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Cramps After Period : Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

Cramps during or before the menstrual cycle are quite usual and this is a normal health condition but some women experience cramp even after the menstrual cycle is completely ended. This can be normal or it can be because of some abnormal internal health condition. Causes of cramps after period ensures whether you need a visit to a doctor or you are fit and nothing to worry about it.

If the cramp you are suffering from after completion of your period lasts for few hours to one or two days then it is not a matter of concern but under the situation, the cramp duration goes for long days then don’t take it lightly. Immediately visit a gynecologist who after proper diagnosis will clear out the cause or reason of your cramping after the period.

Causes of Cramps after Period

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Cramps or pain after the period can occur due to several reasons. Some of the primary causes of cramp after the period are mentioned below.


If you are experiencing abdominal cramp since months even after the finishing of period days then it might be because of Appendicitis, that is why the pain is not ending even after the period days ends. The cramping due to this disease can occur anytime in between the period cycle.

Initially, the pain starts in the belly button and then the pain moves towards the right abdomen and as the time passes on the intensity of pain gets severe and beyond tolerance. If you are facing pain in your right abdomen along with some other symptoms like vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, nausea and appetite loss that means you are suffering from appendicitis which needed immediate treatment otherwise it could be burst if left untreated.


If you are implanting then also you can feel cramp after a period. Implantation is the initial phase of pregnancy when your body prepares itself to accustom and provide a place to the inception of the new baby. Lots of internal changes occur in this phase so cramp or pain occurs due to that.

Implantation cramping doesn’t last for more than two days and also this pain is not as intense as the pain during the period time. Once the implantation process completed there will be no further abdominal cramp.When a fertilized egg gets attaches to the uterus lining in the implantation phase, a cramp or pain occurs in the abdomen. Once you have successfully conceived the implantation will occur after six to twelve days of conception and hence cramping will occur.

Implantation pain comes along with some other symptoms also like changes in the breast size, white milky discharge, nausea, vomiting etc. Some women misunderstand it with the period cramp and think that this pain is generating as because next period is about to start which is not right actually.


If you are noticing cramp after two weeks of your period end date then this cramping is because you are ovulating right now. Ovulation is the phase when you start secreting the egg which can easily get fertilized if merged with the sperm. So cramping occurs along with the egg secretion.

Ovulation is the pick time of fertilization or pregnancy. Pain can be mild or sometimes it can be severe. Along with cramping, you can observe vaginal discharge and pink color spotting also. So if you are cramping after 10 to 15 days of your menstrual cycle end date then it can be because of ovulation. This is a normal pain and nothing to worry about it.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID is one of the most severe forms of sexually transmitted disease which causes infection in the vaginal area and hence cramping occurs in the abdomen and the pelvic area. PID can also occur if infected bacteria have entered inside your reproductive system casing infection to you. This especially happens during childbirth or when any device is entered inside the vagina canal.

PID causes severe cramp and unusual vaginal discharge occurs with a fishy odor. Also, you can observe a very dark blood flow during your period cycle. So if you are cramping after period along with some other symptoms then it is an indication of a severe infection which requires immediate treatment otherwise it can get malicious and also can cause infertility.


Stress or tension causes very high-level changes in your hormonal balance and hence it can cause cramping in the abdomen area even though your period cycle is ended for the current month. Overstress also causes unusual spotting or bleeding between two-period cycles and this spotting is accompanied by the abdominal cramp.

Overstress or hypertensions throw negative effect on your body and hence aches in the pelvic area and lower abdomen occurs. The pain is also accompanied by the thicker white discharge and you can also miss your period during this time.

Though this pain doesn’t last for the longest time still you should try some stress buster methods so that even for little time, you won’t have to get affected by any unnecessary body cramp or pain.

Cervical Stenosis

There are some women whose cervix openings are of a very small size and this is known as cervical stenosis. It causes pressure to uterus while blood flow at the time of period cycle which causes cramps even after the period days are finished or ended.

This health condition can be relieved by taking some medication and if doesn’t get relived after medication then surgery process is applied for treating it completely. Also in some cases, intrauterine devices are used for increasing the size of cervix opening. After proper treatment, the cramp after period gets relived completely if this was the reason of your cramp after the period cycle.

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are the tissues which grow anywhere in the uterus. The problem starts generating with it when its size starts growing along with numbers. This causes difficulty in the normal blood flow during the menstrual cycle also it causes pain after the completion of the period.

