Best Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Best Homemade Pregnancy Tests : DIY Pregnancy Tests at Home

Sure, everyone’s heard of a home pregnancy test kit. But what about a homemade pregnancy test? Many women are unaware of how easy it is to make and use a pregnancy test at home. But these homemade pregnancy tests have always been there, well before scientific pregnancy kits were invented. Pregnancy tests that are homemade do not require any kits. We present this detailed post on such tests. These can really make it easy to watch out for unplanned pregnancies and avoid the burden of buying a home pregnancy kit from the pharmacy.

How To Make A Homemade Pregnancy Test

The first urine passed in the morning is most concentrated, giving the best results. Remember that a lot of water needs to be taken so the bladder fills up. Feel the pressure and desire to urinate before taking the test. The risks and uncertainties of a new pregnancy can be extremely hard for women. Whether you are prepared for having your baby or falling short of it, the whole idea of a pregnancy can be overwhelming for many. Relieve the anxiety by dispelling your doubts. Homemade pregnancy tests are not just the most anonymous, but also the safest and fastest means of finding out if you are pregnant. They also make it easier, as opposed to purchasing a test at a drug-store or scheduling appointments with the doctor. Standard or regular pregnancy tests are more recent. Before pharmacies stocked home pregnancy kits, women were using products found in kitchen cabinets. Much like standard pregnancy tests, even home-based tests can help in finding out if a baby is about to be born. You can assess your pregnancy rapidly and discreetly. Once your body is pregnant, it goes through many changes such as missed periods, morning sickness and tender, swollen breasts. Fatigue can also turn a person into a tired and sleepy state. Food cravings can be an indication of pregnancy too.

How Do Homemade Pregnancy Tests Function?

DIY Pregnancy TestsHomemade testing works in a way akin to standard tests, though they may seem less easy to rely on. Specifically, these tests sense the presence of hormone hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. Homemade tests can carry out the same process as a home pregnancy kit. The hormone hCG is produced when the cells begin to formulate the sac protecting fertilized eggs once these attach on the uterine walls or the placenta. This hormone can be easily detected and is a certain sign of conception. Homemade pregnancy tests check for hCG by seeing chemical responses between urine and other substances.

As homemade tests are based on the occurrence of chemical reactions, result timing varies in terms of the substances used for testing the urine for pregnancy. The test result also depends on the time the urine was collected. No standard portions of urine may be used for this test. Calculating the proper amount is therefore difficult, Estimated quantities are shared in this article so tests are more reliable. Apart from vague timing and portions, homemade tests are extremely wonderful indicators of the hCG, so accurate results can be expected once chemical reactions are observed. Measures can be in place to ensure homemade tests yield optimal results.

Getting Accurate Tests

The way to get accurate tests is to use morning urine sample. This is concentrated making it easier to trace hCG. The sample needs to be stored in plastic cups with lids. Ideally, the substance used for testing such as bleach or soap should be in the proportion 1:1 with the urine, as fewer amounts of urine, can produce conflicting results. It is essential to wait for at least 5-10 minutes before evaluating the test’s outcome. Chemical reactions to confirm pregnancy may extend more than expected. Repeat the test to ensure the reaction is identical. It is important not to rely on only a single pregnancy test. Try many testing types and compare results so outcomes can be confirmed.

The Best & Simplest Home-Based Pregnancy Tests

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

#1 Tylenol and Peroxide Mix

Both Tylenol and peroxide are commonly found in the home. For this homemade pregnancy test, ensure that you use branded Tylenol in white capsule form. Do not try for liquid gel type capsules. Tylenol and peroxide pregnancy tests are easy to carry out. This is a simple method to detect pregnancies. If you have missed periods, this is the right choice for a pregnancy test.

After crushing 2 Tylenol tablets, you need to put the powder in a clear glass bowl. Then, pour the peroxide so the powder turns fizzy. Ideally, peroxide and Tylenol should be added in an equal amount in another container and mixed together like this. Then you need to add just a teaspoon of first urine collected in the morning to this mixture. Notice the changes and see the solution turning blue, indicating that you are expecting a child. Essentially, the result comes within 10 minutes. A positive pregnancy turns solution blue or foaming. Negative signs are when the mixture gathers no reaction.

#2 Sugar

pregnancy tests SugarThe simplest of all do-it-yourself homemade tests are undoubtedly sugar. Yes, this sweet treat was regularly used when commercial, standard pregnancy test kits were not available. Test for pregnancy with this homemade test using sugar easily. White sugar is an affordable ingredient to test hCG in the urine. One word of caution though, don’t take powdery sugar because it lacks the ability for clumping and will dissolve in solution anyways.

