Increase Your Chances of Having Twins

Causes of Twins Baby without Fertility Treatments: Tips to Conceive Twins

There are many couples who willingly desire to have twins child however in the first hand it is in nature’s hand. Still, there are many favorable factors that increase your chances of having twins.

However before planning for twins children you have to stay ready for those dual parenting responsibilities that you have to bear in order to give complete care to both of your children. If you are a hundred percent sure that you can give enough care to your twins then and only you should pan for that.

There are many fertility treatment procedures such as Follistim, Gonal-F, Clomid etc which can ensure multiple conceiving at the same time. Apart from these fertility treatments, there are some natural factors and things that increase your odds of giving birth to twins.

Those favorable factors include a family history of twins, you yourself are a twin, your age, weight, height and also the fertility drugs type you are taking currently. All these factors work together and increase the chances of conceiving twins in a particular woman.

It is really a wonderful experience to have twins baby especially when you are going through a fertility treatment due to your specific infertility concern. Women who are at their young age who have usually more healthier eggs contain the possibility to conceive twins than older or matured age women like 40 and above who have usually weak and poor egg quality.

No doubt in this context it is important to mention that your chances of having twins also depend on your clinic where you are taking treatment for fertility. In certain health care centers, they pay much attention and care to these procedures which help you to successfully conceive with twins.

IVF which is a very popular fertility treatment is much reliable for couples who are willing to conceive with twins. In such cases, the doctor does careful tracking of ovulation stimulation and as per your prior discussion and on the basis of your health condition they transfer more than one embryos during IVF so that you can successfully conceive with twins or more than one baby.

With proper prenatal care, you can successfully give birth to healthy twins without any complication risks. Just like single baby birth, even twins birth has many benefits for their parents yes, it totally depends on a personal perception of a couple whether they want to have twins baby or not.

9 Causes of Twins Baby without Fertility Treatments

factors which increase your chances of having twinsA woman gives birth to twins when she gets pregnant with multiple pregnancies a condition when more than one baby grows in the uterus at the same time. In order to have twins or multiple pregnancies there requires more than one ovum.

In the case of twins pregnancy, it can be said there were two ova and each one of them fertilized by two sperms of the male partner. In such cases, the concerned woman gives birth to the non-identical or fraternal twins.

In the cases of identical twins, the same or single fertilized egg splits into two which leads to identical twins growth and birth. Basically having twins depends on some environmental as well as genetic factors which increases your chance of getting pregnant with twins babies. Some most influential factors are enlisted below:

Mother is a Twin

If the expectant mother herself is a twin means have taken birth with one or twin baby then her likelihood of being pregnant with twins remains high. This logic is quite appropriate because it is the ovum, not the sperm which influences the count of babies a woman conceives with.

Your Last Pregnancy was a Twin Pregnancy

If your last or last to last pregnancy was a multiple pregnancy then your chances of getting pregnant with twins baby remain too high with a comparison to other women who don’t have a history of multiple pregnancy.

Here even though you don’t have a family history of twins then also your likelihood of twin pregnancy exists because of your past experience.

Family History of Twins

Women with a family history of multiple pregnancy or twins have a greater possibility to ovulate enough that leads to more than one baby growth or twins pregnancy.

However, the family history of identical twins doesn’t contain as much influence than the fraternal twins where the chance of getting pregnant with multiple pregnancies remains high.

In such cases, men who have a family history of fraternal twins don’t have as much possibility of getting twins baby as much it exists with fraternal twins history on the mother side. Yes, if a man has a fraternal twin family history then they can release enough sperm to fertilize more than one egg which may or may not create multiple pregnancies.

Women with Overweight

Women who are obese or having BMI more than 30 contains a greater possibility to conceive with twins babies. This particularly happens because of the high level of body fat increases the estrogen hormone level.

Resulting in it stimulates ovulation and you will ovulate more than one egg in every cycle which is a favorable condition to get fertilized with twins.

