Best Foundation For Rosacea

Best Foundation For Rosacea : Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide

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The best foundation for rosacea can be hard to find. Rosacea is a difficult condition for diagnosing. We all get a little flushed or blush sometimes. Redness is common whether one is irritated, overheated or just plain angry. But what makes rosacea different is the episodes of blushing and flushing caused by over circulation of the blood. It leads to inflamed or red skin that causes small blood vessels in the surface of the skin to change. These blood vessels called as telangiectasia become like pustules.

As a result of these pustule formations, rosacea is often mistaken for acne. Triggers that activate rosacea range from spicy foods to over exfoliation of the skin. Helpful solutions include cooling the skin using antioxidant and anti-inflammatory products. Neutralizing the redness is not the only aim. Covering it is equally important. This is where the best rosacea foundation comes in.

Best Foundation For Rosacea





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bareMinerals ORIGINAL SPF 15 Foundation



Jane Iredale PurePressed Powder Foundation e1500814238290

Jane Iredale PurePressed Powder Foundation

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Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation e1493527937786

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

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Clinique Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup e1493528191205

Clinique Clinique Redness Solutions

1 Fl. Ounces


Types of Rosacea

There are 4 subtypes of rosacea.

  • The first kind is associated with mild facial redness and visible red skin capillaries
  • Subtype 2 is associated with skin redness that comes and goes and acne breakouts during rosacea flares are common.
  • The third type if rosacea where you get skin redness, breakouts, and thickening of the skin.
  • Another subtype of rosacea is called ocular rosacea and it only impacts the eyes.

Tips for Makeup for Rosacea

#1 Use Skin Products

This is the first important consideration. Don’t be stressed out about using skin care products. Rosacea patients hesitate to put makeup fearing the consequences of a breakout. But using the right makeup and foundation can work wonders for your complexion. The best part is you can use a moisturizer so that the skin barriers prevent flare-ups keeping mechanical and chemical ratings out.

#2 Follow A Simple Skincare Routine

Skincare routine needs to be simple though. Use a limited range of products and be very careful about the ingredients you put on your skin. Look for products meant for redness or sensitive skin. These can prevent the problem and help to protect the skin barrier.

#3 Use Sunscreen

Another important point in your skincare routine is to use sunscreen. It not only prevents sun damage but also guards the skin of rosacea patients against flare ups.

#4 Find Your Triggers

Each person with rosacea is different. So are their triggers. Sun, heat, wind, overexertion, stress, and alcohol are common triggers. but sometimes a particular food or dairy product can also cause the redness to breakout.

Basic Foundation Types

The best way to attain smooth and even complexion is an application of the foundation before makeup is applied to the eyes, cheeks or lips. For rosacea patients, the emphasis should be on the right shade to that disappears into your face and is weightless. From foam sponge to fingers, there are various ways to apply foundation.

Here are the basic foundation types.

Liquid or Cream Foundation

This type of foundation comes in liquid form. There are many different kinds of liquid foundation. They include oil-free, paraben-free, oil based, waterproof and even 24/7. These range from full to medium based on how much is applied. The cream foundation provides heavier coverage and is designed for normal to dry skin.

Oil Based Foundation

Oil based foundations are essentially meant for moisture to plump up the skin, making it a wonderful choice for those with dry skin and women who want to minimize the lines and wrinkles on their face.

Sheer Foundation

If you are looking for a foundation that smoothly glides, creating the impression of no foundation at all, a sheer foundation is the best choice. The coverage is light so it does not cake the face if applied too liberally. It is buildable if more coverage is required. A sheer foundation is created with silicones and works best for those with normal to dry skin. Sheer foundations also contain SPF which provides an added benefit of sun protection. Supplement this with sunscreen of at least SPF 40.

Matte or Oil-Free Foundation

This is for ladies with oily skin. Matte or oil-free foundations are formulated with water, not oil. They dry extremely quickly so blending it with a sponge or finger as soon as it is applied is important. Use moisturizer or foundation primer to add a layer of moistness on the skin so that the makeup is retained for longer.

Mousse or Whipped Foundation

Mousse is also marked as a whipped foundation. This is a liquid makeup with air whipped in. It ensures that the product remains smooth and light. Mousse foundations have the perfect matte finish and weightless feel.

This type of foundation is excellent for all skin types but it is great for people with dry or nature skin because of the tendency to opt for smooth instead of caked up looks.

