Best Electric Foot Massager

Best Electric Foot Massager : Top 5 Review and Picks

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A relaxing foot massage is one of the most rewarding experiences for those looking to take it easy after a hard day’s work. But having the right masseuse is not a choice left open to people because the skill and cost vary from one practitioner to another. If you want the best massage, you need to use the electric foot massager. Given that the electric foot massager is a device where there are gaps to place your feet and the device itself blends technology with comfort, you get a value for money purchase. Additionally, many of these are equipped with a heating function that perfects the relaxation moment. Many people benefit from automatic foot massagers. Additionally, the ones that work when they stand, sports athletes and those with poor circulation get extra benefits. Using an electric foot massager on a constant basis to ease the pain, soothing sore muscles and reviving blood circulation ensures a general wellness experience that is unparalleled.

Best Electric Foot Massager






Homedics FMS 270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager e1518930487120

Homedics FMS-270H Foot Massager

1 levels

13.5 x 14.5 x 4.5 in

6.8 lbs

Brookstone Shiatsu Full Foot Massager e1518930827293

Brookstone Shiatsu Full Foot Massager

5 levels

12 x 13 x 16.25 in

4 lbs

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager e1518931379936

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

5 levels

17.7 x 15 x 18.1 In

12 lbs

Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu e1518931698103

Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu

3 Mode

23 x 10 x 14 In

15.5 lbs

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager e1518936653596

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager

5 levels

14.96 x 17.71 x 18.11 in

12.3 lbs

Uses of an Electric Foot Massager

Given that foot massages using these devices can be used to prevent symptoms and alleviate foot ailments, there are a lot of benefits that accrue.

#1 Good Circulation

Bad foot circulation is due to a lot of health and lifestyle conditions. This can result in lower circulation to the feet and the legs. From diabetes to neuropathy, there are so many conditions that cause circulatory problems in the foot. Electric foot massagers can counter the symptoms associated with blood pressure. Vibrations reduce nerve pain, ease pains and aches, counter numbness and tightness and boost circulation.

#2 Treating Arthritis and Gout

Arthritis or joint inflammation leads to fluid retention or swollen feet. Based on the extent and severity of the symptoms, different foot massagers are there to meet needs. Massagers come equipped with heating functions, gentle kneading, hydrotherapy on the soles of the feet and more. If you require intense massage settings, invest in those with more features or a better model.

#3 Curing Bunions

Bunions are a deformity of the feet. These result in a misalignment of the feet and a collapsed arch. Soothing bunion pain requires massaging the arch and bottom of the feet. While stretching and massaging toes, these electric devices work the foot muscles to counteract the tension and stiffness caused by forced posture.

#4 Combating Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can cause inflamed tissue at the foot’s bottom. If you suffer from this condition, it can further aggravate into serious medical conditions. using the manual roller on the bottom of the feet helps to stretch and knead the fascia to bring the required relief. Easing pain is possible through the use of foot rollers.

#5 Dealing With Flat Feet

Flat feet means your foot muscles are weak. The best way to treat flat feet is through muscle strength building exercises in the feet’s arches. Massaging the foot muscles can stimulate the foot arch and apply the right amount of pressure. Shiatsu foot massage devices also work across the entire feet.

#6 Athletes For Optimal Health

On account of the extensive strain on the feet, a gentle foot massager is something each runner needs in his/her arsenal. Runners have a lot of foot problems so foot rollers and massagers counteract the tension and offer muscular relief. Handheld massagers can relieve the feet soles and also loosen calves, glutes, posterior back, and tighter hamstrings.

#7 A Migraine or a Headache

For applying medicine, pressure points on the foot eliminate the symptoms of a headache or a migraine. Using the electric foot massager, applying pressure to certain areas of the foot relieves pain and leads to relaxation. Gentle electric massagers using Shiatsu technology relieve the pain associated with headaches. Massaging different parts of the foot, especially the toes is the perfect way to lower a headache or migraine attacks.

