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Male Menopause Symptoms : How to Prevent Male Menopause

Male menopause is the state or condition of a man’s life where an effective decline in the sexual hormones are noticed causing lots of mental and physical changes in the man’s life. It is important to understand the symptoms of male menopause so that it won’t resemble some other health condition.

It doesn’t occur suddenly, this is a slow and steady process which starts during the middle age of man around his 40’s and 50’s. Women also fall in their menopause in their middle ages but there is huge difference between the male and female menopause with respect to its effects, mental and physical changes.

Still medically no fixed cause of male menopause is found as because the menopause stage of one man remains different from another man. Also, some men never go through the menopause in their whole life circle.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in male’s body which gives a boost to his sex drive and is also responsible for maintaining the overall health of a man. After reaching 30’s this hormone production is getting declined by 1% every year on an average and at the menopause cycle, the secretion of this male reproductive hormone reaches to a very low level. That is why it is known as Testosterone deficiency syndrome.

Menopause in men also known as andropause or androgen deficiency. Apart from testosterone some other important hormones also get declined during this phase. So overall this stage of men is related to drastic changes in hormonal level.

Symptoms of Male Menopause

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As soon as your journey towards menopause starts or your reaches to your menopause your body starts feeling lots of changes related to your physical and mental health. Complications in the sexual relationships are the most primary symptom of male menopause stage. If you have started recognizing the below-mentioned symptoms that means you are in the menopause or in mid of the journey of menopause.

The Decline in Energy Level

If you are in your andropause stage then it is quite likely to feel fatigue all the time. Also, you will feel scarcity of energy for your day to day work, tiredness with little effort, reduction in bone density, a decline in muscle’s strength etc.

All these changes and reduction in your body’s energy level happens because of the decline in the production of testosterone hormone which works as a fuel to give energy to all your body parts in the normal state.

Reduced Bone Density

Testosterone is the hormone that helps in maintaining the density of your bones. Under the condition, you are experiencing andropause the density of your bone starts declining over the time and it can develop Osteoporosis which is a medical condition where the bones get fragile and brittle.

In the lack of necessary bone density, your bones are highly suspected to any fracture even with a small hit on it. If the doctors suspect that your fracture is caused due to a reduction in the testosterone level then they may ask for a blood test in order to confirm it.


Testosterone hormones also regulate to your mental health as well as mental peace which is very important for a long healthy sleep during the night time. As soon as the decline happens in this hormone you become a victim of Insomnia and sleeping disorder.

Your sleep becomes troublesome under this medical condition. It becomes hard to fall asleep, or have a sound sleep. Instead, you start facing sleepiness during daytime, mind swing, irritation, and fatigue in the lack of proper sleep.

Changes in Abdominal Fat

Abdominal FatChanges in abdominal fat and decline in the testosterone level both are correlated to each other. It may be possible that the addition of excessive fat in the abdominal area is the reason of decline to this hormone and also it can be possible that due to decline in testosterone level your abdominal fat has increased.

The testosterone level existing in the male’s body controls the growth of body’s fat especially in mid of your body. When the level of this important hormone starts declining the belly fat or abdominal area fat gets increasing. This also stimulates the growth of estrogen hormone which speeds up the decline rate of testosterone hormone.

Changes in Physical Structure

The decline of testosterone hormone during the male menopause stage effects to the physical structure by creating lots of noticeable changes in it. Reduction in body muscle, body hair, swollen and tender breast etc. is noticed in this phase.

Mental Effect

Reduction in the production of sexual hormone affects to the mental peace and wellness of the man who is developing it. He may feel lack of confidence, self-motivation, and depression. Also, it affects memory of the concerned person and men often faces lack of concentration and they easily forget things.

Affect Sexual Life

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone so under the condition of its reduced quantity in men’s body it affects dramatically to their sexual desire and willingness. This hormone works as a fuel to give strength and prepare them for the intercourse. So in the lack of it, sexual life is affected a lot.

Erectile dysfunction, infertility, lesser spontaneous erections are some of the changes in sexual life that occur in this phase of man’s life.

Severe Diseases

When a man reaches his menopause stage or he is towards the journey of this stage he gets caught by some severe diseases. This particularly happens due to the decline of testosterone hormone which works as an energy booster and maintains the overall health of the male being.

