Organifi Green Juice Review

Organifi Green Juice Review

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Organifi Green Juice is a quick fix solution for those who do not want to invest their time in the shopping of green healthy vegetables and then cutting and grinding them for preparing a health drink followed by obvious cleaning work. This is an extremely nutritious purely vegan juice rich with many superfoods.

It is a great meal supplement especially for those who are staying far from their home place but needs a supplement that can fill the necessity of their healthy meal which they cannot prepare for the lack of time and energy level. In this Organifi Green Juice Review, you will get every minute details about this healthy vegan meal supplement which is a great solution for those who are looking for a dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free meal supplement powder.

It is rich with all the benefits that you expect out of any juicing diet. Moreover, it is absolutely safe for consumption as all its ingredients are USDA approved. It comes with a very mild minty flavor which really tastes amazing and no fear of bitterness with this drink as commonly exists with many commonly available meal supplement especially the green ones. That means complete benefits of healthy plant or herbs extracts with great taste and benefits for your overall health including the benefit of reducing your weight.

We can say this as a complete package for all your health goals whether you are looking for a supplement that can keep your energy level high throughout the day, a replacement for big meals of the day, or get all essential nutrient benefits from a single source or a product for enhancing your skin look and health. As it is 100% vegan so no risk of gaining weight which mildly involved with any non-vegan meal supplements. So let’s start discovering this truly reliable and effective green juice superfood powder.

Benefits of a Juicing Diet

Before starting the review of this healthy green juice meal supplement which comes in powder form its good that you understand first the benefits of incorporating juicing diet in your everyday meal:

Easy Absorption of Nutrient in Body

Your body cannot absorb the number of nutrients from whole food intake as it can do by having a juicing diet.  The reason is pretty simple like during the blending process all whole fruits and vegetables are thoroughly mashed ensuring your pre-chewing task that otherwise done inside your mouth but not as fine way as a blender can do. Hence you can easily swallow and digest it which becomes easy for your intestine to absorb all its nutrients content.

One another reason for high nutrient density in the juicing diet is that before processing all bulky pulp of ingredients are removed leaving behind only vitamins rich liquid juice with amazing taste. A juicing diet is a great option for those who do not little the taste of many healthy green veggies and multicolor nutrient-dense fruits. Being easy to swallow these choosy people will not bother to have them at one go benefiting their overall health.

Reduces Cholesterol Level

Taking a juicing diet can also help a person in reducing their cholesterol level and managing it to a healthy level. One can reduce the high level of cholesterol by avoiding the consumption of saturated fats. By including a juicing diet in your daily meal you can easily avoid your intake of more saturated fats. Daily doses of juicing diet combining with a diet that is low in red meat can help a lot in controlling your increased level of bad cholesterol in the body. Moreover, the nutrients inside this juicing diet will help in boosting the level of good cholesterol levels in the body.

Increases the Number of Good Bacteria in Gut

Regular intake of juicing diet opens up the path for the growth of good bacteria in your gut which helps in improving gut flora. As one-third of your body’s immune power depends on your gut health. So by keeping your gut healthy, you can automatically boost your immune system which is essential for keeping you strong and diseases free.

With regular intake of juicing diet, you can easily benefit your gut health when it gets all essential nutrients which increase the number of probiotic bacteria that is a good bacteria needed for keeping the digestive system healthy. Your body can easily absorb nutrients of green vegetables by drinking the juice of vegetables or fruits which supplies good bacteria to the gut.

Organifi Green Juice Review

Organifi Green Juice reviewOrganifi Green Juice is a product of Organifi Company which is a well recognized dietary supplements manufacturer. This is one of the best products of this organization and an appropriate option for those who are surfing the internet for a good nutrient-dense dietary supplement.

This superfood drink is the best option for those who in lack of time can’t prepare any healthy meal or breakfast recipe such as students or professionals who are living far from their home town. With only one drink you will feel fuller as well as energetic for the whole day.

As you are getting essential nutrients via drinking this superfood juice so you can even gulp more than a glass. This means more nutrients for your gut with a single diet.

What is Organifi Green Juice?

The official website of Organifi describes this incredible product of their company as “gentle dried superfood powder”. The Organifi Green Juice gives an easy option to its user to grab the benefits of versatile healthy superfoods just in a glass. It ensures hassle-free enjoyment of this minty fresh nutritious green juice as now you need not require to invest your valuable time and energy in preparation works such as chopping, blending, cleaning and at the end clean-up of all the mess that you have done to get your dink prepared. It comes in powder form and extremely simple to prepare in almost no time.

