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Home Laser Hair Removal – Myths and Misconceptions

There is a fair share of misconceptions and myths when it comes to laser hair removal. This advanced beauty treatment is an effective method of reducing hair permanently. It’s more effective than other types of hair removal treatments. It’s well known and popular with athletes, celebs, and women, as well as men with good reason. At-home laser hair removal is not as complicated as it sounds. So, let’s dive deeper into the myths surrounding this beauty treatment and see where the truth lies.

Myths and Misconceptions About Home Laser Hair Removal

Myth#1 Laser Hair Removal at Home is Painful

Laser hair removal has been around for longer than twenty years. In earlier days, it was extremely painful. However, this is not the case now. You get at-home laser hair removing machines with various comfort settings. One can control the laser level, as well. Apart from shaving or sticky creams, all other hair removal methods come with discomfort. This is not so in terms of laser hair removal.

Myth#2 Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Fertility Issues

This myth has been around for some time. It is said by laser hair removal critics that treatment of the bikini line causes infertility. However, this is not the case, Laser only penetrates to the point of the hair follicle. It does not reach deeper into the skin, so there are no changes to the human body, apart from hair removal. In fact, at-home laser hair removal won’t impact the internal organs.

Myth#3 At-Home Laser Hair Removal Takes Ages

Laser hair removal at home does not take as long as one might think, especially up to thirty minut3s per area for large areas like the legs. Once you’ve had some treatments, hair growth slows down and stops, saving a lot of time on waxing, shaving or other treatments in the longer run. Another aspect of the myth is that it takes a long time to see the results. The answer to this depends on the definition of ages. With permanent hair removal, there needs to be more than one treatment. After just a couple of months, the results are long-lasting and significant.

Myth#4 Laser Hair Removal at Home is Pricey

Opting for laser hair removal at a salon can be costlier, especially if more than a single area of the body undergoes treatment. Though there are discounts for treatment, costs do tend to add up. On the positive side, at-home laser hair removal is at a fraction of the cost of salon treatments, with the same professional results and long-lasting hair-free solutions.

Myth#5 Laser Hair Removal at Home Causes More Hair to Grow

The myth surrounds most types of hair removal. Just like for all others, it is not the truth. Laser hair removal does not cause more hair to grow later. An at-home kit is actually an effective way to remove hair.
Laser Hair Removal at Home Causes More Hair to Grow

Myth#6 People With Skin That is Sensitive Should Not Opt for Laser Hair Removal

At-home laser hair removal is great for individuals with sensitive skin, as it permits clients to no longer deal with sticky and irritating wax or an itchy stubble of everyday shaving. Clinics also use aloe-vera based gel during treatments for soothing the skin.

Myth#7 You Need to Wait Until Ingrown Hairs Clear Up For Laser

This is also a false myth and misconception. Laser hair removal accelerates the healing time of ingrown hairs by destroying infection under the skin and encouraging ingrown hair to pop out. Treatments can also help in resurfacing the area so skin appears clearer and healthier. One of the most effective and popular non-surgical cosmetic hair removal methods, at-home laser hair reduction is beneficial.

According to many reports, the procedure yields smooth skin.

Myth#8 Laser Hair Treatment Leads to Denser Growth

One might have believed the common myth that laser hair treatment is the reason why hair growth thickens and becomes denser and visible. This is absolutely incorrect as wide pulsed laser light beams zapped on the skin transforms into heat and is quite effective. On carrying out this treatment, people can notice the reduction in growth rate, density, and thickness of body hair.

Myth#9 Laser Hair Removal Treatment is Unsafe for the Skin

A lot of individuals have the misconception that laser beams are unsafe for the skin and radiation leads to skin cancer. As per dermatologists and experts, there are safe laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal has been around for 20+ years and is not based on UV lights or radiation, which means it cannot cause nasty issues or diseases.

Myth#10 Only a Single Sitting is Enough

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A single session is never enough to get optimal results, even if you have a home laser hair removal device. Multiple sessions are essential to reduce hair growth significantly. Numerous factors can impact the number of sessions, so the best outcome can be assured.

Myth#11 Major or Minor Burns with Pain Are Experienced During the Sessions

If you follow all the precautionary guidelines, while using your laser hair removal kit at home, this minimizes the risk of reaction. There’s just a sensation of warmth where the laser hair removal impacts the skin and nothing more.

Myth#12 Results are Only Visible At Salons

Laser hair removal kits at home can definitely achieve the same result as a salon. All one needs to do is simply purchase a laser hair removal handset. Follow the instructions and start the treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Myth#13 Treatment is Not Possible in All Seasons

At-home laser hair removal methods can be used during all seasons. If the skin gets sensitive and develops rashes on hot days, dermatologists can be consulted to take preventative measures before attempting laser hair removal.

Myth#14 There’s a Standard Procedure for Hair Removal

While it’s true that laser hair removal offers a permanent solution, it requires more than one treatment. Most individuals experience a massive reduction in hair after just a couple of treatments, but some individuals may need more. Each person’s hair volume and density differ and there are different treatment approaches to achieve permanent hair removal.

