Effective Remedies for Abortion At Home

Effective Remedies for Abortion At Home : How to Abort At Home

There are more than one sides to a pregnancy. A pregnancy can sometimes be really ill-timed. Whether the pregnancy is threatening health, well being or welfare, it may be imperative to terminate the pregnancy. For whichever reason possible, a lady may need to terminate pregnancy. The decision to engage in medical termination of pregnancy and abort a child is a difficult one. There are plenty of medications and medical procedures for aiding the termination of unplanned pregnancies. These chemicals and processes may possibly exert an adverse impact on the body. The use of biological, natural, or organic products and methods can bring a pregnancy to conclusion that is safe. This article will cover reliable and trusted ways of  aborting naturally.

Effective Home-Based Methods

Given that the below-discussed abortion remedies can be adopted in the right way, this will provide the concerned results sans consequences. The procedure needs to be carried out before 10 weeks of expecting  are over:


This is among the most pungent and popular cooking spices worldwide. It is deployed in different ways such as making chocolates, dishes, and liqueurs. It is also used in aromatherapy as well as for beauty-inducing products, creams, and medicines. Cinnamon is a spice which is extremely complex and comes with many components. It is rich in Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin E. Also, fatty acids, proteins, and carbs, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, zinc, manages and iron mono, as well as disaccharides, are also in place. There are traces of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, essential oils, eugenol, cinnamaldehyde, tannin, starch, and resin. On account of its complexity, cinnamon causes miscarriages due to unknown reasons. The information indicates cinnamon intake during gestational periods causing smooth uterine muscles to contract. These result in spontaneous abortion. To handle abortion successfully with the aid of cinnamon, you need to take it in original form without any cooking before. The cinnamon needs to be consumed in  powdered form which is dry mixed with a glass of water or as a supplement. Consumption of a supplement offers cinnamon in the right quantity. Cinnamon is effective after abortion as it heals and controls excessive amounts of bleeding. But women should be careful not to go for extremely high dosages as this can activate side effects.

Home remedies for abortion include cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice used prior to delivery for uterine stimulation. This is a benefit of cinnamon for abortion when high doses of cinnamon are used. It is a wonderful idea to combine cinnamon with other abortion home remedies. If optimum benefits of cinnamon are to be leveraged, for inducing abortion, the spice should not be cooked. It reduces compounds and ingredients in cinnamon that induce abortion. Raw cinnamon or taking cinnamon supplements is a natural way to induce abortion. Cinnamon supplements can cause allergic reactions or even sickness in some women. Raw cinnamon, on the other hand, has fewer side effects.


PapayaThis has different names across different regions. It is known in the West Indies and Australia as pawpaw. In Southern Asia and the East Indies, the fruit is known as kepaya, tapaya and lapaya. People in Brazil call this fruit mamao. Papaya is healthy, delicious and brimming with nutrients. It has dietary fiber and is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, carotene, flavonoids, folate, riboflavin, vitamins A, C and E, and dietary fiber. Papaya is recommended because of its wide number of benefits. Papaya can also be used for inducing an abortion for centuries. Women planning for abortion require not only the ripped but the unripe and green papaya as well. It is on account of phytochemicals that contraceptive properties in this pear-shaped fruits are well known. A close relationship has been found between abortion and green papaya. Green papaya is one of the fruits rich in prostaglandin and oxytocin. Both aim to boost delivery labor contractions. Papaya and other foods are loaded with prostaglandin and oxytocin. It should be avoided during pregnancy to avert possible complications. If remedies for abortion are used, papaya and these foods can be used as a home remedy for abortion.

Papaya is a wonderful superfood and a really juicy fruit. It is found across the globe and is rich in nutrients. Papaya is rich in vitamins C, A,  folate, calcium, plus potassium. This is also a potent antioxidant. Edible papaya parts are fruits and the leaves as well. Lower blood pressure, reduced heart disease risk, cancer, and diabetes are all associated with over-consumption of this fruit. Raw or natural papaya is used to treat open wounds, indigestion, and juice from the fruit treat warts, boils, and burns. Papaya leaves are medication for ulcer while seeds treat parasites in the intestine.

In what way does the papaya lead to abortion?

Raw papaya is rich in enzymes called papain. This increases estrogen generation while preventing the production of progesterone. Progesterone refers to a hormone that encourages the endometrial canal’s growth. Endometrial lining is the mucal membrane in the lining to the uterus that attaches the ovum during implantation of the fertilised egg. Exceptionally low progesterone level makes it simpler for the pregnancy to end, causing a miscarriage. Raw papaya secretes a latex rich milky extract. This triggers the release of oxytocin and prostglandin leading to the uterine-wall contraction. Frequent raw papaya consumption during early periods of gestation leads to abortion.

