Precum can Make Pregnant

How Precum or Pre-Ejaculation Can Get You Pregnant

The topic of pregnancy from Precum is a big matter of debate and out of several studies till date, it is proved that some chances exist to get pregnant with precum fluid. Precum is the pre-ejaculate fluid which comes out during intimacy period and before the exact ejaculation from the penny.

This is a big matter of concern and awareness among the teenage section of people who are willing to get intimate with their partner without any risk of getting pregnant. For them, precum or pre-ejaculation method is helpful as they can enjoy their sex life in a risk-free mind.

In this process exact penetration does not happen every time, only external attachment happens between the partners and the ejaculation is done over the stomach or thighs. Though it is safe then also chances may exist that the ejaculated fluid may roll out to the vaginal surface and may enter inside it. Under this situation, if the pre-ejaculate or ejaculated fluid contains sperm and get attached to the egg then fertilization is possible.

Precum is a safe way for having sex without using any contraceptive methods. So it is considered as a way to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. However to get yourself benefited out of it, the male partner required to be very alert and attentive. He requires to perform instant penny withdrawal otherwise if fluids get entered inside the vagina canal then changes of pregnancy exists.

How Precum can Make Pregnant

Precum can Make PregnantPrecum or pre-ejaculation is the condition in which a fluid comes out of the penny during the sex course. This fluid is not an ejaculate fluid which comes at the end or completion of sex process which remains full of sperm. The precum may be the last sex’s left ejaculation fluid which remains left and get out in the next sexual attachment.

The precum of some men contains few quantities of sperm however not all men’s precum contains the sperm. However, if your partner’s pre-ejaculation fluid is containing sperm and it is attached to the vaginal canal then a high risk of pregnancy exists. Below we have discussed some primary conditions or situations in which a precum can make you pregnant.

If there is no Cotton or Cloth Wall

Precum or pre-ejaculation is done by many sex partners without exactly entering the penny and this fluid is ejaculated out of the genital area. But if you are doing the nude sex then you have to take care of few things as it is totally an unsafe sexual process and a single moment mind distraction can lead you pregnant.

Under the nude sex method without penetration if the pre-ejaculation is done nearby the vaginal area or at the stomach of the female sex partner then it is seen in many cases that it rolls down faster towards the vaginal surface and if this fluid contains a sperm then it can make you pregnant if get attached to the egg.

For avoiding all these issues you should wear or keep a cotton garment above the genital surface for the safer side so that even by mistake the fluid doesn’t get entered inside the vaginal canal and make you pregnant. If you are still not ready for pregnancy but want to enjoy the sexual pleasure especially if you are a teenager then for better protection always wear undergarments even though the penetration is not happening.

In some cases, it is found that both the partners have worn undergarments but as the ejaculation was done on the vaginal area (covered with undergarment) the fluid get enters crossing the cotton surface and many times it reaches the vaginal canal. So make sure that the ejaculation is happening quite far away from the genital surface so that even by mistake the sperm-rich fluid can’t enter the vaginal canal.

If Withdrawal or Pull out Process is not fast

There are many sex partners who apply withdrawal or pull out process during the penetration for avoiding unwanted pregnancy. The pull out or penny withdrawal is done exactly at the moment when pre-ejaculation or ejaculation is about to happen. This process is applied when the partners are not using any other pregnancy preventing methods or ways.

This process is safe if you are smart enough to handle it prudently but even a minor mistake like late pull-out or half of the ejaculation is done inside the vaginal canal then it can make you pregnant if the sperm in the entered fluid gets merged with the egg which gets fertilized thereafter.

The success of withdrawal process for avoiding the pregnancy lies in the active consciousness of the male partner. He should realize exact at the moment when pre-ejaculation or ejaculation is about to happen. There are many men who don’t get realized the exact time of ejaculation or sometimes they get realized about the ejaculation but as they were slow in the penny to pull out process so sperm gets entered to the vaginal canal.

Though it protects you from unwanted pregnancy, its success report is only 20% worldwide. In most of the cases partners who were indulged in the withdrawal sex method get pregnant within a year only without any desire to get pregnant so early. So this is not a completely safe way of sex even the precum is ejected out of the genital area.

As this process involves penetration so it is most likely that the partner doesn’t get aware when the pre-ejaculation is happening and if this precum consists of sperm then you can get pregnant if it is fertilizing the egg of your female partner. Some positive and some negative both points are included in this process so considering the coincide use this method during the intimacy.

If the Pre-Ejaculation Fluid is Rich with Sperm

Pre-EjaculationPre-ejaculation or precum fluid is secreted from penny before the final ejaculation and during the mid-time of the sexual intimacy process. Though in most of the cases male’s precum doesn’t contain any sperm, there is no guarantee that it will never be rich or full of sperm. So even if the pre-ejaculation fluid is secreted out of the vaginal surface but needs or requires alertness by both the partners.

