Low Libido in Women

Low Libido in Women: Causes and Solutions

Loss of sexual desire or low sex drive is one of the most common sexual disorders which around one-third women of the overall world population are suffering from. A women’s sexuality depends on her mental, physical and emotional health and well being. That means there can be many underlying concerns that may cause low women’s libido.

Just like men’s most common sexual health issue that is erectile dysfunction which is treatable through proper medication and some consistent lifestyle changes, the treatment of low libido which is the biggest sexual issue in women is not as easy to get cured by any medication or any particular treatment method.

There can be several influential factors that affect a women’s sex life and her longings for having sex. For example, it can be a certain personal relationship issue with the partner, major changes in life like pregnancy, menopause, any mental trauma or any major physical health issue, etc.

Also, there are some medications such as medications for mood disorder or depression are considered responsible for causing low sex drive in concerned women as its side effect.

If you have lost the sexual desire or your desire for having sex comes and goes with time then you have developed a health condition known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) which in the more precise term known as low libido or low sex drive in the medical science.

However, you don’t need to worry about it as it is not something that cannot be cured and you have to live your whole life with this concern which often creates distress in your relationship and overall lifestyle.

Also, you don’t have to depend on prescribed medication to enhance your sex drive or sexual life. Certain lifestyle changes and with some smart sexual techniques you can get back your lost mood and desire and can live a more pleasing life along with achieving your relationship goals.


low women’s libidoLow libido in women can be a result of different influencing factors that vary from person to person. However, the most common reasons that can cause low sex drive sexual health concern in women are mentioned below.


Certain prescribed medications are known to impact your sex drive negatively leading to low libido or lack of sexual desire concern develops. Medications which can lower your sexual drives include blood-pressure-lowering medications, oral contraceptive pills and certain antidepressants such as SSRI’s new generation.

The intake of these prescribed drugs reduces the quantity of testosterone hormone level in your body which is the primary stimulating factor for having sex. Also, these medications can reduce the normal blood flow towards your sexual organs hence you won’t feel any sensation while having sex that leads to low libido concern thereon.


Age impacts a lot the sexual desire or libido in women. The libido intensity remains highest during the early 20s and it turns to decrease trend as soon as they enter 40s along with the starting of the menopausal stage which is a transition phase for the ending of a period cycle or reproductive stage in women.

However, there are cases where women’s sex drive increases significantly after their 40’s. This particularly happens due to lesser stress of responsibility in life, menopausal transition phase which reduces the necessity of taking contraceptive pills, etc.

Still, the number of low libidos affected women are much more than the latter group whose sex drive boosted after the 40s. The primary reason for low sex drive in women after their 40s is the reduction of androgens a group of hormones which started to reduce continuously as they ages.

Out of androgens hormones, the estrogen is the crucial one which is the leading hormone to control overall sexuality in women. Apart from menopausal stage, other aging-related factors that influence sex drive in women are the removal of reproductive organ or hysterectomy after a certain age which creates a condition that can also affect the libido or sex drive in women.

Cultural Aspects

Cultural aspects play a vital role in creating and developing sexual drive in women. This primarily includes the specific circumstances and environment including family and society overall in which a woman’s upbringing is done.

These cultural aspects leave a subtle message in women’s mind regarding sexual talks, women anatomy, sexual activity, etc that passes from one generation to another.

If any woman’s upbringing or background is related to the certain environment where sex is considered as a shame talk or women are taught to feel shame regarding their own body or they hear these words commonly that having sexual desire is unethical or wrong then these leaves a bad impression on their psychological level.

Both family and cultural beliefs are quite influential in developing and maintaining sexuality in females.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Hormonal fluctuations that affect the normal balance of hormones in the body can directly impact sexual drive or desires in women. Some common hormones whose imbalance can cause low libido issue in women include estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, and thyroid hormones.

The reduction in the level of these hormones can cause a reduction in sexual desire and satisfaction level in women. The imbalance in these hormones may happen due to any underlying as well as external concern or factor.

Like heavy and constant stress can reduce the level of cortisol hormones. Also, excessive fatigue level or chronic fatigue that keeps you tired most of the time in a day and reduces your interest in sexual interaction can be the result of reduced cortisol.

The reduction or fluctuation of cortisol hormone also emphasizes certain issue in your blood sugar level. Suppose your cravings for unhealthy foods has increased, you feel restless all the time and remains less energized mostly then it indicates blood sugar problems that get impacted with cortisol level fluctuation.

Testosterone which is the primary sex hormone in men also plays a role in women’s sexual life and desire. This particular hormone typically started to reduce or decline in the twenties and with age the declining trend increases which causes you low sex drive issue.

Apart from these hormones estrogen is the most crucial hormones that regulate women’s health in several ways. So its misbalance can develop different health problems such as sudden weight gain, bloating, vaginal dryness, light or heavy periods, mood swings and pap smears which are all linked to sexual health in women in some or other ways.

