Best Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin – Top 5 Review and picks

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The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and fragile. As a result, over time, this skin becomes wrinkled and saggy. The best way to deal with this issue is by applying a good eye cream that nourishes the delicate eye area and keeps the signs of aging at bay.

However, people with a sensitive skin may trigger some kind of skin irritation as a reaction to these eye creams. As for them, they need to look for creams that are formulated with milder ingredients that do not cause any skin reaction.

Nowadays, such rising concerns have led to the market being flooded with a plethora of hypoallergenic formulas, specially made for sensitive skin. Such creams are very gentle on the skin and do not cause any adverse skin reactions. In our post today, we have listed the top 5 best eye creams for sensitive skin that will certainly beautify your eye area and safeguard its sensitivity.

Best Eye Creams for Sensitive Skin




Featured Ingredient

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream e1504219723939

Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Eye by Neutrogena

0.5 Fl. Oz

dimethicone, glycerin, cetearyl olivate, polyacrylamide

Queen Bee Naturals Best Eye Balm e1504220449423

Queen Bee Naturals Eye Balm

2.4 Ounces

Olive oil, jojoba oil, unbleached beeswax

Burt Bees Eye Cream e1504221005276

Burt's Bees Eye Cream

0.5 Ounces

Cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin

Clinique Superdefense e1504226407575

Clinique Superdefense Eye Cream

0.5 Ounces


How to Locate the Best Eye Cream?

The eye area, undoubtedly, is one of the first places to depict the signs of aging and observing the right skincare regime plays a significant role in this anti-aging battle. However, locating the right eye cream for your skin can be little intimidating.

Almost all eye creams available today come with a guarantee of being specially formulated for the sensitive eye area. They claim to help you get rid of dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and sagging skin, but, mostly all fail to fulfill what they promise.

Well, now the good news is that you no more have to keep shifting from one product to another and face disappointment every single time. There are few products that genuinely work and will help you successfully address all your eye area concerns. These products offer real results and will give you a beautiful looking under eye skin.

Top 5 Eye Creams for Sensitive Skin

Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Eye by Neutrogena

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel-Cream

Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Eye by Neutrogena is enriched with hyaluronic acid, an intensely skin hydrating ingredient. This helps to boost the skin’s water content, keeping it nourished and hydrated all day long.

The solution is very lightweight. It serves as both- a gel and a cream. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin to work as a gel and at the same time, offers long lasting skin nourishment and hydration.

Apart from this, the eye cream contains a heavy concentration of olive extracts, a highly moisturizing ingredient rich in fatty acids and other essential nutrients. It protects and locks in the moisture, making the skin looking healthy for all day long.

The product is absolutely free from all potent chemicals and oils. It is non-comedogenic and ophthalmologist tested. It does not leave behind any greasy residue and acts as a great makeup base.

You simply need a small amount of the product and it spreads over your entire face without settling into the fine lines.


  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Diminishes the look of droopy and swollen eyelids
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin


  • Formulated with plant oils
  • Some users claim unsatisfactory results.

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Queen Bee Peeper Keeper Eye Balm by Bee Naturals

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Queen Bee Peeper Keeper Eye Balm by Bee Naturals is a great product that works for all skin types. It permeates deep into the skin, fighting the signs of aging along with improving the overall skin texture.

The eye cream includes carrot seed oil and avocado as the chief ingredients. Both these are powerful anti-aging ingredients that protect the skin’s elasticity. Other than that, it also contains beeswax and rice bran oil that seeks to lock in the skin moisture.

This eye cream is the best solution for tired and weary looking eyes, making them feel relaxed and alive. It is great for solving dry skin issues as it offers intense nourishment. It can be used as an eye primer to make your eye makeup stay in place for longer.

The product comes in a balm form, instead of a creamy one. It is a great multi-tasker as it can be used on lips, cuticles and chapped noses. The packaging is extremely travel-friendly.


  • All natural and organic
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Easy to use
  • Travel-friendly packaging


  • Formulated with plant oils
  • The product can be greasy and a bit thick

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Sensitive Eye Cream by Burt’s Bees

Sensitive Eye Cream by Burt’s Bees

Sensitive Eye Cream by Burt’s Bees is an all-natural product that aims to reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eyes. The formula treats tired looking eyes by imparting a natural glow.

The key ingredient of the eye cream is cotton extracts that soften the delicate and fragile eye area. It protects it against the action of strong soaps and facial cleansers that immensely damage the outer layer of the skin.

Apart from that, it contains Olive Fruit Extracts, White Genepi Extracts, and other essential antioxidants. They make the skin supple and protect it against any skin inflammation. It’s Rice Extracts nourish the skin and Aloe Vera cools down already irritated skin.

All ingredients used in this product are 100% natural. you can use the cream day and night for keeping your skin well moisturized.

The product is absolutely free from all artificial fragrances, chemicals, dyes, and oils. It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist- tested, allergy-tested and a clinically proven hypoallergenic formula. The under eye area feels relaxed and moisturized without causing any redness or skin irritation.


