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Losing Weight While Having Fun

Losing weight can be a drag, not to mention difficult.  Dieting can easily get the better of you and get you down in the dumps.  Weight loss involves new foods that are not quite as tasty as you are used to, and new exercise regiments that you have to adjust […]

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Why the Fuss Over HCG?

Why all the fuss about the HCG Diet? Is the diet unsafe? If not, is it ineffective? These questions and more were on my mind as I approached Jennifer Margolies, the Program Director for the Fast Weight Loss Centers in Dallas, TX, to talk about the controversial HCG diet. Thankfully, […]

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Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Protecting the heart is very important. If you have cholesterol problems, it is vital that you know the foods that lower it. Oftentimes, changes in the diet are required in order to have a healthy heart. You can check with your doctor and nutritionist to find out the right foods […]