Pregnancy and Baby Care

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the major life changes that can influence a woman’s libido intensity. Also, the hormonal imbalance occurs during these important stages of life which are again a crucial factor for reducing sexual drive in women in general.

Some common pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, mood disorder, physical appearance changes, etc may persist even after the childbirth which plays a vital role in reducing sex drive.

Also after childbirth new life’s responsibilities such as breastfeeding, baby care along with general day to day life’s responsibilities, some or other way impacts the relationship with a partner that leads to a reduction in sexual desire or drive.

Menopausal Stage

The reduction of estrogen hormone which is also known as the sexual hormone is quite obvious during the transition period to menopause which is the end of the period cycle completely.

Just like pregnancy, a menopausal woman also has to suffer from different physical and mental level health symptoms which all impacts on their sexual desire negatively leading to low libido concerns develop.

The drop of estrogen level leads to vaginal dryness which causes painful and uncomfortable intercourse experience that automatically impacts women’s longing for having sex.

Underactive Thyroid

Women who diagnose with underactive thyroid develop different symptoms that can impact their sexual drive badly. The thyroid is the most common health concern that women develop very easily.

As thyroid gland regulates your body’s overall health so any issue in this vital organ may impact your sexual health as well. As a result of an underactive thyroid, you may feel frequent fatigue issue and gain weight rapidly. These physical level changes are obvious to impact your sexual relationship with your partner.

Also, mood swing that often leads an affected woman in a bad mood is another vital cause that can influence the libido in women.

Relationship Problems

In the lack of emotional attachment and closeness with the partner, a woman doesn’t feel or desire for having sex. That means the libido in women depends very much on the quality of relationship with her partner. Women who undergo different problems in their relationship are likely to reduce their sexual drive.

An ongoing fight with partner, lack of trust and understanding, lack of connection with partner, lack of openness regarding sexual desire or preferences, lack of communication, infidelity, having a mentality of giving punishment or ruling over partner through withholding sex etc are some common example of a bad relationship scenario that causes low libido sexual concern in women.

Physical illnesses

Physical illnesses or diseases are likely to impact the sexual desire of an affected woman. In this regard physical illnesses, even other than sexual diseases can equally impact your libido level.

Like women suffering from some physical diseases such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, neurological diseases, etc impacts the longing for having sex in the affected women.

Apart from these diseases, some chronic physical injury can also impact the sex drive in women. For example, certain injury in the body may impact the reproductive organs by damaging nerves connected to these organs that lead to disruption in fluent blood flow.

As a result of a slow or disrupted flow of blood in the genital area reduces the sex drive in women. Apart from these conditions some chronic diseases that create an immense amount of pain and hamper well being may affect the sexual desire.


Stress plays its role in every sphere of life and sexual life is not left in this series. A stressed woman is likely to feel low desire for having sex and if this condition persists for longer duration it can cause low sex drive concern.

Stress affects the peace and health on both physical and mental level and the stability in both these aspects are crucial for healthy sex life or good sexual health in women.

Common day to day life work pressure, responsibilities burden, financial crisis, conflicts in relationship, unpleasing working environment, loss of job, long hours working schedule, lack of promotion when expected, lack of emotional support by family members or physical support for sharing responsibilities and household work etc are leading causes of stress which directly impacts to the sexual desire that leads to low libido problem.

Mental and Psychological issues

Psychological illnesses or disorders can also impact your sex drive just like physical illnesses. In this regard, even the psychological illnesses that don’t require any treatment can also impact your sexual desire negatively.

Mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PCOD, etc impact the sexual life of the affected women. These metal health concerns along with impacting your mood and emotional health even drain out your physical energy.

As a result of it, you started feeling tired and exhausted frequently which is very likely to impact your longing for a sexual relationship or impacts your participation level during sexual relationships.

Women who have undergone certain childhood abuses or childhood bad trauma that have impacted badly and in-depth of their mind have a very low sex drive or low libido concerns.

Also, the lack of self-esteem and self-confidence level which comes from the lack of self-care and self-acceptance in all respect whether it looks or appearance, health-wise, education or profession wise, etc can impact sex drive in women.

Women who are in an abusive relationship whether it is physical, mental or emotional abusiveness can develop low libido concern in the long run in the lack of love and care in their relationship.

Alcohol and Smoking Habits

Your unhealthy or bad lifestyle habits carry the power to impact your sexual health and may even develop sexual diseases such as low libido if not left on time. Women who drink alcohol excessively or smokes a lot are more likely to develop sexual diseases in the future such as low sex drive, impotence, etc.

In fact, the excess doses of alcohol intake can eve impact your fertility leading to issue in getting pregnant or having a successful delivery of a child. Women who smoke even in their pregnancy period impacts the health of their growing baby badly as it can directly influence his health.


