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Dental Concerns That Affect Women : How to Prevent Dental Issues

Oral hygiene should be maintained by every human being for avoiding any dental issue later on. Though both men and women can be a victim of any dental concern but as ladies have to suffer from many special women problems, that is why it is necessary to make all of them become aware of dental concerns that affect women.

On different stages of a woman life such as menstruation, puberty, menopause, and pregnancy in which lots of changes in hormones take place which all together affects the oral health. So it should be the duty of every woman to give proper attention to oral cleaning during these stages of their life.

Two times of brushing is a good and healthy practice along with liquid mouth cleaners should also be used for gargling. If early attention is not given to dental concerns then it can take the form of some non-curable diseases like mouth cancer, respiratory problem etc. So it’s better not to give ignorance even a small dental issue.

Some common dental problems that a woman has to face are sensitivity, gums problem; the bad smell of mouth, severe pain etc. Once any of these issues detected it must be a cure in its early stage for avoiding any vast problem that they likely have to face due to ignorance in its initial stage.

Different Stages of Women Life Circle that Affects Oral Health:

Women Dental ConcersLife of a woman can be divided into different segments or stages in which she completes her journey of whole life. All the hormonal changes in these different stages in which she passes on give birth to some kind of small or big medical issues to her. Some of them are natural and some of them occur due to her careless behavior.

The oral health-related issue is one of the problems which can generate if proper hygienic care is not given for cleaning of teeth or monthly dental checkup is not done after each and every next stage of her life. These dental concerns can affect women badly if not cured initially.

You can get a thorough knowledge of the hormonal changes which occurs in a women body at the following points –

The Puberty Stage:

In the stage of puberty hormones like progesterone and oestrogen get produced which can cause to increase the blood flow in gums. This makes the gums weaker and also affect to its functionality.

Due to changes in puberty stage the tissues of gums become weaker and lose its efficiency to fight with plaque, get reddish, irritation increases, and get tender and swollen. Because of all these changes in gum, the affected women can experience bleeding while doing brush or while flossing.

The Menstruation Stage:

Since the age of 9 to 16, girls are expected to fall in one important stage of her life cycle that is known as menstruation. In this stage changes in hormones are quite likely. This hormonal change some or other way affect to her dental health.

During the stage of menstrual cycle hormone naming progesterone to get increased in women body because of that, some women face oral health-related issues such as a swollen salivary gland, reddish swollen gum, gum bleeding and enhancement of ulcer.

The oral problems generally occur before one or two days to the starting of menstruation and once the menstruation starts it clears up.

The Pregnancy Stage:

Once a woman gets pregnant lots of hormonal changes occur in her whole body. Under this stage of nine months period, a woman has to suffer from different –different issues, out of them dental concerns are one which she has to bear with.

From second month of pregnancy to till the eighth month of this period, special hormone progesterone gets increased in a very high level and the woman can be a victim of any gum disease at any point of time. This condition is called pregnancy gingivitis.

During pregnancy, there exist very high chances of increasing gingivitis that’s why doctors always recommend for a professional cleaning of mouth during this period in order to obstruct its development (of gingivitis)

Pregnancy is a very soft stage of a woman’s life. In this period her body becomes weaker so it’s very important to use precautions in order to avoid any pre-known issues just like oral health issues.

Usage of Contraceptive Pills:

For avoiding unwanted or early pregnancy a gynecologist always refers to contraceptive pills as this is a much safer method with a comparison to other unwanted pregnancy avoiding methods.

These births control pills along with its good effects come up with some side effects too. Some of these pills contain progesterone that enhances the flow of a hormone in the body. These hormones affect to gum tissues.

It is recommended to tell your dentist while visiting about the pill you are having as a birth control method, in order to understand his causes of your plaque.

Menopause Stage:

The changes in hormones during the stage of menopause which occurs in advanced age makes the tooth of a woman much weaker and because of that tooth loss can be done.

In the menopause, stage decline occurs in oestrogen which results in a decrease in women’s bone density. Due to weakness in the jaw, the tooth gets to fall.

Under this stage of a woman, she can be a victim of, loss of sensitivity in the tooth, a dry mouth which occurs due to a decrease in salivary flow, burning sensation etc.

In the older stage of life, a woman has to take different pills for curing different age-old problems. So due to all these pills, the mouth becomes much drier. The dryness of mouth makes the tooth jaws weaker and many more gum diseases increases due to lack of saliva.

