Possible Reasons For Weird periods After Tubal Ligation

What is a tubal ligation

Tubal Ligation is an abdominal surgery performed as a part of the birth control category. Tubal ligation is another word for fallopian sterilization. There are currently in excess of 700,000 procedures performed in USA alone, over half of these procedures are performed directly after the birthing process. The rest of these procedures are performed as a day surgery case some time later. There are roughly in the region of 20% of women who wished they had never had this procedure performed in the first place, they want their fertility restored. I can empathize with these women, as I felt very much myself once I had this procedure performed. It is possible to have a Tubal Ligation Reversal procedure. There are many reasons why women change their minds, one of which being the fact that they get divorced, a partner dies meaning that later in life the woman goes on to meet a new husband and may want to have a baby with him. The reversal procedure is a major surgery, not to be gone into lightly, taking a good two to three hours under a general anesthesia.  You will find that there is a longer stay in the hospital after the operation due to it being a major surgery.  Do not be fooled, there are not everyone who can go under the knife to have the ligation reversed. Your GP or Doctor will perform a laparoscopy to see if you are a prime candidate for the surgery.

tubal ligation

There are in excess of 11 million US Citizens who are aged between the ages of 15 years and 44 years who use this procedure as a way of preventing pregnancy. Once this procedure has been completed then you may return back to work in a few days, or when you feel ready. It is advised however, that you do not exercise extensively for at least a week. You may cause injury or damage to your stitches. As for sexual intercourse, this is personal choice. You may return to making love with your partner as and when you feel fit. Having this procedure done is after all an operation, and with all operations there are risks. You may have an allergy to the anesthetic or pick up an infection, or suffer from excess bleeding. Do beware of the risks and make sure that you understand everything before taking the decision to have this procedure performed. There is however, still a chance that you can become pregnant, post Tubal Ligation, but the chances of this are slim. 1 in 200 people this happens to, this is normally caused by the tubes not being completely closed. This will also increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancy which can be very dangerous.

What happens?

You will be put under a general anesthetic where the surgeon who is performing the operation will make two small incisions in your abdomen. The purpose of this is to place two instruments into your abdomen near to your navel which will be used to perform the operation.  Your fallopian tubes are cut or severed and sewn or clamped to prevent pregnancy. This is a relatively safe procedure and only takes a matter of minutes to perform. Many women have this procedure completed post pregnancy and after a caesarian. You will be pleased to know that this procedure is generally classed as 99% effective. The procedure can be reversed, but once it has been reversed, it is normally with the intention of a high level of permanency, so before you have the procedure either performed or reversed once done make sure you understand the consequences of your decision.

There have been many studies performed following Tubal Ligation which have shown that there are side effects which will have to be dealt with, such as irregular bleeding afterwards and pain, you will find that your sexual attitude may change and your sexual health will not be the same as it was before you had the procedure performed. This is all relatively normal. The studies performed also confirmed that people who had this procedure performed were at a lower risk of ovarian cancer than people who had not had this procedure performed.

After having tubal ligation, some women have experienced some after effects which have caused them major discomfort. This would include heavy painful bleeding during their menstrual cycle and very irregular periods. Whereas they could set their clock by them before, they are now all over the place, heavy and painful. This can all be quite depressing; when you consider that your periods make your feel dirty and uncomfortable to start with, without the added problems this can cause. This can sometimes be the result of PTLS (Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome); there are a number of symptoms which can be labeled as a part of this condition:

  • Menstrual cycle or pattern changes and irregularity
  • Painful periods/ menstrual cycle
  • Hot flushes, periods of sweating in the night, cold flushes, chills.
  • Irritability or frustration
  • Mood swings and emotional instability leading to tears and crying.
  • Insomnia which may be caused by the level of pain caused by the menstrual cycle
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Anxietyand Depression
  • Memory changes
  • The risk of ectopic pregnancy is well known and also a very real risk.
  • Vaginal dryness causing sexual intercourse to be uncomfortable.
  • Vaginal irritation causing intense soreness.
  • Chronic fatigue
  • There is a risk of prolapse of the uterus due to the lack of estrogen.
  • Breast tenderness.

You must bear in mind that you will not experience all of these symptoms and side effects, this is only a list of the symptoms that you can suffer, it does not by any means mean that you will suffer this many. I have had this procedure done myself; I only suffered three of these symptoms post ligation.

There are a lot of debates within the medical communities regarding the fact that PTLS is not an actual illness or condition. Maybe not, but it is the result of a different condition. Heavy periods can be the result of low hormone levels as well as such procedures such as this.


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