#8 Menstruation

A foot massage is a splendid way to relieve menstruation pain. This relieves the pain on the inside of the leg, and massaging the area can relieve symptoms associated with this. Handheld or electric massagers can also alleviate symptoms.

#9 Lower Back Ache

Massaging the feet results in reduced back pain. Excellent kneading action on the soles travels through the feet and causes front as well as back muscles to relax. Foot massages address the nerves in the feet that run across other parts of the body. A massager that uses Shiatsu, infrared or heat functionality can also benefit other muscles beyond the feet. Using the massager to relax the feet encourages relaxation and lowers tension. A hand-held massager can work both your feet as well as other tense areas of the body.

#10 Swollen/Sore Feet

Hydrotherapy or spa massages are the best choices for dealing with swollen or sore feet at the close of a long day. Most massagers use jets, rollers or heat for soothing the feet. The relief from a foot massage aids in the proper circulation of the blood and enables individuals to relax before resting to promote a sense of wellness.

Benefits of an Electric Foot Massager

The feet carry the complete body weight for each and every day. Feet can feel tired towards the evenings. Foot massagers can enhance the well-being of the feet and combat strains and stress you face from being in a tight and tense position. Relax not just your feet, but the rest of your body too. According to Harvard Medical School, massage devices in health or drug stores can also restore and relax the feet. But the benefits go far beyond that.

  • Massage promotes circulation to the base extremities and feet, which works well for those who suffer from blood flow problems.
  • A regular foot massage can strengthen the ankles and feet, reducing muscle soreness and preventing extensive injuries.
    In light of reflexology principles, foot massagers can work pressure points to lower symptoms of migraines and headaches.
  • Additionally, PMS symptoms can be warded off with alleviated acupressure points on the feet.
  • Those who suffer from foot-related ailments such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and bunions can use these devices to lessen the pain as well as improve and heal the condition.
  • Massages relax every part of the body, not just the feet.
  • Taking even a few minutes in a day to use foot massagers can boost the mood, reduce anxiety and prevent blood pressure issues.
  • Get good sleep after a tense and long day, with the worries of the day melting away and a chance to prepare for restful sleep at night.
  • Massages can also counter retention of fluid in the feet or legs caused by extensive periods of standing or sitting.
  • Reward your feet with a relaxing massage and get the benefits you need.

#1 Homedics-FMS 270-H Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager

Homedics-FMS 270-H Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager
Photo by: Amazon

The Homedic- FMS 270H replicates a costly Shiatsu massage in a pocket-friendly way. Pegged at a reasonable cost, this is an effective massager for those with mild to moderate foot ailments and problems. However, it is not recommended for diabetic patients. Features include soothing heat, deep kneading action through six rotational heads, eighteen massage nodes and simple, easily usable toe-touch systems of control.


Deep Relaxing Massage

Homedics electric foot massager delivers a Shiatsu type massage. For those unaware of Shiatsu, it is a Japanese massage. Shiatsu stands for the pressure of the finger. The three rotational heads per foot provide a deeply relaxing massage. This is because the rotational heads target different key parts of the foot namely the forefront, midsole, and heel. Additionally, there are 18 massaging nodes to give a deep kneading foot massage, The heat option creates the perfect massage experience through Shiatsu.


This is an automatic foot massager which is also intuitive and user-friendly. Easy to operate, it provides every advantage wherein you don’t even need to bend for using it courtesy the toe-touch control. The first time the power on the device is pressed. Secondly, all you need to do is switch on the heat and finally switch it off post the use. Switching on the heat is optional in case you do not want it. The head mode on this device is signaled by a red light on its rotating head.


It is also lightweight, portable and easy to try out.

Reasonably Priced

This electronic foot massager comes at an affordable price point.

Triple Action

Tired feet can be relaxed with the HoMedics Triple-Action Shiatsu electric foot massager with heat. It has a big platform design accommodating any foot size. The toe touch-control system makes changing functions easy. Deep-kneading Japanese massage soothes the tension. The 3 system rotational heads offer the ultimate relaxation. The option of soothing heat increases the intensity of the massage.