Uterine fibroids also cause long timing period with heavy flow, irregularity in blood flow, problem while urination, constipation, pain in pelvis along with pressure and cramping after the period. Initial medication can control the growth of uterine fibroids and if it is not get relived by medication then surgical treatment is applied to treat it. If it remains untreated for a long time then it can also cause infertility.

Treatment of Cramps after Period

Cramps After Period After proper physical examination and diagnosis, the gynecologist will decide which treatment procedure is good in your condition to relieve you from cramp after the period. Some important and common treatment procedures which are recommended by the doctors are mentioned below.

  • In order to relieve the patient from intense pain instantly, painkillers or anti-inflammatories are prescribed by the doctors.
  • If the pain after the period is occurring due to fluid sac or cyst then surgery process is applied for treating the cramp after the period as in future the condition may get worst.
  • Hormonal therapies & hormonal controlling pills are applied if the cramp is generating due to hormonal level misbalancing.
  • If the cervix cancer is the cause of your pain then the surgery will be the end option if your condition is not getting relieved from chemotherapy and other medications.

Home Remedies for Treating Cramps after Period

There are many effective home remedies which work faster in treating your abdominal cramp after the period. These are natural ways to fight abdomen or pelvic pain so quite safe and reliable also. Whatever the level of your cramp after the period, try these below mentioned natural remedies which can give you relief without any side effect.

Heat Pad Therapy

Heat Pad Therapy
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If you are cramping because of ovulation, implantation, menstrual cycle and fibroids then heat pad is the thing which can provide you relief instantly and without any major side effects. Just you need to place or keep the heat pad on the pelvic area for sometimes and then remove it. Again keep it in the same place after few minutes interval. Repeat this action until you get relief from pain.

Heat pads are even considered as more beneficial and effective than a painkiller pill as it doesn’t contain any chemicals like the painkiller and you easily get rid out of your cramp after the period without any big effort.

You can create your heat pad at home only. Fill one bottle with hot water and wrap it in a towel. Now place this homely prepared heat pad on your lower abdomen and keep it there for 15 minutes. Repeat this action for three to four times in a day until you succeeded to get relief from cramping.


Cramps ExerciseThere are many exercises or workouts which are mainly focused on the abdomen area so if you are cramping after the period then try any of the exercise steps for getting relief from cramping naturally. Exercise practice will keep your body fit, toned and will improve your immunity power. Cramping also occurs because of body weakness so daily workout practice will keep your body strong.

Also, it is noticed by the surveys that women who practice regular workouts fell very lesser amount of cramping during or before their menstrual cycle. You can also take the help of exercise videos which focuses on controlling abdomen pain.


Meditation is the ultimate source of solution for all kind physical as well as internal health concerns. This is the reason behind the popularity of meditation practices. It has spread its wings throughout the world in last few decades and its followers are now uncountable.

If you are suffering from cramp after the period then do medication on every morning and evening as it will give relief to your pain slowly and gradually. You can join a meditation center also for learning the meditation steps; also the trainer over there will better guide you that which meditation step is suitable for relieving your cramp.

Drink Extra Water

Drink Extra WaterWater is a natural source or way which keeps our body away from many severe diseases. In the lack of enough amount of water, your body can easily get dehydrated which calls for many health-related issues. You will be surprised to know that increasing your daily water intake can be helpful for providing you relief from cramp after the period.

As much as you can, drink plenty of water every day as it will help your body to function much better way and will keep you energized and ultimately will reduce the cramp or pain that you are facing after the period.

Take Less Stress

If the reason of your cramping after the period is stress or over tension then try some effective stress bursting techniques which will divert your mind from the cause or reason because of which you are taking the stress load and hence you will get relief from cramp in the abdomen or pelvic area.


If you are cramping intense even though your period cycle is finished then do massaging on the pain area very gently as it will provide you instant relief by reducing the level of pain. This is a temporary cramp relieving method but for the immediate situation, it is quite good to apply.

Changes in Diet

Changes in DietBy making changes in your regular day to day diet you can get relief out of your cramping or pain after the period. You need to consume whole foods, healthy green vegetables, and fruits. These healthy diets will not only keep your body and health fit but also will provide you relief from severe cramping.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

If you are a tobacco addict or consume alcohol then stop your habit now only or try to avoid all these bad health reasons gradually as because these health hazards items are one of the reasons of your cramping after the period.

Cramping after the period doesn’t always indicate any bad health condition but if you are facing cramp frequently which is lasting for long period then it becomes necessary to find out the causes of cramps after period. Immediately consult with a gynecologist who after necessary diagnosis will start treatment for relieving your condition.

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