Ways to Induce A Miscarriage Naturally

20 Best Ways to Induce A Miscarriage Naturally At Home

While it’s certain that pregnancy is an important and positive milestone for many women on this planet, some women may not be in a position to raise a baby. Quite a few pregnant women out there even have a problem while carrying a baby. Therefore, finding ways to induce a miscarriage naturally becomes a common concern for many women. Feeling stressed and worried about inducing a miscarriage is perfectly normal. But if your health or circumstances aren’t right to support a baby, for many women it is a fact of life. Learning how to induce a miscarriage for natural abortion can be due to a lot of reasons. It is very hard for any mother to be to cope.

The complications and pain associated with miscarriages are indeed serious. Women may need to have tissues that must be removed left behind from miscarriage. Medical care may be needed in the event of dangerous infections and health issues that can cause life-threatening risks. Different medications are in place to boost and complete miscarriage and there are also surgical procedures in place. Surgical procedures experts use can induce complications and lead to a terrible feeling of pain. Curettage and dilation are one of the most common medical procedures for a miscarriage. But there are several natural ways to induce it as well.

Ways For Inducing Miscarriage Naturally at Home

Intense and Heavy Exercise

Intense and Heavy ExerciseAt the time of pregnancy, the body is in a fragile state. This is on account of the fact that the uterus is growing. The body tries to keep up to ensure the fetus is healthy. One of the most popular methods of inducing a miscarriage naturally at home is to lift heavy weights and carry out exercise. Excess strain does not bode well for a pregnancy. This is why a heavy workout routine can make you induce a miscarriage. Heavy lifting, intense exercise, and rigorous workouts are, therefore, natural ways to induce a miscarriage/ It is better to work out regularly as improper or irregular exercise can even harm the body.


Yet another method to induce a miscarriage is to take Camellia. This has an acrid type taste which is sweet and sour. Camellia is suitable for pregnant women who want a miscarriage because this fruit can activate the uterus leading to premature birth and miscarriage.

Green Papaya

Green PapayaTake a big sized, ripe and juicy papaya and wash, peel as well as cut and eliminate the seeds. Ensure that you eat the papaya the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If the needed results do not take place, continue the remedy for a couple of more days. Papaya is a fruit with well-known medicinal properties. It is even good for health due to its high fiber content. Papaya induces miscarriage in a safe way. It does not trigger complications. Papaya is one of the safest abortion at home remedies. Eating papaya does not lead to contraindications or side effects that are adverse. Eating raw, fresh papaya can induce GI disturbances and nausea, though. Green papaya is rich in enzymes and pus which leads to miscarriages and contractions. Drinking the juice of green papaya to induce a miscarriage and is a common method of doing so.

Certain studies have shown that green papaya also leads to gestational contractions.


Eating cheese is a method that can lead to a miscarriage. This is because cheese compounds contain miscarriage inducing bacteria. Some of the top cheese brands that can be used to induce miscarriage are camembert, feta, rococo, Gorgonzola and Mexican cheeses. Cheese is a remedy that is natural for inducing miscarriages so pregnant women can opt for it if they do not want to proceed with childbirth.


Research conducted in 2008 has found that caffeine is a method to induce miscarriages naturally. Women who took in over 200 mg caffeine each day have twice the risk of miscarriage compared to those who do not take in caffeine. This is roughly one to two cups of coffee. However, be warned that caffeine consumption does not guarantee a natural miscarriage. Pregnant women who consume over 500 mg of coffee have newborns with quick heartbeats and high rates of breathing. The newborns are also awake post the birth for a longer time period. Another chance is the possibility of stillbirth.


Acupuncture can stimulate delivery to pregnant women, but it can induce a miscarriage too. Pregnancy massage with deep pressure can lead to a miscarriage too.

Crab Meat

Crab MeatCrab meat is rich in nutrients, providing a lot of calcium that strengthens the teeth and the bones. Apart from this cholesterol contained in crab meat is very high. Pregnant women with high blood pressure should avoid this remedy. Excessive consumption in first three pregnancy months can cause the shrinkage of a uterus causing miscarriage and bleeding.