Wolfberry/Goji Berry

Goji BerryGoji berry (also called Wolfberry) is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Goji Berry is extremely nutritious. The plant is used as a medication with leaves, bark, and fruit serving a wide range of uses. The fruit is sold in a dried form. The Wolfberry or Goji Berry also contains 18 amino acids, high levels of carotenoids, like lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lycopene. The berry also has proteins, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, B1, B6, C, B2, E, name just a few. Elevated vitamin C levels in Goji berries are what is required to induce an abortion. All you need to do is have more than 10g of this.

Goji berries are mostly taken as dried berries. While some like its sweet and sour flavor, others do not. Each part of the goji berry includes fruit, bark leaves and has been used in TCM for a long time. After collecting, the berries are dried and carefully packed in a box before purchase. Drying the berries preserves the optimal nutrients and leads to benefits. Goji berries are also used to treat health issues as they contain over 21 essential minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, germanium, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese and vitamins like E, A, and B apart from antioxidants and carotenoids. Goji berries are also rich in antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Pregnant women consume goji berries because these are foods that contain plenty of health benefits. On the other end of the spectrum, goji berries induce abortion. However, proceed with caution if you are using this herbal remedy. Betaine in goji berries can harm women with high blood pressure or diabetes.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are brimming with plenty of important nutrients. They are rich in calcium, , Vitamin E, B and C, proteins, amino acids, iron. Sesame seeds offer many health benefits. A lesser known feature of sesame seeds is their capacity to induce abortion spontaneously. The precise science linked to this is unknown. Sesame seeds can help in achieiving abortion naturally. For achieving termination, you need to take sesame seeds and soak these for 12 hours in water. The next thing in the morning, they need to be strained and the resulting strained water consumed. This needs to be done every single day. Another way to try sesame seeds is to fry these and take them in equal volume with honey. These can also be chosen across the day by blending these with food. Sesame seeds have to be taken in no precise dosage. But these are safe to absorb in larger quantities and take these until desired outcomes are achieved.


PineapplePineapple is the ideal fruit filled with nutrients and flavor. The advantages of pineapple are plenty. Pineapple packs a lot of vitamins like C, iron, folate, and other essential enzymes for facilitating digestion. For termination of pregnancy through consumption of pineapple, greener pineapples offer the best deal. Greener fruits are better as proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain are present in greener and younger pineapples. This enzyme breaks up the protein. In the event of the pregnancy  starting out, the embryo comprises only proteins. Taking an adequate quantity of pineapple during the first three months softens the cervical region and triggers bleeding and abortion. It is essential to know the number of pineapples you need to take. Remember that small portions will not yield the expected outcome. Take 2 to 3 whole pineapples every single day to ensure levels of bromelain and vitamin C in the body are elevated. Eating recently chopped pineapple frequently is the best way to remove undesirable pregnancies. Another way involves peeling the pineapple off and extracting the juice with a little bit of water. A daily glass of pineapple fruit’s juice is the best way to induce an abortion.

Vitamin C

Using vitamin C to terminate a pregnancy naturally is one of the best home remedies. Using vitamin C seems to create a fair level of comfort, though many factors need to be considered before choosing this method. Overdosing on this vitamin is detrimental to the kidneys. This is not the right method for termination of pregnancy for those with kidney problems or weak kidneys or even kidney stones. Vitamin C can be found in a lot of fruits out there. It is more advisable to take vitamin C in the form of supplementation. Keeping a watch on the dosage is important. Before buying these vitamin supplements, ensure that these are rich in ascorbic acid. Leave out supplementation containing bioflavonoids or herbs like rose-hip because this can negate the effect of vitamin C supplements. Taking a maximum of ten to twelve grams of vitamin C per day for around five to ten days. This dosage needs to commence at 500 mg and gradually raise it by 10 to 12 grams. Splitting the dosage intake at regular intervals is essential to ensure vitamin C levels in place. This vitamin functions for raising estrogen levels in the body. When the levels of estrogen become high, the progesterone level falls. The hormone progesterone is needed for the embryonic growth. Reduced progesterone levels trigger bleeding and spontaneous miscarriage.


