4 Reasons Why do People Sneeze?

Ever had that problem of dust and dirt near you and you start to sneeze? Well, it is a normal reflex though but you start to wonder: why do we sneeze? Is it a good thing? Let’s try and examine what this is all about.

A sneeze is a sudden violent spasmodic audible expiration of breath through the nose and mouth which is a reflex act to something not acceptable to the body like dust. Sneezing is a physiologic response to the irritation of that lining of the nose called the respiratory epithelium lining. The process starts with the release of some chemicals like histamine or leukotrienes. These substances are produced by the inflammatory cells such as eosinophils and mast cells that are commonly found within the nasal mucosa. These chemicals are released because of many causes like viral infections, filtered particles, allergens or irritants like smoke, pollution, perfumes and cold air. Allergic reactions with the nose require the presence of allergy antibodies that are specific for the allergen. This then leads to fluid leakage from the vessels in the nose, causing symptoms of congestion and nasal drip. These are the after effects if you start to sneeze. Also, nerve endings are stimulated, which causes itching. As what how medical those terms were, those describe how a sneeze is done.

There are four reasons why we go through sneezing. Here they are:

  • When you have a cold, flu or a viral infection the usually clear nasal passage is full of snot. The body then tries to clear these nasal passages from bacteria and snot and therefore we sneeze.
  • Having hay fever or allergic rhinitis is also a cause for sneezing. This happens if the patient is allergic to any airborne substances like grass pollen, tree pollen, dust mites, pets and more. These substances get into your upper respiratory system. It is said that around 15% of any given population suffer from hay fever at some point in their entire lives. The most problematic symptom for this though is frequent sneezing with runny nose.
  • Vasomotor Rhinitis is not the same as any other rhinitis. It is not caused by an allergy or infection and the exact causes differ from person to person. It is still though caused by something that irritates the nasal lining. These irritants include a dry atmosphere, air pollution, strong emotions, spicy foods and alcohol.
  • Last is the No allergic rhinitis with eosinophils syndrome. This is similar though to the allergic rhinitis but there can be many other causes including where the nasal passages widen and dry out or even during pregnancy.

To stop from this type of symptom, you must take your medicine against flu and eat lot of fruits rich in vitamin C. These foods and medicine eases out the flu and its symptoms making your sneezing decrease in occurring. Also stay away from dusty places, plants that you are allergic from, from very furry pets or anything that reacts to your allergy.


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