  • All-natural product
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles considerably
  • Gives quick results


  • Formulated with plant oils
  • Packaging is not very good
  • May not be as gentle on the skin as it claims to be

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Clinique SuperDefense SPF20 Eye Cream

Clinique SuperDefense SPF20 Eye Cream

Clinique SuperDefense SPF20 Eye Cream is an instant brightening formula that offers great protection from the damaging UVA/UVB, pollution, stress, and dehydration. This all-physical sunscreen protects the eye area from the early signs of aging and treats dark circles.

The biggest advantage of this fragrance-free eye cream is the broad-spectrum sun protection abilities. It absolutely does not sting when applied around the delicate eye area, offering optimal hydration and won’t hamper the concealer’s wear time.

The cream is an ideal solution for people having a sensitive or slightly dry skin. If you have excessively dry skin, make sure to apply a moisturizer before the application of this eye cream.

To talk about packaging, it’s totally amazing. Unlike most other creams from Clinique, this one doesn’t come in a jar packaging. Instead, it is packed in an opaque tube that helps to keep the light and air-sensitive ingredients stable.

We generally hold that you do not require an eye cream during the daytime as most of them do not contain any SPF. However, this silky smooth cream contains a good deal of SPF and has an instant brightening effect on your face, making it ideal for your morning routine.


  • Comes with a slightly yellow beige tint that goes well with all skin tones
  • Contains age defense factor that softens wrinkles and prevents new ones
  • Offers great sun protection
  • Protects the skin from pollution, stress, and signs of aging
  • Blends well into the skin
  • Does not cause any skin dryness or dehydration
  • Does not cause any skin irritation or burning
  • Can be used as a soft concealer near the eye contour skin


  • Even though the cream instantly brightens up the eye area and covers all dark circles, the results are only temporary. There is no permanent solution for the issues, even after regular use.

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Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream is a natural extract-infused formula that nourishes the eye area, purges all signs of fatigue and prevents premature aging. Enriched with essential and all organic ingredients, this product glides on smoothly and blends well into the skin.

It contains cucumber oil that brightens up the weary looking eyes and refreshes the delicate eye area. It also contains a heavy quantity of hyaluronic acid that treats and prevents the signs of aging. Virgin Coconut oil, on the other hand, helps in achieving a soft and hydrated eye area around the clock, whereas Arctic Cloudberry plums the skin, minimizing fine lines and crow’s feet.

Apart from that, the cream also contains chamomile, rosehip and carrot oil that moisturize the skin. The cream has a thick and rich texture that is light to the touch. It sinks in with a gentle pat of a finger and makeup can easily cover it seamlessly.

It comes in a comfortable pump dispenser bottle that makes it extremely comfortable to dispense the right quantity of product.


  • Improves dark shadows
  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Nourishes the eye area and prevents premature aging


  • May not be as gentle on the skin as it claims to be

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How to Make Eye Creams Work for You?

Generally, people think that buying eye creams is absolutely pointless. A good moisturizer or serum can also fetch similar results.

Well, maybe. But, if you are looking to address a specific concern such as dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, experts recommend the use of eye creams. Follow the tips mentioned to choose the best eye cream for your skin.

  • Look for creams that offer optimal hydration. People having a sensitive skin often experience excessive dryness under the eye area. So choose a product addresses dryness, eye discoloration, and irritation.
  • Go for creams specially formulated for sensitive skin. Such products are usually labeled as “dermatologically-tested” and “hypoallergenic”.
  • Avoid products which contain artificial fragrances, dyes, alcohol traces and plant oils. Such products are known skin irritants and can adversely affect the fragile and sensitive eye area.
  • Choose eye creams that focus on solving your prime concerns. For example, hyaluronic acid prevents the signs of aging and restores skin plumpness.
  • If you are looking for a cream with anti-aging benefits, go for the one that contains peptides, vitamins, antioxidants along with hyaluronic acid.
  • Creams with SPF are also good but try to find those containing physical or mineral blockers in order to shun potent ingredients that irritate the skin.
  • If you face eye puffiness, use lightweight products that are rich in active ingredients such as Bisabolol.

Some Important Tips on Using Eye Creams

  1. Apply a very small amount of these eye creams. Do not apply them generously thinking to achieve results faster. Doing that will only leave white marks on your skin and this way you will only waste your money.
  2. Apply the cream in a gentle patting motion and never rub it. Rubbing the cream in may cause the stretching of the skin which will eventually lead to sagging.
  3. Do not apply pressure. Applying any pressure will not increase the effectiveness of the product so, perform light strokes and let the cream penetrate by itself.


Eye creams are great formulations that address particular skin concerns effectively. Their job cannot be fulfilled by any moisturizer or serum. However, not all eye creams are suitable for sensitive skin. You need to take extra care while dealing with sensitive skin and choosing the appropriate product that suits it.

We have put together the best list of creams that can do wonders for your sensitive skin. All you need to do is find out the best one for you and watch your eyes go from dull to shining bright in no time.

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