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Causes of Brown Discharge Instead of Your Period & Ways to Get Rid of It

Brown color liquid discharge from the vagina is quite common and in general, it is not a very big concern to health excepting certain conditions. It is noticed by many women that during the end of period days apart from period red flow a brown vaginal discharge instead of a period blood flow appears.

Brown discharge is observed because of several reasons, so don’t assume anything without knowing about it in depth. It’s not that you are observing a symptom of certain severe health disease. It occurs due to some normal reasons also. So, don’t get panic, my dear friend, if you just saw a brownie discharge from the vagina. This article will clear your confusion also will be helpful in protecting you by letting you know if you need medical attention

What is Brown Discharge?

Brown discharge is a vaginal spotting or light bleeding of brownish color. When an old blood of last period get stuck in the uterus, it turns to be brown instead of pure red and this is noticed sometimes before the starting date of the period and sometimes during the end days of the period or menstrual cycle. The causes of this kind of vaginal discharge are described briefly later in this article.

Is Brown Blood Normal?

Brown DischargeWhether the brown blood spotting is normal or any matter of concern depends upon the reason or causes because of this unusual spotting is occurring. Sometimes the brown vaginal discharge occurs due to late period means when the period is started in any other date than its original date. Under this case to fill the gap the vagina starts secreting some brownish spotting which actually is the blood of last period cycle that wouldn’t fully be discharged last time.

Apart from late period if you are noticing the brown blood spotting because of ovulation, implantation etc. then also you need not worry about it as this is quite a normal health condition.

When it’s not normal?

Brown spotting occurs in general due to a normal health condition but you cannot be relaxed every time as sometimes these kinds of discharge occur due to a vaginal infection, PID and vaginal cancer which are an extremely worst position of health and cannot be left untreated as it can cause worst health condition.

If you are noticing a brown blood discharge accompanied by severe abdominal cramp, pain in pelvic area, nausea, weakness then don’t sit idle with thinking that it will automatically get vanished. Immediately consult with a gynecologist who will after a physical checkup and other necessary diagnoses clear out the reason of your unusual vaginal discharge. Especially if you are spotting because of vaginal cancer then it can be life-threatening too if left untreated.

Causes of Brown Vaginal Discharge Instead of Period

During the different cycle of a woman’s life, she can notice a brown color discharge instead of period’s red blood discharge. This especially happens in the end days of period means on the fourth to the fifth day of the period you might see this kind of discharge. Apart from that in the menopause phase or in the pre-menopause phase of life cycle this kind of discharge appears which is quite normal and it doesn’t cause any irritation or burning.

There are seven primary reasons which cause brown vaginal discharge. These primary causes are described below thoroughly.

Pre Menopause Cycle:

Menopause cycle

Premenopause is a transition period towards menopause cycle. In this phase of life, reproductive capacity is decreased and very fewer chances of pregnancy exist. The common age of pre menopause lies between 40 to 55 years. At this point of time, the bone density of a woman starts getting decreasing.

In the pre menopause cycle, the frequency of period remains inconsistent. Sometimes women observe period after three to four months or even sometimes after a year.  So in this cycle especially there remains a very high chance of a vaginal brown discharge. This especially happens as the blood flow does not occur just like a normal period time so to cover up the old and stagnant flow sometimes a brownish color gel flows out.

In rare cases, it is seen that some women enter into their pre-menopause phase at the age of 30. It is quite surprising but the truth. So if you are in your 30s and observing brown discharge instead of the period then no need to get panic. It’s not because that you are suffering from any major disease. A possibility is there that you might be transiting to the menopause phase.

Again some surprising cases have been noticed where some women don’t fall into their menopause phase till their 60s. This is very rare and cannot be guaranteed when these women will transit into their menopause cycle of life. These cases are unique and uncommon.

In the pre menopause cycle, the estrogen level of the body gets decreased which is necessary to be very high in order to get pregnant. This is the reason you observe infrequent period. In the end, two years of pre-menopause the level of estrogen gets decreased at the highest rate. Generally, the pre-menopause phase lasts for four years whereas in some women it lasts for more than 10 years.

