How Raisins Helps in Weight Loss

How Raisins Helps in Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss the very first thing that comes in mind is calorie control in everyday diet routine. For this, there will be no better, easy and effective diet option than raisin which is loaded with natural and healthy sugar also known as nature’s candy. There are several scientific evidence that supports the benefits of eating raisins in weight loss.

Raisins are one of the popular dry fruits easily available all around the world. It is a dry form of grapes including the green and black color one. It comes in different varieties such as Munakka, Black current and Sultana prepared out of different types of grapes. Raisins are also known as Kishmish in Hindi and Urdu, Bedane in Marathis, Yendu Draksha in Telugu and Munthiringa in Malayalam.

Raisins are the rich source of fiber which is the most vital nutrient content known for satisfying hunger level easily by promoting the feeling of satiety in your mind. It is very low in calorie so even if you consume a handful of raisins then also there is no risk of increasing your daily calorie intake limit.

As loaded with natural sugar so it can easily satisfy your cravings for sugary food which are the vital dietary sources that lead to rapid weight gain and causes difficulty in shedding fat from the body. Along with curbing your hunger it also controls your blood sugar level. Moreover, it is known for improving your overall health when consumed in a moderate limit.

However, you cannot expect any noticeable reduction in your weight unless this healthy diet routine is backed by regular dedicated exercise routine which is vital to shrink your body fat and to build muscle mass to get a slim and toned body or figure. How you can benefit out of raisins intake vastly for weight loss you will get to know with below mentioned thorough detail about this healthy natural candy derived from fruit.

Importance of Raisins in Weight Loss

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Raisins are the healthy substitute for sugar and being rich in fiber content it is a great diet for people who are looking for a natural diet for losing weight faster. You can understand the importance and benefits of consuming raisin for easier weight loss under the following heads.

Raisins Boost Digestion

There are many study reports which say that people who are overweight or obese are affected by slow or sluggish metabolic rate. This affects their digestive function of the body leads to low or poor digestion hence their body accumulates fat easily and faces extreme difficulty in losing that.

On the other hand, people who have a good metabolic rate their body can easily transform food into energy that helps them in staying fit both internally and externally. Raisins are a good source of fiber which is known for speeding up your digestive function that helps in burning your excess body fat by producing energy out of your daily diet intake.

When your body has a good digestion function you are less likely to get fat accumulation problems. With regular raisins consumption, your bowel movement gets smoother and regular. Also, fiber contents existing in raisins help in eliminating toxins from your body and help in maintaining a clear gastrointestinal system.

Raisins Intake Improve Bone Health

Over-weight or obese people often have to suffer from weak or fragile bone issues. This usually happens because their bones have to bear theirs over bodyweight beyond its normal capacity which over time impacts their bone’s health negatively. In such a condition regular raisin intake helps a lot in developing the bones’ health by strengthening it from deep inside.

Also, it helps in preventing fragile bone issues and fracture risk due to weaker bone density. This is the reason it is always advised to avoid weight-loss food intake if your target is to reduce excessive body weight as it can impact your bones’ health badly.

Raisins Boost the Energy Level

Raisins are the natural source of high sugars called glucose and fructose. These sugar compounds converted into energy which is necessary while practicing workout. It provides both strength and stamina so that you can easily practice for longer duration without getting tired or losing your muscle strength which is a vital necessity for speedy fat and weight loss.

Also, raisins are the source of essential vitamins and minerals which together provide energy from your cells to muscles when you workout hard so that you can easily shed off extra body weight faster.  This is an indirect effect of consuming raisins which benefits you in achieving your weight loss goal.

Raisins Suppress Appetite Naturally

In order to achieve your weight loss goal, you can replace your evening snacks or midday meal snacks with a handful of delicious raisins. As raisins are low in calorie content and abundant with fruit sugar and leptin so it can easily curb your appetite and control your metabolism function.

The rise in leptin levels in the body can easily reduce your cravings for food especially cravings of unhealthy snacks which are primarily known for increasing body fat levels. Also, it is a fat-burning hormone that can easily kill the fat cells by increasing the thermogenesis. Hence with regular a handful of intake of raisin, you can naturally control your appetite and speed up your weight loss journey.

Rich Source of Antioxidant

Raisins are the rich source of antioxidants that protects your body against free radical damages and prevent the risk of major diseases such as heart attack, cancer, and stroke. Raisins contain naturally developing chemicals known as phytonutrients like polyphenols and phenols.

These nutrients are considered as an antioxidant that helps in removing free radicals from your blood and prevent the cells’ damages and DNA destruction which is no way good for your health. So along with reducing your body fat with regular intake of raisins, this healthy diet can promote your other health areas as well.

Rich Source of Fiber

Raisins are loaded with fiber nutrient which helps in easy weight or fat loss. One-half cup of raisins contains 3.3 grams of fiber as per the Trusted Source which can fulfill 10 to 24 percent of your body’s daily requirement depending upon your age and gender.

