Venus Factor Review

Venus Factor Review – Weight Loss Program for Women

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The Venus Factor System is a weight loss program developed for women only considering the specific physiological points that obstructs their way of easy weight loss. This online program was created by John Barban who is a nutritionist, fitness expert, and scholar from the University of Florida. In recent decades, the epidemic of obesity has increased the necessity of an effective fitness program that can help women primarily in reducing their unwanted fats in a persistent and sustainable manner.

The Venus Factor weight loss program is absolutely perfect for the women who are looking for a cost-effective, easily adaptable plan that can help in their journey to achieve sustainable weight loss. It helps women in easy fat reduction as well as in their sculpting by focusing on their diet and the guided workout routine. It considers the recently famous leptin hormone responsible for obesity problems especially in women and prepares its diet plan and workout routine in such a fashion that can treat leptin resistance problems in women which is the root cause of gaining rigid fat in the body especially after pregnancy or childbirth in women.

The inventor of this program has researched every area of a women life, body structure and all influencing factor that causes them to gain fat which becomes get difficult to get rid of permanently. He recognized the fact that women’s metabolism function works differently than men. So what will work for a man’s body will not work the same way in a woman’s body. This review article about this well recognized easy online weight loss program will touch every aspect of this weight loss system. So keep reading and register today to get a sure sort solution for your desire to get a well-sculpted body and balanced weight.

Who is The Inventor of Venus Factor Product?

This amazing weight loss program is invented by John Barban who is a certified nutritionist, and one of the best experts in diet, physiology, and biology from Florida’s university. The program provides a natural and effective way of drastic weight reduction by focusing on key physiological differences that exist between the metabolism of a man and woman in general. As the user gets an opportunity to access personal training sessions from the creator of Venus factor so it gives the man a platform to ask specific queries via call or even asks questions in advance.

John Barban has dedicatedly work to evaluate an effective way of helping out people who are struggling hard to lose weight. As of date, he has helped thousands of people with this effective technique in losing several pounds in a very short duration. He helps both men and women in losing weight and building muscle mass.

Though you may get some negative reviews about this weight loss system but when you go through its depth as we have discussed in our review article you will surely understand how effective this program is and it works even on those who are struggling from a very long time with their rigid body fat. By targeting specific areas of women’s body where fat accumulations are high it helps in getting faster results in terms of desired weight loss.

What is the Venus Factor System?

Venus Factor Review - <a href= Weight Loss Program for Women” width=”600″ height=”400″ />The Venus factor system is a weight loss program that will help you in losing a few pounds and developing the better shape, without spending much time in the gym. This weight loss program especially targets certain hormones in the body that regulates your appetite or cravings for food. Researchers say that it is the Estrogen hormone in the body which is the main culprit behind the unwanted excess weight gain especially in women. This is the reason it is seen that after a pregnancy a woman puts on lots of weight which becomes irresistible to lose even with tough effort for losing that. Also, appetite habit changes after a pregnancy that leads to weight gain in women.

So it is essential to work on curbing one’s appetite level.  However, appetite control should be done safely so that it won’t affect a woman’s inner health or overall body’s health. So to get rid of the uncontrolled appetite problem this program focuses on taking a leptin diet. This special diet has designed in this program for reducing the leptin resistance level in the body.

How does Venus Factor System Works?

With increasing awareness and easy online access to get every answer to your queries women nowadays are much smarter than two-three decades before. They know now what the actual reason behind their excessive weight gain is and how they can get rid of it. Now they do not hesitate in sacrificing their favorite snacks or cutting the size of their big meals, also they do not feel lethargic in practicing strenuous exercises and sweating their bodies at the gym to get a speedy result in terms of weight reduction.

However, the bitter truth is that in spite of their hard effort and many sacrifices women get disheartened when they fail in sustaining their reduced weight once they get back to their regular diet plan along with leaving long hour practices at the gym. Herein lies the importance of “Venus Factor System” which works on the root cause of this issue and ensures that its user can successfully manage to achieve sustainable weight reduction with very few numbers of guided exercise practicing and without making many sacrifices in daily meals.

As this program set some easy to follow rules for its users so it is quite easy to incorporate them persistently without getting bored or annoyed out of them. It directly hits the real evil of this problem and that is leptin resistance. Leptin is the compound that is the primary reason behind unusual weight loss or gains in women of all ages.

This means whether you are too lean or obese leptin resistance is the actual culprit behind this. Leptin is the hormone that controls your appetite level and fat storage in your body. Also, it regulates your metabolism function which is also a primary factor that regulates your body weight i.e. lesser or excessive weight of your body.

