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Tooth Jewelry: Giving New Meaning to Dazzling Smiles

Body art is gaining popularity in the world of fashion, and an important part of this is oral/tooth jewelry, along with tattoos and body piercings. With a new focus on glamor and uniqueness when it comes to fashion, your teeth can dazzle the world all through tooth jewelry. Accentuate your healthy smile, with painless top quality tooth jewelry which cuts down on the risk of infection and adds a fresh sparkle to your smile. Fashion is constantly changing and the dynamics can also be applied to the medical world of dentistry.

Dentistry was once restricted to pain, discomfort, and fear. But now, times have changed with fashion getting incorporated into it. Aesthetics is the most critical part and the common selling point of dentistry. Additionally, more aspects of dentistry have developed leading to the birth of out of the box and innovative fashion. Now, users can welcome tooth jewelry, tooth rings, and even dental grills as the ultimate fashion symbol. Tooth jewelry was used as a form of religious rituals and traditions, though currently, it is more associated with cosmetic functions.

The use of tooth jewelry has been gaining importance and popularity among all age groups. In a modern world, everyone creates their own style unique for themselves and others surrounding them. Dentistry has become a style statement enhancing smiles with confidence. Now add that extra sparkle and charm using dental aids like tooth jewelry.

The Rise of Tooth Jewelry and Dentistry as a Style Statement

Tooth Jewelry and DentistryDentistry is becoming a style statement, though it was once a symbol of pain, fear, and discomfort. Times are changing now with people becoming aware of their smile and appearance. Younger generation Millennial and Gen-Y youth are oriented towards following the latest trends and styles as these apply to dentistry. With increasing modernization, the focus is on creating a visual style that adds value, uniqueness, and identity to others.

Much like any other medical service, dentistry and dental treatments are an important part of leading a healthy life. Numerous treatments like cosmetic dental treatments and body art are needed to attain desired aesthetic appearance, make a fashion statement and be unique rather than blending in.

Tooth art includes tooth jewelry apart from tooth rings, tooth tattoo, removable tooth jewelry and a whole lot more. The tooth jewelry is a form of self-expression when carried out easily. It adds more confidence to the smile. The result is increased self-confidence and a higher style quotient. Most common tooth jewelry is worn by young to older adults. Even those in the entertainment business such as hip-hop artists, disc jockeys and models add it to their repertoire. Tooth jewelry is becoming really well known nowadays.

Like any other fashion trend, it is used to raise the standards and up the style quotient for people who want to stand out. This harmless, non-invasive procedure has zero side effects. As it is not a costly procedure, the price varies as per the jewelry design used and is relative to the clinic in question. This painless procedure takes 10-15 minutes for completing.

Tooth jewelry is not just pain-free, this cosmetic dental process is also very quick. Tooth jewelry is a procedure in which diamonds or stones like real or artificial gems are attached to the surface of the tooth. With an increase in cosmetic dentistry, the use of dental jewelry has been steadily gaining in importance.

Tooth jewelry is not something which became trendy in recent times just like that. The craftsmen and skillful artists of yesteryears and ancient civilizations also used this technique. The 9th century Mayan culture saw teeth decorated with stones like turquoise and jade. Current dentistry trends include gold, jewels or crowns that resemble stainless steel crowns of the earlier times, the latter being accorded a less fashionable status.

From these times to present era, tooth jewelry involves skilled fabrication and inlays of stones in precisely and accurately prepared cavities across the front teeth. It was later that blingy tooth grills came into vogue and even this is not something new. Native Americans 2,500 years ago used to add bling to their teeth. Women or men, the whole intention of those resorting for tooth jewelry is to exude an aura of style and glamor.

The whole idea of tooth jewelry came to America through hip-hop artists in the 80s. This trend hit NYC in the 90s and pervaded rap and pop cultures by the middle of the twenty-first century. People now opt for tooth jewelry while going to parties, ceremonies or any events. Cosmetic jewelry is enhancing the style and heralding a new age of fashion.

What is Tooth Jewelry?

Tooth Jewelry

Tooth jewelry is a cosmetic and dental procedure in which precious gems or stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are added to the surface of the teeth to give them an extra sparkle and a fashionable edge. One of the grooviest and latest trends to hit the market, no one is immune to tooth jewelry. Jewels used for decorating the teeth come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A tooth gem, for instance, is a small rhinestone jewel. It is attached to the teeth using adhesives. Some people prefer small stones set in the center of the tooth. Others opt for a jewel-encrusted cap over the teeth. Some opt for a grill which is a decorative cover fitting over the front teeth of the person. Some well-known examples of artists who wear these are Lil Wayne and Jonathan Davis.