Pineapple Juice

You need to wash and peel a pineapple. Then cut it into small cubes and extract the juice, drinking on an empty stomach. The process needs to be continued twice daily for one week. Pineapple is a great home remedy for safe miscarriage. It is rich in vitamin C, enzymes and natural chemicals that cause the contraction of the uterus and induce labor, causing a miscarriage. Pineapple is rich in citric and malic acid, and in large quantities, it can cause a miscarriage. Pineapple has been a favorite choice of many for a safe and natural miscarriage. Pineapple is effective for abortion at home.

Though pineapple does not cause considerable side effects, eating partially ripe or unripe pineapples can lead to vomiting, nausea, and rashes. If pregnant women drink pineapple juice within three beginning months or first trimester, it leads to miscarriage. This is because pineapple is rich in bromelain that softens the uterus and destroys the fetus. Each pineapple has a small concentration of bromelain. In case pregnant women eat 7 pineapple pieces daily, the uterus spasm results.

Vitamin C

A most common method that people inquire about is how to induce miscarriage, with Vitamin C. This method works well only during the pregnancy 4-week mark. A lot of women, however, do not know that they are pregnant at that point. Many women state that Vitamin C has worked even after 4 weeks. It is worth it if you want to have a natural abortion. Vitamin C has worked for people after 4 weeks. so it’s worth a hot if you want to have a natural abortion. Vitamin C in large amounts forces the onset of menstruation, leading to the fetal expansion in the process. You can also increase vitamin C supplementation intake. Increase the intake to a maximum of 6000 mg in a single day. The intake needs to be increased hourly for top results. Unwanted side effects can result, however, such as bloating.


Here’s how this remedy works. Mix 2 full teaspoons of powdered cinnamon in a warm water glass. Adding a single teaspoon of pure, 100 percent honey, the mixture needs to be consumed twice daily. The process can be continued for a single week or until results show. Cinnamon can also be added to the food.

Cinnamon is a natural substance that has properties which cause miscarriages. It is helpful in stopping pain associated with the miscarriage as well. When taken in the prescribed amount, it causes a miscarriage by stimulating the uterine wall. It needs to be taken raw. However, cinnamon supplementation works better than naturally occurring cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a fragrant spice found across different cuisines and is also a food additive that is a favorite for many. Large amounts of this spice can regularly lead to a miscarriage. In case the aroma and taste are found too tough to consume, opt for capsule form of cinnamon supplements containing massive doses of the spice. It is a leading home remedy for miscarriage. Cinnamon induces premature labor. However, care should be taken while opting for this way to induce a miscarriage. Cinnamon can also cause toxic accumulation in the body.

Cinnamon leads to uterine stimulation that induces a miscarriage and reduces the pain that accompanies it. The spice should not be cooked as this eliminates the component which induces a miscarriage. Cinnamon supplements are more potent. Cinnamon can also be used in conjunction with other methods of miscarriage. Take this supplement slowly and ensure you do not have an allergy to it. As it is natural, cinnamon has few side effects.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh along with blue cohosh has been used to induce miscarriages. Cheap in the price, these herbs are growing commonly. These herbs are highly effective forms of miscarriage. Used along with each other, blue and black cohosh are far more efficient. This is how it works. Cohosh causes the body to generate oxytocin and prepares the cervix for ridding it of the fetus. Contract stimulation occurs as a consequence of it, so it simulates premature birth. This method is so efficient that medical doctors use cohosh in late pregnancies for inducing labor contractions.

Remember that while small dosages are not toxic, larger amounts can induce toxicity which can even be lethal when it comes to the state of the health. The right dosage is important in this case. It’s far better to take cohosh slowly than become really sick due to toxicity.

Black along with red cohosh can also be used. Here’s how you can use black cohosh to induce a miscarriage. Boil a single tablespoon of powdered black cohosh in a small bowl of water. Allow it to steep for around 10 minutes. The tea needs to be strained and consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Repeat the same procedure next time using red cohosh powder for the best outcomes.

Also known as Cimicifuga Racemosa, this black cohosh’s root has been used by Native Americans for treating menopause as well as menstrual cramps. It can also serve as a wonderful herbal cure for mood swings, hot flashes, and irritation linked to menopause. Taking black cohosh induces uterine spasms and causes a miscarriage. Black and red cohosh can be taken together as a natural remedy for miscarriage. While black cohosh does not cause a lot of effects, it can trigger cardiac heartbeat irregularities, odor from vaginal discharge, the possibility of blood clots, discomfort and angina and bleeding. It needs to be administered under medical guidance.


