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Lower Right Abdominal Pain : Location, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

The lower right Abdomen is the area existing between your chest and your pelvis. This area consists of major organs which are involved in the body digestion process. Any kind of working disorder by any of the organ or tissues existing in this part can be a reason for lower right abdominal pain.

Sometimes the pain density is mild and sometimes the affected person feels severe pain. So it’s totally varied upon the cause or reason because of which pain in lower right abdomen occurs.

Sometimes the pain occurs in this part of the body due to our careless and wrong lifestyle which can be easily get rid of after changing the cause elements. But this is not the case every time. There are many severe diseases are susceptible as a reason for pain in right abdomen.

If initially the causes are not diagnosed properly then it can harm your body badly and sometimes its result in the life-threatening condition. Here we will discuss the location, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of Lower Right abdomen pain:

Location of Pain in Lower Right Abdomen:

Location of Pain in Lower Right AbdomenThe lower right abdomen exists between the chest and pelvis area. It consists of all the organs which are responsible for digestion process in the body.

The lower right side of abdomen area is consisting of part of the colon and in women the right ovary. The pain in this area can occur due to many conditions and causes depending on that the severity of pain depends.

Causes of Lower Right Abdominal Pain:

Till date, several reasons have been cleared and detected for the pain in the lower right abdomen of the body. Sometimes the pain rate is very low so we ignore it and don’t think for its intense medical checkup but if the pain is chronic and intolerable then no one can stay without a diagnosis.

If the cause of pain in this area is not very serious then it can be dealt easily with some precaution and changes in lifestyle but if the pain is occurring due to any serious reason then it needs immediate medical help. Here we will discuss both less to very serious causes of lower right abdomen pain.

Less Serious Causes:

Gastric Issue:

Gastric IssueWhen foods are not digested properly it forms gas in the intestine and circulates around the abdomen. It creates a feeling of discomfort and sometimes causes pain in the lower right abdomen area.

Farting and burping are occurred due to gas. Sometimes the gas problem gets vanished within one or two days after few general medications or by avoiding food items causing Gas. But sometimes it exists for weeks and then it can affect your health badly by keeping you uneasy and uncomfortable. Then you should consult with the doctor immediately.

Indigestion Issue:

IndigestionThe condition of indigestion occurs while you have your meal or drink something. The affected person feels full stomach and appetite is lost. It generates pain in the lower right abdomen area.

It generates burning and gnawing sensation in the stomach resulting in too much gas in the intestine. Though generally the indigestion condition last for one or two days and can be get rid of by taking counter medication but if it lasts for more than usual time then immediate treatment is required to get relief out of it.

Some common symptoms of indigestion are burping, farting, feeling of illness, heartburn, feeling of stomach fullness, bitter fluids generate in the mouth, bloating etc. If you are also suffering from such an issue then it must be due to indigestion.

The Menstrual Cramps:

The Menstrual Cramps

The menstrual cramps are some natural issue that every woman has to face as an outcome of the period on every month. Pain occurs in the lower abdomen before the starting of the period along with aches in legs and back.

Sometimes this pain exists for one or two days and sometimes it can last for a week. If the pain is out of control then some counter medication can be taken for immediate relief from the situation.

Serious Causes:

If the pain in lower right abdomen gets chronic then it must be due to some severe cases and should be diagnosed immediately. Below we have mentioned some serious causes of pain in the lower right abdomen.

Appendicitis in Right Abdomen:

Before understanding Appendicitis pain it’s better to understand first what is Appendix. It is a small tube exists between the point of the large and small intestine. Under the condition where Appendix gets incited, it’s recognized as appendicitis.

Appendicitis is the primary cause of severe pain in the lower right abdomen. It immediately requires medical attention. As per the severity of your position either the doctor can prescribe you for medication or if the condition is acute then he can recommend for further check-ups and other medical observations.

If the size of your appendix is already getting bigger then it can affect other nearby organs to it and can also damage them. So doctors apply surgery in order to remove the appendix otherwise if it is left for a longer time then it can cause other major complications.

The major symptoms of appendicitis are fever, nausea, constipation, vomiting, loss of appetite, vomiting and swelling in the abdomen. If you are also facing these symptoms then immediately go for medical checkup otherwise if the size of appendix gets bigger, it can burst to cause a life-threatening condition.

Stones in Kidney:

Kidney stoneKidney stones are made up of salts and minerals and exist inside the kidney. Initially kidney stone doesn’t cause any pain but once it starts moving and reaches to the tube connecting bladder and kidney can generate pain.

Once the kidney stone reaches to this tube it causes severe or acute pain in the backside, below your ribs and in the whole lower abdomen area. The pain area is not fixed it moves around the areas where stone moves.

The primary symptoms of kidney stone are pain during urine disposal, brown, red or pink color urine, vomiting, nausea, frequent urination, cloudy and smelly urine, chill & fever under the condition infection exists.

Hernia in Abdomen:

Hernia in AbdomenWhen an internal body organ pressurizes along with making muscle or tissue wall weaker which creates small lump cause a hernia. It generally occurs throughout the abdominal area.

A hernia causes soreness nearby the lump area and can generate severe pain when get strained especially while lifting any load or coughing. This is generally a rear case otherwise mostly hernia is harmless. It has very less number of symptoms.

Infection in Kidney:

Some bacteria in the urinary system can cause infection in both the kidneys. As a result, pain occurs in the lower back side, side part, groin and lower abdomen area.

It can cause permanent damage to the kidney if not treated on time. Though it generates less pain than kidney stone then also it should be diagnosed on time for preventing severe problems later on.