Some laboratory tests of men’s precum fluid have proved that if a man’s precum is containing the sperm then each and every time that person’s precum will contain some range of sperm whereas men’s whose precum doesn’t contain any sperm will never carry a sperm in it under any condition. Though it is laboratory proved then also many criticisms are done for the exactness of this concept.

Also, it is said that the pre-ejaculation fluid containing the sperm is might be the leftover sperm during the last time sex’s ejaculation process which is coming out now with the precum or pre-ejaculation fluid. So for better protection, it is suggested to urinate before sex so that even if there will any left-over sperm, it will be roll out through the urination.

If the pre-ejaculation fluid is free of sperm then there is nothing to worry about to get unwanted pregnancy even if this fluid is entered into the vaginal canal. But attentiveness is must and should be followed throughout the sexual process as you don’t know which precum is containing a sperm and which one is safe. So for safer side pre-ejaculation should be done at a quite far place from the genital area.

Condom or other contraceptive methods are suggested to use for avoiding the risk of pregnancy out of precum fluid. Even you are pre-ejaculating at the outer surface of vagina then also if you are protected by the condom then you can enjoy more to your intimacy moment without any hidden worry.

If During Grinding Partners are not Attentive

Attending or doing sexual motions without entering the penny or without penetration is called grinding process of sex. Mainly teenagers are most likely its users who find it an easy way to get attached with partners without penetration so that there will be no chance of pregnancy.

Many people ask “does the grinding can make someone pregnant?” In one word the answer is no but yes it also depends on certain condition and circumstances in which chances exit to get pregnant through grinding.

In this process, pre-ejaculation and ejaculation are done out of the vaginal area and partners involved in it are sometimes remains with full clothes or undergarments or sometimes nude. So under all these different situations, it depends on the chance or risk of pregnancy.

If grinding is done on nude condition then a very high chance exists that the pre-ejaculation fluid or ejaculation fluid gets entered into the vaginal canal and if a sperm is existing in the pre-cum fluid then it can make the partner pregnant. Pregnancy chances in grinding with undergarments are moderate or average whereas in full garments there is no chance of fertilization with the pre-cum fluid sperm.

The male partner is most required to remain attentive during the grinding process as even a slow movement in withdrawal can open a way of sliding out the pre-ejaculation fluid or precum towards the vaginal canal which can make you pregnant if you are nude and the precum is rich with sperm and managed to get enter inside the vaginal internal portion.

It is observed that partners, while grinding process if wearing only undergarments and the pre-ejaculation fluid enters the canal area by crossing the undergarment as because it is fluid, so can easily enter a thin garment and if the sperm exists in the precum and get merged with the egg can easily get fertilized.

Women Awareness is Necessary

pregnancy AwarenessLadies or teenager girls who do sex without penetration should be aware of the facts that what is precum and how does it can make them pregnant. In many cases, it is seen that just because the female partner was less aware and conscious of the facts and things related to precum regarding its pregnancy effect, got pregnant because of misconception.

Though pre-ejaculation fluid is less in quantity with the comparison to ejaculation fluid but its role to make one pregnant should not be ignored at all. If the precum or pre-ejaculation fluid of the male partner is rich with sperm and managed to get inside the vaginal internal area then it can be a cause of your pregnancy.

Don’t think that you are not involved in the direct penetration process means you are free from the chances or condition of pregnancy. Your alertness and attentiveness are the things that can protect you fully. As you are doing an unsafe sex so alertness is required to maintain throughout your involvement in the sex or during the intimacy time.

The chances of pregnancy with precum remains high as during the secretion of this fluid from penny, men’s have very less controlling power on it for withdrawal also most of the men don’t even get to know that at what time the pre-ejaculation is going to happen this is because it is less sensational than the direct ejaculation fluid secretion.

Pre-ejaculation fluid works as the lubricating oil which helps in moisturizing the vaginal canal and makes the sex process smooth and easy. It also clears out the vaginal internal area by neutralizing the acidity and hence makes a clear path for sperm to enter inside and get merged with the egg for fertilizing it.

Overall it can be said that even though you are not involved in the direct penetration process or involving in penetration with withdrawal method if you are not using any contraceptive method then chances are there to make you pregnant with the precum or pre-ejaculation sperm. As an old saying goes prevention is always better than cure so don’t take any chance and always use some protection for the safer side.

A condom is the most reliable and safe contraceptive method that can let you enjoy your sex or intimate time without any tension to get pregnant. Pregnancy from precum is a rare case but still, it requires alertness for safe sexual life.

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