Perfect for Different Sized Feet

Deep-kneading foot massage offers a soothing and healing effect for tired foot arches and soles. The toe to the heel, you can get the complete massage from triple rotational heads. With its massive platform design, the larger feet can easily be accommodated. Toe-touch system of control makes changing functions easy.

Convenient to use

Toe-touch system controls make it easy to change the functions without extending the body downwards. Additionally, the web-fabric over a massaging mechanism is easy to enhance the comfort factor and enhance breathability.

Counter Rotating Massage Heads

On account of the convenient design and compact design, the HoMedics foot massage device has gained wide popularity for consumers across the globe. Two counter-rotating massage heads located on the platform relieves the pain in the feet and helps to ward off tiredness. Through this feet therapy, overall bodily relaxation becomes possible. Get warm feet and relaxed soles within minutes.

Target Zones for Massage Types

This massager is wonderful for target zones like toes and feet. Apart from its simple construction, this item creates the perfect Shiatsu massage experience. The rotating rollers kneed the feet and deliver a relaxing massage. The massage technique also soothes the tense muscles. Switch to the heating mode, if you want to improve blood flow and reduce fatigue.


As per different surveys, the foot massage offers reliability and ease of maintenance. Innovative, counter-rotating rollers with steel balls lower muscular pain and aid in the recovery process. An LED red indicator signals when the unit is switched on. As it is convenient and easy to press the on and off button using even the toe, this foot massager works well for senior people. This massager is also lightweight and compact.

Relax and De-Stress

This brand of electric foot massagers helps in relaxing and de-stressing. This electric foot massager is perfect for an entire gamut of needs and is one of the most popular home foot massagers on the market.

Product Summary

  • Affordability: This budget-friendly device ensures that you can enjoy a simple foot spa at home without shelling out big bucks.
  • Shiatsu-style: The Japanese style massage targets different parts of the foot effectively.
  • Heat: This is an additional feature to ensure relaxation
  • Toe Touch Control: This offers ease and convenience of operation
  • Timing: No timer is available and this foot massage’s speed cannot be adjusted for those with feet issues or sensitive skin.
  • Additionally, it is not possible to customize the massage.


  • Provides relief for stressed out, tense feet and body.
  • Can be used for just under 10 minutes in a day.
  • Satisfied customers can cover a wide range from chemotherapy patients and teachers to construction workers and sportspersons.
  • There’s no problem in moving the machine across the house.
  • The machine is also portable, lightweight and comes with a range of features like ease of use and automatic shut off.


  • This foot massager may appear rough or ticklish for certain people; wearing socks can be immensely beneficial in this context.
  • It can be hard for the user to hold the feet on the rotational massage heads.
  • Positioning the feet can be tough as this machine sits flat on the floor. Propping an end up can sort out the issue.
  • The rollers massage the foot’s entire sole from the toe to the heel, but certain customers reported the feet need to be repositioned to reach small pain sports
  • Machine’s heat is low and it lacks the intensity for specific users.
  • Additionally, this massager is not recommended for diabetics.
  • Roller does not work well with people having arched feet or ticklish or sensitive skin.

Final Verdict

The Homedic electric massager is perfect for warding off foot ailments and suited for use in wintery conditions. Additionally, its optional heat feature makes it ideal for chilly regions. The Toe-touch control offers the best experience for elderly persons. This seamless and smooth massager provides a truly flawless experience for everyone.

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#2 Brookstone-83939 Electric-Foot Massager (Heat +Shiatsu Function Equipped)

Brookstone Shiatsu Full Foot Massager with Heat
Photo by: Amazon

With air compressors and a deep kneading action massage roller, the Brookstone electric-foot massager is perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Additionally, this handy foot massager helps in replicating the foot spa experience. The best way for delivering a smooth massage, air compression covers the entire feet, wrapping it up without excessive compression. The message reaches every part of the feet and heating options also help in relaxing and enjoying the advantages of the massage even more so.