Delay in Regular Period:

Delay in Regular PeriodSometimes you have period exceeding to its fixed date or time in such cases instead of a period you notice a brown discharge. Period delay can occur due to many factors and when you don’t fall into your period on its scheduled day then in between this extra gapping day a brownish discharge is secreted from the uterus.

When you get your period late at that point of time your body indulges in the process of preparing the period flow and to fill this extra days gap the vagina starts discharging some uterine tissue which may be possible to left over your last period time. And you observe brown discharge instead of a period. This is quite a normal phenomenon and there is no need to be panic if you are getting a brownish discharge because of this reason.

Under the condition, you are not getting period for two to three days when it actually should come then nothing to worry as even you get the period after these few days delay, you are in normal health condition. So in the late period months if the brown discharge is generating it is normal and not any concern for the medical checkup. Still, if you are not satisfied then consult with gynecologists for clarifying your condition.

Birth Control Ways:

It is been noticed by going through many cases that some birth control measures are reasons of brown discharge instead of the period. This especially happens because the birth control measures that you are using currently are affecting your hormone level and this sudden change takes some time in the adaptation by your body. This ultimately causes brown vaginal discharge.

The measures which you apply for controlling the unwanted birth affects your body internally and throw you in a condition like menopause. Such kind of misbalances results in this type of discharge instead of the regular flow of blood. Remember condom or other this type of birth control elements doesn’t call for brown discharge.

In some cases, it is found women consuming birth control pill for removing acne are left with an astonishing brown color period. This should be further clarified by doctors in order to confirm whether it is normal or indicating some severe health concerns.  The reason behind this kind of period is that the birth control pills suppress your body’s hormones and henceforth the pituitary gland is affected.

At the beginning time when you start taking these birth control pills, your body need some time in order to adapt with this new element and until your body is not fully accustomed with these pills there are chances that your regular period gets stop temporarily and instead of that brown discharge appears. Also, the brown discharge appears when some blood left by the last period and before you observe normal red blood period, in the meantime brown vaginal discharge is seen.

Bleeding Due to Implantation:

Implantation implies the condition when your body adapts to a new member in the form of your baby this is called implantation. So during the implantation phase, you can notice some brown vaginal discharge. This especially happens in the cases where someone does protection less intimate relation, planning for pregnancy etc. under such situations if you observe brown discharge then there exists a very high chance that you are pregnant. Get assure you by test to confirming pregnancy.

In most of the cases, it is confirmed after proper tests that the brown color discharge is appearing because of implantation work that your body is adapting to a new condition. After sometimes it won’t appear anymore. So it simply indicates a good news for you and it’s time for rejoicing.

The implantation bleeding or brown discharge happens when your egg get attached to uterine lining which makes you get pregnant. When fertilized eggs merged with the sperm it results in implantation. This kind of bleeding is not very common. Only very few women face it. This is normal and will no way affect your unborn baby.

Under the situation you are noticing brown spot instead of the period then this is also an indication of pregnancy and needs a medical test for confirming. As the pregnancy hormones remain at a very low level at this point in time as it is a very initial phase so chances are there for negative test report in spite of your pregnancy. So it calls for the second test after some time for getting a positive medical test.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease:

Pelvic Inflammatory DiseaseThe pelvic inflammatory disease is the most severe form of sexually transmitted diseases. This is a serious health condition which occurs due to some infection causes damaging to woman’s reproductive system for the lifetime. So it needs immediate medical attention for protecting oneself from a serious illness.

The pelvic inflammatory disease is the primary reason for infertility among women. If someone is willing to pregnant but getting failed in spite of trying hard for this and spotting brown vaginal discharge then it only because of this type of vaginal flow, issue or problem is occurring pregnancy.

PID should not be ignored in any condition as it will lead you in extremely bad health position for the whole life and might not be cured completely if get malicious. This causes damaging to ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Through sexual intimation, an infected bacteria enters your body via the vagina and makes your cervix weak causing it infected completely. The cervix is a primary organ which provides protection to the reproductive system of your body so it is very important for it to remain strong so that it can fight with all the harmful bacteria that enters through the vagina. Under the condition of PID, the cervix gets weaker and couldn’t fight with the infected bacteria.

