Eating Saffron During Pregnancy

Eating Saffron During Pregnancy: Uses, Benefits and Side Effect

Saffron is a popular spice often used in cooking for enhancing its taste as well giving it an eye-soothing natural color. This medicinal property-rich herb is derived from Crocus sativus flowers. Eating saffron during pregnancy helps in boosting and stabilizing the health of the expectant mother.

It is also known as zaffran, Kesar, kumkumapoovu, and koung. It has a thread-like structure which can easily mix and dissolve in food. Since the very older time people have a very common belief that if any pregnant woman will consume saffron by mixing in milk or in any other food it will make her baby’s complexion fairer enough.

Apart from this, there are lots of many other benefits especially for pregnant women as it helps in easing different discomfort of this period or phases of a woman’s life. Its high nutritional value and healing property make it an ideal food choice during the pregnancy period which comes along with different symptoms and discomforts throughout this journey.

However like any other herb, even saffron also contains some health risk if it is taken beyond its moderate limit. In spite of that its benefits and effectiveness cannot be suppressed that is really very promising. The below mentioned full discussion regarding saffron uses, benefits and side effects will let you understand better its worthiness for a pregnant woman.


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The usage of saffron cannot be bounded under one particular category or segment as it touches and enhances every aspect of your health. Because of its highly effective anti-aging properties such as its antioxidant content, it is used in the production of many cosmetic products for improving your look and beauty.

Its highly soothing and healing content works magically in reducing your aging signs on skin and help in getting a radiant, rejuvenated and youthful glow and beauty on your face by slowing down the aging process.

Its highly nutritious and medicinal features make it an ideal product to be utilized in home remedies for treating different concerns. This is the reason it proves so useful and effective in easing different symptoms that usually develops during the pregnancy period.

It is also a very popular spice used very often for adding flavor in different dishes such as biryani, sweets, kheer, etc. Also when mixed in food it develops a very beautiful food color naturally that saves you from using artificial food colors which are no way safe for your health.

There is a very popular belief regarding saffron for the pregnant ladies that its consumption during pregnancy can give fair complexion to their baby. Apart from this, it helps in easing different symptoms of pregnancy period very effectively and safely.


Eating saffron during pregnancyEating saffron in moderate limit during pregnancy has the following health benefits.

Relieves Morning Sickness Concern

Out of different health concern or symptoms associated with pregnancy period, morning sickness is very common and prominent one. Those sudden hormonal changes in body badly affect to your stable health position. Body cramp in the morning along with the feeling of vomiting and sickness are some of the symptoms of pregnancy-related morning sickness concern.

However, this issue can be easily relieved through the help of saffron with its highly effective medicinal properties. Start your day with a saffron-infused hot tea and forget about your dizziness, nausea and other morning sickness related health concerns. Also, this fresh start of the day will keep you fully energetic throughout the day.

It can Boost the Iron Level in Your Body

Pregnancy causes a drop in the normal iron level in your body and makes you anemic. This can develop several health concerns for you as well as for your growing baby in the womb. This is the reason often in routine checkup OB or GYN. suggests for more iron-rich foods consumption.

Saffron can do a miracle in this regard as it is a rich source of iron mineral. So to grab its benefits for your health and for boosting those dropped level of iron use saffron in different food items so that your body can easily balance those reduced level. The moderate consumption of saffron by mixing in different foods can raise your hemoglobin level which is very important for a safe and healthy pregnancy journey.

Improves Your Digestion

The digestive health concern is one of those pregnancy-related symptoms that every woman faces at some or other point in time of their delivery period. Constipation, gas and bloating are very common phenomena that every pregnant woman has to suffer from which primarily develops due to internal level structural changes in the body.

Your growing baby creates extra pressure on your digestive tract to create space for his or her accommodation in the womb and with the progression of pregnancy, this stress level increases more and more.

However, with the help of saffron, you can naturally deal with this very irritating and constant health concern during your pregnancy period. The saffron intake during pregnancy in a moderate limit ensures that there will be smoother blood flow in your digestive tract so that there will be no sluggish metabolism concern and your foods can digest and excrete easily and normally.

Prevent Hair Fall Associated with Pregnancy

Hormonal changes or fluctuations in the pregnancy period badly affects your hair health that leads to falling off hairs in clumps. If this issue is not treated on time then it can even cause baldness which will further be very critical to recovering.

So to prevent this concern and to get back your lost hair you can try a DIY remedy with ingredients such as saffron, milk, and licorice. Mix all these substances to get a smoother paste and apply it directly over the bald areas of your head. Let it sit for some time and then wash your hair thoroughly. Apply this remedy at least 2 times in a week to make your hair stronger and thicker.

Relives from Mood Swings Concern

Pregnancy-related hormonal fluctuations play its role in every area of your health including your mental health as well. As a result, if it frequent mood swings issue develops in which sometimes you may feel happy, sometimes get angry or anxious or sad or depressed without any underlying reason.

However, you can easily deal with this concern with a saffron herb which works as a natural mood enhancer. The consumption of saffron by mixing in different foods helps in boosting the serotonin hormone in the brain which is also known as a happy hormone for the body.

This is the reason it is also known as anti-depressant food. Hence your mood remains more stable, pleasing and energetic all the time. This happiness also reflects in your face which again gets possible with the saffron intake that makes your skin look glowing and beautiful.