The Inflammatory Bowel Diseases:

IBD or Inflammatory Bowel disease is a medical condition where some bunch of issues affects the whole digestive system. The pain due to it can be severe if not treated on time.

The IBD causes pain in the lower abdomen area. Bloating, tiredness, excess loss in weight, frequent diarrhea problem along with blood is the other symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disease:

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBD is an acute condition of the whole digestive system. It is very dangerous in the sense as its real causes are still not yet found and because of that, there is lack of a proper cure for it.

It causes pain in the lower right abdominal area. Other symptoms associated with IBS are the gastric issue, constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramp, bloating etc.

The Ovaries Cyst:

Ovary CystThe cyst is nothing but sacs which generates on the ovary. When it remains in the normal size, that is harmless but when it gets larger it causes pain the abdomen area.

So women, who are suffering from pain in their lower right abdominal area, maybe because of the ovaries cyst. Apart from pain the other symptoms are bloating, difficulty in urinating, pain during intercourse, unusual light or heavy period, persistent urination etc.

The Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases:

Infection in genital tract causes Pelvic Inflammatory disease. Its symptoms are quite infrequent and mild. It generates pain in abdominal area.

Apart from pain in the abdomen, the other symptoms of the pelvic inflammatory disease are fever, nausea, bleeding after sex, pain at the time of sex, unusual pain during periods and pain while urination. If you are also facing all these problems then you might be a victim of the pelvic inflammatory disease.

The Twist in Ovary:

Sometimes ovary gets twisted due to tissues surrounding it resulted in inconsistent blood flow. It creates abnormal pain in the lower abdomen area. Some other symptoms are nausea, abnormal period and pain during intercourse.

Twist in Testicles:

This mainly occurs in males. When spermatic cords surrounding the testicles get twisted, it obstructs the flow of blood creating severe pain in the abdomen area.

Apart from pain in the abdomen, the other symptoms of this physical problem are nausea, vomiting, scrotum swelling and pain during urinating. Immediate medical treatment is required in order to avoid any major issue.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Lower Right Abdominal Pain:

Pain in the lower right abdominal area occurs due to inflammation, stretching or distention in organ and due to obstruction in blood supply. Some of the causes generate mild pain whereas some create severe and intolerable pain.

A proper and regular diagnosis can cure you and enable you to live a normal and healthy life. If you are also suffering from any of the symptoms as mentioned above in this article then immediately consult with the doctor to understand your actual position and cause of pain.

In most of the cases, pain in the lower right abdominal area occurs due to Appendix. Apart from that other causes also play a vital role in generating pain in this part of the body. Generally, the diagnosis And treatment procedure go through following steps:

Physical Test:

medical testAt the time of physical test or examination course, the medical history of the patient is evaluated. And after all the examination the doctor analyze the range of pain like the pain is intense, chronic, acute, cramp, progressing, intermittent, steady or dull. After that, on the basis of pain, the medication starts.

As per the patient’s response, the doctor evaluates the pain. In this context, we can say that the location of the pain area is important to be evaluated as it will help in the diagnosis of the real cause of pain.

The pain can be centralized to the certain area or it might be a radiating pain means stretches around the lower right abdomen. Based on the location of pain the treatment process gets starts.

While diagnosis doctors try to find out whether the pain is associated and get intense while doing some activities or not. Like in some cases the pain gets increased while coughing, with stress, alcohol & food consumption, during periods etc.

Some less chronic pain in stomach gets relieved by taking antacids, eating food items which are suggested by the doctor and by drinking extra glasses of water.

While examining the patient the doctor check out the swelling and tenderness by pressing the abdomen by hand. During the examination period, all the associated symptoms are marked and evaluated in order to reach the depth of pain and its causes.

Lab Test:

Labor laboratory tests are also important for the diagnosis of lower right abdominal pain. Some necessary and important laboratory tests are urinalysis, blood test, and liver test. The quantity of white blood cells indicates the range of infection or inflammation.

Imaging Test:

Imaging TestThe different imaging tests help to clear out the real area of pain and it plays a vital role in diagnosis. With x-ray test kidney stones, ulcers, intestinal obstruction, and pancreatitis are detected.

Again ultrasound scan of lower right abdomen helps to identify the kidney stone, ovarian cysts, and appendicitis.

CT scan and MRI report help to identify and diagnose some severe diseases like appendicitis, diverticulitis, and cancer.

CE method or Capsule Enteroscopy helps to get real and wider picture of pain area. Under this process, pills are swallowed by the patient which helps in taking wider images even of a small bowel and also transmit the images to any receiver.

Apart from all these tests some other imaging tests that help in the diagnosis of Lower Right abdominal pain are EGD, Colonoscopy, Balloon enteroscopy and endoscopic ultrasound.

Once the cause of abdominal pain identified the treatment process gets started. The treatment process varies from patient to patient depending on the age, cause, and intensity of pain.

The aim of its treatment process is to diminish the causes of pain so that the patient gets relieved as early as possible. Also, it aims at decreasing the chances of complication.

For curing the bacterial infection antibiotics are prescribed. In the cases of appendicitis and intestinal obstruction when the condition of the patient get severe then hospitalization is required. If the patient doesn’t get well after medication then for the patient of appendicitis and hernia surgery process recommended by doctors.

Though lower right abdominal pain is a major health issue and can suck the comfort level of the patient affected by it but then also some necessary changes in our daily lifestyle can protect us from being its patient.

So do regular exercise, drink plenty of water and don’t keep long break between two meals. Make the habit of eating small meal throughout the day so that stomach doesn’t remain empty for long hours.This small awareness in life can guard you against unnecessary stomach pain and diseases.

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