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Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis Review : Top 5 Review and Picks

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A medical condition, plantar fasciitis affects the heel. Essentially, the plantar fascia is a ligament connecting the toes and the heel bone. Consequently, plantar fasciitis occurs when the foot’s arch is impacted. This condition is more likely to impact those in their middle ages but also impacts younger people. It occurs at one or both feet around the same time and causes heel pain, along with inflammation in the advanced cases. Managing the pain caused by this medical problem is facilitated through foot massagers. The best foot massagers have been reviewed for those looking to break away from the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

While there are many ways to manage the condition, such as wearing night splints or placing insoles in shoes, and some people even try alternative therapies to lower the complications or pain caused by plantar fasciitis, such as acupuncture. The pain can be managed with a foot massage. For best results, try the foot massager.

Why Foot Massagers Are Perfect for Combating Plantar Fasciitis

Foot massagers are popular for a reason. Nothing matches a good massage at the end of a hectic, long and tiring day. Electric foot massagers are perfect for alleviating pain and offering a soothing sensation through improved blood circulation. The foot massager helps in the healing and relaxation of the feet. The device offers the kneading and massaging sensation you would otherwise have to shell out a lot of money for. Additionally, there are many different kinds of foot massagers available out there that help in to alleviate medical conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Relief from the tension of the legs or tense muscles in the feet is facilitated through the foot massagers that boost the flow of blood and are an effective and important way to relieve aches and pains. Foot massagers in the market also benefit those facing plantar fasciitis. Spending lots of time on your feet has become a necessary way of life. At the end of a long day, feet can ache and be sore. Healing and soothing tired feet are now easy. Foot massagers have commonly pain used for pain relief. Considering that the feet bear the complete weight of the body, it is crucial that they are looked after well. Chronic ache or pain in the feet, especially the heels and the soles, is a chief symptom of plantar fasciitis. It impacts not just the youth and the elderly, but professional sportsperson and players as well.

After a long day of hard work, immediate pain relief is possible through foot massagers. For rejuvenating your feet and the legs, it is essential to relieve pains and aches in the feet using foot massages like reflexology. Whether it’s relief from stress, increased relaxation, better quality of sleep, enhanced blood circulation or reduce blood pressure, foot massagers can be the perfect solution. Moreover, there is injury prevention and faster recovery, headache and migration alleviation, decreased anxiety and easy alleviation of pain. Skin and nail health also undergo improvement due to foot massagers as these improve the circulation of blood flow in the skin.

Whether it’s relief for inflammation or symptom relief from PMS, a cure for longstanding sinus problems or relief from multiple sclerosis, cancer and diabetes-related neuropathy, a host of associated conditions can also be treated through the foot massage, not just plantar fasciitis.

How Foot Massage Treats Plantar Fasciitis

Foot MassageReflexology and foot massages are the perfect cure for foot related conditions such as plantar fasciitis. These work by targeting the reflex point at the base of the feet, enhancing circulation to these areas. It also improves circulation to areas where tissues are located and combat pain. Foot massages can not only reduce pain but improve digestive functioning. Considered zone therapy, foot massage such as reflexology sends signals to the nerve and triggers hormones which deal with stress, tension, and pain of the body. Reflexologists and massage therapists can treat plantar fasciitis by relaxing the muscles and/or ligaments of the feet, reducing swelling and pain and stretching the pain affected areas leading to pain alleviation.

Soft tissue treatment in conjunction with foot massage provides a great benefit for those combating plantar fasciitis. There are many studies that find support for foot massagers and soft tissue therapy as a means of treating this condition. Massaging the feet can help do away with conditions such as the Achilles heel and pain in the calves. Those with more aggressive plantar fasciitis may need a soft tissue massage. Through this massage method, the focus is on concentrating on soft tissue muscles through pressure on the calf muscles, fascia and Achilles heels. Muscle fibers respond to pressure through tension release which in turn wards off pain and foot soreness.

Foot massage/soft tissue therapy can loosen tissues of the muscle, boosting circulation and eliminating unwanted muscle toxins. This also leads to an improvement in the oxygen supply to the impacted area, eliminating the pain linked to plantar fasciitis. Soft tissue treatment or foot massage helps to break down the adhesions in muscle tissues, caused by strain or exertion.

With mild massage of the deep tissue, heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis can be alleviated. There is a flood of massage techniques and equipment available which acts as a target for the source’s trigger points. Many people resort to stretching exercises, massage therapy and foot massagers for treating this condition, rather than surgery even steroidal injections. The Massage Therapy’s Foundation discovered that research studies found neural mobilizing and foot massaging worked in alleviating plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is a difficult problem in dealing with. It impacts a majority of people including middle-aged folks and sports professionals. The treatment choices for plantar fasciitis and heel ache include braces, splints and spur treating special shoes. Bandaging or icing of the feet is also a suggested remedy. But foot massagers beat all these therapies when it comes to countering heel problems and relieving pain, characteristic of plantar fasciitis. How does this work?

Relieving Tension and Improving Circulation

relieve TensionThe soothing and rhythmic motion of foot massager machines ensures that blood circulation moves faster, which destroys pain and reduces stress. Various foot massager brands can be used to cut down on heel spur linked pain and plantar fasciitis. The massagers work on the principle of kneading, scraping or rolling massage and provide freedom from this condition through massage techniques. These provide relief by covering the bottom of the feet, arches as well as the heels. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, blood circulation does not improve. Consequently, we need to make efficient use of muscles on a frequent basis. So the feet do not get adequate exercise and many times, feet are damaged due to restricted footwear. Effective circulation of blood within the leg area is possible if feet can be massaged 15 to 22 minutes at night before sleeping.