ParsleyThis is not just a herb for garnishing. It also smells great and tastes wonderful. The taste of parsley is distinctive. Parsley is rich in volatile oils and vitamin C. This is also the reason parsley is an abortifacient. Vitamin C in this herb is essential for boosting levels of estrogen and increasing blood flow to reproductive organs. Volatile oils also serve to thin the uterine walls, softening the opening of the cervix and inducing uterine spasms. For facilitating spontaneous abortion, sprig of parsley leaves need to be added hot water in a cup and the mixture needs to be consumed. Lemon or honey can also be added to enhance the taste.

Parsley also induces menstruation through contact with the vaginal walls. You can apply parsley juice and rinse it off after leaving it overnight. The juice needs to be applied 2-3 times a day to ensure vitamin C levels stay constant. Combining parsley with other herbs is also possible.

Black, Blue, and Red Cohosh

Black, blue and red cohosh are unique herbs with different uses. The cohosh family of herbs forms the basis of eastern medicine for centuries. Blue Cohosh balances the hormones in women. It also eases menstruation pain and cramps, apart from regulating the menstrual cycle. When tried during the onset of labor, it tones the uterus walls and prepares the body for easy, fast delivery triggering labor in late pregnancies. Blue cohosh also works well in treating a lot of diseases like cervical dysplasia and endometriosis. Black cohosh is used during menopause to ease symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia and irritability among others.

Regarding gestation termination, blue and black cohosh when tried together can cause uterine contractions by secreting caulosaponin and oxytocin compounds. The 2 herbs should be taken in tincture form. The tincture mixes the herb with alcohol. This is because active ingredients in these herbs are not soluble in water. The dosage is around 20 drops for 4 hours every 5 days. The blue cohosh triggers the process of a miscarriage, while black cohosh exacerbates the effects by softening the cervix and encouraging a regular flow of uterine contractions. Most herbalists hold that red cohosh is needed post the pregnancy termination to eject the remainder of fetal tissue if any.

Excessive use of cohosh herbs can tax the kidneys and the liver. The compound caulosaponin also narrows the arteries. For this reason, Caulophyllum thalictroides, a cohosh supplement is safer for controlling the dosage. The supplement needs to be taken every 4 hours or until cramps and contractions commence. Post the increase of the dosage to one supplement every 20 minutes, the onset of miscarriage should be rapid.

Dong Quai/Angelica Sinesis

Dong Quai/Angelica SinensisThe Angelica family of herbs is one of the most well known in the field of reproductive health. There are three types of Angelia namely American, European and Chinese. The most well known of the three is Chinese Angelica/ Dong Quai. It has been used for years at an end to fixing female reproductive issues. Its uses include beating dysmenorrhea, inducing labor for overdue mothers, improving circulation and extracting the delayed placenta besides preparing the body and the cervix for labor. Dong Quai is known to cause 2 opposite reactions based on the preparation method. Dong Quai is used as a solution for stilling and activating uterine contractions.

If Angelica Sinesis is taken as a tea, the effect is to cause the uterus to relax and prevent spasms. Dong Quai also acts as a dysmenorrhea remedy. If tincture using Chinese Angelica is taken, the effect is the opposite. The herb stimulates the uterus causing contractions leading to abortion. To prevent over-dosage, it is easy to take Dong Quai capsules for easy control. The beginning dosage should be around 1000 mg and then go to 800 mg every 4 hours till bleeding happens. The first dose causes cramps and contractions, the second is said to bring on spotting while the later doses lead to abortion.

Banana Leaves and Acacia Pods

A combination of banana leave shoots and Acacia pods has been used across the years to induce a miscarriage. The exact science behind this is not known, but the results are visible. Here’s how you can use this remedy to induce an abortion. Mix unripe Acacia pods and banana leaves shoot in the ratio 1:1. Once these dry, they need to be ground into a fine powder. The powder needs to be mixed with equal sugar ratios. Diluting the teaspoon of the mixture resulting in a glass of hot water, the resulting solution should be used until contractions and bleeding commence and the start of menstruation.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is well known for its many medicinal properties. It is known for treating insomnia, spasms, and depression. Chamomile promotes an oxytocin stimulating hormone-like thyroxine. This helps to rejuvenate the skin and hair while improving the feeling of well being. Chamomile also treats constipation and works well for cleaning cuts and wounds. A compound in chamomile called Thujone stimulates uterus contractions. All you need to do is take the right amount of Thujone and you can induce a miscarriage. Take around two to three spoons of dried chamomile in hot water cup 2-3 times in a day for 5 days. Around 5 drops of Chamomile essential oil can also be used in a sitz bath or chamomile flowers can be used as a vaginal douche. Herbalists recommend one or both methods to raise chances of an abortion.