ParsleyParsley is a good ingredient for inducing a miscarriage naturally and harmlessly. It has a massive content of vitamin C. All that is required is to steep a bunch of parsley in a small cup of boiling water and drink the tea at least twice or thrice in a day. You can even wash and cut the leaves into small pieces and eat them raw. Ensure that parsley leaves are eaten on an empty stomach.

Parsley is a herb used every day in the kitchen and can induce a miscarriage because it is rich in vitamin C. Being a natural herb, parsley is one of the safest and most effective means of carrying out an abortion at home. Eating raw parsley causes uterine contractions and leads to the dilation of the cervix. This includes labor fast and efficiently.

It is important to note that parsley does not cause side effects and is safe to use when consumed in measured quantities. It can, however, lead to skin allergies for certain people. Consuming massive amounts of parsley can also lead to anemia, kidney and liver issues, though. If you plan on eating the herb in its natural form, it is essential to eat it raw. It maintains the critical nutrients and aids in a miscarriage. Parsley can essentially be drunk as a tea. The steeped parsley solution can also be applied to the vaginal walls to induce a miscarriage.

Sesame Seed

While using this method to induce a miscarriage, you need a handful of black sesame seeds soaked in water overnight. Chewing the seeds and swallowing them on an empty stomach should be the first step. Then wash it down with water it is soaked in. This process needs to be repeated for 2-3 days or until the results are visible. Sesame seeds come packed with minerals and vitamins as well as natural oils good for health. When pregnant women eat raw sesame seeds, it leads to irritation in the colon and the stomach. It also induces an abortion. Attempts for a miscarriage should be within 8 weeks so that there are no severe complications. Sesame seeds are one of the safest methods of abortion prior to the close of the first month before pregnancy. Sesame seeds do not cause many adverse side effects, but excessive consumption in raw form should be avoided.


These are one of the best herbs that help in abortion. To get the benefit, mix eight to ten drops of extract of Angelica root in a warm water glass. Mix a single teaspoon of honey to it and drink this. Repeat it for 1-2 times over the next few days. A herb with medicinal properties, Angelica root possesses the ability to induce menstruation. It is also a natural diuretic and is an efficient and safe abortive agent. When given to pregnant women, it causes uterine contractions leading to miscarriage. Angelica is one of the most useful herbs for inducing a miscarriage. While Angelica does not exacerbate ill effects or side effects, it leads to skin allergies when harsh sunlight meets it.


Taking one or two ripe oranges, you need to wash, skin and take out the juice. Then, drink this orange juice without eating anything else first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also take vitamin C supplementation in the form of a capsule or a powder. Drinking orange or lemon-based juice on an empty stomach raises vitamin C intake.  Consuming massive amounts of vitamin C through natural fruits, foods and supplements induce uterine contractions leading to a miscarriage. Vitamin C supplements in a large quantity is also very beneficial for inducing an abortion. Additionally, this way of inducing a miscarriage does not cause contraindications and is vital for health, except in the case of pregnancies where abortion is induced.

Essential Pennyroyal Oil

Add a single teaspoon of essential oil of the herb Pennyroyal in a single glass of warm water. Then add a single teaspoon of honey and drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. The process needs to be repeated for two to three days.  The herb Pennyroyal is botanically known as Mentha Pulegium. The herbal oil is an essential antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic along with being a potent astringent and is a grass creeper found in the EU. It works as a useful emmenagogue that triggers menstruation and regularizes this to stimulate progesterone and estrogen generation. Pennyroyal is a safe anti-pregnancy herb. While it does not cause side effects, the herb should not be inhaled as it has a toxic impact on the lungs

Goji Berry

Another good way to induce a miscarriage is the juice of fresh and new Wolfberry/Goji berry. Drink atleast some amount of around half of the glass at a single time. This juice needs to be drunk twice every day for an entire week. Goji berry is botanically known as Lycium Barbarum. This fruit is native to China and Tibet. It is deployed in Tibetan as well as Chinese medication and is a powerful and strong aphrodisiac substance. It is an amazing antioxidant with youthful properties as well. A high dose of Vitamin C is found in Goji berries which induces contractions and leads to abortions due to the impact on the uterus. Goji berry also does not trigger side effects and is one of the safest fruits to ward off a pregnancy.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a herb used to lower menstrual pain or deal with reproductive issues. It is a substance which also boosts the uterus and raises the contraction strength. It is an excellent home remedy for a natural miscarriage. Take it with boiling water or use supplements. Dong Quai can also be taken with herbs like blue and black cohosh. While taking this herb, ensure that you take in regulated amounts. Overdoing it can lead to medical complications. Always consider a doctor’s opinion before choosing any of the herbs or other remedies. Dong Quai has been used by herbalists to improve blood circulation, undo the menstrual pain and help women with reproductive health issues. Herbs can also be used to stimulate uterine contractions and cause a miscarriage.