Better Sleep

It also promotes better sleep post a stressful day. A foot massager can lead to more well-rested body and deep sleep. Massaging the feet helps if you need to relieve tension and anxiety and decrease any form of foot inflammation.

How Plantar Fasciitis Can be Treated

An overuse injury, plantar fasciitis occurs when the muscles supporting foot arches face fatigue, leaving the plantar fasciia, a tissue band not meant to carry body weight, burdened beyond capabilities. This condition is also known as jogger’s heel and affects runners or joggers who notch up their workout intensity. Close to 30-70 percent of runners are injured each year, and as high as ten percent of these are cases of jogger’s heels. At great risks is people or professionals always on their feet like teachers, cashiers, nurses, hikers, and sportspersons. The chance of suffering from this strain injury is higher if you are obese, female or menopausal. Those with flat feet, extremely high arches and tighter muscles of the calves also need to watch out for this condition.

Muscle imbalance in the hips also leads to plantar fasciitis. Conditions that lead to imbalance and stress on one leg are also connected to this condition. Chief symptoms of this condition include heel or arch pain while one is aiming to stand or sit for a long while. Pain subsides post rest or stretching. But the chronic pain may result and require medical care. In many cases, plantar fasciitis lasts for a period of 6 months during which traditional forms of treatment are used for handling the problem. Post a simple physical exam, stretching exercises may be suggested along with splint or OTC arch supports and shock wave therapies. Surgery and cortisone injections may also be carried out at more advanced stages.

Along with this, complementary and alternative forms of therapy also exist such as the ice massage and foot massages. Massage works well with other complementary methods along with traditional forms of treatment.

5 Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

#1 UComfy-Shiatsu Foot Massager

UComfy-Shiatsu Foot Massager
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While the UComfy foot massager has many distinct features that give it an edge, it also scores on the ability to reach the feet’s topmost areas and arch areas. UComfy offers what other brands cannot match. With foot massages becoming an essential part of the treatment for plantar fasciitis, foot massage products are increasingly becoming more attractive. Pain, stress, and fatigue can be overcome and you can also gain relief from tired feet and face the day with revitalized energies thanks to a foot massage. Few massagers in the market reach all sides of the feet. the UComfy Shiatsu massager is one of them. It combines heat and massage action at the posterior part and the topmost sections of the foot as well.

What It Claims

This UComfy device offers relaxation after a tense day. This Shiatsu foot massager is suited for individuals of different ages and exerts no harmful impact on the body when carried out in the right way. Research has shown this massage relieves foot pain and raises blood circulation to different parts of the feet. It is suited for those with conditions like plantar fasciitis and is recommended by doctors for treating this, along with other foot ailments like neuropathy, heel pain, and tension.

The UComfy Shiatsu foot massager is suited for aged users as well who may be suffering from aching feet due to restricted blood flow. The massager improves blood flow and releases tension, making a person healthier and stronger. The physician also recommends the massage using this device for helping oxygenated blood to reach different parts of the body, heal and remove toxins. Using this foot massager also eases the pain on different body parts for those who are older or living with medical conditions like diabetes.

If a person suffers from diabetes, this foot massager enhances blood flow to other parts of the body affected by the condition. A Netherlands research study found that using a foot massage thrice per day also eliminates blood pressure. This is because the massaging action targets the pressure points and eases stress and pain. Improved blood circulation boosts heart health and prevents the appearance of varicose veins. This foot massager has multiple benefits.

One of the best foot massagers out there, it comes with a lot of modes depending on preferences and user requirements. Specific modes can be activated or deactivated when needed. Additionally, the heating employs the use of infrared light that offers safety and warmth to the feet. This heat equipped foot massager also has a special kneading function for activating rollers to yield the most satisfaction. It also has a pressure system with the most amazing outcomes. It offers pressures that stimulate blood flow for the best results.

It is comfortable for a wide range of foot sizes. The heat, kneading, and vibration considerably improves blood flow. Through the improvement of blood circulation, it provides for foot pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. The foot massager can be used with medications too. This product massages the foot arch and leads to easier ways to cope with plantar fasciitis. The foot massager also comes with 5 levels of intensity with level 3 being the default setting.


  • Multiple Modes

This massager comes with heat, kneading and vibration features which can be switched on or off. It also comes with as many as 5 massage mode intensity controls. There can be 5 different levels of massage intensity, ranging from mild to aggressive.

  • Easy Maintenance

The cloth lining the interior of the foot massager can be removed easily as it is zipped on. Removing and washing the cloth is simple as can be, consequently.

  • Portable, Lightweight

This foot massager is also portable and lightweight. In fact, it can be carried with a single hand. It comes in two ergonomically shaped sizes namely round and oval. The colors include silver and red. The product dimensions are 17.7x15x18.1″ and a 12-pound weight with a shipping weight of 12.3 pounds.

  • Easy To Operate

Even in the absence of the foot massager manual, the product comes with control panels that can be comprehended easily. The controls can be read and the device varied as per preferences right off the box.