STD is a type of bacteria which causes pelvic inflammatory disease mostly. Some other reason of PID as diagnosed by the gynecologists are abortion, childbirth etc. It may possible that during these phases of your life you have absorbed some infected bacteria. This is the reason in many cases where a woman have gone through an abortion may be a victim of permanent infertility.

PID is dangerous for normal health and it causes damage to your reproductive system permanently, infertility, pain in lower part of the abdomen, pain during urinating, yellow & green color discharge, vomiting etc. Under the condition of PID there are fewer chances of brown discharge but then also some woman notices a brown color discharge. Initial treatment can save you a little bit from its worst health effects.

Imbalances in Hormones:

Imbalance in the hormone level of your body can lead you to observe a brown discharge. Hormone imbalances in our body due to overstress, birth control pills consumption, PCOS, hormonal contraception, hyperprolactinemia, endometriosis etc. In the cases of all these diseases, you can observe brown vaginal discharge.

Out of 100 the 25% of cases of brown discharge, hormonal imbalance appears as the reason behind it. So if you are experiencing a brownish color vaginal discharge instead of the period then chances are high that your hormone level is not in proper balance.

Severe Disease:

If you are observing a brown discharge instead of your regular period then it may be because of some severe disease or health condition. This can be a symptom of your internal bad health. During the period brownish vaginal discharge appears because of chlamydia, gonorrhea, cervical cancer etc.

The brownish discharge is normal in most of the cases but if you generate heavy brown flow with a bad smell it may be because of some vaginal infection and it is not a symptom of a normal health. So without any further delay immediately consult with gynecologists. As early as you start its treatment, chances are there to get rid of it completely.

Brown discharge along with dryness in the vagina, burning, problem during sex, itching etc. indicates a severe or major health issue or concern and must not be neglected.

How to Get Rid of Brown Discharge

Brown DischargeThough brown discharge is not a matter of concern in several cases but under the condition you are absorbing brown discharge because of some infection then it causes you some major health condition if left untreated. So below we have enlisted some tips for you to get rid of brown vaginal discharge.

  • Don’t use spray on the vagina. For preventing a bad vaginal smell many women uses spays which is not a healthy practice and cause infection.
  • Maintain vaginal hygiene especially in period days. Change your napkin frequently to avoid any infection associated with a dirty napkin.
  • Always wear cotton undergarments and lose one.
  • Don’t use any talcum powder or any fragrant soap on the vagina.
  • If you are taking blood thinning drugs then make sure that you are using the combination drug.
  • Never insert any kind of object inside the vagina.
  • If the cervical examination is done then use only the medicinal wash as prescribed by the doctor.

Brown Discharge Concerns

Suddenly when you notice a brown color spotting in your underwear it’s quite natural of you to get panic if you are absolutely unaware of the reasons for this kind of spot. White thin layer discharge is quite normal phenomena and every woman notice it either lesser or in moderate quantity. If you have also started noticing very first time to a brown color discharge then be clam as in most of the cases this is quite normal.

This kind of vaginal discharge may occur due to irregularity in the period, consumption of contraceptive pills, when contraceptive pills usage is avoided suddenly, in the preliminary phase of pregnancy, in ovulation period etc. There are only 30% of cases where these kinds of discharge are abnormal like in the case of PID, vaginal infection, ovarian cyst etc. If brown discharge is occurring due to abnormal reasons then it requires immediate medical help.

If you are also noticing brown vaginal discharge instead of a period then immediately visit a gynecologist to make it clear whether it is normal or it is appearing because of some infection which requires medical treatment.

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  1. What do you do when you haven’t started your period yet, and you’re having brown discharge? And why? Because when this happened, it was two days ago and I thought I had my period, but there was no flow. And also, I have had brown discharge for about three days now, and before the three days I was having the normal color for discharge, clear/off-white.

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