Stick Foundation

This foundation is portable, so you do not have to worry about spills in the purse or compact bag. Coverage tends to be heavy so it is ideal for covering up the redness of the skin that results from rosacea. However, this foundation is best for oily or normal young skin. Mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles is too heavy for this product.

Powder or Compact Foundation

This comes in a compact form, which makes it a great foundation for women who want portability on the move. This is basically a powder and foundation rolled into one and several formulations are there. It is best for those with oily skin.

Mineral Foundation

For those women who are seeking organic, natural makeup, mineral foundation is the best option. This is especially so for those with rosacea and sensitive skin. A mineral foundation works best for sensitive skin and allergies. It is a wonderful choice for women with lines and wrinkles too.

Mineral foundation should ideally be applied with a fluffy brush.

Shimmer Foundation

This foundation is rich in ingredients which add dewiness to the skin. Illuminating tinted moisturizer and foundation work best for overall coverage.

Waterproof Foundation

This foundation stays on for a long time. It makes it perfect for humid and dry areas. It also makes it difficult to remove the makeup with cleanser and water. A makeup remover may also be needed. This foundation is comedogenic, so it should be used with care by those who have rosacea.

Foundation Primer: Adding to the Foundation

Foundation primer fills in the crevices and pores in the skin permitting foundation to move in smoothly and seamlessly. A barrier between the foundation and the skin can work wonders. With a coat of moisturizer before applying the foundation, primer adds to the sustainable life of the makeup afterward.

Evaluation of Different Foundation Types

Matte Finish Liquid Foundations

These foundations are lightweight in terms of their texture as well as their finish. These weightless foundations make you feel you are not wearing makeup at all. It is easy to blend and offers buildable coverage. It is perfect for holding back an excess oily shine. A safe choice for covering blemish prone skin, it is perfect for those in moist climates where humidity is high and makeup dries up fast. But there are downsides too. Such foundations can emphasize flaky or wrinkled skin and it can be remedied by applying a light layer of serum or moisturizer. Blending the foundation can also cause streaking which is hard to correct.

Moisturizing Liquid Foundations

These foundations provide light to medium coverage. This permits a more natural look. It works best for hydrating skin without causing it to be greasy. With satin or satin matte finish, this liquid foundation is perfect for normal to dry skin. It may have a sheen which suits a radiant glowing look. This is not the best choice for oily skin as moisturizing finish makes oily areas look even more oil covered.

Anti-Aging Serum Foundations

This is the best multitasking foundation, providing coverage and anti-aging ingredients suited for different skin types. This serves to help an anti-aging skin-care routine to ensure better results are obtained. Some anti aging serum foundations have superstar ingredients.

Pure Pressed or Loose Powder Foundation

This is a quick easy way to get a smooth look for normal or mid oily or mildly dry skin. This powder foundation provides a soft glow and is easily portable, for on-the-go touchups.

This is excellent for use as a daytime moisturizer with a lightweight feel for reducing the shiny finish of sunscreens, as it contains SPF generally. If there is oily skin, powder foundation looks clumpy or slips into the pores. If there is dry or flaky skin, the moisture is absorbed by the powder ensuring that the skin becomes drier. Some downsides are there too. Powder pigmentation can change when mixed with oil and oxidized. The buildup coverage can also look cakey.

Cream to Powder Compact Foundations

Easy to blend with a sponge or a brush, this makeup foundation sets to semi-matte or powdered finish. It is perfect for dry or moderately oily skin if a matte or dewy finish is not preferred. This foundation offers a wide range of coverage from sheer to full. It works perfectly for on-the-go touchups. The flipside is that this foundation tends to look heavier than other types of foundation. This is a foundation which is not suited for very oily skin as the cream highlights the shine and the powder finish is not smooth enough to ensure excess oil remains in check. This is not suited for dry skin as the finish exaggerates dry areas.

Stick Foundations

This benefit of this foundation is that it offers medium to full coverage to cover up imperfections. This works well for touch-ups on the go. The downside is the thick, wax-like texture that looks heavy and leads to clogging of the pores or breakouts.It is also not easy to blend over large areas. In case the finish is too creamy, it can cause lines to appear around the eyes.

How To Choose Your Foundation

Foundation comes in different styles for different uses. To select the best foundation, you need to consider the finish you want, your skin type and the degree of your skin problem.

For dry skin, cream or liquid foundation with moisturizing works best. For oily skin, you need powder finish with a matte effect. Combined skin requires powder or liquid foundation with high water content. Always choose a favorite finish.

