Top 5 Most Ignored Health Problems

Top 5 Most Ignored Health Problems

Occasionally or once in a blue moon, we may not feel too well. After all, good health outcomes are all about watching and following the right habits and sometimes we do fall short of this. Catching a cold or flu or overdoing it at the gym is nothing new. An occasional ache or pain, soreness in the throat, or a general lassitude is normal and even hard to avoid. In fact, it is a part and parcel of life. But sometimes, it’s not business as usual. The times when the signs are there tell you your body needs you to listen are critical. This is the moment to pay attention to the health problem and report to a doctor asap if you are experiencing these symptoms. Here are health problems that should not be ignored. These are red flags you should consider as they may signal a serious threat to your physiological well-being.

Top Most Ignored Health Problems

#1 Chest Pain


Chest Pain
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Discomfort that creates sensations of squeezing, tightness or pressure should be detected in time. This form of chest pain radiates down an arm, causing problems in breathing, nausea, sweating and vomiting. A heart attack can also be signaled by chest pains. Other possible causes include acid reflux or GER/gastrointestinal reflux. This takes place when stomach contents flow through the esophagus once again. It is not a lethal condition, but it can be life-threatening. It is associated with chronic conditions too. Chest pain can even be associated with heartburn and anxiety.

Heart attack symptoms are more subtle for men than women, so if there is unusual pressure in the upper body, shortness of breath, dizziness or chronic fatigue, this needs to be checked out immediately. Shortness of breath means a sudden feeling that one is taking faster breaths than usual. Shortness of breath worsens when one lies flat or exert one’s self. Gasping, wheezing or sudden fatigue can mean a blood clot or embolism in the lungs or COPD. Other issues include emotional distress, anxiety, asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia. This fatigue stands for tiredness regardless of the sleep or coffee drunk. Fatigue can be linked to a slew of conditions such as cancer, anemia or even hypothyroidism. Depression or other mood disorders can also be signaled by this symptom.

#2 Body Marks

Plenty of body marks are completely without any adverse connotation. But if you suffer from an irregular or novel brown spot, it can signal melanoma. Signs of abnormal skin conditions include uneven color, lack of symmetry, and changing appearance.

#3 Rapid Loss of Weight

This is the indication of a health condition underlying the problem. Consider seeing a doctor if you lose around five percent of the body weight without trying in under 6 months. Cancer is one of the possible consequences of this indication. Many lethal forms of cancer are associated with undue, unwanted weight loss. This includes clinical depression, diabetes, and endocrine disorders. Sudden weight loss can also be the indication of depression, diabetes and Parkinson’s. When numbers on the scale fall, this can be a cause for concern. For instance, colon cancer is linked with unexplained weight loss. It is easily prevented through regular colonoscopy. For those with hyperthyroidism or diabetes, the pounds could fall considerably and suddenly too.

Weight does not fall without a particular reason. If you are not following a particular diet or working out at a gym, losing weight means something is not right. Cancer can be discovered at an early stage through colonoscopy, so you need to check up fast. On a regular basis, following the age of 50 years, a few other tests can be carried out. Hormone imbalances, thyroid disorder or diabetes can also affect weight loss.

#4 High, Persistent Fever/Headache/Confusion

High, Persistent Fever/Headache/Confusion
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A temperature of 103 degrees F or more warrants a sudden trip to the doctor. A low-grade fever for several weeks with no real cause needs to be checked out. Slow fever or low fever for several weeks without any cause should be checked out. Fever can indicate endocarditis. meningitis, UTI or pneumonia. Persistent fever can be a sign of sinus infection or cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. Viral infection and general health issues pertaining to fever, headache or confusion need immediate hospitalization. Inexplicable changes in personality, aggression or failure to concentrate can be indicative of brain tumors or bleeding.

Stroke is another indication that immediate medical attention is essential to reduce the chance of irrevocable brain damage. Other possibilities include medicine, alcohol, reactions or even abnormal blood pressure and dehydration. Bright spots, visual disturbances like flashes indicate medical care is needed to prevent constant vision loss. Lights can also indicate a possibility of a migraine. Additionally, blurred or double vision should be checked as soon as possible. Lights also signal the possibility of brain tumor, aneurysm or even macular degeneration or a nerve problem. A major, sudden headache is also a possible indication of this.

Swallowing or vomiting warrant prompt medical review if they are continuous. This indicates an obstruction in the esophagus or deep down in the bowel or intestine. This required urgent attention. Anything that interferes with swallowing could cause rapid dehydration that can be seriously debilitating or even lethal.

#5 Bruxism

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding can cause stress or anxiety. It does not lead to symptoms but can cause headaches or facial pain and wear down teeth over a long period of time. When people are sleeping, stressed out or having difficulty concentrating, teeth grinding may occur. It can trigger headaches, facial pain, earache, pain, and stiffness in the jaw joint, worn down teeth and facial pain as well as headaches. If teeth are damaged, the face, ear or jaw exerts pain or reports of grinding reach you from your partner, it’s time to take preventative action. Dental treatment may be needed to prevent further problems like a dental abscess or infection Numerous treatments are in place including mouth guard and splint, muscle relaxation exercises and sleep hygiene. Stress or anxiety can be eliminated through CBT and other forms of therapy.


So watch out for these health problems, as they could be signs of a deeper malady. Remember, health remains in your hands when the smallest signs and signals are carefully heeded to ensure that the health problem does not become a chronic medical disorder. Be alert today and avoid a chronic health issue at a later date.

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