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Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Blackheads

Hey all you beautiful ladies! Today, we shall talk about a problem that is faced by a lot many of you- Blackheads. Are you tired of those ugly blackheads on your face? Are you looking for an easy remedy to get rid of this bad skin problem? If yes, then […]

Re-Evaluate Male Skin Care Products

Re-Evaluate Male Skin Care Products

Skin Care for Men: A New Concept? Skin care for men is a major segment of the beauty and grooming industry, and this includes not just the fancy metrosexual male. But there is need to reevaluate skin care products in terms of what an average Joe really needs when it […]

Best Sunscreen Lotions and Creams for Indian Skin

Best Sunscreen Lotions and Creams for Indian Skin

Using the best sunscreens lotions and creams is the best defense against skin damage cause by sun exposure. Gone are the days that we should only put on sunscreen when going out for a swim or during summer. According to numerous research studies by skin experts it is highly recommended […]


Benefit Cosmetics – Best Bronzers and Blushers Review

Bronzer or Blusher? A dilemma about whether to wear a bronzer or a blusher is one every woman can identify with. Bronzers became popular in the 1920s. Coco Chanel revolutionised the concept of a suntanned beauty. In the 1950s, powdered bronze was introduced. Blushers have been around for a bit longer. […]

Best Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin

Best Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin (Top 3)

If can be a difficult task to find the best cleanser for acne prone skin. Many cleansers on the market contain ingredients which are too harsh for skin that is prone to acne and can even aggravate the condition even more. Acne doesn’t just affect teenagers, it can affect anyone […]