This essential nutrient boosts your digestive function by softening and increasing the size and weight of your stool so that you won’t have to suffer from gas, bloating and constipation problem that occurs due to sluggish digestion process. As much bulky your stools would be it will be easier to pass hence there will be a greater possibility of fat reduction along with smoother digestive function.

Apart from this, fiber keeps your stomach fuller for longer duration as it takes time to digest hence your stomach sends a signal to your brain for the feeling of fullness. If you want to lose your weight faster then this high fiber source diet will be a healthy choice to include in your daily diet routine.  Apart from that, this healthy dietary fiber source is also helpful in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body known as Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL).

Mix Raisins with Fat to Lower Glycemic Index Value

 A ¼ cup of raisins contains 24 grams of sugar and high glycemic index value which is easily digestible and can spike insulin level. As it gets digested easily so again you may feel hungry to consume more amount of carbs which is not good for your weight loss goal. So to reduce its glycemic index value-adding some fats in raisins can benefit your health and weight loss goal greatly.

By adding protein or fat in raisins while consuming it you can lower its glycemic index as well as digestion rate. Add peanut butter, shredded coconut, or mixed nuts in your raisins for adding fat level in it to balance its GI value to a healthy level for getting its highest benefit for speedier weight loss. You can add cottage cheese or Greek yogurt in your raisins which are a good source of protein to lower the glycemic index and digestion speed.

Raisins Improve Overall Health

Though consuming raisins doesn’t pose a direct effect on your weight loss goal but indirectly it plays a prominent role in reducing your body fat and attaining your desired weight loss goal. Also with regular intake of raisins, you can improve your overall health. As per a recent study report, regular intake of raisins can improve a person’s heart health, and reduce major heart health risks in the future.

Also with moderate level consumption of this healthy diet, you can easily maintain the pH balance in your body which is vital for your skin and overall body health. It boosts your immunity power and protects you against seasonal cold and flu health issues which often makes the victim a person with a weak immunity system. Thus we can say raisins intake is good for improving overall health.

How to Use Raisins in Losing Weight?

Raisins in Losing Weight
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After knowing the versatile features and benefits of raisins that promote weight loss indirectly along with benefiting your overall health, it’s time to understand some effective methods that increase its weight loss benefit on your body. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines for consuming raisins for speeding up your weight loss goal-

  • Soak raisins in water and leave it overnight. Consume this soaked kismis next morning to get its maximum benefit for achieving your weight loss goal. Consuming soaked raisins benefits your health better than consuming raw raisins because during the soaking hour unwanted vitamins and minerals dissolved in water and only essential nutrients left in it that your body can easily absorb.
  • Eat a handful of raisins in your breakfast as it will energize you also will keep your strength and stamina high when you will practice workout in the morning. Also, you can eat this chewy nut in between your exercise practicing hour to boost your energy level which is vital for faster fat burn.
  • Mix raisins in a regular salad to enhance its taste and health value for you. This will be a delicious stomach filler option that you can include in your weight loss diet routine to enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of raisins.
  • Use raisins to make a nutritious and delicious smoothie. Enjoy this healthful smoothie with some other protein and fat-rich diets such as yogurt, fresh fruits, etc. Drink this energetic smoothie after finishing your workout so that you won’t feel energy drained and continue with your daily life responsibilities with full energy level.
  • Mix raisins with oatmeal to get a nutritious and energetic breakfast to keep your spirit high throughout the day. This will keep you energized throughout the day which is vital for faster weight reduction. Also, it will be a healthy replacement for sugar which can spike your blood sugar level leading to difficulty in reducing weight.
  • You can try cinnamon raisins cashew butter recipe to add a different flavor in your diet. This recipe is easy to cook and you get complete benefits of raisins and other healthy ingredients used in it such as cinnamon which is also known for promoting weight loss. You can replace cashews with some other nuts of your choice if you don’t want to use this nut.
  • Use raisins in your pasta to get its naturally sweet and tangy flavor which will improve the taste and nutrient level of your regular pasta. You can also add other healthy ingredients such as beans, spinach, and garbanzo. The ultimate prepared recipe will be rich in fiber, protein, and iron which are all essential nutrients for your health to keep your energy high and getting its benefits for your weight loss goal.

Apart from the above-mentioned recipe suggestions or tips to consume raisins in more variations you can try anything new using raisins as per your choice in your regular diet or recipes. However in order to avail its full-fledged benefit for weight loss make sure that you consume it at a moderate limit. Otherwise consuming it in an excessive amount can reverse its benefits leading to weight gain happen instead of losing it.

In the cases of diabetic patients or those who are diagnosed with certain chronic illnesses, it is advised to consult with your doctor before including raisin in your daily diet routine. A doctor can only guide better regarding the necessary dietary limit for you so that you can safely enjoy its benefits for your health. If you consider these important aspects then no doubt you will surely grab the benefits of eating raisins in weight loss.

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