This is also an ironical situation or factor because in many cases the excessive weight becomes a sabotaging factor that causes infertility and requires to maintain a healthy BMI level to conceive.

Women with Tall Height

It is seen in many cases that taller women whose height is more than the average women such as 5′ 4.8″ or 164.8 cm usually conceive with twin children with a comparison to average height women such as a height of 5′ 3.7″ or 161.8 cm.

There is a definite reason behind this influential factor for having twins because as per one theory report a taller height women’s body contains a good amount of nutrition which increases the chances of having twins.


A woman who undergoes IVF fertility treatment contains a greater possibility of having multiple pregnancies. In this case, it usually doesn’t happen with choice but by coincidence.

For ensuring the successful pregnancy more than one embryo is implanted so that anyone of them grows successfully. So if all of them grow well one can have twins or even triplet pregnancy.

As during the treatment your uterus is primed for pregnancy with vitamins and hormones help, so it increases your possibility of conceiving multiple pregnancies.

Late Pregnancy

Women who get pregnant in the very later stages of their life like over 30 have greater chances of having a healthy pregnancy that can even lead to pregnancy with twins.

In the cases of late pregnancy, the monitoring procedures are done more than the usual time like more than the time as it happens to women who get pregnant in their early stages before 30.

Also, women aging above 30 conceive with twins baby because the level of follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH remains higher in older women than the younger women. This stimulates the ovulation process which can cause to release more than one egg in a cycle.


Women who belong to a particular race like African-Americans women contain a greater possibility to conceive twin or multiple pregnancies. In that comparison, Asian women contain the least possibility to conceive twins.

Breast Feeding

Women who get pregnant during their breastfeeding period are more likely to conceive with twins with a comparison to those women who are not breast-feeding. As per one study report, the rate of twins in breastfeeding women is 11.4 percent whereas this percent is only 1.1 percent in the non-breastfeeding women.

In this context, it is vital to mention here that breastfeeding or women who are feeding their baby excessively have lesser chances of getting pregnant as their body suppresses fertility to prevent pregnancy, especially in the initial 6 months. However, if they get pregnant in this period the chances of twins remain quite high.

9 Tips to Conceive with Twins

Increase Your Chances for Twins babyThere are many couples who wish for having twins baby or try for that. As per the health experts if a woman follows some steps then her chances of having twins increase a lot.

Your Age

If you are trying for conceding twins and you are in the maturated age of your life like 40 or above then your chances of getting pregnant with twins remain high. It is true that women in their older age contain the lesser possibility to get pregnant. However, if this happens then in most cases they give birth to twins.

Women who are in their 40s their chances of getting pregnant with twin remains higher by 7%, whereas women aging 45 or approx contains 17% greater possibility to have twins baby if they get pregnant.

Take Essential Vitamins

If you want to conceive twins’ baby then you have to make sure that your body is well nourished which is possible through vitamin intake. Though all vitamins are good for health and for enhancing the nutrient level of your body but out of them Folic acid is a most vital one.

This is the reason women who are trying to get pregnant are prescribed with folic acid pills or supplements which you can easily avail in any medical store. Its regular consumption can increase your chances of having twins by making your body well nourished.

Also, the folic acid is prescribed to pregnant ladies as it helps them in preventing the birth defects risks.

Consume More Dairy Products

The consumption of certain foods intake increases a woman’s chances of conceiving twins. In this regard, dairy products are quite effective.

As per one research report conducted by a renowned fertility specialist, women who consume dairy products more especially during their ovulation cycle are five times more likely to conceive twins with a comparison to those women who don’t consume dairy products at all.

The reason behind this theory is that the growth hormones which are given to cows easily transmitted through their milk to the human body which has the ability to stimulate human hormone responsible for conceiving or to conceive with twins by stimulating the ovulation process or by releasing more than one egg by the ovary in a cycle.

Increase Your Weight

If you are underweight and willing to have twins baby then you must look for ways to increase your weight. Being overweight or a well-nourished body increases your chance of having twins to a great extent. Otherwise, whatever effort you will make in this regard will prove void in the lack of sufficient nutrition in your body.