A natural finish is possible if emulsion type liquid or cream foundation is used. As against powder foundation, the liquid or cream type have a clean finish and spread well across the skin. A wide number of emulsions are available from matte to moist.

In case you are looking for concealment, powder foundations work better for blemishes and pores. Choose powdered foundation for rosacea, if you want a quick and easy finish. Powdered foundation spreads simply and evenly with a sponge. These are best for retouching too.

The Right Foundation for the Correct Season

You need to consider the season as well before you choose your foundation. Rising temperature comes with higher humidity and massive sunlight. The best choice therefore, in such circumstances is a longer lasting, high UV protection moisturizer with good resistance to oil and perspiration.

Choosing the Right Color

If you are very fair, choose a pink based foundation. Ocher based foundations work with most skins. Green tinted or yellow based foundation is perfect for concealing reddishness associated with rosacea. Choose a color which blends with natural skin color and apply it to the face line by the skin. Always choose makeup that stays on.

Opting for the Best Foundation

A makeup foundation is like a base for your makeup application. The foundation evens out the skin tone and makes it smooth and uniform. Scars and blemishes are covered. This does not help in covering blemishes alone. A concealer can also be used with the foundation to cover red spots. Foundation is applied on the face and neck to attain a uniform skin tone. It also adds a shine to the skin texture, adding youth and health to it.

There are a huge variety of makeup foundations. Each of these come in various tints, shades, coverage, and composition. All come within 3 basic categories namely liquid, cream and powder.

  • Liquid Foundation

Lightweight, these foundations are easy to apply. They also blend well while absorbing moisture within the skin. These are present in numerous shades along with oily and water based formulas to suit differing preferences. Liquid foundations are suited for different skin types. But each skin type should use a different type of liquid foundation.

Those with dry and wrinkled skins should opt for oily based liquid foundation. This is thick and blends well, with the skin leaving it supple and well hydrated. Those with oil type skin should avoid oil-oriented liquid foundations. Instead, they should use oil-free or water linked foundations. Water-oriented foundations are rich in silicon oil, which adds a new shine to the face. With average combination skin, women should go in for a liquid foundation that is water oriented. This blends evenly and smoothly with the skin, offering lighter coverage.

  • Cream Foundation

This is rich in oil and is thick or creamy. It is available in compact, tube and stick form. On account of the thickness of texture type, cream foundation provides more coverage and greater skin moisture than other types of foundation. Thick texture covers red areas and leaves skin smooth with a radiant veneer.A compact style of this foundation is even recommended for patients by dermatologists.

Cream type foundations are most suited for women with average or dry skin. Cream foundations work for extra sallow skin best, offering maximum coverage and leaving the skin moisturized and hydrated. It adds a luminousity to the face that persists for a long time.

  • Cake and Stick Foundation

This type of foundation is available in concrete form and tends to dry fast, providing a matte look to the face. They offer effective concealment perfect for flaws and blemishes on the skin.

Women with normal and dry skin should avoid these type of foundations. These can leave your skin dry and blotch covered. This type of foundation works best for oil type skin, as it dries up quickly making the skin appear even.

  • Powder Type Foundations

These are available in two types- loose and pure pressed. These are dry and lack in moisture. These are suited for those who don’t like heavy makeup. It is easier to use and offers a natural look. Powder foundation types are used for fixing makeup.

Loose powdered form is easiest to use. Mineral form that is pure pressed can be used for any type of skin.

  • Waterproof Foundation

This is the most chosen and opted for foundation in rain and humid seasons.In moist and humid weather, this works very well. Waterproof foundations are available in cream and liquid forms both. They can be easily applied and leave the skin looking fresh. Oil free non creamy foundation is perfect for oily skin while dry skin users can opt for creamy version.

  • Mineral Foundation

Made from finely ground earth minerals, these are natural organic foundations suited for different skin types. These can be applied dry or wet. They harness nature’s healing power and are perfect for any skin type including those with rosacea

  • Spray Foundation

Foundation may need to be applied for long periods. In such cases, spray foundation is perfect because it rejuvenates the makeup. It is available in numerous shades and can be easily applied. This type of foundations is best for sensitive skin.

  • Cream/Liquid-To-Powder Foundation

These foundations come in compact powdered form. These are either applied as liquid or cream and harden quickly leaving a powder finish, that is smooth and blemish free. Cream to powder foundation is suited for ladies with normal or combination skin.

  • Mousse Foundation

This whipped foundation is a liquid or creamy type and can be applied in specific layers. It is also available in canned and spray form. Mouse whipped foundations are best suited for a mature or dry skin.