A women’s body reacts differently to leptin than the men’s body. It is proved in researches that overweight or obese women are usually resistant to leptin and this is the reason why women even after a long time fasting gains weight persistently. The venus factor system works on the leptin level of women’s body and controls it with a perfect combination of leptin diet with a planned workout schedule.

What is Leptin?

Now you have heard a lot about leptin so it’s time to understand in detail what it is actually and its role in causing obesity or overweight problem in women. Leptin is a hormone that was discovered in the human body in the year 1994 and it regulates metabolism in your body. It controls the expenditure and reservation of energy.

Hence it plays an important role in regulating your overall health including existing weight level. The leptin hormone gives a signal to your brain that whether you should eat, or diet or stay hungry. Your body’s fat reserves communicate with your brain through this hormone regarding the energy requirement, how much is left and what it should do now.

That means if this hormone is working properly and the fat reserves are full then any addition of fat content will raise the leptin level communication to your brain to stop getting hungry and start the additional fat burning process.

What Do You get on Your Order to Venus Factor System?

On your order to Venus Factor System, you will get a hard copy of this book and an e-book. Apart from the program book, it contains a DVD containing workout series for 12 weeks. You will also get help from a virtual nutritionist who will answer all your queries. It offers a very user-friendly app that works as a track recorder of your everyday activity like the steps you take in a day, total calorie intake per day, etc.

This program is best if you are tired of cutting your daily calorie intake, or dieting in the form of fasting or have given enough time to your gym classes for getting sustainable weight with below mentioned easily understandable program contents.

Main Manual

The main manual of this program kit describes the way you will use the Venus Index Ratio for assessing your ideal body weight.

Workout Manual

Under the workout manual, you get a workout guideline for 12 weeks period. It contains step by step instructions as well as the video links which once you click them you get a detail demonstration of the workout that you needed to practice in this period.

Forum and Chat Room

You get a special membership after joining this program. Here you get an opportunity to connect and share your personal experiences in this journey as well as you can ask your specific question that you will be answered by the experts.

Pros of Venus Factor System

  • In this program, the weight loss plan is created considering the individual features and circumstances. That means for every woman the plan will be specific considering her current body type with the aim of transforming it into a perfectly toned, eye-catchy body shape.
  • The Venus Factor weight loss program for women is absolutely easy to follow with its easy to understand, detailed guidelines along with fun videos and pictures.
  • This weight loss system does not impose any diet restriction on you. This means you can enjoy your favorite foods using your own wisdom like which is healthy and unhealthy for your health and goal.
  • Now you don’t have to spend hours and hours practicing exercises or to buy a gym membership. The workout manual that includes the demonstration of all Venus Factor workouts in videos can be practiced from your home or any place as per your suitability.
  • The user gets access to online personal training, which means as per suitability it can be utilized from anywhere and anytime.
  • The user does not require to invest in expensive equipment for practicing its guided workouts.
  • It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction by the user, which means no risk involved in its purchasing.
  • The Venus Factor system provides a very supportive customer care service by resolving all the queries of its user within 4 hours.

Cons of Venus Factor System

  • In order to avail of the services of this weight loss program, you must have access to the internet as this whole program is digital-based.
  • The workouts of this program are quite an intense one but yes give high rewards as it aims of a complete transformation of its member instead of focusing on shedding few pounds like other weight loss programs. You have to remain dedicated in order to achieve your ultimate goal. Keep reminding yourself about your end goal or achievements that will worth your effort.
  • If you are a man then sorry this program is not for you. It is fully women-oriented.
  • This program is not for a pregnant woman or those who have certain health problems as its intense workouts can affect their health negatively.
  • This program book is very extensive and in a detailed form.

What are the Risks of the Venus Factor System?

Just like any other diet and exercise program, even this weight loss online program contains some risk. As this involves some intense workouts to be practiced so you have to prepare your body for stretching out more. However, don’t overdo anything. Listen to your body when it needs rest otherwise you can hurt yourself by causing an unpleasant injury to it.  Give rest to your body after a workout. Wind up your exercise session with a warm-up and don’t start any other task until your body gets cooled fully.

You may feel temptation for unhealthy snacks in between your bigger meals, then quench it by drinking one or two glass of water instead of grabbing some snacks. You may have a desire of having large portions of meals but avoid it for the sake of your ultimate goal success. Self-control is the key to the success of this weight loss program for women and even for avoiding its associated risks.

Final Verdict

After considering all the facts and information about the Venus Factor weight loss program we can say that it is worth purchasing for women who are not getting any effective results from other weight loss measures. With its special technique and planned workout guideline your body will learn to take control of your leptin levels enabling it for persistent fat burn for attaining the weight loss goal which can provide your ideal body shape and weight to you.

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