Squaw Mint/Penny-royal herbs

Penny-royal is of 2 types, European and American. It is a potent herb. Those handling it should be careful because if its fumes are inhaled, it can lead to lethal consequences. Squaw mint is useful in treating a whole host of ailments. It has been used since the 19th century to treat a host of respiratory problems, stomach pain, mouth sores, intestinal disorders, gallbladder and liver issues, and poisonous bites. It also serves to act as a powerful insect repellent and used as a flea repellent.

Additionally, pennyroyal is an abortifacient and a powerful, dangerous one at that. It is rich in a compound called pulegone that leads to bleeding and uterine contractions. Fresh or dried pennyroyal leaves can create tea needed to start an abortion. Just mix a cup of hot water with the prescribed amount of pennyroyal herb. Drink 4 cups a day for 5 days or until bleeding begins. However, please do not use Pennyroyal essential oil internally. It is poisonous and impacts your body like taking about 75 gallons of Pennyroyal tea. Make sure you don’t exceed your dosage. Squaw mint harms the liver and the kidney and those with these problems should not use this herb. The herb should not be inserted internally as it can be fatal. Overdosage can cause a serious problem too. Make sure you don’t take this herb if you have urinary disorders.

This herb is also known as American Pennyroyal. It is an efficient and effective medicinally tested natural remedy for miscarrying. Opt for pennyroyal capsules or pills. Buy the pennyroyal pills or capsules. Pennyroyal solution or oil needs to be had daily and undergo a safe abortion.

Mugwort leaves

A common shrub type perennial plant, Mugwort grows in Asia, Africa, and the EU. It has been used for centuries to streamline the reproductive system of women. It is also well known for treating digestive problems, flu and cold, epilepsy, bronchitis, tapeworms and other parasites, roundworms, threadworms, ringworm, muscle stiffness, and sciatica. It is also known for its anti-asthmatic and expectorative properties. It is a potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solution. Mugwort has become popular as a dream herb. It is a mild sedative and has calming effects. It can be placed on pillows to ensure more lucid dreams. It is an abortifacient which is rich in volatile oils, tannin, flavonoids, absinthe etc that stimulates the uterus. Herbalists hold that mugwort should be taken in the form of a tea. Fresh or dry leaves of this herb can be used. Grind a handful into powder form. Infuse the leaves or the powder in hot water for 10-15 minutes before drinking a cup of these. Strain and drink the resulting tea, taking 2-3 cups per day until bleeding is achieved.

Ruta Graveolens

Ruta GraveolensRuta graveolens or rue is an ancient herb that has been used across the American and European nations for centuries as a herb now. The uses for rue are just so many. It deals with digestive issues, heart palpitations, diarrhea, arteriosclerosis. respiratory problems, pleurisy, arthritic problems associated with the nervous system water retention, mouth cancer, epilepsy and intestinal parasites like ringworm, threadworms, and tapeworms. Rue also works to counter pains, injuries, sprains, and even insect bites and inflammation. Spanish women have used it to treat reproductive issues and stimulate the cervix to induce abortion too. Rue is rich in pilocarpine and ratings. Pilocarpine is a compound aggravating the uterine wall muscles. Rating elevates the adrenaline in the body. These 2 compounds cause a detrimental effect. These 2 compounds when combined together cause a detrimental effect on pregnancy.

Use rue for terminating the pregnancy by taking two or three teaspoons of dried rue leaves in a cup of hot water three to four times a day. The leaves must not be boiled but infused instead. If rue is used in tincture form, take 10-15 drops in a cup of hot water thrice a day maximum. Rue should not be taken more than 5 days in a row. The compounds in this herb can harm the liver and the kidneys.


Be warned…Tansy is a potent and toxic herb. It has some advantages though. Tansy is a powerful repellent. It also works to induce a natural abortion provided the dosage and instructions are followed to the T. Thujone rich tansy is known as an abortifacient. But those with epilepsy, kidney, liver problems and phototoxicity must not attempt to use this herb. Moreover, the essential oils derived from this herb should never be eaten. These are toxic even in a small composition. Using Tansy for abortion is simple. A teaspoon of dried Tansy leaves powder needs to be put in a cup of hot water and let it remain for five-ten minutes. Straining and drinking 3-4 times a day for longer than 7 days can have a positive effect. Tansy can also be taken as a tincture, with 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon in warm water. Drink around 3 to 4 cups for not longer than a week. Tansy should not be used with Vitamin C to prevent a bad reaction.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose oil is a popular oil in the aromatherapy world. It has a gentle laxative and sedative effect which soothes and relaxes the body. This herb’s seeds are rich in GLA or Gamma Linolenic Acid which is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids. It is needed for the production of prostaglandin. This is useful in keeping the blood flow smooth across the body, reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure, maintaining optimal immunity and soothing inflammation. Evening Primrose oil can be used to relax the cervical muscles and ready the uterus to expel the fetus. A correct concentration of evening primrose oil around the cervix causes spontaneous abortion. Evening primrose is very safe, and dosage can be adjusted as per desired results. You can take a topical application on a tampon. Additionally, ingest 2-3 tablets with water to ensure elevated levels of this essential oil in the body.