  • Good Quality

The unit is not just mobile and portable, but also has solid and structured construction. It is created out of top quality raw materials and increases the life of the product.

  • Massage Different Parts of the Feet

This foot massager offers the best experience as it reaches the top and bottom of the feet. Other brands cannot hope to reach this. Additionally, the different massage levels can be used.

  • Ergonomic Design

This is a sleek device which has aesthetic appeal too. It can be easily stowed away.

  • Various Functionalities

The foot massager offers vibration, heat and air pressure to boost relaxed feet and fend off tired muscles. Heat loosens up the tissues while vibration enhances the circulation of the blood. Deep massaging and pressure points can save your feet from tension.


  • Massage is intense in a good way using this device. The air pressure places the feet in a downward position, raising the intensity of the massage. Deeper massage can be had by tilting feet downward.
  • This foot massager works well for those with the lowest intensity.
  • It offers the right level of heat, which is just hot enough to relax the feet without creating excessive heat.
  • This device is quiet and makes vibrates gently when air pressure is released and motors are at work.
  • It can even be used at home or office settings without harming other people.
  • Additionally, the UComfy machine also squeezes the complete foot, plus the top where airbags are present to provide a comfort factor.
  • There’s a fifteen-minute timer that creates an understanding of the remaining minutes left.
  • It also ends the massage post the stipulated duration after signaling the same.
  • This device offers all round massage for the feet. You just need to slip the feet inside the device and get an amazing massage.
  • This device also has the versatility to handle different settings; the workout intensity of the machine can be varied depending on your needs.
  • Increase the intensity of foot massages through feet tilting.
  • This device weighs only 12 pounds and is lightweight and portable.
  • The heating is just right and the machine makes no noise.
  • Online customer care is alert.


  • This foot massager does not give the option to handle the heat. It comes with an on and off button only.
  • Though the intensity of the massage can be adjusted, this does not hold true for the entire duration of the 15 minutes.
  • This can be quite tough if there is a need for full pressure or kneading.
  • It is not suited for traveling as it has a larger size than an average suitcase.
  • It does not work on the feet’s side. It also focuses on front halves of the feet and does not touch the heels.
  • It is not suited for those with above average feet size.
  • It can be too intense for those with sensitive feet unless the mildest setting is used.
  • The product also does not come in more than 2 colors.
  • This product is not suited for all feet sizes.
  • If you take foot massages from a high chair, this machine can be tough to operate.
  • For those with large feet, this massager feels restrictive. Pinching sensations result from pressure exerted.
  • The massager does not have program presets, so there is no possibility of making your own schedule.
  • Controls need to be operated every time the device is used.
  • Bending is the attempt to vary controls and can be quite tiresome.
  • The massager does not massage the side of the feet and does not thoroughly reach the heels.

Final Verdict

While this is a good Shiatsu foot massager, it has certain issues. The product has more features than most and offers the best bang for the bucks. This product offers features that provide the most relaxing massage. It also massages the top of the foot with air pressure, giving the complete massage experience. However, it offers a lack of options, when it comes to adjusting heat and massage style. It does do not reach the sides and the heel of the feet completely. The uComfy Shiatsu massager is among the few that covers the entire foot during the massage, though. Though it comes with massaging intensities, it remains a basic unit. It also offers comfort with features that serve messaging needs.

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#2 Medi Rub 2000 Plus Foot Massager

Medi Rub 2000 Plus Foot Massager

One of the newest devices to hit markets, the Medi Rub 2000 Plus is a foot massager that creates good outcomes for those with plantar fasciitis. This massager has a full-sized oscillating padding with massive pressure points and a big arch bar. This massager promotes a healthy flow of blood and is suitable for diabetic patients and those with neuropathy. This is a foot massager that offers value for doctors and therapists as well, who use these for their patients. The rugged reliable design of the massager ensures that one gets extended service from it. There are some foot massagers that stand apart, and this foot massager is one of them. Medi Rub 2000 Plus is a medical foot massager that addresses specific disorders.

This made in USA product is widely counted among the best electric foot massagers offering relief from circulation issues, like diabetic neuropathy. Fitness and health-care experts recommend this foot massager for patients with swelling and other problems associated with plantar fasciitis. This device also offers the best outcomes with oscillation to carry out the job. Oscillation means coverage of a wider area. Consequently, the Medi Rub MR 2000 Plus is designed to handle targeted and precise stimulation.

What It Claims

Medi-Rub 2000 Plus is a good foot massager for handling tired and achy feet. If you prefer vibrational massage as opposed to Shiatsu which has a deep kneading action, this is the massager for you. Those who face present medical conditions which hamper blood circulation such as diabetic neuropathy, COPD, obesity, pregnancy or restless leg syndrome can benefit from this foot massage device. The Medi Rub foot massager is suited for those suffering from heel spurs as well, along with heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis. For deeper, intense Shiatsu may be missing, but oscillation makes this more than a vibration machine.


  • Special Arch Bar

There is an arch bar where aching toes can be curled, especially if one is suffering from arthritis or plantar fasciitis. This foot massager works on the arch, making it one of the selected devices on the market providing relief for fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and other linked disorder.

  • Oscillation

The foot massager comes with a 2-speed motor and an oscillating pad that delivers movement to the feet all the way to the legs. It can be used with shoes on or off. Additionally, the thermoplastic enclosure and inner steel construction make this one of the most durable foot massagers.