Customizable Energy Levels

The intensity level of the massage and its heat are optional and customizable. The high degree of personalization makes it a perfect choice for the discerning user with individual needs.

Preconfigured Auto Massage

Additionally, this foot massager comes with a preconfigured auto-massage program for pulsing, energizing and soothing the body. Each of the programs has a certain impact and target areas that one is looking for fulfilling. This is one of the classiest foot massagers with aesthetic appeal and immense functionality.


The electric foot massager has a comprehensive reach to cover key areas. For utility reasons, the convenient handle has been put on the unit to move it from one place to another. By the point where the foot enters, the fabric-based part can be detached and kept clean and new. This foot massager can fit up to size 14 for men.


The established market leader, the Brookstone Shiatsu foot massager uses air compression to soothe aches and pain in the feet. Its deep foot wells permit complete immersion and the massager works continuously around the feet, unlike many other massagers which focus on just the soles.


This foot massager has dual intensity modes namely high and low. It also comes with three auto massaging options and 6 different settings. This massager is rated well by users which simulate the same relief and sensations as a massage or foot rub.

Easy to Maintain

This feature-rich, well-designed product has an inbuilt cord and an easily grabbable handle making the machine easy to store and move. Removing and washing the foot massager’s fabric linings is easy as these come equipped with convenient zip closures.

Wide Range of Uses

This foot spa machine is convenient and effective to use; it also minimizes plantar pain. Users find this massage device simple to use and appreciate it in terms of comfort. It is made of high-grade plastic with a pump embedded and a mechanism for heating the water and maintenance of its temperature. For using this, the bath needs to be filled with water and switched on. This electric foot massager has all the features to overcome the tension of tired foot muscles and improve blood circulation.

Hydromassage Capabilities

If the pain in the feet is proving a deterrent to effective functionality, the Brookstone electronic foot massager can work wonders. It offers quality hydromassage sessions. Water jets offer immense relief to the muscles. The rollers at the bottom of the massage unit alleviate joint as well as muscular tightness. Additionally, water jets deliver relief to the muscles with spa procedures sans the high cost associated with it.

Product Summary

  • Three Specific Programs: With adjustable compression, this electric foot massager offers specific programs to adapt the massage experience to what is being looked for,
  • Optional heat: The heat option ensures that one can become relaxed.
  • Ergonomy: The foot massage unit is built in such a way that it can fit into the feet and each every single muscle.
  • Easy Maintenance: If there is a buildup of sweat and heat, the inner fabric can be removed and washed.
  • Classy: The electric foot massager comes with a discreet and stylish design.
  • Air Compression: It also offers effective and gentle massage technology
  • Size: This foot massager is for certain foot sizes only; certain foot sizes may find this unit uncomfortable.
  • Timer: The timer is not available.


  • This Brookstone product offers optional heat features.
  • It replicates the Shiatsu massage which targets pressure points, soothing the mind and the body with the application of deep pressure to the feet. It also works well for stress management and enhances blood circulation.
  • Combining heat with the massage can make your feet more receptive to its soothing effects.
  • This machine also lowers swelling and alleviates poor circulation besides relaxing the joint and softening calluses.
  • The machine is also easy to use; its intensity and settings are adjustable.
  • Additionally, the device is lightweight and comes in easy to store and clean shape at 12 pounds.
  • It has an appealing design that looks stunning in every home.
  • This massage works well for different ages and foot sizes.
  • This is a great foot massager unit with appealing aesthetics and unlimited functionality.
  • This foot massage unit has many benefits such as promoting relaxation and sleep, elevating the mood and offering foot massagers for those with ailments like plantar fasciitis.
  • It is suited for relaxing the feet of those who stand for long hours.
  • Additionally, the machine turns off after 15 minutes.


  • The main complaint is that the product is not durable, according to some.
  • Additionally, the heat function is not satisfactory according to some users

Final Verdict

For the perfect hydro or thermal massage, this Brookstone foot spa unit is useful in many ways. It mimics the Shiatsu massage and gives the benefits of this ancient Japanese technique. The electric foot massager also offers a lot of benefits such as ease of use, adjustability, and maintenance. It can be used for boosting relaxation levels and fending off foot ailments.

