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Alternative Asthma Treatments

Eight Most Effective Alternative Asthma Treatments

Asthma is a chronic respiratory problem which occurs due to blockage of the airways which carry air from and to the lungs. Due to inflammation or swelling people find it difficult to breathe smoothly resulting in breathing shortness and chest tightness occur. Though there are several medical treatments to relive […]

Now is a Great Time to Explore Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is a science-backed approach which focuses on identifying key aspects of each individual and unique case. It focuses on non-toxic therapies to restore mental, physical and structural balance too. It is perceived as an art, science, and philosophy which is a distinct system of primary health care by […]

Abilify How does it Work and How to Reduce Side Effects

Abilify : How does it Work and How to Reduce Side Effects

Abilify and Its Side Effects To minimize the side effect of Abilify or aripiprazole, an antipsychotic medication, experts often recommend that patients should refrain from taking the medicine more or in greater frequency than the doctor recommends. Abilify can make you feel light-headed or giddy. So if you have been […]

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments

5 Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer, according to World Health Organization, is the world’s leading cause of human mortality. Based on statistical data by WHO, there were about 14 million cases of cancer way back in 2012, and this figure will soon increase up to 22 million cases in a span of 20 years. This […]

ayurveda cure-cancer-treatment

Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda

Cancer is the life threatening disease, known for its uncontrolled growth and fast spreading power in the body. It affects the surrounding tissues and the organs. When, over a period of time, toxins collect at the site of a particular organ, it results in over growth in its surrounding cells. […]