It is a meal supplement powder made with different healthful herbs. It contains the nutrients of different vegetable’s roots and leaves which are good for your gut flora. You only need to mix this supplement powder into a glass of warm water. Stir it firmly and your healthy drink is ready to consume. It is rich with essential vitamins, protein, and minerals that you can expect out of the consumption of an average meal plan.

Who Founded It?

It was founded by the Drew Canole and Djamel Bettahar in the year 2014 with the aim of producing for people, in general, a healthy dietary supplement that can easily fulfill their body’s daily requirement of nutrients and energy. At the same time, it works on other areas of health as well for their betterment along with aiding you in weight reduction. So if you are an obese person and planning for dieting then this could be the superfood supplement that can be proved as the best meal replacement for you.

Is Organifi Green Juice Approved by FDA?

No, the Organifi Green Juice is not an FDA approved product. It is not inspected by the FDA team as of date. However, the ingredients which are used in its preparation are all FDA approved. Also, this supplement dietary powder is manufactured in the facilities which all meet the FDA’s guided standards. These two specific features of this product make it reliable and trustworthy for the users who are looking for a healthy and safe meal supplement to fulfill their daily necessity of essential nutrients.

The Organifi Green Juice powder is made with natural herbs and of their roots’ content. So it slightly tastes bitter that it inherits from its ingredients which one should ignore as you can’t expect the taste of honey or caramel or chocolate from a drink which is simply made for improving your health.

What is the Taste of Organifi Green Juice?

The Organifi Green Juice tastes minty but not too much. It also tastes slightly sweet which it derives from the moringa root powder used in its ingredients. However, it is absolutely safe for people who need to avoid artificial sugar-rich juice as it does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Also if you are sure about its taste or comfortable with it then you can even mix it in your fruit shake or milk. No doubt it will enhance the taste and nutrient value of your smoothie drink and plain milk.

Benefits of Organifi Green Juice

  • This readymade powder supplement saves the time that you otherwise have to invest in the shopping of green healthy vegetables, chopping them, and then blending to get your juice ready to drink.
  • This powder supplement contains 100% certified organic raw ingredients. It is absolutely GMOs, soy and gluten-free.  So good for people who have lactose intolerance problems or gluten allergic to enjoying the benefits of this amazingly healthy juice.
  • It is also effective for brain health. The superfoods used in the preparation of this supplement powder contain certain properties that are known for boosting brain power as well as for improved mental clarity.
  • By boosting your immune system it keeps your body protected from developing different diseases minor to major. Also, it boosts your stamina power by keeping you energetic all day with its versatile nutrients content which can replace your body’s daily requirement of nutrients. Hence reduces the dependency on different diets for getting essential nutrients.
  • It also helps in reducing excess body fat by detoxifying your body and eliminating additional fat content. Hence effective for getting a lean and fit body without getting essential nutrient-deprived if followed persistently.
  • The slightly thicker consistency of the Organifi Green Juice is very much filling. So it reduces your overeating habit by promoting the feeling of satiety just with one or two glasses of this green juice. Also, it provides enough energy to your body for practicing workout.
  • It is beneficial for skin health as well. The blend of superfoods helps in promoting clear and healthy skin. Also, it rejuvenates your skin cells ensuring that you feel younger from inside out.
  • It is 100% vegan as no animal content is used in its preparation process. It is a great supplement for those who are pure vegan and needs a diet product that can fulfill their daily necessity of essential vitamins and other nutrients.


