Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Share Common Thread

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s are closely linked according to scientific research. Close to over 21 million US citizens have diabetes. This is a disease that is associated with a diminishing capacity of the body to convert glucose to energy. A significant percentage of these people do not know that they have […]

Type 2 Diabetes – Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid

Type 2 Diabetes : Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid

Type 2 Diabetes and Diet A diabetes diet that is well balanced includes the right combination of healthy carbs, proteins, and fats. Just because you have type 2 diabetes does not mean you cannot make eating enjoyable, while considering the health factor. The key to choosing the right blend of […]

Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

When the first forms of glucose monitoring came out in the 1960s, doctors said that patients monitoring their own levels at home would lead to complications. They argued that a lab test was the only effective method of tracking a patient’s blood-sugar levels. Today, doctors regularly subscribe glucose testing to […]