When Makeup Lasts

A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to skin with a smooth finish, without pores or roughness. Conditioning the skin with excellent skin care products is a must. Once it is cleansed, gently read the lotion onto the whole face and pat until it feels refreshed. This firms up the skin and controls more oil secretion. This also prevents makeup runoff. Check the skin type, before applying the foundation. For example, less needs to be applied to oily areas or the T-zone.

Avoid a thick layered makeup by adding more to problem areas after thinly spreading the foundation to the face. Dab more on problem areas and use a pore concealer for a beautiful and glossy flawless finish.

Excess oil should be removed by patting and pressing the skin once the foundation is applied. Carefully patting the face ensures zero makeup runoff under eyes and around the nose.

Which Foundations Work Best?

While choosing the foundation to conceal redness and acne breakouts, you need to be certain that you are not purchasing products with ingredients that trigger rosacea. As per Rosacea dot org, foundations should not contain alcohol, additives, menthol, peppermint, fragrance, and eucalyptus to name just a few. Many people suffering from rosacea also find mineral oil for triggering flares.

Once you check the labels, don’t look for only the ingredients you need to avoid. Look for ingredients that soothe rosacea prone skin and treat flare-ups. These include green tea extract, chamomile, tea tree oil, licorice extract, aloe vera, zinc oxide and colloidal oatmeal. Patch test new foundations on a small area of your neck. The skin on the neck is thinner and more reactive, much like the face. Testing the foundation on the skin will benefit you to check if the makeup does not trigger any rosacea symptoms.

Tips for Covering Rosacea With Foundation

Once the new foundation has been tested, and it is known not to be a rosacea trigger, here are the steps you need to take while applying makeup.

Step 1: Apply With a Clean Soft Foundation Brush

If you apply the foundation with the fingers, ensure that dirt and oil are not transferred to your face. This can trigger outbreaks. A makeup sponge may be rough for a sensitive skin like those of people with rosacea. It is also true that sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Moreover, a soft foundation brush is gentle on the skin and the most sanitary and safe option. But you also need to disinfect it after every use to prevent a severe rosacea reaction.

Step 2: Try Green Color Concealers

The color of your concealer should be green. This green correcting skin concealer can tone the redness of the skin. The powder which lacks irritants is the most suited one.

Step 3: Apply Loose Finishing Powder Next

Once the foundation has been applied, you need to dust a light layer of the finishing powder to help sustain the makeup’s potency and last all day long with no touch ups required.

Types of Foundations that Work

Rather than a subtle blush, rosacea involves redness and flare ups, which only certain powders can cover well. However, there are several brands of foundation makeup to soothe rosacea, while offering additional coverage.

Once such foundation is mineral powder is a loose powder foundation comprising base minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This offers natural protection from the sun and less irritation than other foundation types.

Top 5 Foundations For Rosacea

#1 Bare Minerals Original Foundation

Bare Minerals Original Foundation
Photo by: Amazon

This foundation is a perfect choice for rosacea patients. It offers a lot of benefits right from the ingredients to the ease of application.


  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15

The Bare Minerals Original Foundation has a broad spectrum SPF 15 which provides great coverage with a natural finish.

  • All Natural Product

The Bare Minerals foundation is made sans parabens and synthetic chemicals. It will not dry the skin, which is beneficial for those with rosacea. Bare Minerals can be purchased for a modest price tag, even though it is all natural.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The mineral foundation also has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe sensitive skin. Made of pure minerals and no additives or harsh chemicals, this foundation comes at a modest price tag.

  • Real Results

With foundations, it may be a trial and error thing. But Bare Minerals offers certainty. The product offers better functionality as opposed to liquid foundations because it is far less irritating.

  • Active Mineral Foundation

This active mineral foundation gives a shine-free coverage with properties to rejuvenate, renew and revitalize the skin.

  • Reduces Enlarged Pores

The mineral foundation also reduces enlarged pores and smoothes out skins.

  • Perfect Packing

This foundation offers original finish all day long and is packed in a no-spill, zero-mess case.


This foundation offers a mineral coverup which may not be as effective as liquid foundation.

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#2 Jane Iredale PurePressed Powder Foundation

Jane Iredale PurePressed Powder Foundation
Photo By: Amazon

This SPF20 powder foundation provides a sheer, semi-matte coverage for a complexion that is natural and flawless.


  • Patented Mineral Formulation

The weightless semi-matte pressed Jane Iredale PurePressed powder foundation has a mineral formula. It also comes with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, pomegranate, algae and pine bark extract. This provides antioxidant protection against free radical cells that help the skin to retain excellent moisture levels.