The glass crystals are real, 18K white gold as well as 24 to 22k yellow gold jewelry designed for dental use if Swarovski crystals are used. Crystal teeth jewelry is specially made with a flat back surfaced with the special coating to add the sparkling shine such as a diamond. The crystals also have a special back coating and its unique facet cut reflects the light and ensures that it sparkles well. The earlier methods involved include setting and drilling the jewel in the tooth. The composite material attaches the crystal onto the teeth and this lasts up to a year or longer.

Types of Tooth Jewelry

Tooth jewelry includes different types. These comprise tooth gems, tattoos, removable tooth jewelry and a whole lot more.

Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are associated with crystal glass mounted on a thin aluminum foil. This creates a spark in different colors and shapes. The shapes include round crystals, white and yellowish gold tooth gems, shapes crystals, gold numbers, and letters, gold facings, inlaid in gold tooth jewels with actual gemstones and many more when it comes to colors, there are many glass crystal ranges available in varying colors. This ranges across the diamond, ruby, sapphire, ruby, emeralds, sapphire light, aquamarine, pink crystals and more.

Tooth gems include sapphire and style crystals. Skyce ranges across Schaan, Liechtenstein, Ivoclar Vivadent AG and offers clarity. Sapphire comprises blue and white crystals. Skyce and sapphire are quality tooth gems yet skyce puts a sparkle in every smile. Kryst type is Swarovski crystals especially treated making it ideal for dental use. These can be attached easily and removed without damaging the natural tooth.

This is a harmless procedure that can be placed on the surface of the teeth sans any preparation. It can be easily placed on the injured enamel or pigmented spot, with a mixture of photopolymeric fillings and more. This is a painless procedure which is noninvasive and takes only ten to fifteen minutes. Small glass crystals are placed through special adhesive preventing the tooth from damage. It does not damage the tooth in any way. It can be used where the enamel is injured or there is a pigmented sport. Mixtures of filings are also places where it can be added. The special adhesive is in place, preventing the tooth from becoming damaged. Much like the bracket or orthodontic implants, the design can be bonded on the tooth structure of the patient.

The procedure for inserting the gem is very simple. A retentive pattern is created on the enamel using a 37% phosphoric acid. Then, the gem is bonded to the tooth with a heliobond to ensure easy mechanical retention. It can be removed or replaced with another stone, as no drilling in the procedure is involved. It can be directly bonded on to the surface of the tooth. The glass stone crystals are available in two different sizes and rainbow crystals are the least costly version of this jewelry. They are suited for short-term attachment and rainbow colors come in 10 different shades.

Tooth Rings

Tooth jewelry also includes tooth rings. This is akin to dental jewelry but the procedure is a little different. In the cause of dental rings, a hole is made in the incisors and the ring runs through the hole. The most commonly preferred teeth are the maxillary central incisors, and the size of the perforation is based on ring thickness selected. The perforation needs to be smoothly polished and rings are embedded with tooth jewelry as well. The diameter of the ring should be considered in this case to avoid occlusion interference. Rings connect the incisors in the center or one in the center to the side as well.

Dental Tattoo

The dental tattoo is known as tooth tattoo. It is used to define ornamental designs on teeth made by dental experts. Dental tattoos are custom designs added to dental crowns before these are sealed and set in the mouth. Dental tattoos can be made on the tooth in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles. While decorating the tooth, the dentist makes a mold and sends it to dental artists who come up with designs cemented into the natural tooth.

Removable Tooth Jewelry

This is a fashion trend which is known as removable tooth jewelry. Stones are mounted permanently on the micro skin which has the clarity of invisible glass and fits into the teeth rather than being directly bonded on the tooth. However, neither the etching nor teeth preparation is needed. The impression is further created and the micro skin is further fabricates in the lab on which precious stones are attached. This ensures the safety in the mouth and does not damage soft tissues or teeth.

A wide selection of precious gems and stones are available in different colors and sizes. This removable tooth jewelry can be removed by the patient and placed back when necessary.

Dental Grills

They are more decorative than tooth gems. Grills are most commonly worn by stars and rappers. These grills are made of solid metals like gold and can be used with precious stones/ This covers the entire section of the frontal part of the teeth and the material, positioning and design are unique to the individual. As it is a dramatic addition to the mouth, it needs to be carefully chosen.

