Weight Loss Obstacles

Common Weight Loss Obstacles and Their Solutions

The path of weight loss is not as easy as it sounds. The desired person has to face several obstacles and difficulties in its way which arises from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot lose weight at all. Yes, it is possible but you have to be ready with your solutions to weight loss obstacles.

From craving for your desired snacks to boredom feeling for daily hectic gym schedule, anything can sabotage your goal to weight loss. You never know which particular issue can trigger your motivation level leading you demotivated for giving up your target plan.

As a human being if you are facing such difficulties then there is nothing to astonish as it is quite normal as we cannot control our mind and desires instantly. It takes some time to adapt to new circumstances and new changes in your old lifestyle that you are following since longtime and very much comfortable with them.

If you are the one who is thinking to give up your weight loss goal just because of certain fears of your failure due to some obstacles then stop worrying now as below we have enlisted some real time-proven solutions which will not only help you in reducing your stubborn fat but will also help in keep it off if you remain consistent with these positive lifestyle changes.

Weight Loss Obstacles and Their Solutions

solutions to weight loss obstacles

Exercises that You Practice, Not Bringing any Drastic Change

You are exercising for a very long period but it is not working in your favor. If this is the concern of yours then you must try the below-mentioned solution which will definitely help you in crossing your long term stagnant weight loss plateau with a remarkable change in the scale.


If the exercise that you are practicing since long past is not working then it’s time to make some changes in your regular workout routine. Do some experiment with regard to your workout intensity, duration, and type by practicing different variations of exercises.

Such an experiment can let you understand better that which particular exercise is capable to bring an expected result for you to reach your ultimate goal of weight loss. So instead of expecting some automatic miracle in future stay ready with these dynamic workout plans whenever you get stuck on your scale to see some drastic changes with respect to your hardcore effort.

I Loses My Control for Having My Favorite Foods after Evening

One of the common obstacles that people often face during their path to weight loss is their loss of control for having their favorite snacks after the sunset which is not fully deniable. So if this is the reason that sabotages your weight loss journey then you must try the below-mentioned solution for your problem.


During day time we remain engaged in our daily life duties and responsibilities. However, with the end of the day when you get time for relaxation in peace at your home, your cravings for those foods and snacks arises in loud for which you have controlled your mind and stomach throughout the day.

However, this concern can be well managed with a smart and healthy snacking option which can fulfill your cravings for some tasteful snack at the same time will not add some extra calorie in your daily target calorie limit. For this, you can try a healthy smoothie or can mix some frozen fruits and nuts in Greek yogurt which will delight your taste bud without adding extra fat in your body.

Apart from this, a healthy packed popcorn will be a good munching solution for you while watching your favorite serial or shows in TV as it is high in fiber content so it is best for controlling your frequent appetite during the night time by satisfying your stomach as well as your taste bud.

You Face Difficulty in Preparing Healthy Foods

With long hours hectic and busy work schedule it is really very tough either to think or prepare a healthy meal for yourself. Instead, the first thing that rolls in mind for filling your stomach is by ordering a favorite meal from your desired restaurant to get instant service without any physical effort.

If this is your concern that hampering your weight loss goal from succeeding then you must need to follow our below-mentioned solution.


Yes it is tough to prepare a meal when you have to reach your office or college or school on time especially the job get tougher when you plan to eat healthy every day. However, this common issue can be well managed if you stay ready with some preplan schedule for the week ahead.

Prepare a list of foods that you are planning to eat next week in your weekend only, and stay ready with the stocking of all the ingredients of those healthy meals so that you can get everything instantly without much headache to collaborate each and every minute thing.

Cut some of the veggies and store them in your fridge in packaging so that while preparing you only need to clean and pour those ingredients in your cooking pot. These small-small preplan activities will not create any burden in your head when you will enter in your kitchen to prepare something healthy for you.

I Fails to Control My Portion During Parties

Some people forget about their diet routine and goals whenever they hit a party flour out of temptation for different varieties of food options in display and overeat which is wrong for their ultimate goal or plan.


If you are the one who crosses your portion size during parties then you most probably doing some common mistakes that compel your stomach to overeat and choosing for unhealthy diets to fill your plate.

People who reach in parties with long hour starvation, especially with the belief that the calorie intake they are cutting before parties will be fulfilled with the party foods and will not affect their regular calorie intake level in any way, have a wrong conception.

When you go to a party with mini starvation you fail to take the right decision while picking foods for your meals and often you choose unhealthy, processed and high-calorie rich meals for eating.

This is the reason you not only choose unhealthy meals for you but also ends up with excessive intake crossing to your usual limit. So be smart and fill your stomach with some handful of nuts or other protein-rich foods so that your stomach will remains filled and you can choose your meals wisely with a limited portion.

You Fail to Overcome your Friends and Family Pressure for Eating

One common obstacle that people faces in their way to weight loss journey is soft pressure from friends and family members to eat extra in your day to day diet routine.