Some probable diseases which can be noticed in this phase are osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, hypertension, stroke etc. However, if the real cause of these health conditions is diagnosed then it can be relived after proper treatment.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Male Menopause

Prevent Male MenopauseIt is quite likely to develop changes in our body as we ages. The reduction of hormones like testosterone is also one of this series of decline which causes male menopause. This is the most important androgenic hormone which keeps balancing to the overall health of a male body. There are some natural remedies or ways which can help you to boost the count of this hormone for relieving the male menopause effect on your body.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a key to overall good health. Male’s aging effect i.e. reduction in the testosterone level can be prevented by having some healthy diet in the day to day life. Include those food items in your diet plan which can raise the level of this necessary hormone in your body and avoid those foods which can cause more fat, more sugar, and other harmful effects.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as these are the rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, polyphenols etc. You can include some healthy fat containing foods like omega 3, monounsaturated fats which are good for your heart health and also stimulate the blood circulation.

Proteins which are derivate from plants are also good for your hormonal health. Eat protein containing foods like legumes, some grains, beans etc. as these will help in relieving the male menopause symptoms like fatigue, loss of bone density etc.

Changes in Life Style

The way you are living your life affect a lot in the decline of testosterone hormone or early male menopause condition. Lead your life in a healthy way. Never be idle for a long time instead of keeping you busy in some mental and physical work. This will help to keep your hormonal level active and there will be quite lesser decline.

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise or workout relives the symptoms of male menopause drastically. It keeps your body fit and active and thus keeps away all the signs or symptoms of andrpause like tiredness, enhancement of body fat, lack of sexual desire, and other sex drive related issues far away.

Regular workout reduces the chances of body mass reduction and loss of muscle strength by toning your muscles intensely. Before the menopause, you need to remain prepared so that you can well fight to its symptoms. Daily exercise habit will boost the production and growth of testosterone hormone which is the primary factor of male menopause.

Endorphins which is a vital hormone to fight with factors causing depression and stress can be elevated by the regular workout. Mood swing, sadness, and depression are some important effects caused by the male menopause. All these mental concerns can be set aside by exercising regularly which help in the release of endorphins.

Sound Sleep

Lack of necessary amount of sleep or more precisely the lack of sound sleep play an important role in declining the level of testosterone hormone. As soon as a man enters into menopause stage, Insomnia and sleeping disorder started which is not at all good for the health.

You need to stay ready with your weapons if you want to stay younger and fit forever. This you can do by making changes in your sleeping pattern. Leave your late night sleeping habit and go to your bed on time. Initially, you will not fall asleep immediately but with regular practice, you will definitely get success.

You can also take help of medication and some yoga practices which will also be helpful in getting sound and healthy sleep during the night. A quality sleep will not let your hormonal level down and will also be supporting for your mental health and peace.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

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Alcohol consumption calls early symptoms of male menopause. This plays an important role in the reduction of testosterone hormone production and growth. Your body starts producing estrogen which counters effects on the growth of testosterone hence a noticeable reduction in the production of this hormone came into the picture, stimulating the male menopause symptoms.

Alcohol addict gets relief out of its consumption as it releases endorphins which provide mental relief but endorphins are not good for testosterone growth. Just in one day, you cannot leave completely to your alcohol intake, so try to reduce its doses slowly so that you can get rid of this totally and stay healthy.

Maintain Your Sex Life

Sex plays a vital role for both the physical and mental health of male being. So try to make your sex life more pleasurable and healthy. It helps to release stress hormone, enhances your confidence and prepare you for your regular life’s duties and work.

Lack of sexual desire and interest are one of the primary reasons for the decline in the testosterone hormone. Point out the loopholes of your sex life and fill all the drawbacks so that you won’t have to face the symptoms of male menopause cycle.

Natural Therapies

Some natural treatments and therapies work dramatically in relieving the symptoms or signs of male menopause stage. Some effective natural therapies include hormone restoration, acupuncture, stress management, homeopathy, biofeedback etc. All these natural techniques work very effectively to treat andropause deficiency symptoms.

Take Less Stress

You have to learn the stress management techniques in order to stay away from the male menopause signs. Stress affects badly the production of testosterone hormone which is not at all favorable for your overall health.

Try stress buster techniques which can divert your mind from the reasons of stress and can provide you with peaceful sound sleep. This will protect you against mood swings and depression which are the primary mental issues caused by the reduction of testosterone hormone in male’s body.

Maintain Your Body Weight

Extra body fat or mass is not at all good for the hormonal health and calls for early male menopause symptoms. Include healthy and fat-free foods in your regular diet so that your body wouldn’t gain unusual fat. Also, you can take help of workouts for reducing your body’s over fat.

Extra body fat causes the production of estrogen hormone which is not favorable for the growth of testosterone hence a major decline in this important hormone occurs. Eat those food items which helps in the production of testosterone hormone as this will keep you fit and energetic for the longest time.

Prevention is always considered as better than the cure. So stay ready with the natural preventive methods for relieving the symptoms of male menopause.

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