Health Impact of Wrong Food Habits

Tips to Control Your Food Habit: Health Impact of Wrong Food Habits

Food is one of the most important aspects and part of our daily life as it provides necessary energy so that we can walk, talk and conduct our daily life chaos. However when we talk about our health then our regular food intake is good as well as bad too if its quality and quantity are not considered seriously before consuming it. So for balanced health, it is important that we control the diet otherwise diet will control you.

The temptation for delicious and mouth-watering foods is normal and no one can deny it but if we allow our self to eat anything fearlessly then after some time we can easily get a victim of unwanted health issues, out of which obesity comes on the first list.

Neither overeating nor the under-eating habit is good for the health of anyone as the former eating habit can lead you to gain body weight at a faster pace, on the other hand, the later one eating habit can cause you skinny body which further leads to many diseases.

Again we must add that it is the wrong knowledge regarding the food with respect to its nutrient density, quality and its calorie content that we often follow a wrong diet chart in our day to day routine resulting in growth of a circumstances where food starts controlling your mind and you also easily follow its instruction unwisely without any judgment.

Tips to Control Your Food Habit

control the diet otherwise diet will control youWhen we discuss foods, it consists of its entire category including, nutrient-rich, healthy, processed and junk foods. Out of them some of these are good for health and some of them is not that much healthy but still, we crave to have them due to its taste and delicious flavor. This ignorance towards the healthy diet routine is not at all good for health and can lead to any mild to a chronic health issue.

So to combat all these food-related concerns and to lead you on the path of healthy eating here we have enlisted some effective tricks and tips that will help you to stay on healthy diet chart means you can learn the way to control your food habit. This is important for ensuring healthy and long-living.

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly than the normal and usual time is an effective way to protect yourself from overeating which is important to prevent the risk of putting unusual body fat due to overeating habit. You need to chew your meal slowly as this will bluff your mind that your stomach is almost full and then you automatically stops to eat after some time when your brain will give a signal that your stomach is full now.

This is an easy and healthy way to suppress your hunger otherwise those who chew fast the food content get digested fast and easily and then the stomach starts craving for extra meal resulting in you overeats.

Drink Water Before and Middle of Eating

Water is good for our health and with all respect, it nourishes your body and health. Purified water is a healthy fluid that stimulates energy and your metabolism rate which is important especially if you are on dieting. You can suppress your hunger and delay your normal eating time by drinking two-three glasses of water just before 15 to 20 minutes of your eating time.

Another effective trick to protect yourself from overeating habit or untimely eating habit which often occurs in the afternoon and sometimes in the midnight too in those who wakes up for late-night, is to drink one glass of water before you start your meal and drink in between of your eating time one or two another glasses of water.

When you will drink water between your eating time it will reduce your further appetite and your stomach will feel full even though you have not finished your whole meal. Apart from this drinking water saves you from eating in unusual hours like midnight and afternoon when your stomach craves for unhealthy diets like snacks (fast foods, highly processed foods, etc.

Stay Far from Tempting Foods

Candies, chips, chocolates and other junk foods easily caught by our eyes and we get a temptation to eat them ignoring the fact that it is not good for us especially for our body fat and weight. So to avoid such temptation that forces us to have them instantly one prudent trick that you can apply is by keeping yourself far from the places where these unhealthy snacks are available.

You can even take the help of your colleagues and family members too in this regard by informing them that you are on diet and don’t want to break it due to any unusual temptation. This humble request will be helpful for you as your colleague and family members will hide such snacks from your visibility which in turn protects you from temptation for unhealthy snacks and foods.

Always Carry Fruits and Nuts with You

If you want that you keep your eating habit and diet remains under your control not you get controlled by them then as a prudent regimen always keeps some healthy and portable snacks such as apple, nuts seeds, and dry fruits along with you, especially when you are going out of your home.

This healthy habit will protect you from eating unhealthy snacks when you are on the way to your destination or during your office hours. Whenever you get a temptation for any such unhealthy snacks give a treat to your stomach with these healthful and nutrient-dense snacks.

Also, you can have these healthy snacks before and after your heavy meals as it will not let your stomach empty for long hours which is another way of preventing unnecessary crave for junk foods and snacks. Apart from this keeping stomach empty doesn’t help in reducing our body weight instead it is one of the reasons to put on extra body weight when you focus on your heavy meal and overeat them to satisfy your long hour’s empty stomach crave.

Count Your Calorie Intake

Remember friends, it is not just an overeating habit instead it is unhealthy eating that causes a health concern to you and that further controls your mind ignoring your health concerns. Whatever you eat in a whole day prepares a well-maintained chart of it at the end of the day and count the calories that you have consumed out if all those foods.