  • Readymade Food- This is a very convenient meal for those who in the lack of time and enough money can’t prepare a healthy meal for them every day. Being a readymade superfood meal replacement it not only saves your time that you otherwise have to invest in the whole preparation process of a healthy drink but also ensures that you won’t feel low or hungry at all.
  • Can be Used in Many Varieties- This meal replacement green juice can be consumed in a versatile way depending upon your individual preference. If you like you can stir it simply in a warm glass of water or mix it in a glass of milk or add it in your smoothie along with other healthy fruits such as banana, strawberry, coconut milk and kale whatever feels good to your stomach and taste bud.
  • Better Nutrition Absorption- As it is a juicing diet so with its regular intake you get the benefit of better nutrition absorption by your digestive system. That means you can easily grab the amazing health benefits of all organic and natural ingredients used in this meal supplement. Each scoop of this product contains 9 to 10 grams of superfood in every serving, which is an ingestible quantity.
  • Boosts Immunity Power- The Organifi green juice contains proven ingredients that are known for stimulating your immunity and stamina power. You will immediately feel the energy level after its consumption which also signifies the absorption of its essential nutrients by your digestive tract which then reflects in the form of boosted energy and stamina level. People who are the regular user of this meal supplement fall less sick than others if you consider testimonies shared by people.
  • Aid in Reducing Stress- This meal supplement product is also helpful in calming down your stressful mind. Sometimes stress and anxiety occur in people who are weak by health or feel lethargic in performing their daily life activities.  However, by boosting your energy level with its better nutrients absorption feature it works positively in relieving your mental level stress by keeping you calm in all situations.
  • Detoxify Your Body- This green juice intake helps in detoxifying your body by flushing out existing toxins which is necessary for keeping you energetic and overall good functionality of all body organs. In this way, it also helps in burning excessive fat accumulated in your overall body. This is because fat can’t burn out if your body is overwhelmed with high amounts of toxins.
  • Increases Mental Clarity- By providing all essential vitamins and nutrients to your body this green health drink ensures better response of your brain by improving the mental clarity. People who have used this product for a long time seen improvement in their response rate irrespective of any event or incident than before with its regular intake.
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan- The Organifi green juice is 100% vegan and gluten-free. It is free of any additives or any artificial compounds which makes it purely natural. People who are pre vegetarian this product is a great choice for them for daily requirements of nutrients and energy without any side effects risk.
  • Aid in Weight Loss- It also aids in your weight loss goal with its immense support to your immune system as well as by speeding up the detoxification process of your body. When your body will remain well detoxified it automatically triggers your fat cells for its self burning process which ultimately helps in reducing several pounds. The best part of this product is that it provides sustainable weight loss, not like other supplements that offer only temporary benefit.
  • Improves Skin Appearance- When your body gets enough supply of essential nutrients its benefit is also reflected in your skin health when it gets nourishment from inside. You will surely notice changes in your skin appearance in terms of clear and flawless skin appearance and health with the regular intake of this highly nutritious dietary supplement.
  • Improves Sleeping Quality- The benefit of this healthy meal supplement is seen in all areas of your life including your sleeping quality and pattern. People who have used this juice drink have experienced a drastic improvement in their sleeping quality as well as duration just after two weeks of its regular intake which is really amazing as under a single roof you get all solutions to your health problems.


Don’t Remain Solely Dependent on It- Though you get versatile nutrients out of the consumption of this product but this doesn’t mean that for your entire daily nutrients requirement you will solely remain dependent on it. In order to ensure your overall good health, eat enough whole foods after all a single product cannot replace all the nutrient essence that you get from multiple food products.

Bulky Consistency- The consistency of this product is slightly thick which may or may not be a good choice for everyone as this makes it difficult for the user to swallow it comfortably. However, this feature makes it very filling one as a result of it with a single drink intake your stomach will feel fuller.

Bit Uncomfortable Taste- The taste of this meal supplement is not such that you will start liking it with its first sip. It takes time to get used to this. However, this preference varies from person to person. Some people like its taste and some take time to get used to it.

Vegetative Smell- Being a pure vegan product you cannot expect from this product that it will not come with an annoying vegetative smell. The mixture of green ingredients like herbs or plant extracts, it contains a bit earthy, grassy and vegetative smell which takes time to get comfortable with.

Not For Quick Results- People who are using this product with the assumption of the quick benefit of weight loss may get disheartened. No doubt this product works on your weight reduction goal but at a slow pace and only if you are strictly consistent with its consumption.

How much it Costs?

The Organifi Green Juice costs only $72.99 excluding shipping charges if you order from the Amazon which is the best online e-commerce site. And if you are lucky enough you may get some extra amount of discount as well as free delivery as these offers come and go and lucky ones get a chance to utilize them.

No doubt this product absolutely worth its price as when you check out its ingredients list and will use it consistently for one month you will surely understand how effective it is with a comparison to other similar products in the market which charges quite high and doesn’t contain this kind of ingredients variations.

One single container contains 30 servings and if we consider some reviews of some users then we can say that it has a total of 36 servings which are really appreciable. It costs only $ 2 per day which is a very minimal amount that anyone can afford when getting this much health benefits in return.

Final Verdict

We hope our Organifi Green Juice Review will help our readers to understand this meal supplement completely and helping them in a hassle-free easy shopping experience. It is absolutely safe to consume and great meal replacement for your everyday busy life schedule.  However, don’t expect any quick result as anything takes time to understand and then responded by your body.

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