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Foods that Are Welcome in the Paleo Diet

The premise of the paleo diet is an easy one. It is a diet, and a way of life, based on what cavemen probably ate about 10,000 years ago during the Paleolithic period, mainly plants and animals. Some scientists debate the type of foods that were probably eaten at the […]

Why the Fuss Over HCG?

Why all the fuss about the HCG Diet? Is the diet unsafe? If not, is it ineffective? These questions and more were on my mind as I approached Jennifer Margolies, the Program Director for the Fast Weight Loss Centers in Dallas, TX, to talk about the controversial HCG diet. Thankfully, […]

Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Protecting the heart is very important. If you have cholesterol problems, it is vital that you know the foods that lower it. Oftentimes, changes in the diet are required in order to have a healthy heart. You can check with your doctor and nutritionist to find out the right foods […]

Best Macronutrient Ratio for Weight Loss

Are you planning to lose weight or are already in the process of doing so? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you should consider the best macronutrient ratio that will make your pursuit more effective. The key to a successful weight loss plan is to track what you […]

Inspiring Weight Loss Stories Straight from Tinseltown

Everything is possible in Hollywood. This is the one place on Earth where dreams and fantasies do come true: hookers find their one true love, aliens find a home, and mentally challenged individuals get to become the benchmark for humanity.  Truly, Hollywood is the mecca for the realization of all […]

How Fruits Can Help You Lose Weight

You can never go wrong when you choose fruits as your weight loss food. In fact, most diets include fruits in one form or other to help in weight loss programme.There are several benefits you can gain from veggies that no other substance could provide. Fruits are rich also in […]

Stress Level Low On HCG Diet

13 Reasons For Keeping Stress Level Low On HCG Diet

Stress levels are not always easy to manage. Sometimes exercise may not be enough to lower body weight but when combined with a good diet and healthy lifestyle, the body finds ways to eliminate extra fat and eventually levels out. The hormone Human Chlorionic Gonadotropin or HCG helps lower body […]