Myth#15 Laser Hair Removal Does Not Work for Everyone

One of the biggest myths about laser hair removal is that it works only on certain skin types or hair colors. Some skin types and colors are more susceptible to laser hair removal than others. This does not mean that it does not work for other skin types and hair colors. Additional treatment may be required to get the same result in certain cases. Laser technology has enhanced so laser hair removal can customize the strength of the device based on individual differences.

Myth#16 Laser Hair Removal is Associated with Complications

A laser removal kit at home is safe as long as it is approved by the FDA and the medical authorities. Check the type of laser used in the hair removal device, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Myth#17 Laser Hair Removal Works the Same For All Hair Types

It is important to research what type of results you can experience beforehand. Results vary as per hair color, person and skin type. Red hair remains the most difficult to remove. Additionally, white and grey hair cannot be removed with laser treatment. As hair lacks pigment, it is not possible for lasers to identify hair follicles and carry out their destruction.

Myth#18 Laser Hair Removal Exposes One to Radiation

Laser hair removal devices don’t emit any harmful radiation. While there is radiation between the laser’s light barriers, it does not exist that space or harm recipients of laser hair removal.

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Myth#19 Laser Hair Removal Can Only Be Used for Fair Skin or Dark Hairs

While this may have been the case years back, that lasers could be used for only fair skin or dark hairs, now lasers treat all the different skin types including dark brown. There are even separate laser hair removal device for darker and lighter skin tones. Therapists can adjust the laser setting as per the complexion, too. Hair type and other relevant information also need to be considered.

Myth#20 One Cannot Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment During Summer or Spring

While winter is the ideal time to start hair removal using a laser hair removal kit at home, this is only because sun exposure is minimal. One can still opt for laser hair removal sessions during the warmer summer or spring months, too. You also need to ensure that treatment areas are protected from sun exposure between the sessions and remember clients with a tan cannot be treated using this hair removal method.

Myth#21 For Effective Laser Hair Removal, Hair Needs to Grow Out In Between Treatments

Unlike waxing, one does not need to grow hair between sessions. For effective treatment with laser, hair needs to be shaved, meaning you can continue to remove unwanted regrowth in between sessions. As one progresses through the treatment series, the amount of hair regrowth significantly decreases, which means though one can shave, one does not need to.

Myth#22 Laser Hair Removal Can be Harmful to Internal Organs

Laser hair removal is not harmful to the internal organs at all. This is because the laser does not go deep in to reach internal organs and is safe when used for treatment.

Myth#23 All Laser Machines are Equally Created

This is another major misconception. Laser machines differ in power, quality, wavelength, as well as pulse duration and other factors, which is why it is essential to check the brand being sold. Medical grade equipment is essential to get the results you need.

Myth#24 Laser Hair Removal is Costlier than Waxing

Laser hair removal saves money across time and it is also gentler on the skin, longer lasting and treatments are faster.

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Myth#25 Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Skin Damage

Pain is erased because lasers used today are much more advanced and focused. Lasers use cooling or suction to reduce discomfort and you can even use creams or serums to prepare the skin and make your experience painless. As far as damage to the skin is concerned, as long as the correct laser is used for a certain skin type and appropriate settings are used, pain is negligible.

Myth#26 Laser Hair Removal Devices are One Size Fits All

Lasers work differently on different types of skin or hair. This is because they target melanin, a dark pigment found in skin and hair. Some lasers cannot distinguish skin color from similarly shaded hair. Lasers are not one size fits all, and most individuals should be able to experience laser hair removal.

There are many different types of lasers out there offering various wavelengths. Those with light or fair skin and dark hair can use wavelengths such as the Alexandrite laser which is 755 nm in wavelength. People with darker skin and dark hair should use longer wavelengths like 1064 nm wavelength or Nd: YAG. Why does dark skin need a longer wavelength? It is long enough so that it penetrates the skin before one looks for a pigment, keeping the skin safe.

The only scenario where you face a problem is if the hair is light in color, like blonde, white or gray. In these situations, electrolysis is the only route to take. Others can definitely benefit from laser hair removal.

Myth#27 Laser Hair Removal Gives Immediate Results

Laser hair removal is a process of destroying hair follicles across multiple treatments. Each time laser energy hits a hair follicle, the blood supply is cut off. This fuels follicular health production and results can be seen in the first few weeks of treatment. Best results come from sessions spaced six weeks apart. This is because hair grows in separate cycles at various times, so it cannot be targeted at the same time.

Every session reduces hair growth by 10 to 15 percent to the number of sessions is directly linked to the outcomes you seek. So, while reduction is possible with a single treatment, more sessions will be required to attain 75 to 90 percent which is an achievable goal.


At-home laser hair removal devices vary in price, power, and specification. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right equipment and research about different aspects of laser hair removal before attempting this at home. Laser hair removal is extremely simple and at-home kits are a real boon for those looking for smooth, hairless skin.

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