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#3 Belmint Shiatsu Massager (Equipped with Heat and Air Pressure functionality)

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager
Photo by: Amazon

The Belmint Shiatsu device offers a lot of benefits such as different modes to select from, activation or deactivation based on preferences of different persons and customize experiences based on liking and needs. With infrared heating capabilities and air pressure variance, you can get the perfect massage in a matter of minutes.


Heating Functionality

Using infrared light, you can warm your feet with optional heating. It can also be toggled on and off.

Deep Kneading Massage

The Shiatsu massage function offers deep kneading that gives the bottom of the feet a big rub. It can be switched on or off with ease.

Air Pressure Massage

This enables the massage device unit to squeeze the entire feet like a machine that monitors blood pressure. The foot massager stimulates blood circulation varying the overall intensity of the massage. There are 5 levels of intensities to choose from.

Multifaceted Functionality

This massager employs the ancient Japanese method of Shiatsu which offers 2-foot beds that feature around eighteen nodes to massage each foot. A soft mesh covers the nodes to provide a gentle rolling motion for kneading sore feet. Through deep kneading and circular motion, the massager targets points to ease tension and tightness of the muscle. At the mere touch of a button, users can turn on optional heating functions to ensure more relaxation.

Simple Operation

The aspects of this device are that it benefits the way massages take place. Operation techniques are simple and low heating options are there. This foot massager is designed to target sensory endings at varying speeds and intensities. The vibrating rollers cover the entire feet to ensure complete comfort. This foot massager offers optional heat for those times when you need to relax and enhance the circulation. This works well for the winter and the fabric within the massager can be removed and cleaned easily.

Reflexology Benefits

With its popular Shiastu capabilities, the machine eliminates swelling, tension in the muscle and joints and enhances overall wellness. The Japanese technique for foot spa treatments offers circular massaging and ease of joint operations. It also soothes muscles that are tensed and improves blood circulation.


The moderate price of this foot massager is an added advantage when it comes to operations as compared to costly counterparts. A convenient display makes it easy to control the operation of the massager. The choice of making a selection of the intensity mode makes it suitable and versatile for different people including those with joint issues. It is possible to switch the device to heating mode easily as well. Heating up to 140 degrees F takes 7.7 minutes alone. This massager also offers advanced strokes and manipulation of the feet. It relieves stress and ensures complete body relaxation.


  • This unit is straightforward to use and rated highly in terms of comfort levels.
  • It is also suited for a different range of foot sizes including large feet.
  • Those with massive shoe sizes may find this a better fit, but even those with small feet can benefit from these foot massage units.
  • This unit is effective in providing relief and the heat function is also well appreciated, during the cold winter months.


  • The kneading function of this foot massager is too intense at the highest setting and it is, therefore, critical to start off with the lowest setting.
  • The power cord is too short for some users.
  • Many with very large feet complained that this foot massager does not get to the heel area well.
  • Additionally, the sound of the device was said to be too loud.


Final Verdict

Aside from some problems like high heat levels, and a massive intensity making this Belmint foot massager too warm for the liking of some users and a no-no for those with diabetes and certain foot sensitivities, this is a great choice for those who want an affordable foot massage unit that offers benefits at fewer costs.

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#4 Orion Motor-Tech Kneading-Rolling Electronic Shiatsu Foot Massager

Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu
Photo by: Amazon

This Orion Motor-Tech Shiatsu electric foot massager is so hi-tech that it offers amazing new-age features. It comes with a classic aesthetic appearance and provides Shiatsu style massages focusing on certain points of the foot for massaging precision. Users can choose from three different programs focusing on a particular area of the feet, from toes to the plantar arch and the foot’s soles. Four intensity levels can be easily adjusted for a seamless, smooth and intense massage. This foot massager even comes with a remote control. For improved hygiene, the fabric part is detached easily and can be washed.