Here’s how you can go about using the sugar pregnancy test. Take one tablespoon of sugar within the bowl. Then, add a single tablespoon of urine collected first thing in the morning to this. See the reaction of the sugar to the urine. If the sugar forms clumps or blocks, it means one is pregnant. In contrast, when sugar dissolves rapidly, there is no pregnancy. The reason for the clumping of the white, granulated sugar is that the hCG hormones do not permit it to dissolve. This test takes about five to ten minutes to show results.

In case the sugar starts clumping, it indicates hCG which means the pregnancy is imminent. On the other hand, when the hCG hormone is not active, the person gets a negative result when sugar dissolves easily in the urine. This is one of the simplest homemade pregnancy tests out there. This tried and tested method has been used when there were no commercial pregnancy kits sold.

Sugar is one of the most common tests for detecting pregnancy in women. Sugar is a component that dissolves quickly in a substance as changes occur in the element’s state.

#3 Baking Soda

Baking Soda Pregnancy TestsSoda bicarb or baking soda is one of the most common and popular pregnancy detection methods at home. For a DIY pregnancy test, this common ingredient can be used. Baking soda does not compromise on safety. Procedure using baking soda helps in knowing whether the fetus is male or female too. This reliable test is highly prized for its convenience and accuracy.

For this homemade test, you need 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a bowl. Put the baking soda in the bowl and add the first-morning urinary deposits to it. If the baking soda upon contact with urine forms bubbles, it indicates that you are about to become a mother. Additionally, the solution should also turn blue upon contact with morning urine. For no reactions, a negative result is indicated.

#4 Bleach

Bleach is another natural way to test for pregnancy. When you want to make your own pregnancy test at home, bleach-based tests provide results in an extremely short span of time. All you need is a single cup of bleach. Add morning urine to this cup and see the state of the mixture after around ten minutes. If there is foam in the solution, you need to be congratulated on pregnancy.

Bleach is a cleanser which can be found online or in any household. The way it interacts with the urine indicates whether the hCG hormone is active. Positive pregnancies are indicated by fizzing and foaming with bleach once the morning urine is added in the ratio 1:1 to it. No reaction, on the other hand, means there is no pregnancy. Some of the precautions you need to take care to make sure your nose and mouth are covered with a cloth because fumes from bleach can be toxic. Make sure you use gloves and always conduct this test in an outdoor area, after collecting the morning sample of urine.

Bleach pregnancy tests yield quicker results than any other test. All you need to do is take a container and collect the urine. Bleaching powder must be added to it and mixed to avoid lumps. If the foam and fizz are noticed, you are pregnant and vice versa. Remember that you need to keep your distance from the solution, as its fumes are dangerous. When inhaled bleach can make a person feel dizzy and nauseous. If you come into contact with the solution directly, make sure to use concentrated soap for cleaning your hands. Ensure you carry out this pregnancy test in a well-ventilated place so that you don’t accidentally breathe in the fumes. Using a face mask when you perform this test is a must.

#5 Pine Sol

Homemade Pregnancy Tests Pine SolPine sol is one of the most accurate methods for checking and detecting pregnancy from the comfort of your home. It was a conventional homemade pregnancy kit and continues to be the perfect choice among women. Pine-sol is an antibacterial agent comprising needles, cones, twigs and other components of the pine plant. The color of pine sol needs to be noted before testing. Pine sol is a cleaning product that is staple and that reacts with urine if it possesses high levels of hCG hormone.

One ingredient that can be obtained from the pine tree surface, pine sol is a very effective homemade pregnancy test. Collect different sol material from the pine tree for conducting the test at home. Mixed elements of different parts of the pine tree can be used such as needles, cones, and twigs, which is a crucial part of the test. Pine tree parts change color if the liquid is poured on them. In the event that the liquid contains acid, this reflects in the shade it turns into.

You need to take a small quantity of pine sol in a single cup. To this, add morning urine to the sample. Specifically, you need to mix 1/2 a cup of pine sol with 1/2 a plastic cup of sample of morning urine. If you are pregnant, the solution should change its color. No color change is a negative sign. This test takes 3-5 minutes to conduct. Pine sol is a cleaning product that cleanses and lends fragrance to the home, but it’s great for detecting incoming pregnancies as well.

#6 Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion leaves are useful for detecting pregnancy. This test procedure is perfect for getting accurate results. These leaves are also known as Blowball, puffball, Lion’s tooth, white endive etc. These are herbs from the sunflower family that is medicinal.