However, for increasing body weight you should only look for healthy ways for increasing your weight. You can consult with your healthcare provider who can guide you better like how you can increase your weight in a healthy way to increase your expectancy to conceive twins.

Eat Yams and Green Vegetables

A well-nourished body is an ideal place for ovulation more than one egg during the ovulation cycles which increases your chances of having twins. So as per this theory for ensuing that you conceive only twins, you should take care of the nutrient value of foods that you eat on a daily basis.

In this regard yams (cassava) are known for boosting the ovulation for twins by four times greater than other foods. It is found in a study that African tribe women whose diet includes a high amount of yams get pregnant with twins baby.

However, there are many health specialists who are not convinced by this theory which doesn’t show a clear cut relation between twins and yams consumption. Anyway, yams are good by taste and rich in nutrients so good for women’s health.

Similarly, you should consume more amount of green vegetables to get enough level of nutrients to enhance your body’s nutrient level. The nutrient value existing in vegetables is considered having ovaries stimulation power so your ovary can produce more than one egg during a cycle which is necessary to conceive twins baby.

Consult With Your Doctor

You can share your desire for having twins with your doctor who can well guide you in this regard and if they find appropriate in your condition they will start your medications accordingly so that you can easily conceive twins. For example, doctors of the Octomom can help you in this regard.

Apart from this, there are certain health conditions where the second pregnancy is not possible, in those cases also doctors help the patient for having twins. In the cases of older women, the doctor usually suggests for twins for avoiding the birth defects risk which is quite possible in the case of two separate pregnancies.

Your age and fertility window are two leading factors that increase your necessity of multiple pregnancies and which is supported by doctors as well.

Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Just Before

If you want to conceive twins then you should stop taking birth control pills just before you start trying for the same (means for conceiving). Otherwise, if you stop these pills long before your body automatically takes steps to balance your hormones which reduces your likelihood to get pregnant.

On the other hand, when you stop these pills right before you try to get pregnant, chances of releasing two eggs by ovaries remain quite high which is a favorable condition to conceive twins. Especially in the initial first or second month from the date, you stop those pills your chances of pregnancy with twins remain high.

Take the Help of IVF Treatment

If you are getting difficulty in getting pregnant naturally in spite of your hard and consistent try then you can take the help of IVF or Intro Vitro Fertilization which previously used to known as a test-tube baby. In such a case you will get pregnant easily and even the chances of your conceiving with twins remain high.

Older women who face difficulty in pregnancy and take the help of IVF treatment usually give birth to twins babies. IVF is a long procedure and expensive one still its demand has increased in the past few decades due to increased infertility rates.

In the case of IVF treatment, you will be prescribed for fertility medications before starting the actual procedure so that you can conceive successfully. During its procedure, women’s egg and male sperm removed before it gets fertilized. After that, it is incubated in a laboratory dish where it converts into an embryo.

After that, this embryo is placed into women’s uterus through a medical procedure so that it can implant itself to the uterus lining and grow successfully. Here to increase the chances of implantation more than one like 2 to 3 embryo is placed in the uterus. The cases where more than one embryo implants or sticks you get pregnant with twins or multiple babies. In the case of IVF, the chances of having twins exist by 20 to 40%.

Consult with Your Doctor for Prescribing Clomid Medicine

Clomid is a medication that is prescribed to the women who do not ovulate during their treatment procedure so that they can ovulate on a regular basis. However when this medication is taken by a healthy woman who is ovulating normally the chances of ovulating two eggs in the ovulation cycle increases.

This particular medication works as ovaries stimulant factor so that ovaries can release more than one egg. Women who take this medication can have triplets or even more so be careful if you are taking this medication.

Though the above-mentioned suggestions and factors that increase your chances of having twins are not fully proofed but many of them are backed by scientific reasons. However, you should never take any step on your own without the permission of a healthcare specialist.

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