Dental Crystal Tooth Ornaments Tooth Gems
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Complications Associated with Tooth Jewelry

Researches indicate that while tooth jewelry is a noninvasive and painless procedure, it can carry risks for those who have complications. Most of the people use tooth jewelry to enhance aesthetics and boost self-esteem and self-confidence. But for those with chronic injury, allergies or aspiration to tooth or mucosa including tooth fracture, complications can ensue. This is because plaque can accumulate in the attachment area of the tooth jewelry. Therefore, the area has to be characterized by cleanliness.

Patients with massive caries should also avoid tooth jewelry as it can cause permanent defects on the teeth and areas prone to caries. Additionally, gingival inflammation, lack of articulation and allergies to metals or diamonds are some of the major complications linked to tooth jewelry. Movable jewelry also leads to teeth abrasion and grills etc can be hard to clean.

To remove these complications, patients need to follow certain precautions. Precious stones and elaborate etchings should not be paired together. Tooth jewelry should not need tooth modification and jewelry should also be inserted in such a way that lip functionality is not hampered. Presence of gems does not make any influence on dental hygiene, but electric toothbrush should not be used after the tooth jewelry is just attached. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, health implications of oral jewelry and dental accessories should be carefully considered. Adequate precautions need to be taken and destruction of the tooth for the insertion of the gem needs to be minimized.

Those who want a sparkling smile to improve the beauty and want their teeth to be healthy should visit a dentist and get these amazing tooth accessories. Dentists maintain the health of the teeth as newer advances and trends are making dentistry more sophisticated. With tooth jewelry becoming the latest trend, there is a lack of pain, infection, drilling or even damage if a dental expert is hired for the job. Add more attractiveness and sparkle to the smile, making it easy to use.

Tooth gems are glass crystals mounted on aluminum foil to create the perfect sparkle. But thanks to advances, tooth jewelry comes in a whole lot more forms like brillis/twinkles, dazzler, skyces and grills. Designs are available for choosing from a wide range/Tooth ornaments or jewelry make for more beautiful teeth. The jewelry in question is fitted using adhesive or dental curing light. In most cases, dental enamel remains intact. Additionally, the desired dental jewelry is painless to attach. The only point is that tooth jewelry needs to be attached keeping dental hygiene needs in mind and must be professionally glued. The remaining bonding material is polished away and the tooth looks like it did before. The placing of tooth jewelry takes around 20 minutes. It can be easily removed or replaced anytime.

While dazzlers are shapes and gold foil symbols or animals and stars, twinkles called brillis are made of real gold mainly yellow or white gold or platinum and used from music videos of rappers and artists. Wearing tooth jewelry is the way ahead to let every smile twinkle.

Tooth Jewelry Procedure

Tooth Jewelry ProcedureFitting tooth jewelry is as simple as can be and takes under 10-15 minutes and 60 minutes at most. But for unhealthy teeth or those with cracks, stains, and cavities, it may take longer as these issues have to be corrected first. For teeth that are in good condition, jewels need to be bonded with special adhesive. No piercing, scrapping or any other procedures are needed.

Firstly, the teeth are cleaned with fluoride free paste for polishing. The teeth are dried and the tooth on which the jewelry is to be implanted is isolated/ Tooth with around 37 percent phosphoric acid is needed to raise the surface area for binding. Light curing bonding agents are used on the surface of the teeth are rinsed thoroughly and blow dried for 10 seconds.

A small amount of flow composite is applied to the teeth’s surface. Jewel handlers can easily pick and press the gem securely. The dentist also lets the patient check the jewel’s positioning in the mirror. Additionally, the light curing map is used to start curing the composite of the top. It is light cured of sides for some seconds, and the composite needs to evenly harden for which it is cured of the back of the tooth. It takes just a few minutes to affix the jewel.

If it is removable tooth jewelry, the jewel is removed using an orthodontic bracket and the enamel is not harmed. Post the removal of the gem, the polishing of the teeth need to be carried out to remove bonding materials. The dentist uses a scaler or rubber polisher to clean the teeth while removing the stone. The tooth needs to be treated with fluoride to ensure remineralization and enamel stabilization. Drilling and damage to the teeth do not result. At the same time, sparkles add to smiles with these simple and effective ways to make a healthy smile even more attractive.

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