As evening primrose oil is extracted from the seed of the plant, it is used for different health benefits. Many disorders can be treated such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. This oil also treats MS, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, high cholesterol, leg pain, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, whooping cough, IBS, and peptic ulcer. Primrose oil can even benefit pregnant women by shortening labor and preventing late deliveries.

Cotton Root Bark

This herb is known as Gossypium hirsutum which is a biennial shrub in Asia. Cotton root bark has been used for abortion in eastern medicine for centuries at an end. It is not used now so much because cotton plants are commercially grown with chemicals that are toxic. Cotton Root Bars is also used as an aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, parturient, and oxytocin. Some diseases treated by Cotton Root Bark are period pains, labia tumors, amenorrhea, fertility issues, loss of libido and spontaneous termination. Cotton root bark should be ingested only if the cotton plant is free of pesticides, fertilizers and other key chemicals. You also need to take a quarter kilogram of inner bark root and boil in a water liter. Drink half a cup each half an hour or till menstruation commences. Tinctures can be used by putting ten drops of tincture in a glass of hot water and drinking the solution once every two hours or till menstruation commences.


This is an ancient form of alternative medicine that originates from oriental medicine. It has been around since 3000 BC. Acupuncture involves the flow of energy in the body. Ailments disrupt the energy flow, stimulating certain areas of the body to trigger optimal energy flow and running. There are over 1000 puncture points on a human body. Acupuncture experts know of certain points that should not be stimulated during pregnancy as this leads to a miscarriage. For inducing termination, the forbidden points need to be stimulated. This includes the L14 and SP6. The L14 is at the back of the hand in the web between the thumb and the forefinger. Additionally, the SP6 is inside the ankle, three fingers width beyond the anklebone and near the shinbone. Stimulating these points leads to abortions in 1 to 3 days.

One of the most powerful holistic practices across the centuries, acupuncture is based on the premise that energy stuck in the body leads to conditions and health issues. Acupuncture can control hormones that influence the birth process.


Exercises for Pregnant womenExercise also needs to be avoided for women who are pregnant. So if you need to induce an abortion, look for weight lifting, running or skipping. To ease the pain during an abortion, one needs to do rigorous exercise. Climbing the stairs is also a great exercise.

Sesame Seeds

Consuming sesame seeds is one of the most effective and common home remedies for a natural abortion. For this, a handful of sesame seeds and water are needed. First, a handful of the seeds should be soaked overnight in water. Then, drink the water in the morning. Another way is to fry the sesame seeds measuring a large teaspoon and take it with a teaspoon of honey. Additionally, sesame seeds can also include in the diet for an abortion.

Aspirin Pills

Aspirin pills are regularly taken to maintain the regularity in the period cycle. This is a sure shot remedy for getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Take around 5-6 pills at a time with water for a few rounds. Also include other items in the diet such as avocado, parsley, ginger, cloves, and figs.

Effects of Home Abort Remedies

If you are pregnant and need to abort a child, medical supervision is a must even if you are taking a natural way out. It is important to learn about your choices and make your decision earlier in the pregnancy. Doctors are needed to carry out physical exams and study your medical history. Whether or not you should end a pregnancy is entirely your choice. Counseling is needed to decide what works best for you. Talk with a friend or close relative about your decision. Study your choices carefully.

Abortion depends on how many weeks far went you are. After 9 weeks, surgical abortion is the only option. Risks of aborting a pregnancy in the second trimester are way more than the first.

Complications of Abortion

There are many complications of abortion. These include perforation of the uterus, cervical damage, organ damage, bleeding profusely, odor filled discharge, sepsis or infection, bleeding beyond normal menstrual period, uterine lining scarring, fever above 100.4 degrees F and severe back and ab pain.

If you are using the remedies, you need to take time, as self-induced natural abortion takes an average of 20 days to take effect. If these methods of abortion do not work, then you will have to go for a medical abortion.

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