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Has Health and Fitness Become too Complicated?

The health and fitness industry is more complicated than ever. While this complexity may be good for people with serious weight issues, it’s not necessary for those who just want to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness ‘experts’ are always coming up with new and different weight loss techniques. They make everything look complex so people can purchase their books, programs, and courses. They claim to have the magic weight loss formula.

There’s also an obsession with fitness and nutritional apps. Millions of people use their phones to track everything they eat and every step they take. But health and fitness doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you’re a non-techie, here are super simple ways to eat healthy and keep fit.

1. Don’t pressure yourself

When you scroll through apps like Instagram, you’ll find people with perfect bodies. Some may share their transformation journey and leave you feeling desperate for quick results. But putting pressure on yourself cannot help you lose weight.

In the same vein, fitness apps put a subconscious pressure on us to hit targets every day. And when it becomes too much, you’ll get tired and may eventually quit altogether. Instead, you should implement small changes and improve your habits gradually.

2. Hire a personal trainer

Another way to keep fit is to hire a qualified personal trainer who can work out a program designed for your needs. Preferably, someone with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. A good fitness trainer will help you become fit and crush all your goals.

They will motivate and make sure you remain consistent. You can ask a personal trainer to come to your house or you’ll meet them at a gym or exercise facility. But if you’re able to motivate yourself, you can opt for an online trainer.

3.  Join a fitness group

If you’d like to work out with other people, you can join a fitness group. You get to meet others who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone would provide support and motivate each other. Fitness classes can become a part of your routine.

Most group exercises are usually led by an instructor or trainer. There are different fitness groups to choose from. You may join a walking, swimming, dancing, or yoga class. Many of these groups are beginner-friendly so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

4. Sign up for a weight loss program

Weight loss programs are an all-in-one package for anyone who wants to keep fit. They utilize techniques such as intermittent fasting, meal plans, and types of exercises to do. Some also require you to attend weekly meetings so you can connect with others on the same journey.

These programs mostly promote dieting as the best way to lose weight easily. However, it can be challenging to find a good weight loss program. So you need to confirm that their meal plans are safe, sustainable, and effective for weight loss.

5. Find ways to add exercise into your day

You can find ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. As an adult, you should get at least 20 minutes of physical activity each day. It can help you ward off health problems, increase your energy, relieve stress, and boost your mood.

You can take the stairs instead of using an elevator, walk your kids to school, or even park farther away in the parking lot. House chores are an awesome way to burn more calories. You can clean your home, wash cars by hand and mow your lawn.

6. Visit your doctor once a year

Exercise and diets are only a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You need to be aware of any medical conditions you may have. These things determine whether you should slow down or go hard on your fitness goals.

A yearly medical check-up can help you understand what your body truly needs. There may be some nutrients that are lacking in your diet. If you have any health issues, your doctor will also advise you on how rigorous your fitness routine needs to be.

7. Don’t believe everything you read

No doubt, there’s a plethora of resources on health and fitness. While some information may be true, others are false and misleading. You may also connect with fitness gurus who promise to help you achieve results in less than two weeks.

There are a lot of fads, programs, and technology out there that don’t work. But they can make you feel like you are missing out on the biggest breakthrough of the century. You should not believe everything you see on the internet.


Health and fitness has become complicated and overwhelming. Although most fitness methods seem new and exciting, you may find it hard to stick with them for a long time.

The key to losing weight is to find something that works and do it consistently. It doesn’t have to be fancy or technologically advanced. It has to be straightforward and easy for you to maintain.

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