Sexual PerformanceYou can improve your sex drive or libido by treating the underlying causes which are affecting your mood or desire for having sex. In this regard certain effective lifestyle changes, consultation with a therapist and physician all together will go hand in hand to successfully bring back your lost libido or sexual desire.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress is a part of life and it is unavoidable permanently. However constant stressing habit can ruin your sex life leading to low libido a sexual health problem develops. So to deal with this concern and to enhance your sexual life and experience you have to work on your stress taking behavior.

You can try different approaches that can calm and soothe your mind instantly such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing. Moreover, develop more positive thinking pattern in your lifestyle as when you started looking more positive aspects even in the worst incidences of your life you can truly win over, all kind of stress and tension.

Also if you have any tension, no need to keep this burden within you. Instead, you can share it with someone whom you really trust as sharing will not only help you in getting better solutions for your concern but will also keep you peaceful and stress-free which is very important in order to maintain a successful sexual relationship with your partner.

Reduce the Effect of Illness

If your sex life is getting affected due to some chronic illnesses then its time to consult with a doctor. You need to share your every symptom so that the doctor can recommend a better lifestyle improving methods and techniques which can enhance your mood and keep you energetic.

In this regard, your active intervention for curing your concern will work much faster even than the doctor’s recommended guidance or method. For improving your sexual health you need to be more positive which must look in your daily lifestyle habits.

Stop taking much stress or avoid activities which make you exhausted too easily. Also, you need not requires to take the burden of all kind of responsibilities instead focus more on the activities which can provide peace and calmness to your mind.

Change your diet routine and include more healthy diet choices such as high nutrient-dense and low carb meals which will keep you more energetic and in a good mood all the time.

Focus more on fresh and veggies meals instead of fast foods or unprocessed foods which are unhealthy not only for your physical health but for your mental health as well.

You can take the help of a dietitian in this regard who can provide you an appropriate diet chart routine based on your special illness as well as diets that can boost your libido and enhance your sexuality naturally.

Lifestyle Changes

Certain lifestyle changes can do wonder for improving your sexual health by keeping your mood on and energetic. Stay more physically active instead of leading a more sedentary life.

Exercise daily at least for 20 minutes to keep your blood flow running throughout the body in a much better way so that due to slow blood circulation any sexual concern like low sex drive or impotence would not occur.

Walk at least for 15 minutes every day if daily gym routine is hard to follow for you. Spend some more leisure time to keep your mind and body relaxed and to reduce anxiety and depression mental health concerns which are another major killer for healthy sexual life.

Reduce your wine intake if you drink excessively and quit smoking for the sake of your sexuality as soon as it is possible. Include more mindfulness activities in your life which will develop more positive thinking pattern in your mind to keep you calm and focused during your personal time with your partner.

Sleep Enough

Sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours in night soundly to boost your sex drive and to improve your sexual relationship with your partner. In the lack of proper amount of sleep or restless sleeping pattern in the night, you are likely to develop different mental as well as physical health concerns and both of them throw its bad impacts on your sexual feeling and desire.

With a low level of energy and distressed mood, no one feels energetic for having sex instead their focus remains more in getting some time for a peaceful sleep. So look at your sleeping quality and if there is any issue remove it. As soon as you will be able to enhance your sleeping quality and duration your sex drive will automatically get improved and boosted with time.

Sort out Your Relationship Issues

The cases where a relationship with the partner is not stable or there is no good bond and connection between the two partners, chances are high that this persistent concern will reduce the desire for sex in women in the long run. So to deal with this concern and for making your bond stronger you should start focusing more on your relationship issue in order to resolve them.

Spend more time with your partner even at the cost of unfinished work. Go for a small vacation or outing as this quality time will release all pain and issue from the heart of both of you and will flourish the rain of love again.

If you think that your relationship can be improved with counseling then without making further delay consult with a professional counselor who can well address your issues between both of you partners and will resolve them with their specific and expertise ideas.

These small-small efforts towards your relationship goals will help in clearing out all the misunderstandings and issues and soon you will get back your lost libido or sex drive.

Medical Help

If no any of the above-mentioned solutions work for you then it’s time to take medical help without further delay. There are several pharmaceutical pills which are meant for treating these sexual health concerns in women. However, under no condition, these pills should be consumed without consultation with a doctor.

Your healthcare provider will go through you complete physical and personal life history and on the basis of all these details, he will prescribe right medication or therapy to clear the underlying causes which are impacting your sex drive.

You need to follow the full course of medications and suggestions given by the doctor to get back your lost confidence and desire for sex successfully.

Remember any health problem is not a permanent issue until you accept it and give up your hope. Same is applicable for low women’s libido, sexual health concern. Be positive in your life and follow the above-mentioned tricks to resolve your problem permanently.

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