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Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

You must have tried many proven tricks and techniques by now to get rid of those extra pounds from your body. You might have tried going on a crash diet for weeks or sticking to a strict weight loss regimen. Some might have even spent hours together in gyms, lifting […]

Food for Breath: 10 Foods to Help Improve Your Respiration

A healthy respiratory system is essential to being able to live an active, healthy lifestyle. The major parts of your respiratory system (lungs, trachea, mouth, and nose) all work together to supply your blood with oxygen and allow you to exercise and go about your daily activities. Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, […]

7 Easy Changes to Help You Lose Weight

We’ve all been there – that point in our lives when we feel as though we’ve reached our maximum laziness, worst diet ever and highest weight on record. And then it continues to get worse. While there is no miraculous way to lose extra weight overnight (man, could you imagine […]

How To Lose Ten Pounds In One Month

Do you need to fit into that outfit for a special occasion? Do you feel you would be much more healthy losing just ten extra pounds? If so, it is possible to lose ten pounds in one-month with just a few easy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Yes, it […]

10 Superfoods to Keep You Slim and Healthy

Superfoods is a term used to describe various kinds of foods that is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants that combats chronic diseases. Commonly, superfoods are unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, poultry, or fish. These superfoods contain phytochemicals that reduces the risk of cancers, heart diseases, and other conditions. […]