Yes, it is hard to say no to your loving people but if you will be aware of the technique to deal such situation then it will not be difficult for you nor you will be proved as rude in the eyes of your dear friends and your family members.


Many time we get pressurized from our mother, aunts or grandmothers to overeat their specialized dishes. Though their intention is not against your weight control goal however if you fail to overcome such pressure then you will be end-up with unfulfilled target or goal of weight loss.

So be prepared with smart and gentle replies whenever someone asks you to take some extra portion of a meal. You can say like “It’s really very tasteful but my stomach is already full so I cannot eat anymore” or any other similar and gentle answer which will neither hurt the sentiments of your friends or family members nor your strict diet routine goal will be hampered.

You Don’t Like to Workout

Some people don’t get interested for a workout at all which is one of the primary factors for accomplishing the target of weight loss. If this is your concern then read the below-mentioned solution which will help in your way.


As not every person is the same with respect to their taste, choice, and belief so if someone doesn’t like to workout then there is nothing to be very surprised. However, the good news is that there is the right solution for such people which will help in a positive way to increase their interest in exercising.

While discussing workout or physical activities there is a huge number of workout varieties so you cannot say that you dislike all of them. The solution to increasing your interest towards workout is by trying all of them in an interval of 2 to 3 days.

We are hundred percent sure that you will get interested in some of them and the moment you recognize your interest for any of those you can include them in your daily or interval days fitness routine.

Some common and interesting workout that you can try to convince yourself to achieve your target goal includes dancing, skipping, swimming, running, treadmill walk, cycling, etc.

Another prominent way to enhance your interest in workouts is to play some melodious music or songs during your workout session as this will help you to keep you engaged without getting bored.

You are Not Fond of Healthy Foods

You generally don’t like the taste of healthy foods with a belief that only highly fried, flavored, spicy, rich in salt and sugar content foods are tasty which obstructs you from eating healthy meals then go through the below-mentioned solution.


Healthy foods doesn’t simply imply boiled, tasteless and spice-free prepared meals. There are lots of options and tricks to prepare a meal which doesn’t compromise with the food quality but at the same time have added health value for you.

You don’t have to be stick with the same boring daily meal routine even though those are healthy as it is quite likely to feel bored with the same diet chart. So to cope with this issue you can try some healthy meal solution by watching cooking shows in TV which every time comes up with different varieties of recipes which are healthy enough as well as have amazing taste to delight your taste bud.

Also, you can online check some healthy meal recipes which do experiments with ingredients and healthy spices that make their taste different than the same cooking pattern that you are following since a long period.

Remember healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless it only ensures that your health value doesn’t get hampered along with offering good taste and flavor to your meal.

Gym Membership is Beyond My Affordability

For some people, it is difficult to afford a gym membership as it affects their overall monthly budget which prevents them to think or continue with their weight loss goal or path.


In this digital world you don’t have to worry much regardless of expenses and accessibility as everything is near you just far from a single click. There are lots of many good websites which uploads videos of latest and trendy workouts for toning different muscle groups and body parts.

So you can try any of them as per your liking by sitting at your home itself. Also if you find that your nearest gym is too expensive for you then you can search in the search ending for the best affordable and easily accessible other gyms nearest to your place.

Fear of Failure

Some people have anxiety for their failure which sabotages them from trying or following all necessary steps towards weight loss. If you are one those who carry such fear of failure while thinking of weight loss target then you must consider the below-mentioned solution for this obstacle.


Fear of failure is not totally bad but if you overwhelmed with this negative thought that prevents you from following all healthy diet or workout routine then it’s time to change your mentality.

Remember not every person is the same with respect to their lifestyle, body structure or health wise. So what brought success to someone else is not sure will bring success for you as well.

Many people give up their journey to weight loss in the mid-path only because they get disheartened when in spite of following all those steps that other people have followed doesn’t bring any desired result as it brought to others.

See you have to be very realistic while setting your goal. If you go with a perception that like few people even you will also lose your weight drastically within a few months then come out of your dream.

Yes, you can change our diet or workout routine if you don’t get any expected result even being consistent with them but this doesn’t mean that you will stop trying at all for losing weight because of the fear of failure which is wrong.

I Don’t Feel Motivated

You don’t feel motivated when you wake up in the morning neither for your workout routine nor for those restricted diet lists that you are implementing for losing weight.


In the lack of proper motivation in your mind it’s really very difficult to jump-start your day and be active throughout the day.

However by reminding yourself about that ultimate goal and its versatile benefits for your health, your look and, for your dear ones, etc. you can easily bring yourself on track whenever you feel lack of motivation.

Remind yourself that a particular reason which compels you to start this fitness program initially. Whenever you will think for that you will automatically get encouragement from within and you can give your dual effort towards the activities that are going to help you in your journey to weight loss.

Friends, there is nothing in this world which is unachievable and this is applicable for your weight loss goal too. So when you lose your heart after thinking of those obstacles and difficulties that are pulling your leg behind then give yourself another chance by following our solutions to weight loss obstacles.

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