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Benefits of CVS Pregnancy Test : Its Cost and Risk Factor

The CVS is an abbreviation of Chorionic Villus Sampling which is a diagnostic test for examining any underline issues or genetic problem which newly developing fetus may have. This test is conducted in the first trimester of pregnancy if suggested by the doctor. The benefits of CVS pregnancy test are enormous which will be later described in this article.

This test is not like any common test during the pregnancy phase such as ultrasound, blood test, and urine test. In very specific cases only the CVS diagnosis is recommended by the doctors when they feel that it is important to know, the baby who is developing is completely well or not or having some parental health problems which been passed to the baby through genes.

This test provides a big opportunity for the future parents of the baby to decide whether they will continue with the pregnancy or they will opt for the termination process which mainly occurs when some severe problem is detected after CVS tests like genetic disease or birth defect.

The test result of CVS comes within 7 to 10 days after diagnosis which is not quite far and the parents get enough amount of time to make a future plan regarding baby care and other matters related to the baby. A thin needle is embedded through the uterus for taking one small particle of cells from the placenta which is later tested in the laboratory for detecting an issue. As this cell contains the gene of the fetus so will clarify easily whether it is normal or not.

Benefits of CVS Pregnancy Test

Benefits of CVS Pregnancy TestThe Chorionic Villus Sampling is conducted after 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy in order to find out whether the fetus which is developing is completely well or having some major defects which can cause to birth a defective child.

This is a very important test and its good for the parents who are suffering from some major health problems and are worried whether their baby which is in the womb might not bearing the same health problem. The benefits of CVS test can be described under following heads.

The Condition of Child is Detected before Birth

The CVS test is done before ten to twelve weeks of pregnancy which is also known as the trimester phase. Till this point of time the embryo doesn’t remain developed fully, rather it stays in the cells forms. As the test is conducted by taking one small particle of the developing cells of the baby so it carries all the features related to a gene which helps to find out whether any birth defect is accompanied by this newly developing baby or not.

This test is useful under the condition the future parents of the child or grandparents of the child have some genetic health problem which is getting passed through generation. The early stage detection is useful for parents as they can take a prudent step regarding child care and related to birth whatever they think good for them.

This test also clears the confusion if the parents are worrying whether the upcoming baby is completely safe and in good health condition or not. This is not a normal test during the pregnancy time only in special cases if recommended by the doctor only then one can do this test as it remains accompanied by some risk also, which are not favorable for the health of child.

Precise Child Care Ways

The Chorionic Villus Sampling provides a precise or clear way by detecting any genetic disorder or birth defect before delivery so parents this way stay ready for giving their child a better care so that the child can live a normal and healthy life. This test makes clear whether the fetus is in normal condition or there exists any severe health concern. This most probably happens when the any of two parents (mother or father) is suffering from any major disease and that diseases pass on to their baby via gene.

If any underlying issue is detected then early stage medication and other necessary precautions are needed to be maintained strictly by the mother so that the genetic issues not affect much to her baby. When the medication is started in the very initial stage it starts working in the womb only and when the baby takes birth it remains healthy or very less defected than the case where no precaution and medication used to be followed.

Decision Regarding Child Birth

The CVS test gives an important chance to the future parents to decide in the case of a defective child is detected, whether to give birth to the child or early stage abortion will be better for both child and parents. In some cases, it is found that the child in fetus status is showing a very bad health condition or chances of some incurable defect is recognized in those cases even though if the child takes birth it will be difficult for him or her to survive normally.

If a child cannot live a healthy life or has to spend whole life along with some major defects then it’s better not to encourage the growth of this kind of child in the womb itself as it will be lifetime pain for both child and the parents. The CVS diagnosis makes it very clear what are the defects and genetic health problem the fetus is consisting with and these tests provide 99% sure result.

The parents of the baby in the womb can take a decision on the basis of this trustful lab test regarding keeping or not keeping the child and after consulting with the doctor if it is suggest they opt for abortion process which includes small scrapping for clearing the cells and tissues which are in developing status.

Risk Associated with CVS Pregnancy Test

Risk Associated with CVS Pregnancy TestThe CVS test is done under the observation of specialists and with precautions but exception lies everywhere. Some factors and issues can cause a problem to the child if he or she has undergone through the CVS pregnancy test before birth. Some major risks are mentioned below.