Appetite Booster

Improper or slow digestion and its associated concerns such as gas, bloating and constipation also affects to your appetite leading to a reduction in your normal appetite level. A pregnant woman needs to eat double than her normal diet portion as she needs nutrient for herself as well as for her growing baby in the womb.

However, this will not be possible if she loses her appetite due to different concerns during the pregnancy period. This issue can be well managed with the saffron rich foods intake which also works as an appetite booster. By stimulating your digestive system it ensures that your body could easily absorb those foods and rapid food absorption rate means automatic trigger for the next meal or diet.

Hence increase your cravings for food easily as well as ensure a better digestion function so that your body can easily receive the necessary amount of nutrients.

Relieves from Pregnancy-Related Body Cramp or Aches

Out of different pregnancy-related physical symptoms, body aches or cramps are a very common one. The constant changes in your internal body structure for giving place to the growing baby causes an immense amount of pressure on muscles and bones.

As a result of it cramp and pain develops in the stomach, lower back and different joints areas of the body. The pain intensity may vary mild to severe but lasts throughout the pregnancy period. However, this pain concern can be relieved with the soothing and healing property of saffron which is also known as a natural pain killer.

Hence soothes and calms your muscles and joints pain naturally and makes your pregnancy journey more comfortable one.

Prevents the High Blood Pressure Health Risk

For a pregnant woman, it is very crucial that her blood pressure level remains in a very stable position throughout this period otherwise it can cause major health impact for her as well as for her baby. This is the reason your BP rate is checked at every routine visit by your doctor.

Saffron can help you very effectively in this regard as it helps in reducing the elevated blood pressure level. It contains crocetin and potassium which are two vital agents that help in lowering high blood pressure level. This property of saffron is scientifically proven hence quite safe and reliable.

Protect Against Heart Health Concerns

The food cravings during pregnancy period are very fluctuating one and in this series, there are very common days when your cravings level remain at its peak. As a result of this increased cravings level, you consume much more than your normal portion size that creates extra pressure over your cardiovascular system

The increased level of calories and fat substances puts extra pressure on your heart which is no way good for your heart health as it increases your risk of developing heart diseases.

However even this concern can also be well managed with saffron mixed foods as it is loaded with potassium, antioxidants and crocetin nutrients which are vital for your heart and baby’s health. Hence your risk of elevated cholesterol level and triglyceride heart diseases risks decreases.

Treats Respiratory Diseases

Saffron induced food intake helps in treating different respiratory illness or concerns of a pregnant woman with its anti-inflammatory property. It helps in reducing swelling and inflammation of lungs and ensures hassle-free respiratory function.

Also, it reduces and clears nasal blockages if any exists in the nose, lungs, and trachea by dilating it so that you can breathe comfortably and freely. Many pregnant women develop asthma concern during their pregnancy period which can be naturally relieved with the consumption of saffron in a moderate limit.

Relieves Different Skin Problems

The hormonal fluctuations effect during pregnancy can be easily seen over the skin health of a pregnant woman. Acne, breakout, and melasma are some common skin-related issues that often develop during the pregnancy period.

Sometimes these skin problems last even after the delivery or childbirth which is really very irritating and intolerable. However, with the help of saffron, you can protect your skin beauty and health naturally.

Saffron contains a blood purifying agent hence clears all the existing impurities in your blood and prevents skin problems associated with skin impurities.

Ensure Sound Sleep during Nights

The pregnancy-related hormonal changes, body cramps, and increased belly size create an immense amount of difficulty in sleeping peacefully and comfortably during nights. Hence often night goes in tossing and turning that impacts your next day routine and health as well.

However, with saffron’s easing and soothing properties you need not worry about the restless nights fear. This herb contains little bit sedative property hence when you consume them either in tea form or by mixing in milk your body get relaxed immediately that led you to sleep more peacefully and comfortably during nights.

Side Effects

The consumption of excess doses of saffron leads to different health hazards including uterine contraction which is very risky for the expectant mother. The overall side effects risk associated with saffron intake are mentioned below.


It’s not necessary that the saffron rich diet intake suits to every pregnant woman. If that happens in any case then it leads to vomiting which keeps you and your baby deprive of all essential nutrients. If this happens then you should immediately stop its consumption.


You might get hypersensitive after the consumption of saffron mixed foods. There are cases where a woman complains about their concerns like nausea, headache, dry mouth and anxiety after the consumption of saffron. If this issue persists it is better to avoid the saffron intake.


The mild sedative property of saffron leads to dizziness feeling in many women after its consumption especially when consumed in higher doses.


Women who have an old history of allergy from different plants such as Sasola, Lolium, etc can develop different allergy symptoms after the consumption of saffron mixed foods.


The feeling of numbness like tingling sensation in hands, feet, lips, and eyelids may occur after the consumption of saffron induced foods.

Toxic Reactions

An excessive dose of saffron can cause toxic reactions in your body which can develop minor to major health concerns such as diarrhea, jaundice, and hemorrhage.


An excess dose of saffron can easily raise your body temperature and heat that leads to uterine contractions concern. As a result of it, your risk of miscarriage increases to a great extent. To avoid this risk it is always suggested to start the saffron consumption only after the first trimester when your pregnancy gets a little bit mature.

There is no doubt that eating saffron during pregnancy brings tremendous health benefits for pregnant women that makes her pregnancy experience more positive and comfortable one. However, for avoiding its associated side effects risk it is always suggested to consult with your gynecologist and if they show you green flag then an only start its consumption in a very moderate limit.

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