  • Variable Speed

A popular foot massager in town is this foot massager with variable speed. This foot massager does not use rounded rollers. Instead, it comprises a singular pad located at the top angle for improving comfort and enhancing blood circulation. This makes it ergonomically friendly, permitting the user to relax and put the feet on the massaging pads.

It comes with 11 variable speeds and a full-sized foot pad for targeting pressure points. It is used by massage therapists, medical practitioners and even patients suffering from conditions such as plantar fasciitis. The machine is used on the carpet to prevent sliding at the time of use and a low setting is required to get used to vibrations. It can also be used for shins and calves.

Medi Massager can help in the treatment of neuropathy, increased feet and leg vasodilation and offers speeds wonderful for sensitive feet, especially when the feet hurt and lower settings are needed to add comfort, without too much pressure. With a variable speed control ranging from 1000 RPM to 3700 RPM for optimal comfort, and maximum control. This is counted as the most powerful foot massager using electricity in the US without a license. Designed for clinical and therapeutic uses, it is available for home use as well.

  • Ultimate Massage Experience

This massager offers the best experience for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or experience extensive foot and leg pain. This foot massager is used to treat those who suffer from severe circulation issues and pain as a consequence of neuropathy and diabetes. Medi Massager is used clinically to treat patients with massive circulation issues or pain resulting from plantar fasciitis or diabetes. This foot massager offers the best tool for stimulation of local circulation, easing joint pain, inflammation and relieving muscle tension.

  • Ergonomically Designed

This foot massager is user-friendly and ergonomically designed. The foot pad is at the optimal angle for maximum comfort while undergoing a massage. This foot massager is built as per the ISO 9000-2001 manufacturing facility. Additionally, it is CSA certified for ultimate reliability and following safety and security guidelines. The massager also comes with FDA certification. The price comes with an unmatched one-year full replacement against failures and defects. A lifetime replacement is present on the manufacturer website.

  • Reliable Construction

This powerful electric massager comes at 11 speeds. It has a full-sized oscillating footpad with pressure point and arch bars targeting the surfaces. Stimulating circulation in the legs and the feet, this foot massager promotes a healthy flow of blood and eases the pain. Additionally, there is rugged and reliable construction. This massager can be used on tile and hardwood floors as well.

The Medi Massager offers the maximum support for plantar fasciitis and diabetic leg care. Whether you suffer from massive feet ache, blood flow blocking in the legs or any such problem of the stiffness of the muscles, this device can counter discomfort and fatigue. This foot massager is also certified for therapeutic usage by well known medical bodies apart from the Food and Drug Administration such as the CSA.

With oscillating foot pads and amazing speeds, this foot massager stimulates the feet as well as the arches and the heels. The gel pads in this foot massager ensure adequate blood flow and correct circulation. Putting all safety requirements aside, this massager offers the best benefits at reduced costs.

  • Silent Performer

The Medi Massager comes with a less noisy sound than other similar devices. The sound is like a hum, but it does not create distractions. It is also designed with an optimal angle and slanted position so the feet feel more comfortable when one is in a sitting position. It also has a strong design and is made of resilient materials, Additionally, this made in USA product delivers relaxation from the knees to the thighs.


  • This device offers a lasting warranty.
  • Additionally, increased blood circulation on the feet from the strong oscillation creates a sensation comparable to heat, although this foot massager does not have a heat option.
  • Oscillation leads to better blood flow in the feet and towards the legs.
  • The speed is variable and can be used for adjusting to intensity.
  • This device can be used with shoes on or off.
  • It is one of the most powerful foot massagers in the market.
  • Oscillation yields superlative blood flow in the feet and the legs.
  • Variable speed options can be useful to adjust intensity.
  • It has an inbuilt arch bar for heels or toes.
  • It also works well when it comes to reducing stiffness and numbness.


  • This foot massager is extremely costly.
  • It is heavy and bulky.
  • There is no remote control alongside.
  • The foot massager may slide out when it is oscillating

Final Verdict

The Medi Massager 2000 plus is bulky, heavy and expensive as compared to the competition, but given its sturdy built, it can withstand the test of time. Its durability can be applicable just about anywhere and it is designed to provide users with maximum comfort. Initially, for professional usage only, this CSA and FDA certified massager can be used from the comfort of your home. It is suited for dealing with diabetic neuropathy and plantar fasciitis, among other conditions. Additionally, the arch bar is higher in the middle section. This benefits user including those with higher arches. This is an excellent foot massager to meet specific health needs impacting blood circulation. This device is suited for those facing foot related problems like neuropathy. For those with normal feet, it may not work. This can also be a little hard for those with sensitive feet. But all in all, this FDA certified Medi Massager is a good choice, especially for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

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#3 Thera Flow Massager

Thera Flow Massager

US-based TheraFlow is a company known for its amazing foot massagers. It also offers an entire range of wellness and health products apart from the growing inventory. TheraFlow’s dual foot massager cum roller works with excellent care and precision, despite using the same method as wooden rollers. It is way hardier and resilient than rollers for massaging that are makeshift. It can be used on any dry surface such as carpets without the risk of injuries or accidents. The TheraFlow dual foot massager lives up to the hype.