Risk of Miscarriage

The primary risk associated with the CVS test is the chances of miscarriage as this test is done mostly from 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. At that particular time, the fetus is composed of tiny and thin cells which can easily get affected even by a little harsh touch by any instrument or device. Though the chances of miscarriage in this kind of test lie 1 out of 100 or 200 but we cannot say that this test is completely risk free.

Risk of Diseases

One small needle kind thing is embedded in the uterus while testing the Chorionic Villus Sampling for detecting the unborn child health. It ensures whether the upcoming baby is in normal condition or developed with some danger health position. Though the test is good as it shows a real position of the child but it is quite risky also as initial stage interference can cause to give birth to a new disease which is associated with the child birth.

Risk of Infection

The Chorionic Villus Sampling can cause to uterus infection which can further affect to both child and mother. Though the chances of infection are rare but still it exists.

Defected Child Birth

Many CVS testing causes to birth a defective child this mainly happens when this pregnancy test occur before the 10th week of the pregnancy. Before the completion of a 10th week of pregnancy the child remains in a very tender and developing status so any kind of interference just like CVS test causes to defect in the body parts of the child. Some child has been found with defected toes and fingers because of this test.

It is suggested to undertake the CVS pregnancy test only between 10th to 12th week completions of pregnancy not before that.

Bleeding in Vagina

Many women who have undergone through the Chorionic Villus Sampling pregnancy test have noticed unusual vaginal spotting or bleeding which is not at all good for the health baby as well as the pregnant lady. Also in some cases because of CVS test the blood of baby get enters to the mother’s blood stream which causes major complications especially when the blood group is Rh-negative.

Cost of CVS Pregnancy Test

The CVS pregnancy test is a very expensive test of pregnancy period. Just like the home testing kit of pregnancy, not everyone can afford to have this test very easily. Another thing is that not every pregnant woman is required to go through this test as like other test of pregnancy period it doesn’t requires and not mandatory.

Only if the parents are suffering from some major disease or during the pregnancy the pregnant woman has faced certain kind of accident in which chances of defects lies with the unborn child then and only the CVS is recommended by the doctors. Without proper authorization and recommendation by the doctor, you cannot do this test by your choice as some risk factors are associated with this test related to your child health.

The CVS testing is done normally in a diagnosis center but there are kits also available for this testing which are quite expensive and normal people cannot bare it. The CVS testing box comes with two tester or test sampler. This tester can detect a very low level of HCG as it is very sensitive. Also, it has an advantage of detecting the pregnancy five days before the menstrual cycle date.

As the kit of CVS comes with two testers so you have the advantage of taking the retest after a week difference if you are not satisfied by the result of the first tester.

Why CVS Pregnancy Test is Important?

Why CVS Pregnancy Test is ImportantThe CVS pregnancy test is important as well as necessary for checking the biochemical or hereditary anomalies. The placenta is the cell which is formed by same cells and tissues of the baby so for the CVS diagnosis, one small cell of the placenta is taken which can easily detect if the child is bearing any birth defect or heredity related issue.

One small needle is embedded in the uterus for taking the chorionic villi which is diagnosed and analyzed in a lab which clears out any special anomalies of the infant like cystic fibrosis or down disorder. This early stage detection save the child from future danger effects to health and if requires the pregnancy is terminated for the betterment of child otherwise if the pregnancy is sustained even after detection of some major health issue the child could be unhealthy by birth and may have any defect in the body like defective toes or finger.

The CVS pregnancy test is important for the ladies who gets pregnant at the age of 35 or more than that as in this particular age the chances of developing chromosomal issue remains very high such as Down Disorder risk lies very high as a woman ages, which also affects to her baby.

If a lady has already given birth to a child with some kind of birth defects then it is necessary to go through the CVS pregnancy test between ten to twelve week of pregnancy to check whether the another baby is also carrying the same defects just like the previous child or not.

In the cases of a previous family history of the child with some kind of birth defects, it is suggested to check with CVS test for confirming the repetition is happening with the existing child in womb or not. If the child is found with the repetitive case of health defects then it is better to terminate that pregnancy. This will be a prudent decision otherwise the child could not live a normal life if born with birth defects or heredity issues.

If the mother has any past history of some severe health concern then also it is recommended by the doctors to do CVS test as it will make clear that the child is absolutely alright or there is any trace of the same health concern which mother used to have in past.

The CVS test should be done only if your doctor is recommending it to you. Though the benefits of CVS pregnancy test are too many then also it should be conducted after considering its drawbacks or risk associated with this test.

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