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Low Libido in Women

Low Libido in Women: Causes and Solutions

Loss of sexual desire or low sex drive is one of the most common sexual disorders which around one-third women of the overall world population are suffering from. A women’s sexuality depends on her mental, physical and emotional health and well being. That means there can be many underlying concerns […]

Hot Flashes After Menopause

Hot Flashes After Menopause : Causes And Treatment

Hot flashes are one of the common symptoms of the menopausal stage which is a period when the reproductive phase of a woman’s life remains in its transition phase or towards its end. So women always have a query that how long this menopausal symptom will last. Generally, the menopause-related […]

Signs before Your Period is Coming

Most Common Signs before Your Period is Coming

More than 90% of women around the world experience certain symptoms just before their period arrival and this pattern goes on till the menopausal stage. The signs are normal and it doesn’t affect your health permanently. However, in certain cases, the symptoms get too severe to deal easily which needs […]

Surrogate motherhood: For and Against

The process of international surrogacy is not a new medical practice, because it has appeared centuries ago. The process of international surrogacy is not a new medical practice, because it has appeared centuries ago. Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is legal and regulated by a number of European medical associations. Many of Ukrainian […]