What It Claims

This dual foot massager and roller can help in relieving foot pain pertaining to neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and gout as well as pregnancy linked foot swelling. This unique foot massager improves blood circulation and offers the perfect reflexology for your meet. With its small portable and lightweight design, it can be transported to the office or used at home. It has a simple design and features that are perfect for those looking for a budget electric foot massager. It also has advanced features like automatic and heat massage, making it perfect for those looking for a lot of benefits at an affordable price.


  • Ideal For Heal Pain

This is a leading foot massager created to massage feet at a single time. It is ideal for those with feet that suffer from heel pain. The foot massager device also comes in comfortable width with ten rows of rollers making it perfect for any sized feet, and you don’t even have to re-check the feet measurements for using it.

  • Arc Design

This foot massager also has an arc-shaped design which supports the contours and natural patterns of the feet, causing comfort and relaxation to use for any individual. The best aspect of the massager is undoubtedly its last rows that have rollers with massive pegs jutting out. This leads to a stimulating, deep tissue massage ideal for fending off heal pain.

  • Made from Natural Wood

This device is composed of natural wood and offers a comfortable footing for various people. The foot sole and arch have a design that promotes deep kneading and ensures optimal comfort. This is the perfect choice for those with plantar fasciitis as it offers an excellent support. Additionally, the roller attached at the wooden base’s posterior region makes it easy for the device to remain stationary. It also promotes easy rolling of the feet over the wooden device permitting massagers to be placed on any type of flat surface, whether smooth or rough.

  • Independent Rollers

The device also comes with 10 independent rollers, around 5 for each foot. First 4 rollers have ridges while the last one has massive nubs. Feet can be pressed down on the roller for around 2-3 seconds in acupressure mode if specific parts of the feet must be stimulated, Alternately, the feet can be rolled on the device in the other direction in the kneading mode for enhancing blood circulation.

  • Lightweight

It is perfect for suiting the feet of all different sizes. It also has a weight of 1.6 lbs making it perfect for those looking for a portable, lightweight option. It also has a sturdy, stable and solid construction. it is made of well-polished, top quality Theaceae wood which is found in Florida and it is an evergreen tree used for creating the most durable devices. It also has the most compact product dimensions of 7.1 by 11.2 by 2.2 inches.

  • Relief For Sore Feet

TheraFlow provides relaxation for sore feet and ailments like plantar fasciitis and/or neuropathy. The device also helps in relaxing the feet to promote additional circulation and enhance complete health. With as many as 5 ridged rollers, this TheraFlow massager can be used across various ways. The acupressure modality helps in positioning the feet across rows, held for some seconds and released.

If the kneading modality is chosen, the feet need to be rolled back and up again in different directions without too much pressure. For optimal benefit, one needs to carry this out only for some minutes a day, which benefits if one has hectic schedules and takes time in the day to release the tension. Using reflexology massage and pressure, this TheraFlow wooden massager helps in releasing endorphins to eliminate pain symptoms, while promoting increased blood flow in the legs or feet.

The roller has a lightweight yet resilient frame, making it easy to take the device or massager wherever you are headed. The massager has a large-sized surface area for accommodating both feet in one shot. The TheraFlow foot massager also gets amazing reviews from users. It uses reflexology massage for easing muscles, tendons, and tissues. TheraFlow massager is made from quality wood for added durability.


  • Portable, mobile and easy to carry, TheraFlow is made of durable Theaceae wood.
  • It soothes foot pain from plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments like neuropathy.
  • The curved roller design helps in alleviating heel pain.
  • This foot massager helps in bettering blood flow and promotes quick healing.
  • Its portable design is easy to carry.
  • There’s also a lifetime warranty and it covers damage as well.
  • With the acupressure mode, the focus is on applying pressure in areas where foot pain is maximum.
  • Kneading mode is also important to consider when the feet are rolled, working out the tension and loosening the restrictions in the plantar fascia.
  • The TheraFlow helps with aching feet and bunions as it stimulates blood flow to the feet and releases tendons, muscles and fascia.
  • When it comes to lack of circulation or feet stretching, the TheraFlow Massager can help in both cases.
  • This product works well regardless of whether you are sitting or standing.
  • It also offers complete warranty information and it is easy to get a replacement or refund for defective products.
  • It is also extremely stable and does not slide out of the position, provided it is used in dry, solid surfaces.
  • Unlike other foot massagers, it allows control over the pressure that can be applied to your feet.
  • It massages all areas of the feet, including the heel. This serves as the perfect cure for those suffering from heel pain linked to plantar fasciitis.
  • No electricity outlet is needed so money and time are saved.
  • It is suited for those with feet as big as size 12.
  • The nubs and ridges are sharp for hitting pressure points of the feet.
  • It is easy to use and inexpensive.
  • Additionally, the massager offers simplicity as it rolls wooden dowels using the spikes to tackle the tension in acupressure points.
  • Durable yet affordable, it offers a lot of benefits.


  • The foot massager creates a fair bit of noise while the rollers don’t squeak loudly. This is more pronounced in quiet environments.
  • TheraFlow even recommends lubricants for its dual foot massager roller.
  • This is not the best massager for those with a higher arch.
  • This device is designed for those with the average arch of feet.
  • It cannot be used in the wet environment because the foot massager constitutes wood and metal pieces that deteriorate when water exposure results. Additionally, using the roller in wet conditions opens the door to injuries.
  • Don’t opt for the device while standing on both feet because the loss of balance can occur.