  • Host of Benefits

This foundation comes with concealer, sunscreen and skincare benefits. The PurePressed Base Foundation SPF20 and UVA P++ protection offer water resistance for up to 40 minutes.

  • Pure Gluten Free, Vegan Product

The PurePressed Base foundation makes the skin look amazing. Fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections are blurred and diminished. The unevenness of skin tone is also tackled.

  • Free of Chemicals

The Jane Iredale PurePressed Base Foundation is free of oil, parabens and synthetic chemicals. These are ingredients rosacea sufferers should avoid.

  • Minimize UV Damage

The foundation contains pomegranate extract that minimizes UV damage. A shade in yellow tones helps to neutralize the redness.

  • Cost Efficient

This pressed mineral powder is affordable. It has slightly more sheer and matte content as opposed to loose mineral powders.

  • SPF Coverage

With Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, the active physical sunscreens, there is broad spectrum sun protection SPF20, and additional help for extending coverage, improving color and calming inflammation.

  • Natural Extracts to Ward Off UV Damage

Harmful UV radiation is warded off with natural antioxidant extracts of pomegranate and pine bark. Chemical-free UVA and UVB protection offers the best advantages.

  • Easy to Apply

This product can be easily and evenly applied, providing coverage that is long lasting. Its light diffusing properties add to flawless, young and healthy looking skin.

  • Water Resistance for Up to 40 Minutes

This pure pressed mineral foundation offers water resistance for close to 40 minutes.

  • Wide Range of Shades and Nutrients

The Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation offers a 4-in-1 foundation, powder, concealer and broad spectrum SPF20 sunscreen. It also has vitamin E and algae extract to provide hydration for the skin and combat free radicals. Titanium oxide and zinc oxide protect the skin from the sun.


This pure pressed mineral foundation does not last long and required a frequent touch-up.

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#3 Clinique Redness Solutions

Clinique Redness Solutions
Photo By: Amazon

This makeup helps rosacea redness to be healed while covering it up at the same time. This dual action makes it the perfect formula for combating redness in the skin.


  • Probiotic Technology

Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup has probiotic or good bacteria to help the skin to stay safe against environmental and sun damage. This product is soothing and free of oils. This means it can neutralize redness and flushing.

  • SPF and Antioxidant Protection

Clinique Redness Solutions offers SPF 15 protection and antioxidants which shield the face from damage, fighting free radicals that lead to aging.

  • Color Correction

Redness formula of Clinique is perfect for strengthening the barrier of the skin and minimizing flare-ups. It also does not irritate sensitive skin and facilitates color correction.

  • Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free

This makeup product does not contain any hypoallergenic and is fragrance-free. It comes with a built-in sponge applicator that can be used for touching up blemishes on the move. Once it is applied, it stays on for a minimum of 12 hours.

  • Medium Coverage, Weightless Feel

Given that heavy coverage is not possible or advisable for rosacea sufferers, this makes for the best choice. This foundation and concealer has a weightless feel that makes it appear as if you are not wearing any makeup at all.

  • Thick, Green Tinted Moisturizer

Another advantage of the foundation cum concealer is its green tinted moisturizer that can be used for touching up blemishes on the move while soothing and calming the fragile, reddened skin. Over time, the cream also combats visible redness.

  • Rich Extracts

The oil-free makeup also has vitamin E, caffeine ad algae extract which serve to lower skin irritation. SPF15 ensures that your skin remains protected from sun damage.

  • Antioxidant Rich

This makeup product is rich in antioxidants which fend off free radical damage and ward off the oxidative stress associated with aging and wear and tear of the skin.


This foundation cum concealer offers medium coverage only, which does not work well for those looking to conceal larger patches of red skin.

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#4 Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation
Photo By: Amazon

This is a cosmetic product developed to combat conditions such as rosacea and scars. Here are some of this liquid foundation’s advantages.


  • Breathable Product

This product allows the skin to breathe and offers a smooth finish. It is perfect for covering up mild redness without a heavy feel.

  • Fragrance Free

This liquid foundation is fragrance free and safe for skin that is sensitive, which is associated with rosacea. It offers hydration all day long.

  • Sun Protection

This foundation also has SPF25 to protect the skin from the sun. Sun damage and harmful UV rays are well known as triggers of rosacea. Sun protection helps against damage.

  • Free from Chemicals

This foundation works without looking heavy or caked. It is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and free of chemicals that impart fragrance.