Mention the calorie of each food in the diet chart and aggregate them at the day end, this will reveal a clear picture to you and your real situation. So this way you can avoid those food items which have high-calorie value and give more attention to food items which have low-calorie value so that you can control your body weight without suppressing your hunger unusually.

Have Enough Protein Meal

Protein-rich foods keep your stomach full for long hours hence suppresses your hunger naturally which is an important way to maintain healthy body weight. So if you want a healthy and fit body without affecting your internal health, then taking protein-rich food will be a prudent trick for you.

In this regard, you have to understand that you need to focus on lean protein, not those protein-rich foods which have high fat and calorie value such as pork, mutton, lamb, etc. Some healthy and lean protein-rich foods example are tofu, soya chunks, non-fat fish, turkey, shellfish, etc. which have very low-calorie value so it won’t impact your health and body weight.

Exercise Everyday

Exercise or workout is a natural and effective way to burn extra calorie and fat from your body. It is the accumulation of calories and glucose in the body that in the long run adds fat to our body resulting in weight gain. This issue can be resolved by some healthy cardio workouts which will burn your extra calorie and reduce its saturating process.

Apart from utilizing your calories another big advantage of practicing exercise is that it suppresses your hunger for long hours by giving a signal to your stomach that it is full that means relief from frequent craving for unhealthy snacks and junk foods which becomes difficult for us to control.

The cardio workouts will stimulate your metabolism rate which will better utilize glucose existing in your body and prevents to increase unnecessary body fat which is the root cause of several chronic health concerns like diabetes, high cholesterol, health-related problems, and obesity. So if want to control your eating crave under your control then include exercise as an important fitness and health routine in your everyday life.

Don’t Eat Unnecessarily

It is often seen that people eat on their fixed eating hours (including big and small meals) whether they are hungry or not to follow their eating rituals. This is absolutely wrong and simply opens up the way to put on unhealthy body weight.

Regarding your eating program, you should never go by these fixed gestures instead you should only eat when you are actually feeling hungry as it might be possible that your last meal or snacks treat has full your stomach and that is why it is not craving for food on its next meal hour. Apply this trick and keep your overall health in your control.

Give Yourself Occasional Snacks Treat

We cannot deny completely the importance of junk foods and processed foods for our taste buds as it improves our mood and makes us feel refreshed and rejoiced. Still considering your good health importance instead of taking these snacks on daily basis go by some prudent plan.

Fix a day for you when you can give yourself a delicious and refreshing treat of all those snacks that charm your taste bud and you always get tempted for them. This will protect you from regular intake of such unhealthy snacks. Also, you can give good news to your stomach and mind to stay in patience till your snacks treat day.

Impact on Health Due to Uncontrolled Food Habits

Uncontrolled Food HabitsThere is a strong relationship between your every dietary list and your health condition. If you are following a healthy and balanced diet chart in your day to day life that means you can survive long and fit life.

On the other hand negligence towards regular diet can lead you to suffer from chronic health conditions that can even cause death too if you are not taking a step at the right time. Some common health problems and diseases which occur in the lack of good and healthful foods are following.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases come on the very first list of diseases that occur when your diet is not up to the mark especially when you put on unusual body fat that impacts your heart pumping rate. As a result of it, the blood circulation in the lungs and other parts of the body get slow and disturbed.

A slow and unusual heart pumping rate can give birth; too many chronic health concerns; heart attack and stroke are some of those lives threatening health risk which generally develops due to bad heart health.


When you don’t control your food pattern then it starts controlling over you and its worst and foremost impact comes in the form of gaining unusual body weight at the shortest span of time. An extra consumed calorie and fat out of your daily intake causes to increase your weight and you get a victim of obesity which later on gives birth to other health issues like cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.


Another health risk that generally people suffers from due to their uncontrolled dietary habit is the Diabetes which is a chronic health condition which requires lifetime treatment otherwise it can cause life risk too. In this particular disease, your blood sugar level either get extremely low or get extremely high. With necessary changes in your day to day food habit, you can control and balance your diabetes level.

Depression and Anxiety

A consistent feeling of sadness that overwhelms your mood and thinking capability of your brain is known as depression, a severe mental health condition which requires a long treatment process to relieve completely. With a healthy eating habit, depression issue can be controlled to a great extent.

Anxiety is another mental health issue which occurs due to an extreme feeling of fear for anything. The fear factor and reason can be a small trifling thing like – first time meeting with someone etc. to a big reason like fear for an uncertain future. This mental issue can also be relieved to some extent by including healthful and nutrient-dense foods as suggested by a psychiatrist.

So to ensure a healthy and diseases free life by today itself starts to control the diet otherwise diet will control you and your whole life.

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