Final Verdict

The TheraFlow dual foot massager and roller look and work exactly as it is shown in the ads. Along with a reliable and clear warranty, it offers excellent customer service judging from the positive testimonials and reviews online. The quality of the massage provided is exceptional. The TheraFlow foot massager and roller let you choose how much pressure you want in the foot massage without spending money on electricity. This is the perfect foot massager for plantar fasciitis patients who want to opt for advanced features without spending a lot of cash.

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#4 Moji Pro Foot Massager

Moji Foot Pro, Compact Foot Massager

Plantar fasciitis is a big problem for those always standing or on their feet. Nurses, runners, hikers, and others overuse the feet so taking care of these is vital. The Moji-Pro Massager helps to lower the inflammation of the plantar fascia connecting the heel to the feet of the ball. US-based entrepreneur Victor Viner in 2007 came up with the Moji Foot Pro Massager. This is way more durable than ordinary wooden rollers. This foot massager is perfect for combating plantar fasciitis because it offers quick relief for sore feet.

What It Claims

If the need for full control is required, electric foot massagers can be intense. The Moji Foot Pro Massager is the right choice in that case. This stainless-steel sphere foot massager offers an ideal portable device for those facing heel and arch pain. Apart from plantar fasciitis, it works with neuropathy, so long as one does not use it chilled as pain worsens from the cold sensation. Moreover, it is not powered by electricity and it is an upgraded version of the wooden massage roller. The intensity of the massage is determined by the user as a result.


  • Stainless Steel Spheres

The Moji Foot Pro Massager offers stainless steel spheres with 360-degree rotation capabilities. The feet need to be pressed downward for deep massage to relieve pain, break up scar tissues and lower inflammation. It is best for dealing with plantar fasciitis. Additionally, the slip-resistant base stays in place when this US made the product is in use.

  • Low Maintenance

Easily cleaned using alcohol wipes, this Moji Pro Foot Massager is perfect when you wear socks to cushion the feet and avoid contamination.

  • Clear Advantages

The Moji Foot Pro Massager offers a patent-pending technology addressing foot pain in relation to conditions like plantar fasciitis. It also comes with a one-year product warranty and a thirty-day back money guarantee. The dimensions ranged across 10x5x4 inches and weigh 1.25 pounds. This Moji Foot Pro Massager is an excellent device for those with plantar fasciitis. There is no need for installing the battery because smooth functioning occurs. It also offers stainless massage spheres rotating in 360-degree angles, providing the perfect foot massage.

  • Safety

The foot massager device has a bottom that is non-skid which provides amazing grip to the surface. This assists in getting a good massage with zero risks for sliding or falling. The massaging device is easy for cleaning and wiping with a 1-year guarantee that permits replacement or refund. There’s even a thirty-day money back warranty. Unlike electric foot massagers, this allows the heels, arches and other areas of the feet to be massaged as deeply and intensely as one wants. You can even have an ice massage and get the best relief from plantar fasciitis. The base is rubberized so it does not slip even if the edge of the heel is massaged.

  • Versatile

This is one of the most versatile foot massagers. Along with the feet, it can be used in other body areas like the lower back, shoulders, and neck. Though it is slightly on the heavier side, this device is small and compact enough to put in the bag and move around. This is the best DIY massage where you can use ice without wetting the floor surface.


  • This is a safe foot massager with a non-skid rubberized base and cleaning and wiping is easy.
  • It is a versatile massager which can be used in other parts of the body as well.
  • It comes with a product warranty and a 30 day back guarantee.
  • It has many pros such as ease of cleaning, use and carrying
  • Saves money through no electricity.
  • You can control the intensity of the foot massager based on your needs.


  • Lacks advanced features of the electric massager.
  • It also does not have the heat function.

Final Verdict

The Moji Foot Pro Massager is a unique device for those with sore tired feet due to plantar fasciitis. It is the perfect choice for those at homes or any other location. Moji offers the best deals when it comes to cutting down on electricity bills and controlling the massage intensity. It even takes simplicity to stand out. The Moji Foot Pro Massager is a perfect choice.

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#5 Beurer FM60 Foot Massager Equipped With Heat Function

Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager

For budget-conscious buyers, rather than spending money on an expensive spa, you need to get feet massaged through a device like the Beurer FM60 which comes equipped with heat function. One can easily improve feet health and relax them post a long day after massaging. This helps in keeping you on your feet. When used correctly, this machine encourages blood circulation to limbs. This Beurer foot massager helps in working around problems like plantar fasciitis.

What It Claims

Beurer is a company focusing on products and services on the well-being and health of customers. If one looks for a company that has been in the industry for years, this is the right choice. With over 10 decades of experience in the industry, the massager offers the best features. This foot massager comes with eighteen massaging beads. There are 9 beads for every foot to ensure deep penetration and relaxation through a massage for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. The 2-speed levels make it easy to choose massage intensity preferred or suited to the particular foot ailment. Additionally, the fabric cover offers breathability through its comfortable mesh material and improves the massage qualities. As on or off heating function offers users additional flexibility as it helps users to choose whether a heat function is desired or not. The Beurer FM60 also warms up fast, so there is no problem in waiting. The massager also comes at an adjusted angle making it possible to suit feet of any size. Additionally, the feet on massagers make it possible to make adjustments comfortably.