Here’s how you can use dandelion leaves to test pregnancy. Take a few (around 2-3) fresh Dandelion plant leaves and place them in a plastic container. Be careful that the sunlight does not come into contact with the leaves. Collect your first urine of the day in another cup. Then, place half a cup of the urine into the cup containing the leaves. If red blisters or bumps appear on the surface of the leaves, you are expecting. These blisters on the leaves should appear within 10 minutes of contact with the urine. A negative sign is when the leaves have no blisters on them after 10 minutes. Get quick results using a home pregnancy test.

#7 Toothpaste

pregnancy tests ToothpasteToothpaste is a great indicator of pregnancy when it mixes with the urine. But please use white colored toothpaste only. This is because any other color will defeat the purpose of the test. Place a dollop (around 2 tablespoons) of toothpaste in a cup. Pour half a cup of morning urine previously collected into it. Then wait for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are pregnant, the toothpaste will turn a light blue and start to froth and foam. Foam without blue color or blue color without foam also counts as a positive result. If one does not observe a reaction on toothpaste other than it is slightly dissolving, the chances are high that you are not pregnant. For optimal outcomes, you need to buy plain white toothpaste without crystals or colors. Repeat the process to check the reaction again if required.

#8 Vinegar

Try this homemade pregnancy test, if you want to choose vinegar. It is an extensively used household item. Understand there won’t be an adverse reaction between vinegar and urine. Test the vinegar well before the date of expiry. This homemade remedy is perfect. You will require half a cup of vinegar and one medium-sized bowl. Add the vinegar and half a cup urine collected first thing in the morning to the bowl and observe the mixture. After about 5-7 minutes, the color of the vinegar should have changed, if you are pregnant.

As vinegar is a commonly used household product, it makes sense to choose this as a homemade pregnancy detector. Use this vinegar as a homemade pregnancy test and you can ascertain whether you are pregnant or not. Use distilled white vinegar for the best results. Mix vinegar with the urine in a cup. Should there be any color change after it forms bubbles, it is a confirmation that you are pregnant. Vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient. So, it is easy to procure as well.

#9 Mustard Powder

This is a tricky, complicated method as the mustard powder is used as a warm soak. Powdered mustard is considered effective if you want to check whether one is expecting or not, following a missed period. Filling the bathtub using warm water, add half to a three-fourths cup of fresh, new mustard powder. Soak this for a minimum of 30 minutes, so mustard functions and impacts the body. Once this is over, take a shower using lukewarm or normal temperature water. If you do not get your period within 2-3 days, it means you may be expecting. This homemade remedy induces periods in women who are not pregnant. For those who miss their periods, this is a useful substance for detecting whether missed periods are on account of pregnancy or some other factor.

The reason why this is great as a homemade pregnancy detection, If the periods have been missed as per the expected monthly date, this method can detect whether periods are late due to other reasons or it is a case for pregnancy.

#10 Tuna Juice & Vinegar

Homemade Pregnancy Tests Tuna Juice and VinegarTuna juice & vinegar is another DIY pregnancy test that can work wonders for you. You need one-fourth glass of tuna can juice, one-fourth glass of vinegar and an equal amount of morning urine. Mix the tuna juice and vinegar in a cup and place the urine sample directly in it. Wait for 10 minutes. If you are pregnant, the color of the solution must turn green. The mixture will remain in the yellowish orange state if the result is negative.

#11 Onion Juice

This is a Greek method for detecting pregnancy. The ancient Greeks also used this method for gestation. Doctors in ancient Greece used to believe that during pregnancy, the vaginal sections of the body are absorbent and elements of onions are absorbed and carried into the bloodstream. This results in a foul smell coming from the mouth of a pregnant woman. For this purpose, onion juice is used in modern times to get an idea of pregnancy using this homemade method.

#12 Natural Pregnancy Test

This is one of the simplest homemade pregnancy tests. The first urine of the day is all that is required. No other ingredients are required. The only thing to wait for is 24 hours to get the best results. If you are okay with waiting for one whole day, this test can be safely taken. Take half a cup of urine and one flat surfaced jar. Collect half a cup of the first urine of the day after waking up. Pour the urine into a jar with a flat surface. Wait for a day. If there is a small layer on the urine, it means you may be headed for a pregnancy.

#13 Wheat Pregnancy Test

One of the earliest and oldest tests discovered by ancient Egyptians, the wheat pregnancy test can be used even now. Women need to take a whole wheat bag and urinate on it. If the seed germinates, it indicates pregnancy. The science behind the test is very simple. The urine of the pregnant woman contains higher levels of estrogen hormone, which can simulate seed growth. In ancient times, it was believed that if the seed just sprouted somewhat, it would be a male child and if the plant grew, a daughter would be born. The result is 70 percent accurate.