  • Blends Easily

This highly pigmented foundation is hypoallergenic and free of irritants that can aggravate rosacea. There’s a silky, smooth texture to this foundation which blends into the skin without irritating it. Camouflaging redness and blemishes, one layer is enough to provide coverage.

  • Seamless Coverage

This smoothing liquid foundation provides even seamless coverage for up to 16 hours. This offers smudge resistant and transfer resistant color wear. The setting powder offers more sensitive skins across skin tones.

  • All Day Hydration

This foundation is associated with all day hydration and broad spectrum SPF for sun protection. Featuring high-performance pigments, this texture has the coverage of a classic foundation to address concerns such as hyperpigmentation, unevenness of skin tone and redness.

  • Texture that is Smooth

With a flexible texture that never cakes or masks, skin looks healthy and beautiful, Dermatologically tested, it is also tested for allergies. It is also non-acnegenic, as well as fragrance free, and sensitive. Product packaging varies across the product.

  • Useful Ingredients in Plenty

This liquid foundation contains 6.8% titanium dioxide. Inactive ingredients include disodium stearoyl glutamate,acetylated glycol stearate, undecane dimethicone, water, glycerin, dimethicone, hexyl laurate, to name a few.


This liquid foundation has a drawback for those looking for only medium coverage; it offers heavy coverage and camouflage.

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#5 It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream
Photo by: Amazon

This redness neutralizing correcting foundation and cream is perfect for rosacea patients.


  • Smooth Skin

This cream camouflages redness and discoloration. It also makes skin smooth and soft without any creasing. The soothing ingredients such as collagen colloidal oatmeal, avocado and aloe make a difference to the skin.

  • Affordable Price Range

The foundation can be purchased at an affordable price tag. It offers lightweight coverage for a natural complexion at very cheap rates.

  • Value for the Skin

This foundation is oil and fragrance-free. It hydrates the skin, diminishing redness and adding vibrancy to the skin. This foundation is enriched with vitamin E and botanical ingredients.

  • Best for Bright Skin

This is the best selling formula with drops of light technology for skin that looks instantly bright. This highly pigmented powder foundation provides complete coverage and lasts across the day. Instantly airbrushing fine lines and pores, it offers the perfect look.

  • Antioxidant Rich

This foundation contains anti-aging collagen which retains the suppleness and smoothness of the skin. It is also silky and contains peptides and antioxidants for the best outcomes. It contains an added element of illumination to add a subtle radiance to your skin.

  • Buildable Coverage

Skin enhancing formula means the desired coverage can make a difference. No stickiness, antioxidant-rich Vitamin E rich foundation with radiance building properties adds further to the value of this foundation.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What constitutes proper skin care for rosacea?

Rosacea skin care involves the use of a gentle cleanser to wash the face not more than twice in a day. Over hydration can lead to irritation. It is also advisable to use sunscreen enabled foundation. The physician may prescribe a topical antibiotic to use once or twice under the foundation. Don’t rub your face while cleaning it. Avoid cosmetics that aggravate your condition.

Q. What precautions should be taken as far as facial products for rosacea are concerned?

Facial products such as soaps, sunscreens and moisturizers should be clear of alcohol or irritating ingredients. Moisturizing the skin should be a gentle process once the topical medication has dried. Sunscreens with SPF of 15 or more should be in the foundation.

Q. Why do green tinted foundations benefit the skin?

These help to conceal the redness. Telangiectasias results from a medical condition where small blood vessels inflame and rosacea results. Simple cover up such as green based foundations should be used. Multiple topical applications may be required. Decide the best foundation on the basis of your skin type, condition and size of blood vessels.

Q. Is redness the prime symptom of rosacea?

Rosacea is a common condition which is chronic and incurable. It offers acne like problems and has flares and remissions. Rosacea symptoms tend to come and go. It can be easily controlled and medically managed. Early symptoms include facial blushing or flushing. Rosacea affects the central third of the face, basically the nose. It is also characterized by red pimples and fine red lines on the face. Rosy cheeks, sunburn or acne may also be the result. Triggers include hot or spicy food, alcohol, emotional stress, and heat. Untreated, rosacea can cause a bulbous red nose.


For the best foundation, you need to consider factors such as the skin tone, the extent to which rosacea has impacted your face, the sensitivity of your skin and other such considerations. Ultimately, you are the best judge for selecting the perfect products. Choose based on the active ingredients, properties and features of the foundation and the unique, distinctive rosacea symptoms you have.



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