High Level of Customization

The high level of customization one can get from this foot massager is incredible. It ensures that the perfect massage can be had regardless of differences in tastes and preferences. It is easy to use and accommodate more feet sizes for a good massage session. The foot massager also comes equipped with a remote control that is multi-functional. You can easily make the switch between the different modes and functions.

Two-Way Benefits

This model comes with unique rollers as well as kneaded padding design that offers the most revitalizing and rejuvenating massage. The model saves the additional expense of going to a foot massage therapist and provides professional, quality care for your soles, ankles and feet’s fingers. It can also be used for the calves.


The electric foot massager is designed to fit up to 13 US size shoes. The manual features a complete guide on the impact of the foot massager on the human body. A simple foot massage is a flexible way out to access a host of health benefits.

Individual Settings for Optimal Impact

The massager comes with 4 pre-programmed auto modes for specific parts of the foot. For relieving tension in the leg muscles, there is a mode, while another treats never endings to lower headaches or back or neck aches/Yet another mode relieves physical fatigue. Three custom modes can be set up for specific skin and leg areas as well. The user also has the option of choosing the completely manual mode. There is complete control over intensity level and roller motion with this mode, for suiting your preferences and health conditions. This foot massager even comes with a remote control making it perfect for those with mobility limitations.

Clarity and Ease of Maintenance

Within just a few months of use, foot massagers tend to become worn out. But with a detachable fabric piece, this Orion Motor Tech foot massager features an easy to wash velour material. As for the glossy covered plastic housing, it can be wiped out with a towel or a damp cloth. After a lot of use, it still retains its fresh look.

Product Summary

  • Customized Settings: This massager comes with 4 automated programs for targeting specific areas and the speed can be adjusted. It is as simple as giving instructions to the home foot massager.
  • Removable: The fabric comprising this massager is easy to detach and wash for keeping the massager clean.
  • Wide Reach: The device only requires you to place your feet in it and it covers all of your foot.
  • A timer is not available for this model.


  • Its detachable fabric is easy to maintain and it comes with 4 pre-programmed auto modes.
  • It relieves tension in the leg muscles and is suited for securing relief from muscle tension in the foot and other parts of the body through the principle of Shiatsu
  • It has individual settings for maximum impact
  • It offers a wide range of applications


  • Does not cover the top of the feet.
  • A timer is not available

Final Verdict

This Orion electric foot massager has 4 auto modes that are pre-determined for easy usage and bring the health advantages associated with a deep kneading Shiatsu massage. This is one of the most affordable, value for money electric foot massagers on the market, rated highly by users.

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#5 uComfy Shiatsu Electric Foot Massager

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager
Photo By: Amazon

uComfy electric foot massager is lightweight, portable and mobile. It can be easily carried around and the 4-feet base offers additional stability. Additionally, the preconfigured massage length for this device is 15 minutes. It offers the perfect daily relaxation, commencing from 15 minutes and counting down gradually. This user-friendly, intuitive foot massager offers a lot of benefits.


Intuitive Menu Bar

This menu bar is quite intuitive and easy for using on this automatic foot massager. It also offers a wide variety of features such as kneading, less or more intensity, power button, and heat. The kneading process works like a massage given by hand, always changing direction and providing the most realistic foot massage as against the vibration function. It also offers constancy and regularity.

5 Different Levels

For determining the intensity and strength of the massage, the choice can be between 5 different phases or levels. The aim is to raise the intensity as one goes and stop at a point where the firm massage is attained and not overdone.

Heat Feature

The heat feature permits a gentle heat sensation that permits a sense of comfort and relaxation surrounding the feet. The home electric foot massage unit offers vibration, intensity, kneading and hit.

Easy to Maintain

The electric foot massager also comes with the timer and removable, detachable inner lining. The uComfy foot massager is easy to use and maintain.

Multiple Intensity Settings

The uComfy foot massager offers varied intensity settings for the massage and provides massage action to the upper and lower portion of the feet. The foot massager offers excellent massaging action and versatile cleaning options.

