The first factor that needs to be considered in the design. The construction and designing of the balance trainer are essential to consider. Balance trainers comprise plastic or wood. If you need a slightly more advanced model, choose the latter material, unless you purchase the Bosu ball.

Difficulty Level

Another factor that needs to be considered is the difficulty level. The more advanced it is, long term balance training will result. Increase difficulty levels once current ones have been mastered.

Ease of Use and Performance

The balance training process should ideally start at a level that is higher than can be handled. Consider the age and level of expertise of the trainer while taking this factor into account. Commence with the rocket board if you are a novice. This balance trainer moves in front and back directions. When this has been mastered, aim for the wobble boards moving in all directions.

Helping you with the balance training is the body action of gazing forward. This position improves balance and posture. Change your body’s gravity center by using the muscles. Bend the knees slightly while balancing the board.

Top 5 Balance Trainers Board

#1 Indo-Board Balance Trainer

Indo-Board Balance Trainer
Photo by: Amazon

Since the 1990s, the Indo Board has been the top of the line balance board. Elite sportspersons and Olympics level players use high-quality balance board brands such as these. The Indo Board balance trainer with the roller is designed for not only the pros, but also strict fitness seekers.


  • Affordability and Guarantee

It costs less than the other Indo Board balance trainers, yet comes with an active board, long-lasting plastic roller, instructional video, and quality warranty. The board improves core strength, balance, posture, and agility.

  • Multiple Colors and Designs

This board comes in 10 different options, adding color to fitness. The Indo Board is a functional best seller with attractive graphics and unique designs.

  • Durable Plastic Roller

It comes with a plastic roller underneath and an instructional video DVD. The Indo Board is a market leader targeted at the professionals for rehabilitation and sports training. It permits flexibility on orienting the board. The molded plastic roller is exceptionally durable.


  • Difficult to Master

The Indo Board Balance Trainer is tough to master. It is targeted at advanced user or fitness trainers. The board is not meant for beginners, so if you are starting, it will not benefit you.


The dimensions are 30 by 18 by 3. This equipment is a rocker-roller board which is made of wooden material. It strengthens core, agility, and balance and comes with an instructional video.

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Simply Fit

Simply Fit
Photo By: Amazon

This brand is associated with easy to use trainers. The Simply Fit brand builds exercise products easy to use. The board produces fantastic results, and is so easy to use, everyone from seniors to children can try it.


  • Simple Yet Effective

The Simply Fit board has kept the agenda that the fitness balance trainer should be simple yet effective. One of its founders is a senior lady who needed tension and hassle-free method of working out.

  • Suitable for Any Age

The balance board transforms regular exercises into fun-filled total body workouts. Through its stabilization, the muscles of the legs, abs and more are engaged. You do more with less.

  • Instructional DVD

Another benefit of this balance trainer is an instructional DVD guide that creates an understanding of routines, techniques, and a whole lot more.


  • Price

The board is a simple and practical design, but for such a basic model, it is incredibly costly.

  • Slippage

Another problem with this balance board is that slipping is possible. To avert this, you need to place a rug beneath the fitness equipment to ensure optimal stability and balance.


This balance trainer’s unique motion enables the entire body to be toned. It provides support with a weight capacity of 400 pounds! Portable and lightweight, this balance trainer is not only easy to set up but also perfect for hassle-free storage. The attractive, bright color designs and workout video, as well as a user guide, are a bonus.

Made of durable plastic, this easy to use balance trainer is compact at 26 by 11 by 3/4 inches. This trainer is a surfboard style with durability for working out the abs, core, and legs. There’s even a 60-day money-back warranty.

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Bosu Balance Trainer

Photo By: Amazon

This equipment is a Bosu, or both sides utilized ball ideal for balance training with increasing difficulty levels. US made, complete with a workout DVD, high-quality owners manual and easily used air pump ensures that the Bosu ball is an all-rounder when it comes to balancing training. An added advantage is that this ball is extremely affordable.

Burn calories, try out different exercise options, and enhance flexibility and balance for the best results. The ultimate benefit is that you can get the challenging workout anytime and anyplace because the balance trainer is lightweight and portable.


  • Quality Balance Board

This board is identical to gym level balance boards. Extremely stable, it is easy to operate and use the hand pump.

  • Portable and Lightweight

The Bosu ball offers portability because it can be used in just about any setting so that you get a full workout in the convenience of your home or any other space.


  • Hand Pump Difficult to Inflate

The biggest problem is that the hand pump is tough to inflate. Some customers are also of the opinion that its construction is subpar.