Special Tips for Avoiding Oral Health Issues:

Special Tips for Avoiding Oral Health Issues:

  1. Two times brushing habit should be maintained for keeping oral hygiene. We all do brush in the early morning but only one time brushing is not enough. So it is necessary to do brush before sleep so that germs which left after your night meal couldn’t hamper your jaws for avoiding cavities.
  2. At least once in a month visit to your dentist for your oral checkup. Time to time do a professional cleaning of your mouth if it is recommended by your dentist. A regular visit to a dentist has an advantage of staying safer side with regard to oral problems.
  3. Do floss on every day for deep cleansing of your mouth. It’s quite easy to use and can be done at any point of time in a day.
  4. Use a toothpaste containing fluoride which is healthy and good for your teeth.
  5. Your daily diet also affects your dental health. So always eat a balanced diet for healthy and strong teeth. Also, do gargle for thorough cleansing of your mouth after a meal.
  6. Avoid those foods which increase sensitivity in your mouth. And use that toothpaste that can diminish sensitivity in your mouth. Sensitivity is a condition in which certain sensation occurs when you eat something or drink any soft drink or any other drink. It’s really very painful and unhealthy.
  7. An anti-microbial oral rinse can be used if it is suggested by your dentist. For this regular checkup and visit is good for healthy oral health.
  8. As much as it is possible to try to avoid or ignore any starchy and sugary snack item.
  9. If you are facing trouble like dry mouth then consult with your dentist. One proper treatment can generate artificial saliva which can moisturize your mouth.

Complications of Dental Diseases:

For the goodness of overall health, it is necessary that all of your body parts remain fit and strong. Any kind of health issue in certain body parts can cause to throw its bad effects on other parts of the body. For a woman it is must to maintain regular hygiene of her mouth otherwise it can cause some of the severe diseases.

Disease in gums occurs due to a bacterial infection. This infected bacteria can easily enter into other blood vessels that can create some major complication in the form of chronic diseases.

It is better to avoid complications associated with severe dental concerns by taking some prudent steps and precautions after meeting with your dentist. Here we have enlisted some complications which are likely to occur if oral issues are neglected.


Diseases in gums easily becomes a reason for diabetes. Even it is seen that a healthy person with some oral issues become a patient of diabetes. This is the reason a patient with diabetes is suspected to be a pre-dental patient.

For a diabetes patient, it’s really very difficult to control sugar level if his or her dental health is not in a normal condition. So for avoiding a much more complication in health like diabetes, it is important to do proper care and treatment of your teeth.

Cardiac or Heart Diseases:

It is observed in last few years that woman with the dental problem is most expected to be a heart patient. The worst part of this issue lies in the fact that the patient can be a victim of a major heart attack.

For avoiding the risk of any fatal heart disease that lasts for whole life it is better to give appropriate cure and checkup to dental problems for living a healthy life.

Respiratory Issues:

Problems in gums occur due to infected bacteria. This bacteria slowly moves in different parts of the body and can easily move to your lungs. Once this bacteria enters in your lungs it can cause your pneumonia.

In order to protect you from any life-threatening lungs problem, it is necessary to take precaution for any kind of oral issue in its initial stage only so that it will not grow further.


Though oral related issues seem trifling initially but if it is ignored and untreated then its result can be as cruel so that the infected person can be a victim of Stroke.

Dental problems can be cured easily if you give little bit time and care to it. Do two times brushing, use liquid mouth cleaners and visit your dentist every month. These are not a very hectic job otherwise you have to repay your negligence by facing a life-threatening effect such as Stroke.

Mouth Cancer:

Most of us don’t know but it is a fact that negligence of small oral problems can reach to a complication stage in the form of Cancer disease which is life-threatening.

Post Pregnancy Effect:

If a pregnant woman has any gum disease then most probably the chances exist for early birth of her baby means before the completion of nine months the baby can take birth. This leads to the baby too short and weak too.

For precaution to such an incident, it is better to consult regarding your gum diseases with your gynecologist and go for a routine checkup to the dentist.

The reason of negligence towards a gum disease by a woman especially happens because the gum problems are usually painless in its very initial stage. So the affected person remains unaware of the fact that she is a victim of any disease.

Once it reaches a certain advanced stage where infected area starts generating pain which really becomes intolerable, and then only someone can realize that she has a gum problem. It’s better to make some precaution for avoiding such a state. So every woman needs to make a habit of two times brushing with good toothpaste and also floss on daily basis.

Apart from this it is necessary to meet dentist for a dental checkup for making oneself aware of dental issues and problems and should follow regular medication as suggested by the dentist for curing diseases if detected any.

Through different stages of a woman, life circles its normal to occur hormonal changes. These changes affect her body parts and an oral problem is also recognized as one of the outcomes of such changes in hormones. The best precaution to get rid of all these dental issues is that all ladies should be aware of dental concerns that affect women so that they won’t be a victim of it because of little negligence.

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