  • #1 Five Massage Pressure Settings

In some cases, it is tough to find foot massagers with a wide range of settings. This massager offers many options to choose from. One can either decide for growth light or deep massages. Once chooses the intensity of the massage without having to go out or purchase another.

  • #2 Heat Function

This foot massager also offers a heat function so that users can opt for a hot, soothing massage. The user also has the chance to choose the exact temperature one wants the massager to be when one uses it. Heat functions are helpful for foot massages, promoting blood circulation and loosening the muscles. It makes massages more satisfactory and you can even choose to have no heat feature if you choose.

  • #3 Shiatsu Beads for Each Foot

The foot massager also comes with 9 shiatsu beads or balls for each foot. Based on the settings chosen, these beads produce light or deep vibrations that offer massaging impact on feet. Settings also permit you to choose the exact intensity of the massage. Additionally, the intensity varies across people and how tired feet feel.

  • #4 Two-Level Speed Selection

This foot massager offers the option between dual massaging speeds. This depends on how fast the vibrations should be. The speed also impacts how massagers work on the feet. Most persons feel comfortable with slow deep massage and there are many options in place.

  • #5 Heats Fast

Whenever one needs a foot massage, waiting for the device to heat up can be a real problem. This can be a tedious and inconvenient process. Foot massagers heat up quickly permitting the massage to commence quickly. Moreover, heat can also be switched on and off during the massage speedily and easily.

  • #6 Easy Portability and Storage

It is important to have a foot massager that does not take up much storage space. The Beurer foot massager is suited for those short on space. Additionally, the electric cable can be stored easily too. There is no space problem when it comes to storing this massager.

  • #7 Adjustability of Angle

If one is concerned about whether feet are big or small than the average feet, then this is the massager for you. This machine accommodates all types of feet. Additionally, the foot massager is suitable for men and women both and it can be used with those who have smaller or bigger feet.

  • #8 Cost Efficiency

This foot massager offers more value for money by offering more features and affordable prices. It can be used without worrying about whether it is made from durable material. The Beurer massage looks like a simple model, but it has more than just the basic design. It offers soft, breathable surface cloth. It has a wide number of massaging beads for every foot than what one score from others. Using it with the 2-speed setting, and given its adjustability to accommodate varied sizes and offer heating features, you can get value for money.


  • This foot massager is easy to use and also scores on affordability.
  • It can be used with small and big sized feet both.
  • It is silent when in use and offers high-quality resilience and durability.
  • The surface fabric offers a comfort factor on account of its breathability.
  • The Beurer foot massager shuts down automatically after a certain period of time for the safety of the user.
  • Around eighteen massaging beads offer a deep relief.
  • There is a chance of opting from 2 different massage strengths.
  • Soothing warmth is the result of heating function this massager has.
  • It offers portability and ease of use.
  • The foot massager does not require technical know how. Operations and adjustments are easy to make.


  • It also creates a problem when the top of the feet has to be effectively accessed.
  • It is heavy and cumbersome to carry around.
  • The foot massager does not surround the feet and cannot reach the top part.
  • Additionally, heating as a feature may not be intense for some users.

Final Verdict

This is a quality foot massager which is durable, resilient and easy to use. This foot massager with heat is one of the top options in the market today. It comes with amazing 18 rotating massage beads which provide the relaxation and exhilaration. Deep penetrating foot massage makes it possible to get complete relaxation and ensure surface breathability as well. Zero sweating, no hassle maintenance, and easy adjustment offer benefits. Just a few foot massagers offer the comfort and satisfaction of this device. It’s kneading and heat action makes for a unique massage. It takes away the pain of plantar fasciitis and provides an amazing and soothing feeling.

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How to Use A Foot Massager?

The benefits of foot massagers for healing plantar fasciitis are many. While using the foot massagers for combating heel pain and seeking comfort and combating plantar fasciitis, you need to be clear about making the right choice. When you need a foot massager for gaining freedom from plantar fasciitis, you can know the kind of foot massager types available and whether these meet your requirements. There are a wide number of foot massager brands in online and retail stores. Knowing which one is right for the plantar fasciitis patient is important. While using the foot massager, you need to be clear about the type, important features, and mode of operation.

Types of Foot Massagers

Forwarding off plantar fasciitis or alleviation of heel pain associated with it, there are a wide variety or category of foot massagers.

#1 Manual Foot Massagers

This massager has different sets of rollers that one can roll the foot over. These devices are not costly and you have to use it in a manual manner by moving the feet backward and forwards.

#2 Shiatsu-Foot Massagers

This massager functions on the basis of Japan-based kneading methods with rotating head fixtures, heating elements, and vibrations while working simultaneously. Shiatsu massagers create the effect as a qualified and trained massage therapist. Shiatsu massages may be lavishly priced, but these devices really bring the cost down.

#3 Electric-Foot Massagers

This massager works to release the pain and tension from the feet with the aid of motors using oscillation/vibration or rolling heads. These electricity based massagers are suited for variable settings of speed. You can vary the pressure and warmth for the feet. These massages function using electricity, not battery.

How to Buy A Foot Massager?

While choosing the best foot massager for relief from plantar fasciitis, it is important to consider what to seek in the massage device. You must be clear whether you have only plantar fasciitis or other conditions like diabetes too. Another factor to consider is whether you suffer severe or mild foot pain. The cost one is willing to incur is also important as well as the end goal.