Sabina and Sepia

These are homeopathic herbal remedies inducing harmless natural miscarriage by removing tissues left behind during a miscarriage. Herbs are effective yet they do cause some amount of pain so take care while ingesting these and make sure you do so under medical supervision.


PomegranateThis fruit has seeds which are rich in substances that lead to uterine contractions. Eating these in early pregnancy periods raises chances of naturally inducing a miscarriage.

Precautions and Warning

Excessive vaginal bleeding is one of the first signs there is something wrong in your pregnancy. It is also a major cause of concern while inducing a miscarriage. Other danger signals are if, in the lower abdomen, severe pain is experienced, and there is even nausea and vomiting accompanied by high fever. If you are a young mother with an unexpected pregnancy, experiencing health or financial difficulties and abortion is outlawed in your country, a miscarriage may be the only way out. Additionally, natural remedies for miscarriage are anonymous and likely to entail no controversy. On the other hand, natural methods are not always effective, though most of these are safe. A natural or spontaneous miscarriage or abortion is when the fetus within the womb is lost within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. But if medical methods are used, it is a regular abortion. Around twenty percent of all pregnancies can result in miscarriage and eighty percent of such miscarriages occur before 12 weeks of pregnancy are over. For those facing health or money issues, a miscarriage may be the only way out.

Therefore, having a doctor who is medically supervising you over the course of the abortion is important. It is the only way to know you are in safe and reliable hands. Herbs mentioned in this article should be used under medical supervision only. Wrong, higher or fatal doses can lead to massive health complications and even death. Numerous preexisting conditions can be impacted by attempts to naturally induce a miscarriage. If you suffer from conditions like epilepsy, diabetes and hypertension and complications impacting vital organs like the liver, kidney or heart, these could worsen with the intake of herbs. If birth control pills or other forms of medication are being taken, herbs counteract with the medication.

Possible Complications

Plenty of complications can and do arise during a miscarriage. High dosages of supplements or herbs can pose a severe threat to users. Utmost caution must be practiced, as in severe cases, toxicity levels can shoot high resulting in severe consequences. Firstly, any high doses of supplements or herbs pose severe health risks to the loser. It is important to practice with caution, as if toxicity levels rise, the results can be fatal. Additionally, leftover tissue persists in the body even after a miscarriage. Sometimes, the tissue may come out on its own and there is no cause for concern. However, if the tissue remains, it can cause harm to a woman and may even require to be moved by medical professionals. Women sufffering from diseases may face side effects while trying to bring about a miscarriage. For those suffering from any medical condition, it is important not to try natural remedies and seek the guidance of skilled doctors.

Consulting with a medical professional is vital if there are side effects from a naturally induced miscarriage. While the miscarriage is successful, seeking the help of a medical professional is critical if bleeding or sickness is felt after it. Miscarriage puts a lot of pressure on the woman’s body and is riskier as the pregnancy continues. Late-stage miscarriage can pose a serious risk for would-be mothers and must be proceeded with caution. You need to consult with a doctor if you have passed the first trimester, not try natural remedies at home.

While natural abortions can be used, a medical abortion is a safest and surest method. If you have medical conditions that impact your organs or health, consult a doctor before trying to self-induce a miscarriage. Be careful of herbs or foods you may be allergic to. If you take herbs and also have medication for a previous condition, ensure that the herbs can counteract medication. High doses of herbs can also cause a real problem. Fetal tissue retention is also a serious matter that requires immediate medical attention. As a pregnancy continues into a later stage, miscarriages get riskier. If one is past the first trimester, consult the doctor rather than attempting a natural miscarriage.

After a natural miscarriage at home, you need to go to a doctor to be sure there’s been a complete miscarriage and all the tissue has been removed from the body. Heavy bleeding or sickness or even foul vaginal discharge needs to be medically treated too, post the miscarriage. Avoid activities like intercourse and swimming post the abortion also.

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