  • Rubber Odor

This Bosu ball also has a rubber odor which lowers over time.

  • Pro Versus Home?

Users often face difficulty when it comes to choosing between the home and pro bosu. The former has less rubber of around 2 pounds and can only support a 300-pound weight limit.

  • Height Factor

Another Bosu ball criticism is that filling it up; there were differences in the stated and actual height.

  • Wobble Board

Another disadvantage for the beginner is that this is a wobble board that moves in all directions. So you need to master the movement well before you can get the results.

The Bosu ball is excellent for improving balance and flexibility for seniors, those recovering from injury or surgeries and even fall prevention training.

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Fitter First Balance Board

Fitter First
Photo By: Amazon

This is a company associated with one of the best balance trainers for different levels of users. This board is meant for novices and senior people who cannot handle the challenge of an advanced model.


  • Easy for Using

This board is a deal for beginners; It ca be used at angles of 15, 12, or 10 degrees and not create any challenge or difficulty for the user.

  • Rocker board

This board moves only forward and backward, so is ideal for those with balance training and elderly who have undergone rehab for injuries or suffered from medical conditions associated with old age.

  • Weight Capacity

The board can support up to 400 pounds and is adjustable to three different degrees.

  • Affordable

Moreover, this balance trainer is intuitive, ergonomic, and pocket-friendly as well. It is a real value for cash purchase. This board is of high quality.

  • Solid Materials

It is made from durable plywood of birch and has a large deck design. The board comes with a rocking base made of solid urethane and comes with a 30-day warranty.


  • Not Suited for Advanced Users

If you are a pro, this is not the balance trainer for you. This board offers limited challenges and can be adjusted to only a couple of difficulty levels.

  • Limited Motion

The Fitter First is a balance board with rocking capabilities, and it is not a wobble board. This means it has a limited range of motion and can only move front and backward.


The board has a 20 by 20 by 4-inch dimension, a rocker board and is perfect for targeting balance and core strength. The board is wooden and comes with a 30-day guarantee.

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Yes4All Balance Board

Photo By: Amazon

This is a company that is known for its unique products. Its balance trainer is perfect for you if you are looking for a top-quality fitness product which can be accessed by all. On a budget yet looking for quality? Then the Yes4All balance trainer is ideal for you. The Yes4All Non-Slip Adjustable Wooden Balance Board has the following advantages.


  • Top Quality Fitness Device

This is a perfect fitness device which can be used for enjoyable workout sessions.

  • Non-Slip Surface

It has a fabric, non-slip surface which stabilizes the trip and provides support for up to three hundred pounds of weight.

  • Lightweight, Mobile

This light balance trainer is easy to move, and it can be carried to any indoor or outdoor location for a challenging and rigorous workout.

  • Sturdy Build

It has a sturdy wooden build which means you can use try it for years. Durability is the key factor here.

  • Strengthen the Muscles

The plenty of grips is perfect for strengthening the functioning of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and Yes4All is committed to making a quality fitness training product all can access.


  • Lower Weight Capacity

This board can only support up to 300 lbs whereas other boards have an outer limit of 400 pounds

  • No Instruction Guide

This balance trainer does not have the instruction booklet, so there is no guidance for the users.


The balance trainer has a 15.75 inches diameter and is a Wobble board. It is made of sturdy wood and offers training for core strength and balance. An added advantage is a 60-day cash back warranty.

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Balance Trainers: The Benefits

Athletes can utilize the balance trainers to generate more power in their leaps, leverage force, and increase the intensity of training, whether on the football field or the basketball court.

Balance training challenges the body to maintain posture control through a range of activities and motions, and these movements and exercises are complicated and demanding. So they are perfect for those who want to take their fitness onto the next level.

One of the most straightforward exercises you can perform is standing on a single leg in the wobble board or balance trainer. As you become more used to the simple tasks, you can then perform a more dynamic physical movement that includes steps, hops, and jumps.

With vast amounts of practice, balance will be enhanced, and posture will improve. The user will experience increased fluidity and physical efficiency. Joint stabilization will occur, and injuries will be prevented to improve athletic performance. Balance leg reaches, balance arm reaches, hopping, and lunges are some of the exercises you can perform on the balance trainer.

If you are a personal trainer or rehab therapist too, this fitness equipment is ideal for restoring agility to your clients. You can move slow or fast while controlling the movement with reputation. Use of instability enables stability and helps the muscle to work efficiently. If you are committed to home exercise, this is an excellent piece of fitness equipment for you.

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