#1 Massager Category

The first consideration is what kind of a massager it is. When it operates on a manual basis or with the aid of electricity or combining all of these, you need to study how the massage device approaches the entire process. See if it has a rolling, scraping or kneading massage technique.

#2 Size of the Device

Some massagers are travel ready and small. Additionally, there are massagers that are larger and bulkier. Some are suitable for home-centric or office-based use, while others can be used just about anywhere.

#3 Additional Features

Certain massagers are associated with speed adjustments that are variable and heating capabilities. Some massages come equipped with spa-based capabilities.

#4 Price

Certain massagers are costly, while others are not. The key is to choose wisely. There are so many different kinds and brands of devices available today and if you are grappling with plantar fasciitis, it’s time to try these. Given that plantar fasciitis destroys the quality of living, it is time to get the best foot massager for managing crippling pain. Many brands are available. Use a comparison table to get an idea of the best deals.

#5 Functionality

This is one of the most critical things to consider while shopping for the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis. The aim should be to find something that lets you massage the problem areas that are associated with the plantar fasciitis around the heels and arch. Many massagers aim to massage the entire foot but end up missing the top heel and the base arch. As far as massager functionality is concerned, it is all about understanding the add-ons like 360-degree rotation spheres and adjusting of the tilted base. The massager should be of variable speed settings too.

#6 Ease of Maintenance

Another important consideration is whether the pain alleviating foot massager offers easy maintenance too. The unit should come with easy to care for instructions, clarity when it comes to texts and many symbols and if there are buttons and/or switches, it should offer easy operation for seniors as well. Massagers sans buttons are also a right choice, only if they are used for the foot. With these massage devices, you need a foot pain reliever that is easy to operate. You need to place your foot on the massager and it will work without clicking buttons. It should also permit equal ease of use whether you stand or sit. For maintenance, you need something that requires minimal maintenance post use. Massagers with materials that offer breathability, use, and ease of maintenance are the right choice.

#7 The Comfort Factor

Apart from massaging the feet, the massager should also be suitable for a person. A good one should press the right place, while not placing additional pressure on the feet. The aim should be pain relief, without putting excessive pressure or using force. The noise a unit makes while vibrating affects comfort levels as well. While zero noise is not possible, the sounds should definitely not be disruptive. Features such as heated surfaces should also be considered while taking the comfort factor into account.

#8 Build and Quality

The massager’s build and quality are other important factors that need to be considered. Though the material differs from a single brand to another, it is important to opt for those which offer sturdy steel or plastic PVC construction. Other choices include wood body and/or thermoplastic ones. A sturdy and resilient base is also a critical feature to check while looking for performance and longevity of the massager.

#9 Size and Weight

A good foot massage device should accommodate the feet comfortably. It should also offer space for different sized feet so you are able to get a comfortable massage without straining the feet further. It must also be checked for how it will impact storage and the space required. Compact units having a lot of critical features are always a good choice. A massager that is lightweight is the right choice.

#10 Massage Intensities

Massage intensity becomes a subjective factor to consider too. You need to know when the massage is intense or mild for another one. Choosing intensity levels as it makes it possible to make the right choice when it comes to comfort. It is vital to know the intensity is one factor that you need to consider before trying the massager.

Some units are intense even if one chooses low settings. So, if you have several co-morbid conditions, you need to consider these and choose wooden rollers for designing the sessions you want.

#11 Duration of the Massage

Though one can always end the massage at any time, it is a must to consider the session duration the unit offers. In case the massager is super comfortable, you can expect the right duration to match your needs. To ensure the advantages of the massage without overuse of feet muscles, the massages need to be limited. If you want longer sessions, you need to choose a foot massager that stop the plantar fasciitis from becoming worse.

Some Questions You Need to Ask

You need to be clear about the areas in the feet the massager reaches. As plantar fasciitis affects the arch and heel in the foot, you need to look for massages that hit these areas. Certain Shiatsu massagers reach the foot but miss out on the arch or the heel. You also need to choose powerful kneading massages in the target areas.

Some foot massagers even come with arch bars where the toes or foot arches can be curled and pressure can be applied. Plantar fasciitis can also be caused by tightness of muscles in the calves so the massages for the leg and feet also benefit patients. You, therefore, need to be clear about the area that the massager reaches.

The intensity or severity of the massage is also a consideration. You need to be clear what makes for intensity for you is different from that of others. It is better to choose the foot massagers with various intensity levels to make a choice from. Foot massagers can be intense at lowest settings too. If you suffer from a pair of feet that are overly sensitive or suffering from arthritis, you need to make the choice on the basis of this.

How long the massage is carried out also matters. The root reason for plantar fasciitis is overuse of fatigue from feet muscles. If you are managing a self-massage or trying a foot massager, the time needs to be limited to around fifteen minutes. There are electric foot-massagers with inbuilt timers too. If you need longer sessions, choose a massager that can meet your needs without compromising on the safety factor.


Choosing the best massager for plantar fasciitis is critical. If you are facing painful problems, a foot massager can end them. It is important to compare and decide about the right massager on the basis of certain conditions. You need to do your research and watch out for the features, before making the final choice. Alleviating pain through traditional forms of therapy along with foot massagers can be the perfect way to drive away the pain.

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