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Dietary Changes to Help Combat Yeast Infections

Best Dietary Changes to Help Combat Yeast Infections

A small amount of fungus naturally exists on and in the body, and there isn’t a problem with it. However, certain situations could cause the fungus to multiply out of control, causing yeast infections. The incidence of fungal infections, particularly those caused by Candida species, has been increasing. Among Candida […]

check thyroid at home

How Can I Check the Condition of My Thyroid at Home?

Millions of Americans suffer from various thyroid conditions. The two most common are hyperthyroidism (and overproduction of specific hormones) and hypothyroidism (a lack of thyroid hormones). As the thyroid regulates many automatic processes throughout your body, it is always wise to seek advice from a medical professional if you suspect […]

Health Insurance Plan

5 Reasons to Buy a Health Insurance Plan at a Young Age

With the growth in lifestyle-related disease and the widespread effects of the pandemic, it has become extremely critical for everyone to own a health insurance plan. While there’s a common misconception that health insurance is needed at a later stage in your life, the ever-changing lifestyle of the current generation […]

Reducing Inflammation

Red Light Therapy on Reducing Inflammation

To understand why the evolving technology called red light therapy is considered an effective treatment for wounds, injuries, inflammation, and associated problems, it’s important first to understand the inflammation and how it affects our bodies. What is Inflammation? Most of the time, the terms inflammation and swelling are used interchangeably, […]

Buckle Fracture causes treatment

Buckle Fracture : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A buckle fracture is one of the common types of childhood injury which often children develop while playing or due to fall. However, the good news is that this fracture doesn’t cause major injury and it heals rapidly as children’s growth rate remains quite high naturally. This fracture is also […]