#14 Lach Test

Take a single latch and a container. Keep the latch in the container and pass urine in the container. Wait for around 180 minutes and then take out the latch. If the impression of the latch can be seen at the base of the container, you can expect positive results for pregnancy.

#15 Wine

pregnancy tests WineWine pregnancy detection is another reliable test giving accurate results. This has been in vogue since the older times. Take 1/2 a cup of wine and an equal amount of urine. Mix both of these and wait for 10 minutes so that a reaction may occur. If the original color changes, it means that the person is pregnant. Wine test is also called the medieval pregnancy test. It has been used for detecting pregnancy in women from medieval times. During the medieval times, no techniques and methods were there to identify the pregnancy of women. The wine was used to detect the pregnancy and it is one of the most convenient methods to confirm a pregnancy. In medieval times, women used to mix wine and urine and note the changes in urine to confirm pregnancy. This method involves dissolving in the sense that the urine of a pregnant woman gets mixed with wine, resulting in a positive indication. The result is negative if the urine is clear and does not dissolve. This home remedy pregnancy test has been used since ancient times.

#16 Red Cabbage

When one is testing for pregnancy, there is no need to visit a local store for buying a pregnancy kit. Just head to the kitchen and take a cabbage for testing instead. This red cabbage test not only confirms whether or not one is pregnant but also reveals the gender of the new-born baby. Take a single cabbage, one medium-sized pan of water and 2 jars. Take a single cabbage and cut it into 2 equal parts. Take the water and the cabbage in a pan. Boil the water for around 10 minutes. Allow this water to cool down and store the water in one jar after straining it. In another jar, collect the first urine of the morning. Now mix the urine sample and the cabbage infused water. If it remains purple in color, a baby girl is expected. For a male child, the color should turn pinkish or red.

#17 Seeds of Wheat and Barley

While looking for a homemade pregnancy test that works, seeds of wheat and barley are extremely helpful. This natural pregnancy test has been followed since ancient times. This wheat and barley test is also known as the Egyptian test. Ancient Egyptians believed that this test can show whether a woman is pregnant or not very easily.

All you need to do for this pregnancy test and pour the urine collected in the morning on wheat and barley seeds. This can take time, as the results of the test depend on whether the seeds ferment or not. If the seeds of wheat and barley get fermented, the test results are positive. Moreover, if the wheat seed grows, it indicates a baby boy and if the barley seed grows, a baby girl is expected. Just make sure you take barley and wheat seeds of half a cup each and an equal amount of urine for the test. If the seed starts to sprout within a few days, you can clearly expect a pregnancy.

#18 Soap

Soap is another great homemade pregnancy substance. A piece of soap can detect hCG levels in the urine by frothing or making bubbles. All you need is one small piece of soap, 2 tablespoons of urine collected first thing in the morning and a plastic cup. Mix both ingredients in a cup and observe if the soap froths or foams. If there is no such reaction, you are not pregnant. This soap test takes 2-5 minutes to work. You can use any type of soap irrespective of color, fragrance, type or brand. Soap is the most typical product of everyday use, whether it is for showers or hand wash. But soap is also a pregnancy detector kit. If soap does not froth or foam in contact with urine, it is a negative result, as per this DIY pregnancy test.

DIY Pregnancy Tests: What To Watch Out For

Pregnancy TestsDIY pregnancy tests can be one of the easiest ways to detect if you are about to have a child. But be sure to visit a doctor once the pregnancy has been confirmed. DIY pregnancy tests offer easy pregnancy detection using homemade substances or natural ingredients available in a kitchen or a local store. They don’t require expense or time for preparation. Make them as per your convenience and use these as needed. If tests show a positive result, you may need to try it once more for confirmation. One of the most important things to watch out for while testing the urine sample is that it should be the first urine released in the day, as this has the highest hCG levels. Using plastic containers and a spatula for collecting urine samples as well as other ingredients are important. A considerable quantity of urine needs to be collected, as too little of it may not give the right results. Wait for at least 5-10 minutes to take more than expected. Repeat the method to ensure that the result is right. Also, avoid shaking or disturbing samples while performing tests.

These methods are useful as pregnancy tests and can be performed at home extremely easy. Also, morning urine has less dilution making it ideal for testing. Follow a few simple precautions and you can confirm your pregnancy through these homemade tests without purchasing a commercial kit. But do remember that the accuracy of the homemade test depends on the urine hCG levels. Tests may not work in the same way as pregnancy kits, but these are easier to detect. Ensure the containers used are made of plastic and dispose of these once the test is complete.

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