Small Enough to Stow

The uComfy foot massager weights around 12 pounds and has a measurement dimension of 17.7 x 15x 18.1 inches. Though it is not portable, it is small enough to stow in a massive suitcase or bag.

Manual Control

The uComfy Shiatsu massager comes with no pre-programmed presets so an automatic program cannot be made. Instead, the controls at the central console have to be manipulated.

Shiatsu Massage

This foot massager offers Shiatsu type massage as well as a vibration massage. It has a heat option to loosen muscles and increase the comfort factor, The machine has the versatility to offer a single option or combine two/more settings.

Solid Base

The presence of four feet on the machine’s base means it can be used in the carpeted surface without the overheating of the motor, as air can circulate around it.

Aesthetic Appeal

The uComfy looks more enticing than that of competitors. It comes in 3 different colors namely magenta, red and silver. It can fit into any interior setting. The seated unit has a toe touch control panel which is well identified and simple to operate. Large foot pockets in place offer the stylish touch apart from optimal stimulation.

Relieves Pain and Cramps

Feet pain or cramps can be relieved using the deep kneading Shiatsu experience targeting pressure points in the feet. It does not offer rollers that provide reflexology though this massager does have a heat feature. The heat feature enables the muscles to be loosened and increases the receptivity to the massage. It is a highly relaxing, relief providing massager. Improve circulation and get the benefit of Shiatsu massage using this device.

Equipped With Four Features

The massager comes with 4 primary features namely air massage, kneading, vibration, and heat. Heat allows feet to feel better during the massage. Kneading ensures the deepest massage to free the feet of pain is in place.

Enhanced Circulation

Through compression to improve the blood flow, air massage offers a lot of benefits. It alleviates the feet pain resulting from medical conditions like diabetes. Vibration also leads to amplification of the message one is receiving.

Sleek and Handy

This Shiatsu therapy heated air massage unit regulates the flow and pressure of blood and enhances respiration. It also offers the perfect kneading and vibration action, massaging the top and lower base of the foot. It also offers sleek appearance and is lightweight and easy to use.

Product Summary

  • Heat: Optional heating is easily available.
  • Timer: The timer comes with a 15-minute countdown and a recommended session span.
  • Customization: This is another benefit as 5 different vibration levels are present.
  • Kneading: This foot massager offers a kneading action to create a real hand massage experience
  • Detachable Foot Rest: The inner cloth lining of this massager is easily removable.


  • This Shiatsu massager offers an excellent job when it comes to deep kneading massages.
  • It also has air compression that improves blood flow instantly.
  • It also scores on ease of use and intuitive application.


  • This foot massager may be too strong for sensitive skin.
  • The massager is not suitable for large feet as it requires placing the foot in the device and there is no room for extra large sizes.
  • The buttons intended for vibration are actually regarding air pressure and tightness leading to labeling issues.

Final Verdict

The uComfy Shiatsu massager is a perfect accessory for those who want to bid farewell to tense muscles and cramps or pains. The heat equipped massager is perfect for those who want staying power and a machine that is built to last.

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Types of Foot Massagers

There is a wide range of foot massagers on the market, providing different functions or techniques.

Electric Foot Massagers

These offer a wonderful means of relaxing and massaging the feet and provide a sense of relief and power capability beyond manual systems. Most electric massagers come with rapid rollers that rotate, addressing common points of pain on the soles of the feet, as well as the top of ankles and foot. These massagers come in different styles from those that let you place your feet in them to smaller ones that are handheld.

Electric massagers also include water or hydromassage, replicating the benefits of a spa with oxygen bubbles and heat for relaxing the feet. As these massagers are electricity fueled, they are not suitable for all. You need to check with your doctor for moving. Electric massagers are perfect for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long and tiring day.

On account of the speed at which machines massage, it can be quite powerful and apply strong pressure which some opt for. Electric massagers require an investment. Some are lightweight and mobile whereas others are not portable. They need some storage space as well.


These are massagers that are made of wood generally. These treat sore feet and conditions like plantar fasciitis. The pressure and strength of the massage can be controlled through electric massagers which are designed to provide deep stimulation including myofascial release.

These simple massages are beneficial, though they cost one-fourth of the electric one.


Handheld or smaller massagers can be useful if you opt for multipurpose ones. It controls how the pressure is applied as well as its location. While opting for a handheld massager, there are differences in budget, conditions, functions or preferences. The massagers are either manual or electronic.

Relax and opt for any one of these amazing foot massagers for the best outcomes.

How to Buy an Electric Foot Massager

Foot massagers are suited for many different styles and functions of massage. To get a quick, at a glance understanding of this, read on.


This is a traditional massage based on Japanese science that uses pressure from the massager to use pressure to knead the muscles. Foot massagers with this type of therapeutic mode offer rotating heads or vibrators which are much like a massage therapist’s hand. These massagers also include optional heat function.


For compression massage, the key therapeutic tool is the application of pressure to rejuvenate and relax the muscles. Compression helps in dilating capillaries and is a beneficial form of massage for those with blood flow problems. Foot massagers come with auto compression settings as well.


Yet another optional feature in many foot massagers is the heat option. To loosen up the muscles, you need to use heat. Heating has many positive impacts including a rise in blood flow and tension reduction. Heat is used along with other types of massage and helps muscles to relax further.


The infrared waves go deep within the muscles and bones to provide immense benefits for health. The rays elevate the surface temperature of the body to ease tension in the muscles and raise blood flow. Infrared is not a massage therapy in itself. It is used along with other foot-spa therapy.


Hydrotherapy is a massage style where the water pressure is used to raise circulation, loosen up tense muscles and relieve muscular pain caused by a lot of injuries or conditions. With a hydromassage, you can access vibration, lights, heat, jet, and bubbles in conjunction to provide the most amazing massage experience/

Points to Consider

How to Use the Machine

Be clear how you plan to use the machine, whether you want to use it daily or once in a while. As per your needs, you can opt for a machine that is simple to use and easy to set up. Check if you will share the foot massager with family or friends. You need to study if you opt for entry-level units or opt for an advanced model. You need to be clear and realistic about your needs and requirements.

What Are Your Needs

Whether you are just looking to improve blood flow or tackle specific conditions like diabetes or blood pressure, you need to zero in on the best option for you. Check if you are seeking the device for the whole foot or plank-like. Some even offer a massage with distinctive components and parts. For creating conditions like neuropathy, diabetes, and fasciitis, you need to choose an option that offers the best deal.

The Cost Factor

You need to check if the investment is worth it. Electric foot massagers are available at different prices and budgets. If you need a good massager on a continuous basis, an electric massage unit is the best idea.

The Features

Consider the heat factor when it comes to optional outcomes. A good, effective foot massage ensures that heat creates the best outcome. Vibration is another factor to consider. Can you vary the intensity or stimulate the feet well? Kneading is also an essential part as it can be viewed as the perfect addition for a hand massage.


You also need to consider factors like foot massage shapes and sizes. Feet size and sensitivities are the key factors here.


Choosing the massage intensity level is an added advantage. A timer of 15-20 minutes is an additional value. It also depends on the kind of massager you choose. For compression foot massagers, the cushions of air cause inner air circulation and the level of massage intensity is based on the number of cushions on the machine. Roller massagers offer deep kneading or vibrating mechanisms for adjusting massage speed and intensity. Combined massagers offer additional value. Hydromassage models affect the feet through mechanical waves and water jets. Ultrasound and magnetic massagers are also great for monitoring blood pressure.

Convenience and Functionality

These are other factors to consider while purchasing a foot massager. Modern massagers come with auto mode, remote controls, toe touch controls and more. The dimensions of the foot massager should also be perfect for the size of the feet, the sensitivity of the skin and associated aspects.

Top 5 Electric Foot Massager review


These amazing electric foot massagers offer the best bang for the bucks. Opt for comfortable and relaxing foot massagers that offer value for cash, and the most relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing experience for the use.

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